Monumental Tragedy: No “Statues” in the Face of Intolerant Limitations - No “Statute” of Limitations on REVERSE Racism, REVERSE Bigotry, REVERSE Imperialism, REVERSE Slavery, REVERSE Discrimination

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Spineless apologizing and “sanitizing” and rewriting “history” and reality and removal of monuments will result in this...!  Brainwashing... force... intimidation... smear terror... discrimination... intolerance... the new "gov" controlled alien society, the pathogen in our midst, shouts down, ridicules, defames, even fires anyone who dissents... thus, the spineless jellyfish bend over again and again like the grasses on the sea floor with each wave...

[Scene from the original movie Planet of the Apes, Charleton Heston in despair upon realizing that as an astronaut, he had not merely landed on another planet, but somehow time travelled into the future.]


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