No Clean Water from a Polluted Stream — Polluted Minds Ooze Filthy Words

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Potty-Mouth Congresswoman Blasts the President!

Don Boys, Ph.D.



Dr. Boys here writes an excellent article.  Here are some additional, peripheral thoughts of mine. 

Foul minds produce foul words.

A local kept dropping the f-word a year or two ago in nearly every sentence.  I asked if maybe around me he might not use that word.

He replied, "Why, it's just a word?

I replied, "Then why not use a NICER word, one that does not defile the mind of the hearer?" 

No response.

Foul words reveal a foul mind and a foul upbringing.  A poor vocabulary shows a poor education; a vile vocabulary shows a vile imagination and nature.  Such words and behaviour either disgrace ones ancestors or merely exposes them as being just as foul.  Such words and attitude offend God.  Those who don't think that God exists will have all Eternity in Judgment to regret their filthy ways.

A few months ago I came into contact with 2 gents (I use the term loosely) in their 60s.  I mentioned that such-and-such a person, for whom we were all waiting, cannot speak without cursing in every sentence. 

One of the gents replied, "I know, he @#&%$#^%$&! curses like a @#&%$#^%$&! sailor worse than any @#&%$#^%$&! person I ever met". 

I was stupefied and left it at that.

In either instance it was like talking to a dog. 

Psychopaths are not hardwired to receive software upgrades.

The are permanently damanged.  Vessels of wrath fitted for destruction.

Regardless, on the other hand, others might find it interesting that Lithuanian is the oldest and purest living Indo-European language—making dead languages like ancient Greek and Sanskrit look modern by comparison.  Lithuanian has the best claim of being the original Indo-European parent-tongue.  Lithuanian is in the Baltic language group—as are the people—(not Slavic) yet shares similarities (not mere loan-words) with Slavic, Germanic, Latin, Greek, Gothic, Sanskrit, and other Indo-European languages, suggesting that all other Indo-European languages developed from Lithuanian.

Now for the meat: There are no curse words in Lithuanian.  The worst thing that you can call a person in Lithuanian is a "toad".  [Frenchmen might consider that a compliment.] 

Furthermore, there are multiple levels of refinement making words more endearing (there are, if I remember 26 alone for the word mother); thus, even the word "toad" can be refined to being more like sweet talk than an insult. 

When Lithuanians want to swear, if shamefully they do, they must use German or Russian or English. 

I remember about 8 years ago during the winter Olymipics, in Russia or Norway I think, a pudgy queer news correspondent for Jay Leno and the Tonight Show was interviewing Olympians trying to get them to say filthy things in their languages on camera, while the queer was giggling and smiling.  He asked, I believe, a Norwegian to say to the viewing audience, facing the camera, in Norwegian whatever the queer would whisper in his ear.  The queer then whispered.  The young Norwegian, 20-years or old, with serious look, politely replied, "No, I won't say that". 

God bless him and raise up 10 million like him!