Spoken Like a True Humanist—Billy Graham Crackers & Milquetoast “Theology”

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“God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in Heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he‘ll be there.” —Rev. Billy Graham
My comments:
[Understand, I take no joy in finding fault with others.  The purpose is not to attack anyone, but to expose false doctrine.  This is very unfortunate.  One who was in such a prominent position and considered a Bible expert, of sorts, should have understood theology far better; and should have realized that the awesome responsibility was to rightly divide the Word of Truth, maintain and teach sound doctrine, teach the Full Counsel of the Word of God, and not tickle ears with humanism and emotionalism, but teach documentable, logically sustained Truth.  Christ is the Logos (two short os as in ‘log’): the very Greek word from which we derive our words logic, logical, logistical, etc.  God‘s Word is built upon logic, even as a building is constructed with cinder blocks.  God‘s Word is not irrational; nor is it suprarational.  Even as the element carbon is the building block of both coal and diamond, logic is the underlying component or building block of truth.  Were it not so, all would be nonsense and we could understand nothing.  There is a difference between secular Rationalism, and the Rational (that is, Logical) interpretation of the Word of God.  Secular Rationalism places man‘s own mind as the source of all knowledge; the Rational interpretation of Scripture (Biblical Presuppositionalism) takes the facts of the Word of God (the Ultimate and only Authority for morality and theology that touches every area of life) and understands them based upon the Laws of Logic that God created—which are the foundation of all truth and understanding, whether Scripture, true philosophy, mathematics, or any other valid science.]
I‘m sorry, exactly which verse of the Bible is that statement based upon...?  I Huminations 6:66...?
Such a person evinces that he does not know God, not the God of the Bible; nor what theology is; nor what our purpose on earth is, nor what our purpose in Heaven or the Kingdom of God on earth will be... nor that which Solomon declared, after a lifetime of humanistic self-aggrandizement:
“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His Commandments: For this is the whole duty of man.”
Our own humanistic desires, selfish or “normal” (if the two can be separated) are not what will make Heaven perfect for us.  God‘s being is not dictated by man‘s desires concerning what God should be; God is as He is because He is Perfect and Immutable.  Likewise, Heaven will not be dictated by what man thinks he needs to be “happy” there.  Such notions are those who humanists who project and engraft their own notions onto “Christianity” and God and expect God to conform to man.
Graham‘s declaration sounds like something Zig Ziglar or Norman Vincent Peale would say.
Heaven will be “Heaven”  and perfect happiness for us, NOT because God will cater to our wishes like our servant—but because He will give us a NEW NATURE that has PERFECT DESIRES! and that desire will be to worship, obey, serve, and honor God!  Most humans (“Christians” included) cannot comprehend what that means and to most, it actually is something they imagine to be distasteful—but that is because they do not yet have a perfect heart / mind to even imagine it, let alone desire it!
Heaven is not the Valhalla Meade Hall of the Vikings, nor the Paradaisical Harem of 70 Virgins of the Muslims (nor the Nirvana of the Hindus, or the world domination and stealing of the wealth of all nations and peoples of the Jews / Zionists / Talmudists).
It is not about us.  Those who don‘t realize what that means don‘t know the meaning of the words “God” or “Lord” though they may swoon when they sing those words in church in a hymn—then go right back to being their own lord and god once God‘s “hour is up”.  No man can serve two masters, Christ said.  Your master is the one you obey; the one to whom you are in subjection.  The god of most “Christians” is “self” that is, when the godless State, their true and fearful master before whom they cringe and bow, does not interfere.  Jesus Himself queried of those who claimed to be “Christians” (followers, imitators of Christ, little christs) in His day, “Why call ye Me, ‘Lord, Lord’ and do not the things that I say?”  The answer to the rhetorical question is, “—because I am not your Lord”. 
Rather than obey all that God commanded, the vast majority of “Christians” reject Doctrine (which is a command, the violation of it being sin; ignorant sin in any area is sin nonetheless) and espouse a nondoctrinal “Christianity” (which, in reality, is humanism) and instead of obeying all that God commanded, not one jot or tittle of which Christ said would pass, they invent the most anti-intellectual reasons for why they do not have to obey.  Such is not the practice and attitude of an honorable son or servant.  Jesus said, “Think NOT that I am come to destroy the Law... I am NOT come to destroy the Law”.  Why then do the vast majority of “Christians” believe the very opposite of what Christ said?  God is Immutable.  He is Holy.  His Holiness does not change.  Morality does not change.  Morality was forever established every time God declared, “Thou shalt not!” and “This shalt thou do!”  God commanded “be holy as I am Holy”—which we cannot do if the Standard for Him does not change, but it does for us.  But that is the lie of the Serpent, that God abolished His Law.  Those false preachers who preach such antichrist doctrine scatter the sheep—drive them farther from God. 
God‘s Law / Word shall endure forever.  It has no “expiration date”; indeed, prophecy is fulfilled when it comes to pass, but Christ said God‘s Law, which is the unchanging Standard and only source of Morality, shall never pass.  Just because illogical, selfish, sinful humans put different value on different laws of God does not make it so.  If you violate one point of the Law you violate all because they are an inter-connected, harmonious whole.    God‘s Law and Word are extentions of His Mind and Will.  “This is the Way, walk ye in it... turn not to the left hand or the right.”  He commanded it throughout all our generations forever—and established it in Eden! the very first in order of mention (but not chronological order) in Scripture being the Sabbath.  Just because sinful humans (who do not comprehend Holiness or God‘s Sovereignty) don‘t see the importance or value of a command does not invalidate it!  Those who think so are antichrist. 
Jesus said, “If ye love Me keep My Commandments”.  Christ had no commandments of His Own.  He was obedient in all things, came to do the Will of the Father, and was “without sin”.  Why then do the majority of “Christians” not obey Him? —because they don‘t love Him.  They follow a false christ (a humanistic, world-friendly christ) and a false god, idols of their own imagination, not the God of the Bible.  That is why many “Christians” on the Day of Judgment shall hear, “I never knew you”.  Those reading this who are not alarmed are spiritually dead and “we now return you to your previously scheduled program...” for the truth will only reach the hearts / minds of those who have ears to hear and eyes to see (that is, those that God has opened).
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Christ also declared, “My sheep hear My Voice... and they follow [obey] Me... the voice of stranger they will not follow”.  Why then, are the vast majority of “Christians” following the voice of strangers and false shepherds...? —because they are not Christ‘s sheep (or they are really stupid, really rebellious, or not yet converted).
Understand: There is no repentance without turning from what God forbade and turning to what He commanded.  Anyone who thinks otherwise is under profound spiritual delusion.  Those who do not follow what Christ commanded and live as He lived—and stand up for what He stood up for and rebuke what He rebuked (He did NOT break down every barrier and abolish God‘s Law: He reinforced it!) are not His sheep, but goats (or maybe dogs or swine).
God has ordered all for HIS OWN GLORY, after HIS OWN GOOD PLEASURE.  Life in Heaven or the Kingdom of God on earth will revolve around HIM, not whether our favorite cat or dog has been brought back to life and given a place in Heaven!  What an utterly secular mind!  Was Graham trying to entice people to go to Heaven because their doggie would be there, not because JESUS will be there?  To see your beloved pet, not to repent of their sins and avoid Eternal Judgment?  Your doggie did not die on the cross for your sins.  Your doggie did not create the universe and you. 
God will wipe away all tears—but understand, the tear ducts are not the problem!  Thus, the means by which all tears shall be wiped away will be renewing and perfecting of the heart and mind.  Heaven is not a cruise vacation that you book and pick and choose the itinerary and benefits!
Don‘t misunderstand me.  I miss my beloved pets...!  Those who suggest that Heaven won‘t be Heaven unless their favorite cat is there love the blessing more than the Blesser.  Maybe they watched perverted Hollywood‘s “All Dogs Go to Heaven” one time too many (one time would be too many). 
How can the passing of a pet even be included in ones thoughts, in the face of our family members who have died (many without Christ to enter Perdition) or in light of the hundreds of millions of our people who have been butchered by Bolshevism and Islam, and the hundreds of millions of our people who have been and continue to be robbed, assaulted, raped, and murdered by savages who have invaded and overpopulated our lands...?  
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How can a pet even be considered in the equation in light of our sins before a Holy God and Christ Jesus His Only Begotten Son Who was tortured to death for our justification...?  How can a pet be even a thought in our minds in light of Eternity and the vast cosmos in which we ourselves are barely above a speck of dust...?  King David, a man after the Lord‘s Own Heart referred to himself as a worm (the correct translation from the Hebrew and Greek means “maggot”) and a flea.  What does that make a mere pet?  Jesus didn‘t die for dogs or cats, hamsters or canaries!  He died for the elect of God‘s very family!  Our only meaning is found in being beloved of God.  Jesus said to His people, bring the children unto Me—not bring Me your pets and I will bless them!
Once true theology is tossed out the window, along with all common sense and logic... there is no limit to the stupidity that people will think and irrationally imagine to be important.  Such a statement as Graham‘s is not merely humanistic, but nearly infantile (“toddlerish” just doesn‘t have the same ‘ring’ to it as infantile; but infants don‘t really think and Graham‘s statement indeed contains thought; just very low-level, emotional, anti-intellectual, humanistic, antichrist thought).
Such thinking evinces a total vacuum of spiritual thought and utter lack of recognition of the vileness of sin and our profound guilt and God‘s profound Sacrifice to save the elect of His people, despite our unworthiness.  Such demonstrate that they don‘t realize that God did not make Heaven for our happiness, nor does He tailor-suit it according to our sinful, human desires in this life.  This does not mean that we shall not be happy—indeed, it will be beyond any happiness that we can imagine...!  “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” (I Corinthians 2:9)  But it will not be based upon what we now, in our fallen minds deem “important” for happiness—even as parents (if they are sane and godly) don‘t order their household based upon the rationale and desires of their 5-year old! (and not merely what‘s for dinner, but what job the father will have, where they will live, what the house will be furnished with, etc.).
“When I was a child, I spake* as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (I Corinthians 13:11)
[* Actually, this Greek word refers to monosyllabic babbling!  (—infantile indeed!) since the Greek word that is used in this passage for child (neypios) means, “infant”, then the Greek word for speaking can only refer to the type of speaking (which is dependent upon the ability of the mind) of an infant.]
It seems that some “ministers”, “evangelists”, and “Bible teachers” never put away childish things, never had their minds mature, never truly learned the Word of God.  This indeed is incomprehensible.  However, many false prophets prophecied (taught) in God‘s Name—but God renounces them and says that He never sent them and He never authorized them to speak for Him.
No wonder Christendom is about to fall with such popular “spiritual leaders”...! (and in truth, sadly, the ones that exist today are ten times worse...!)  Christendom is like a building that has had all the structural supports removed and remains standing, merely a façade for show... and the slightest breeze shall topple it.  When you gut Theology of God, all that exists is humanism.  If there ever was any true spiritual birth, there are no depth of roots.  There is no real life (they were still-born or died a crib death).  If they were never regenerated, but merely had an emotional experience or found a way to make a comfortable living as “spiritual” motivational speakers and aura fluffers, then they were never branches on Christ the True Vine.  Every tree is known by its fruit.  If you don‘t know the difference between genuine and counterfeit fruit, then you are the blind following the blind.
“Ye shall know the Truth [if God reveals it to you] and the Truth shall set you free” —but like the Pharisees of old, the majority of “Christians” don‘t think they are in bondage, so they have no desire to “taste and see” and being humanists, they have no desire to repent; and the problem with most humanists is that they have no desire to be forgiven or saved, because they don‘t think they are lost and have no desire to repent.  “Whom the Son set free shall be free indeed.”  Humanists think that they free themselves, that is, if they even admit they are in bondage.
[Has your pastor ever taught such truth in all your years of attending / supporting him and his church, as you have just read in this ever-so-brief Rumination...?  I‘ve written 120 books; if God has grabbed your heart / mind with anything that you have read herein, order some.  All this evil has NOT come upon us—to the point that Christendom is about to fall and the majority of “Christians” are nonplused—because God is “happy” with us.  There will be no deliverance without true repentance—which entails turning from what God forade and turning to what He commanded; which no one can do if he does not know what God commanded, ignorantly thinking that God abolished His Law.  Why do you think God does not hear our prayers...? —because He will not hear the prayers of those in unrepentant, unconfessed sin; and those who turn their ears from His Law, He says, even their prayers are an abomination to Him!]