More Steps Toward White Genocide: "There have been calls to ban the use of the term Anglo‑Saxon to describe groups who settled in Britain after the end of Roman rule"

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As I have said, the feckless non-reaction to the removal / vandalization* of monuments and a host of other crimes and demands by the hateful savages will continue as a disease, erosion, or like termites in a house unchecked —they cannot be appeased... they are irrational, they are immoral... they will only demand more and more until they have it all.  As I have written for 8 years now, the defamation and destruction and removal of our monuments and name-places is the first steps toward GENOCIDE.  If our war dead don't matter, if our Founding ancestors don't matter, we don't matter.  Were it not for our Founders, these savages would have NOTHING... and because they are mindless and controlled by base emotions (lust, hate, brutality) they attempt to destroy the very things they claim to cherish.  It is like standing on the branch of a tree overhanging a cliff with a 1,000 foot sheer drop—and cursing the branch while sawing through it...!  And FOOLS thing that they should "feel" sorry, sympathy, pity, luv, guilt for such hateful, immoral, destructive savages.

[* It is actually an abomination to use the word vandalize in relation to such savages.  The Vandals were civilized and the notion of vandalization is actually erroneous... they did not wantonly destroy or desecrate; though they indeed pillaged when they were victorious against an enemy (Rome) in war.]

THEY are the haters... they have their own nations (hundreds of them) and yet they flock here to live off taxpayer expense—immorally—and destroy everything they touch.  They will not be satisfied until we no longer exist; and when our nations have been reduced to the jungle, even in our nonexistence they will find a way to blame us... until they themselves revert to their natural state without us and our very memory in their tiny minds has been erased by decades of barbarism... to the point that history (even as science and every other hallmark of civilization) become lost to their minds forever, like the extinguishing of learned tricks once a trained animal has again been released to the wild... and they will live solely by their primitive urges in savagery and superstition. 

It is NOT "luv" and "tolerance" and "equality" to cave in and recognized ANYTHING that they demand... they have no right to civilization unless in their own nation they can build their own—and they would not have what they have were it not for dreaded "Colonialism" and an endless stream of TRILLIONS of dollars of humanitarian aid and technology from the civilized (white, Christian) world. 

It is NOT "consideration" to give in to the demands of a violent mentally retarded person.  It is not "inclusion" and "consideration" to let total ignoramuses crash a plane or ship or car or train just because they "want" to be "equals" and be given the chance to operate something of which they are utterly ignorant and incapable. 

There is no moral justification, no legal justification, and no Biblical justification for such national and racial suicide. 

It is not the job of the healthy body to absorb disease and give it a nice place to live. 

God commanded separation.  God FORBADE helping the ungodly, those who hate the true God, those who reject Christ (antichrists), those who live in immorality and reject the only standard and source of morality.  Christendom is being destroyed because the true Christian Reformed Faith—Doctrine—has been perverted into anti-intellectual, socialistic humanism.  The vast majority of all educators and clergy are 100% complicit in this crime and their guilt is filled to the full and they shall experience God's Wrath, if not in this life, in the "life" to come (for them it will not be life, but anti-life, the inverse of what life should be Judgment, suffering: the due recompense for all the suffering they have inflicted upon God's people!).

Those who do the opposite of what God commanded (morality never changes; the Word of God never changes; GOD never changes; His Will never changes) are not of God!  They may think they are "ministers" of Christ, but they are antichrist... they are doing all they can to assist (Rev. Kevorkian...?) in the murder-suicide (and rape) of God's children and Christ's bride—and they think that Jesus will be so "happy" with them and reward them...!

Here is some simple evidence of the destruction of our society... if you ever use the web as a dictionary, as I do, and type "definition" + [the word you want] or "etymology" + [the word you want] invariably, at least with "definition" will come up what is called "Urban dictionary" which is a blasphemous perversion of the English language and ought to be banned from the internet as well as being in print (if any trees have ever been sacrificed to print such filth).  The freedom of speech is being turned against us, as reward for our being "tolerant"—and those who championed "luv" and "tolerance" and "equality" are now the most intolerant and hateful and discriminating of all, and are trying to outlaw US and OUR free speech about MORALITY and TRUTH and everything upon which our nation was founded.  The freedom of speech did NOT extend to IMMORALITY and PERVERSION and INSURRECTION and TREASON... and the anti-blasphemy laws that were on the books throughout Britain, the U.S.—Christendom—in which it was a crime to blaspeheme the name Christ Jesus or curse God are powerful testimony to that.  Those laws were stripped from the books and then the laws against all forms of perversion (race mixing, adultery, fornication, homoperversion—only pedophilia, bestiality, and necrophilia remain to be legalized, along with cannibalism).


Will Humphries,Monday December 02 2019, 12.01am, The Times,

"There have been calls to ban the use of the term Anglo‑Saxon to describe groups who settled in Britain after the end of Roman rule"

"The International Society of Anglo-Saxonists voted in September to remove “Anglo-Saxon” from its name, saying that it had led to a “lack of diversity” among those working on the subject."


—REALLY...!  And what about the United Negro College Fund or the NAACP...? or a host of other things.  A society of Anglo-Saxonists does not study chimpanzees...!  So chimpanzees should not be in the organization's name?  What about that is difficult?  Neither should chimpanzees join such a society and then demand the society to stop studying Anglo-Saxons and start studying chimpanzees...!


psychotics and psychopaths demand to be declared "normal" and declare people who are not psychotic or psychopathic to be declared abnormal... this is the current trend in every area: anti-intellectualism, immorality, destruction of everything.

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[and at the above link, scroll down and read this story... 118 "unlicensed handymen" arrested in Florida -  welcome to full-blown TOTALITARIANISM...!  This is UNCONSTITUTIONAL...!]


what they are teaching in colleges now...


Report: “Hoarding Response Teams” being activated in Canada to locate and eliminate “hoarding” of supplies

American Psychiatric Association says hoarders have a “mental disorder” – will “mentally ill” preppers eventually be deprived of their Second Amendment rights?

but OVERCONSUMING, being IRRESPONSIBLE, not exercising self-control, being WASTEFUL, living hand-to-mouth, "paycheck" (or welfare check) to paycheck

are signs of "good mental health"...?

psychiatrists, doctors, legislators, educators (as well as ministers and theologians) HAVE NO AUTHORITY to "redefine" ANYTHING.  TRUTH NEVER CHANGES.

What about all millionaires and billionaires HOARDING MONEY and PROPERTY...?

this is a "do as we say not as we do" hypocrisy that is intended to get the FOOLS of society (the overwhelming majority) 100% dependent on the "government" (a fictitious entity that does not exist except in the imaginations of those who bow to renegade public servants with ZERO authority)...

those who are able to be self-reliant are ENEMIES OF THE (fictitious) State, since they are not dependent on the State and the State cannot control them (and their wealth) as they please.

Let the Politicians STOP RUNNING FOR OFFICE and stop "HOARDING" all the high-paying jobs, and STOP HOARDING benefits, free health care, pensions, and power.