Read My Lips: “To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate” that is the question to dance around...

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President Donald Trump said Thursday that he would not make coronavirus vaccinations mandatory for Americans.

'I don't believe I'd ever do a mandated vaccine, because I just don't think I would do that, where you have to have it,' Trump told Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network's 'Varney & Co.' 'Because there are some people who feel strongly about the whole situation.'


 Whoever wrote the above is an idiot who does not know how to read.

“I don’t believe I’d ever do a mandated vaccine, because I just don’t think I would do that”

is NOT

the same as saying


Aside from the (cough, cough) “journalist” who cannot think, Trump’s statement is lame as well as being a tautology (the second half says nothing other than what the first half said, only in slightly different words).

Why does someone in such an important position publicly speak such a lame tautology on an important issue?

—because he has nothing intelligent or trustworthy to say.  Were that not the case, he would have said something intelligent, definitive, and honest.

However, what he did stumble through saying left him perfect presidential wiggle room. 

And even if he had said it firmly, could you have believed him?  What about President Bush...?

“Read my lips.  No more taxes.”

No wiggle room at all; yet he signed off on more taxes.  He should have been tried for treason and fraud.  Politicians need to be held accountable for their lies... and sentenced more draconianly than the common man is.

Now, I certainly will concede that judging Trump based upon Bush may not seem fair.  But we are not talking about an isolated incident.  It is an unmistakable and not merely common pattern, but practically as reliable as any scientific law, that most all politicians speak around the issue, use an amazing amount of words and say nothing, say something stupid, or just outright lie.  If Trump does not want to be considered as cut from the same cloth, then he needs to rise to the ocassion and show that he is cut from a different cloth.  Yet I have not seen him do this.  I heard him say before the election 4 years ago, “Hillary really belongs in jail”.  Literally a few moments after being elected, he said, “Bill and Hillary are good people”.  I’ve never noticed anyone in the media bring this up or ask for an explanation.  Please tell me how the two different statements can be reconciled?  It seems to me that one of them has to be a lie.  It seems to me that since no action has been taken against her in the past four, that the first (while true) was the lie.  Now, it seems that the same old nag is being yet-again flogged as reportedly evidence has surfaced by an alleged CIA whistle blower that claims Hillary, Biden, and Obama actually planned the deaths of the Seal Team that tried to save the planned destruction of a US embassy and assassination of a US ambassador to cover other crimes.  Reportedly Trump made mention of this CIA whistleblower—and of course the corrupt media declares it to be conspiracy theory.  Regardless, seems like this is a re-run of “Hillary really belongs in jail” that will be followed by yet another, “Hillary is a good person”.  If he is cut from a different cloth why does it not show?  If he wants to make America great again, stop talking about “draining the swamp” which is impotent buzz-word chatter to lull the patriotic masses into thinking there is hope... —and simply begin indicting all former and present politicians and wealthy elite who are guilty of High Treason.


Furthermore, saying—

“Because there are some people who feel strongly about the whole situation”

—is meaningless foolishness... because:

1. there are some people who feel strongly about ANY situation.  —SO WHAT?

2. it has nothing to do with “feelings”.  Our nation was not founded on “feelings”.  Our form of government was not established on “feelings”.  Our courts of law are not supposed to rule by and our legislators are not supposed to legislate by “feelings” (though much of the time it seems they do, when they are not ruling and legislating based upon bribes, treason, and doing what their handlers tell them to do).


Trump’s answer should have been.

I WILL SIGN NO LAW ORDERING MANDATORY VACCINATIONS FOR ANYONE BECAUSE IT WOULD BE UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND TOTALITARIANISM.  IF YOU DON'T FEEL SAFE—STAY HOME!  NO one else has to sacrifice his ability to travel and to live freely his life in order to assuage your neuroticisms.  If vaccines work, then vaccinated people have nothing to fear from unvaccinated people.  Really!  Who taught you how to think?  Are you afraid of catching the “health” of unvaccinated people...?  If you have been vaccinated, what else could you “catch” from a nonvaccinated person?  The world existed quite well for about 5,900 years without vaccinations.  Vaccines don’t make you immune, they destroy your immunity and incubate disease that is planned to appear a few decades later so it cannot be tied to the crime; this provides steady business for doctors and drug companies; and steady illness for you.  With all the vaccinations ignorant parents force on their children you would think all disease in the U.S. would have ceased to exist... but the numbers of people with and who die from every sort of disease is staggering.  Heart disease, diabetes, cancer.  And my goodness, since so many ignorant people believe in Evil-ution, you know, that pseudo-scientific fairy tale for adults who hate God, for which there is no scientitic evidence, which is actually a rabid, fundamentalist religion—we all should have “evolved” to the point that disease no longer affects us.  If you want a vaccination, get one; get 100 if you want.  But you can’t force other people to get one.  People die from vaccinations, quickly, or slowly.  Vaccinations destroy many people’s lives forever, and even can cause autism in children, destroying them and their families’ lives.  Why do you think corrupt, bribed politicians pass laws protecting drug companies from lawsuits when vaccinations destroy people’s lives...? or if they don’t work and a person still gets the disease.  Go ahead.  Get your vaccination if you want one.  Wear your little neurotic mask that you think protects you if you want to.  But you CANNOT demand anyone else do what you do.  Stay home if you don’t feel safe.  Seek professional counselling if you can find a counsellor that does not share your same neurosis, mental illness, ignorance.  Read my lips: If you like your neurosis you can keep your neurosis.

—that’s what a real, intelligent, honest president would say.

...we now interrupt this fantasy to return you to your previously scheduled reality.


—and in more reassuring and heart-warming news...

more people than ever are buying anti-vaccination protection devices to vaccinate with lead and copper anyone who tries to violate their person in any way.

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