The Presidential Lesser of Two Evils—election insights... hard facts... simple logic

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Someone asked:

Isn’t the lesser of two evils, still a vote for evil?

If you vote for him, don’t you carry some of the responsibility For what he does?


My Answer:


No more than the responsibility that you carry for whoever is elected if you don’t vote.

It is not a vote for the lesser evil; is a vote against the greater evil.

You’re a “glass half empty” kind of guy, aren’t you?

If there is a choice one must choose. It is not like you can either 1)root for the home team or 2)root for the visitors or 3)just go home and not watch the game...

The game goes on. We will have a president. It must not be Biden. What about that is so hard to grasp?

If you are DYING of thirst, suffering extreme dehydration and imminent renal failure, and all you have is a glass of poison and a glass of mountain dew, do you drink nothing and die?

If you are dying of starvation, in the very last stages, and there is something unclean to eat (a rotting rattle snake) and a Big Mac, do you eat neither and choose to die?

Biden is unclean (and a rotting rattle snake).

I would not have voted for Nebuchadnezzar as first choice for tyrant-king—but what if the only other choice was Nimrod? One of them will rule. God humbled Nebuchadnezzar.

As I said before the first election. Trump is not the problem. GOD’S SINFUL PEOPLE are the problem. If God’s people truly humble themselves, repent of their sin, and obey God instead of making excuses, God will humble Trump. If God’s people do not humble themselves, they deserve whatever they get! Savoyard-French diplomat and philosopher Count Joseph de Maistre well expressed, “Every nation has the government it deserves”. You reap what you sow. Every Christian-Israelite needs to repent. Re-read the first chapter of Nehemiah. Do you think you live a holier life than Nehemiah? —and Nehemiah confessed and asked forgiveness for his own sins and his own family’s sins that contributed to the national sin debt.

If someone kidnaps you and orders you “Cut off your own little finger or we cut off your whole leg”... well...? Granted, you don’t want to lose either. But that is not the choice presented to you.

We have been kidnapped. Life is not fair. Sin bears consequences. Since there will be consequences the goal then is to choose those consequences least damaging and most survivable.

If you lose control of your car and have 2 options, 1)taking out a group of true American Christian school children in the crosswalk or 2)swerving and hitting one old lady in a wheelchair...? What do you do?

[Note: opting to hit the old lady in the wheel chair does not mean you hate her or that you are evil.]

There are often such real-life scenarios. Around here a decade or two ago, I heard a news report that on curvy mountain down-hill mountain road around the lake, with traffic stopped due to construction, a full dump truck lost brakes... instead of piling into a long row of cars of people waiting to for the line of traffic to move, he swerved off the road into a ravine and flipped the truck and died instantly. When I heard that news report I said out loud: “That man was a HERO”. Things happen like this every day; maybe not to you, but they happen. Decisions have to be made spur of the moment. I have had a few things not quite as severe happen, in which split second thinking and decision was necessary. Thankfully in all 3 not a person was hurt (and I am still here to talk about it).

Such examples and the social game called “Lifeboat” are not fun, they are horrific... but they can be real and can happen in an instant.

I read a real life story, decades ago: A man was cutting timber in the woods and had a tree land on him, crushing his leg; his leg bone was sticking out; his leg was stuck under tree; he was in the middle of nowhere. His only grisly option: He sharpened his dull pen knife on a rock, cut off his own leg, put on a tourniquet... somehow was able to lever the tree up once he could find a strong bough and a rock for a fulcrum—and rushed himself to the hospital and they successfully reattached his leg.

Incredible. It is HORRIBLE that anyone would have to be in such a situation. The other option was to either die or pray for a miracle that Christ would return.

If it was an option that there would be no president, sure, refusal to vote for trump would be an option.

In fact, total chaos and no government would be far better. Thomas Jefferson himself said, “No government is better than bad [evil] government”. Of course, it would not be better for those who live in areas that have been overrun with savages. But that is their fault for staying in those areas, being in love with Babylon. But those people living in the country would hardly notice any difference. The only ones who might notice would be those leeches who live on welfare or who those who have government jobs (and thus, would no longer have a job and all those wonderful “benefits” at everyone elses expense). However, in the country and suburbs still populated by our people, local criminals who attempted to commit crimes would simply disappear in the night.

But “no government”, despite the nice idea in the movie Brewster’s Millions, in which actor Richard Pryor encouraged everyone to “Vote, ‘None of the Above’, sadly is not an option. It would only be an option if enough people voted “no one”—that is “We vote for there to be NO government”.

[Pharaoh did not want to let his Hebrew slaves go free—how do you think the 1,000 politicians would react to “No government” winning the election...? —to corrupt politicians who view the people as their cash cows to be milked and their geese that lay the golden eggs and their sheep to be fleeced and slaughtered...?]

The problem is, you are viewing the situation from the perspective of a moral person, not from the perspective of the near majority who are immoral. Just because you have scruples does not mean that they do.

The rest of the world will not acquiesce to you saying, “I don’t want either candidate”. Everyone will not simply concede and declare, “Okay, we’ll just call the whole thing off”.

To survive predation by a predator a sheep must learn to think like a predator to avoid being devoured. If you know that there are 5 predators if you travel the eastward route to get back to the sheepfold, but only 1 predator if you travel the west circular route back to the sheepfold... why would you not be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove and choose the safer path?

If you are dying of starvation and there are two sacks of grain, and both sacks of grain have small bugs that have hatched out of the grain—but those insects and grain in one bag are also contaminated with lead... —don’t you think that you would choose the lesser of two weevils? If you opted not to starve to death and instead skimmed off the weevils from the non-lead contaminated sack, that does not mean you like weevils in your grain, and that does not mean that you support the weevils being in your grain.

This all really is so simple it seems it should not need to be discussed. Maybe that’s another reason that our world is in such dire straits: Too many people can’t think logically. When you lay your head on your pillow you can control your dreams (at least, until you fall asleep). Unless you can control reality—unless it is your ball field and your bat and ball and you can say, “We play by my rules or everyone go home!”—then you have to make decisions that are not your “IDEAL”.

We (and our ancestors) turned from the Constitution (a Living Will) that our Founders gave us, we turned from the Law of God, we allowed corrupt politicians, corrupt educators, corrupt preachers, and a corrupt media to “re-invent” “morality”. Therefore, we have to live with the consequences and do the best we can. The starting point IS NOT impotently talking about the obvious fact that the lesser of two evils is not the ideal.

[And each person who thinks that he is not guilty, in part, for the current situation is a liar and deluded. As I have long written: Each time you see evil rear its ugly head in your family, church, neighborhood, school, city, etc. and you do and say nothing, you deny Christ. Confessing or denying Christ is not merely assenting to “a name”—it is standing up for what He would have stood up for and rebuking what He would have rebuked: every time. Any person who deludedly thinks that he would have done different than his ancestors probably thinks that had he been Adam in the garden, he would not have sinned. As Christ rebuffed his chief disciples, “Ye know not what spirit ye are”. We are supposed to learn from the mistakes of those before us—not merely “accept” them; and pile unto them our own sins of omission and commission; our apathy and apostacy.]

If you have to get across the ocean (and the enemy is on your heels and is going to torture and execute you unless you shove off*) and your only options are 2 boats: one that leaks 1 gallon a minute and another that leaks 20 gallons a minute... —do you really think that choosing the boat that leaks only 1 gallon a minute is wrong?

[* —which may seem extreme, like a fictional novel, but not too far from reality in our burning, rioting cities overrun with savages.]

Biden-Harris (communism) is fast-acting poison; Trump (whatever he is) is slow-acting poison that gives you time to find another solution—if people will stand up instead of spectate.

Politicians / statesmen have no authority to change the constitution (see my book, The Liberty Document); yet that is about all that they do; and they commit treason on a daily basis, and they believe themselves untouchable. Why...? —because you do nothing; then deludedly think you take the “high road” by refusing to vote (and yet you pay taxes each year that funds all the evil of the treasonous politicians and their royal lifestyle; is it not odd that you will finance the same evil that you refuse to vote for?). Your day in and day out apathy is compliance and agreement and voting for all the evil that breeds every single day in our nation. If you stood up other might stand up. Yet you won’t stand up when it counts; then delude youself into thinking that you are standing up when it requires doing nothing. Truly the carnal mind is self-masochistic.

The only option is to choose the presidential option that does not mean the immediate death of our nation—and then demand that he obey the law.

Did the Israelites of the Kingdoms of Judah or Israel have a choice concerning who their kings would be? No. But God held them responsible for the sins of their kings, because even though they did not have a choice concerning who their kings would be, they did have the duty to force him to obey the Law of God or be executed. You reap what you sow.

However, we are in a far-better situation. We can choose a “king”, that is, a representative—who is supposed to do what we say: he is not supposed to be a dictator, or a master, but our servant. Thomas Jefferson said that when a man assumes a public trust he ought to consider himself public property. Politicians have no right to “take the 5th”. They waive that right when they run for office because the consequences of treason are too great. If they don’t like that they should not run for office.

So, we can choose a representative—and even if he be a pliable Joash or Rehoboam, who could be good or evil, depending on which direction he is pushed, it is our responsibility to “keep him honest”; or we can choose an Ahaz or Ahab and suffer. Or would you prefer the Philistines or Moabites or Egyptians or Assyrians to rule over you?Which would you prefer to work with Joash or Ahab?

The issue is not that we should have another Thomas Jefferson. That is understood. Stating the obvious is asinine when it is not an option. Fantasy does not change reality.

Would you prefer to buy a house that is 25% falling apart or 75% falling apart? Which would be better to fix up? The fact that you would instead want to buy a house that is 0% falling apart is not an option on the table.

A non-vote is a vote for Biden-Harris.

A vote for a third-party candidate who has no chance of winning is a vote for Biden-Harris.

The enemy is going to vote—including all those who have no right to vote: “legal” and illegal aliens, foreign citizens, even rotting dead people (which I guess in some twisted sense is “fair”, since a candidate has the right to be voted for by his peers). Of course, there is the issue of the ballot / voting process being rigged. That is even greater reason why the votes for Trump against Biden-Harris are so overwhelming they cannot be “faked” for Biden-Harris.

[Also the fact that a woman cannot lawfully be president is an issue that has never been address and the law never changed—and no one ever even brings the issue up; though I did even 6 years ago. Regardless, if people don’t stand up they will get a woman anyway, constitutional or not—and then scrap the Constitution entirely and instead of merely taxing you, making you pay bogus “reparations” and bow down and kiss and wash the feet and beg forgiveness of aliens; all the while the police have been dissolved and aliens given a badge and a gun. Anyone who thinks we can take the nation back or you can shoot your way through the chaos does not really understand what bullets flying through the air does; nor how permeable a house is; nor how greatly outnumbered we are; nor even the math involved in how long it would take to shoot a million savages attacking you (while dodging their bullets), or even how much a million bullets weigh or cost or how many bullets a gun can shoot before it needs to cool or be cleaned. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” The carnal mind is irrational and self-destructive.]

If your mortal enemy throws a pistol to you and says, “We are going to have a duel. At the count of ‘3’ I am going to shoot you, whether you defend yourself or not” — protesting the situation will not stop his bullet; only shooting him first will. You can choose not to shoot; even as you can choose not to vote for someone whom you don’t like, even though it will prolong your life and the life of everyone else. And that is another point:

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (I Timothy 5:8)

“As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” (Galatians 6:10)

“Whoso stoppeth his ears at the cry of the poor, he also shall cry himself, but shall not be heard.” (Proverbs 21:13)

“Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17)

You have a responsibility to the rest of Christendom. You can hold your breath until you die if you want, but if God commanded you to stand in the gap then you are insubordinate and aiding the enemy by doing nothing.

As I’ve told people in the past, a vote for Jesus is a vote for Biden (or Hillary, or whoever the worst option is).

Jesus is not on the ballot. Jesus will not be elected by popular vote. He will come and take by force that which is rightfully His. He knows you would vote for Him were that an option (that is, those who would actually vote for Him, and not find some Doctrine of His Party Platform that “you” would “disagree with”). But voting for Jesus is not an option. Delusion and fantasy don’t change reality.

Until Christ does return, the job of the elect remnant is to SURVIVE. That entails making the best of a bad situation. It entails making wise decisions.

Evil has overtaken society because people have been forced into learned helplessness, cowardice, tolerance, apathy.

Choosing the lesser of two evils as president does not cause the U.S. Constitution to cease to exist; choosing the greater of two evils will.

Robert Alan Balaicius