Modern College “Education” — the REAL “process”

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Rarely do people go to college any more to learn—they go to receive a degree; that is, an official piece of paper declaring them to be an “expert” (in fluid “truth” that is continually changing based upon “public opinion” that is INJECTED into the imported “majority”, they being too dull minded to think of it on their own)... it is an indoctrination process.  The colleges since the 1920s were subverted by the communists.  The majority of all college graduates who cannot think for themselves are bonafide marxists.  They don’t know truth, they don’t care about truth.  Like a herd of cattle that has been stampeded, they move mindlessly in the direction in which they were set in motion by their handlers.

Here is a link of someone doing interviews of college students here in the U.S. on one campus—and not one of the students is white (maybe one)... I wonder how many of them have “scholarships” and “grants” paid for by the taxpayers (that is, tacked on to the so-called “National” Debt)...?  Tuition at Georgetown University reportedly costs $60,000 / year.  They are pumping out “graduates” who don’t know that “free health-care” does not mean “FREE” (nor that money does not grow on trees); nor do they know how to do math and figure out how the student loan for a $240,000 degree can be paid off (working at McDonald’s, since a 4-year degree does not assure a job or a better wage) with the “government” taking 20% of your paycheck for “FREE” healthcare, in addition to the 40% they already take (and Social Security, on which you will be later taxed, with the amount you were given also being devalued by about 40% due to inflation as a result of government “counterfeiting” and debt gluttony)—all while trying to keep from being robbed, raped, car-jacked, or murdered on a daily basis (or developing cancer or other disease from government pollution, radiation, vaccinations, contamination of the food and water supply with chemicals, importation of aliens, etc.).  “It’s a lovely day in the neighborhood...” that is, the “perfect storm” for the destroyers of society.

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