Uriah the “Hittite”...? (Updated)

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See attached PDF, which was the only way to easily preserve all of the italics, underlining, boldface, and formatting without having to do it all over.  The attached PDF have not been proof-read, so there will be some errors / typos.


Update: I have recently uncovered even more evidence, and instead of printing it as I had planned in the book that I mention in the PDF, instead I will be making it into its own booklet.  It is nearly done.

Apologetic Expositions - I Chronicles 11-21 (#8): Uriah “the Hittite”...?  Zelek “the Ammonite”...?  Ismah “the Moabite”...? —and other similar stumbling blocks REMOVED, including: David, Bathsheba, Joab, why David wasn’t put to death; and why it was a sin for David to number the people; 82pp., 6.00 + P&H.