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Someone emailed me:

I was trying to bring Revelation 18:9-13 into focus. I have often wondered about the ever-increasing wickedness of the “merchandise” that is recorded here... ending with a cryptic comment about “the souls of men”. Some say this is a return to slavery, but I think it is really something far worse.

I think that the Russian bishop, Profiry (from the link you sent the other day in an email: ), might have found what is going on.

And it is something that could never have been understood until the recent past.

I refer to his comments about changing the very nature of man. Of course, God could stop this is a microsecond if He chose to. But WILL He???

In October of 1973, my friend and co-worker at the welfare department, named J., decided to take a trip for the day. For some reason—perhaps due to my having recently read “The Brothers Karamazov”—we chose to go to an out of the way Russian Orthodox monastery in Herkimer, New York.

The first person we meet was an American “WASP” who had at one time practiced Zoroastrianism. He thought we had no idea what that was. Rather, I was merely astounded to find out that it still existed.

Anyway... before introducing us to the elderly monks (some of whom were born before communism took over in Russia—the place looked like a scene from a Dostoyevsky novel!), he told us about how deep “orthodoxy” is. He also warned us against “new age”, which, he said, deludes people into thinking that they are “one with everything”, and he also warned us against Roman Catholicism (“worship of the bambino”), and made some comments about Jews hating Christ (which offended me at the time, but now I can see that he was totally correct—and as you know, I am Jewish myself, but I have rejected Talmudism and Zionism and embraced Christianity and the doctrine that you preach and trust in God’s Mercy).

What I am getting at is that the Russian and Greek Orthodox churches, despite their many flaws and worthless ceremonies, have a depth to them which needs to be respected.

I do not know if the bishop was right, but I do think he understands something that few have understood in the past. I think this goes far beyond the use of vaccines—more like of horror stories that we hear about China and North Korea, and (supposedlly) how they are working on some astonishing project to re-make mankind into something “higher”. The Hindu mystic Aurobindo wrote and spoke this way, but this is something are more comprehensive... and seems now to be possible.


My comments:

I’ve seen many emails about the God gene and other DNA symbolism, shape of a cross, etc.

But as expressed it is nonsense and a diversion.

The real destruction is race mixing (which destroys God’s true people, the peoples of Christendom) and homoperversion (which is not only an abomination, but prevents our race from reproducing)—and this of course is Satan / Dragon / Serpent’s vomiting forth a Flood (Third World) to destroy God’s true Remnant (those in the Middle East and throughout Christendom claiming to be Biblical Israel are Edomite-Canaanite imposters): for God promised to preserve a remnant, not merely of anyone, but His true people; and if God fails in any one area that would be evidence that He is not the Omnipotent, Perfect God that He says that He is; and Satan will renew hopes that he can eventually defeat God entirely. Satan is rabidly implementing in an all-out “Hail Mary” last-ditch efford of desperation (in the invasion of the Third World and destruction of Christendom) because he knows that his time is running out, as this 6th Millennia draws to a close and the 7th, the Millennial Kingdom of Peace will begin—once all the tares and things that offend and every plant God did not plant is removed, and Satan and his angels are bound up in the Bottomless Pit of Hell for 1000 years. See my booklets again, Calling the Remnant... and Going Ape..., which you have.

All other issues (like this God-gene, the cross in our DNA structure, etc.) are distractions little better than reading tea leaves, and it amazing how many people fall for it—being tossed about by every wind of doctrine, and without any spiritual discernment—(or other things like the mayan calander, Nibiru, Planet X, etc.) instead of concerning themselves with all the evil and abominations and conspiracies that DO exist and which ARE a REAL THREAT to freedom, life, and civilization right under our noses—the invasion of the entire Antichrist Third World and takeover of Christendom (without a fight, at least, without any attempted defense or assault on our part to repel them) by Communists, Jews, and Muslims using the Third World invasion, as one or two hundred million or “small fires” that need to be put out to create chaos all around us, to distract us from their main assault.

The only valid point that the Russian Orthodox priest made is the the people behind this covid conspiracy are evil and trying to kill us. Any “higher understanding” or ironically, “deeper truth” in the Eastern Orthodox churches (which are CATHOLIC) cannot be assumed; it must be spoken; and I have not heard any profound truth coming from them. If they had truth, they would be shouting it from the rooftops, not covering the candle with a bushel—and they are in no shortage of candle lightings...! Most of what they believe is pagan ritual, mere humanistic “mysticism” and idolatry... which is about all that could exist in that environment of gilt tapistry, candles, and icons / idols.

Yes, there may be some “cross” or other symbolism or gematria or numerics hidden in our DNA. There may be spiritual parallels for TEACHING and UNDERSTANDING how we are fearfully and wonderfully made... HOWEVER, it is quite possible that all it is, is Rorschach Ink Blots or Cloud Formations and active minds.

But the important thing is that the “destruction” of our “identity” from a pseudo-vaccine, DNA-altering experimental drug is NONSENSE. The destruction is through race mixing; THAT destroys our identity. Poison in real or fake vaccines, pesticides, food additives, pharmaceuticals, chemtrails, etc. are the real destruction; as well as the eating of unclean animals which God has forbidden, which defile us, God’s Temple, and those who do so (through unclean animals, homoperversion, race mixing), God says that He will destroy (Leviticus 11:43,44; 18:27-30; I Corinthians 3:17), most probably via disease, parasites, which shorten the life span “you reap what you sow”; the prevention and remedy being Exodus 15:26.

All of this defilement of our bodies, which He owns, and which are His temple, is part of the “merchandizing”.
However, I believe the real issue at hand, that needs to be focused on, is “wormwood”, which name is symbolic for its “bitterness” (the bitterness of suffering and death and loss) of Revelation 8:

“10And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; 11And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.”

Remember also the plagues that God sent upon Egypt may have parallel, and in that the waters were turned to blood (and blood itself is mostly water) and the life in the water died. Scripture also says, “Ye shall eat the blood of no manner of flesh: for the life of all flesh is the blood thereof” (Leviticus 17:14).

This Wormwood could be the so-called Covid virus (bioweapon) and so-called vaccine (bioweapon) which are nearly one and the same, or a “one-two punch”. Of course the Luciferase as an ingredient cannot be ignored, or the burning sensation, which may be the “great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp”. The great star from heaven may refer to a global edict and refer to the mask mandates, vaccine mandates, etc., implemented nearly worldwide as if on cue (because it was on cue).

I explained the bitterness of death, suffering, loss of lifetime savings, etc., as wormwood means bitter; and it is interesting that (if I remember correctly) Dr. Ardis pointed out that Ivermectin and Artemisinin (named for the Latin botanical name of wormwood, artemesia annua or in TCM qinghaosu) was synthesized to simulate the properties of wormwood. (Hydroxychloroquine was synthesised to model Quercetin). However, it is interesting that wormwood may be a remedy for “Wormwood” (the disease / pestilence / poison) based upon the old principle of “fight fire with fire”.

Rivers and waters in prophecy often represent PEOPLE / Races; and “the sea” is usually symbolic of great corruption. The fountains of waters, would seem to represent DNA / gene pool / reproduction (the source of physiological human life). The pseudo-vaccine, even though it alters DNA cannot change who a person is, but it can make a person sickly, die, and prevent reproduction through sterilization as well as through death (I’ve never heard of a dead person continuing to reproduce; but then again, I am not friends with anyone into weird evil, so I can’t confirm this by first hand knowledge—and absence of evidence is not evidence to the contrary—but I believe I am safe to deduce that reproduction ends with death; sperm-banks do not represent normal and active human reproduction).
It is amazing how simple and pudding-headed some minds are to be so easily distracted... like having barbarians flooding in through the gates, raping and killing, the politicians having let them in—and yet the people who are supposed to be the watchmen and minutemen think that the “real danger” is that someone they know “had a dream” and in that dream wild winged beasts emerged from everyone’s toilets and attacked them through chewing through their toenails and fingernails, and so to save ourselves we all need to wear fingernail and toenail polish with certain natural chemicals that will repel demons. No. The problem IS the politicians, and the barbarians they have let in and put on a tax-payer funded breeding program; and the problem is out lack of cohesion (which is why they invited the Third World and promoted perversion, so that we cannot stand together as one against the enemy; because so many have made friends with and bred with the enemy they don’t even know who the enemy is; and in reality, they would side with the enemy rather than with God and their true people).

All of our problems are a result of having turned from all that God commanded to embrace a world-friendly humanism and the cult of “fairness-equality-tolerance” all of which are abominations to God. God has sent a spirit of delusion, a spirit of fear, a spirit of apathy, and a spirit of confusion as Judgment for having turned from Him to learn the way of the heathen. The solution is not toenail polish, but to get on your knees, read the Word of God to know what He requires (for God is Immutable; His Will, Plan, Word, Law never change; not one jot or tittle has passed; morality does not change; and morality was forever established each time God declared, “Thou shalt not!” and “This shalt thou do!”). Only by knowing what He commanded (which never changes) can God’s true people actually repent—which means stop doing what He forbade, and start doing what He commanded, without which there is NO repentance. Works / obedience do not save and do not contribute to salvation at all; they are by-produces, proof, fruit, of true salvation (regeneration). Christ alone saves, but if a child of God is truly regenerated, the Holy Spirit will work obedience and the desire to please God into that elect believer’s life and he will bear His Fruit. But the problem is, when any of God’s people is in sin, when that sin that has not been stopped, when that sin that has not been confessed and asked forgiveness for (and any restitution made; and any of the by-products of that sin eschewed and put away)... GOD DOES NOT HEAR ANY PRAYER, and will not protect or defend that person from the enemy: for God has sent that enemy as Judgment, as a chastening tool, to bring His people to repentance. Instead, like fools, the majority embrace the Flood that the Dragon has vomited forth, and have a “luv-affair” with the chastening tool; instead of recognizing it as evil and repenting; and in so doing destroy the people of God and Christendom.

You CANNOT change WHO SOMEONE WAS unless you have a TIME MACHINE and can go back to the nano-second of CONCEPTION, the fertilization of an egg by a spermatazoa and resultant new life that it becomes—and somehow alter the millions of lines of code in all that wound-up microscopic DNA and PREVENT the spark of life from God in the Light and Breath of Life imparting a spirit unto that nano-second-old embryo.

The real things that people should worry about (instead of some “Image of God” in the DNA being destroyed—which is black magic voodoo nonsense*) the blood clots, heart attacks, stroke, uncontrollable convulsions, seizures, loss of control of motor skills, nerve impulses, debilitating pain, brain damage, cancer, STERILIZATION, destruction of the immune system—on a physiological level; and just as importantly, the totalitarianistic takeover and treason of the politicians and continual invasion of the third world and all the crimes that take place on a daily basis.

[* Again, you cannot destroy who someone IS or WAS by altering the DNA. But you can prevent future children being born through homoperversion and sterilization; and you can corrupt that DNA through race mixing or possibly GMO gene splicing into a person’s DNA to change the DNA that they pass on if they can reproduce. It is amazing that so many are confused by an invisible bogeyman instead of the real villain right before their eyes.]

The real problem is that if Christians do not obey the Commands of God, THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW HIM AND ARE NOT CHRISTIANS: the Truth (Christ, the Holy Spirit) is not in them (I John 2:4) and if they think that Jesus abolished the Law—a single jot or tittle, they do not know Christ and they follow a false Christ and worship a false god of their own imagation (or that of the blind theologians / pastors who have sown that falsehood into their minds). The only ones who will survive the Wrath to come are those who have the Faith / Testimony of Christ Jesus and who obey the Commandments of God (Revelation 12:17; 14:12).
Slavery never ended;* it is merely called (at least, in civilized lands) “taxation” and “Democracy” or more honestly, “Socialism / Communism / Marxism / Bolshevism”.

[* American slavery of Nubians, which lasted for merely a few centuries and only represented 1% of the worldwide Nubian slave traffic, was not the only type of slavery: Islam brutally enslaved far more Christians over 1,400 years and killed far more than they enslaved.]

Again, as I have written for a decade" “Why should God deliver us from what we are willing to tolerate...?”  He commanded us to hate evil (as HE defines it, not as a sinful world defines it, calling evil “good” and good “evil”); not ignore it, tolerate it, embrace it, or celebrate it.  So, since the majority of “Christians” do not hate it (or even know what it is, as their minds have been corrupted by the wicked world’s and Apostate Church’s antichrist philosophy) God will send more and more of it until God’s true people learn to hate it, or until it destroys them; as God commanded us to obey and repent when we do sin, since the majority do not repent, thinking that Jesus “abolished” the Law of God (showing they do not even know Jesus and they follow a false christ) God will cull / kill off His flock until all who are left are those who are repenting—and they alone are the ones who will survive: THIS is the “patience” or more properly, the perseverance of the saints (the elect of God).

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