The Modern Apostate Babylonian Barnyard Abomination — Part 3

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See Tucker Carlson... an excellent presentation, despite its quicksand foundational fuzzy logic — falsehood by fiat passed off as truth.


Just because the US has become a multi-cultural free-for-all does NOT mean that it is right, and it does NOT make it “Constitutional”.  We are not a democracy.  We were not founded as a democracy.  Democracy is mob-rule; rule by the majority.  WHAT IS “UNAMERICAN” is calling us a Democracy and assuming that our enemies can invite aliens, replace us, and become the new ruling majority.  We were established as a CHRISTIAN CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.  Law is determined by the CONSTITUTION, which CANNOT be changed, and which is to be interpreted according to what it meant in the minds of the Founders at the time that they passed it, and according to the Common Law, and Christianity is part of the Common Law.  Those who do not like this are free to move to an existing, multi-cultural, anti-Christian, communist nation.  To attempt to change our nation into one is HIGH TREASON, SEDITION, and an ACT OF WAR.

Congress has NO authority to change the Constitution or change our nation into a third-world Babylonian melting pot and those who do are TRAITORS or interloping aliens who are enemies, who have no Constitutional power to be in authority in any capacity, not even as dog catchers.


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