The U.S. was NOT founded by “Rebels” and a brief refutation of alleged “rebellion” and “violence”

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Contrary to common ignorance our nation was NOT founded by “rebels”... that notion has leaked out from the minds of those who cannot think (and thus it is quite popular!) and who do not have a clear understanding of the meaning of English words, the history of the Founding of our nation, or the Law and Principles taught in the Holy Scriptures.

Similarly, the word “violence” is used improperly.   Violence means “to violate”.  This infers the breaking of law or intruding into someone elses life, stepping on his rights, causing him REAL damage (not merely using a word that hurts his “feelings”).  Much of the time that the word “violence” is used, it is used improperly and the words that should be used are “power” or “force” or even in some cases, “brutality” (which is a pejorative type of force).

Similarly, “rebel” or “rebellion” is often used improperly, being poorly conceptualized.   Poor writing or poor oratory is the result of poor thinking.

If criminals invade your house and you refuse to do what they say, YOU are NOT rebelling against them.

When our SERVANTS immorally and without authority order us to obey them, and we refuse, WE are NOT rebelling against them—THEY are rebelling against us.

When kings in the nations of Christendom stepped outside of the lawful authority given to them by God and by the people and they began to rule as dictators, if any of the people resisted, that was NOT "rebellion".  Those godless kings rebelled against God and they rebelled against the people—for the king is not an autonomous dictator, but also, like elected representatives, derives his authority from the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED—and the people derive their right from God.  Those who obey God are blessed; those who disobey, God causes them to reap what they deserve.

Modern perverts and seducers of our society and governments think that running for political office is like the reality t.v. show “Survivor”—that it is a “game” and “anything goes”.  They think that once they are elected, they are autonomous, untouchable oligarchs.  Evidence of this is not only in how they act, but in the very unconstitutional laws they pass, such as political candidates not being lawfully responsible for violating their campaign promises.  Such an unconstitutional law itself is evidence of plan to commit fraud.  But nothing that arises out of fraud is valid.  The very first time that a politican violates his campaign promise or violates the Constitution—he unelects himself and is no longer a valid representative; and he should be immediately tried and sentenced for his crimes.  Corrupt politicians think that election to office is carte blanche to do whatever they want.  This itself is fraud, sedition, and treason.

Historically in Christendom, all the way back to the Old Testament people CROWNED their kings.  This was a CONTRACT, whether written, verbal, or implied (that is, “understood”), that the people would obey the king as long as the king obeyed God and the Laws of the Land.  When that contract is violated by one party, the other party is free from its obligation (and thus, no action can constitute “rebellion” on the part of those who were freed from it by the other party‘s violating it). 

When kings or representatives violate the terms of the contract, they step out of their authority and are no longer valid rulers or representatives.  At that point, they are illegitimate and nothing they do is lawful, valid, or constitutional and no one need obey them; in fact, they need to be arrested before they can do more damage.

When they violate the Law that they swore to defend and uphold (not subvert and change), kings and representatives themselves are guilty of treason and sedition.  They are to be arrested, tried for their crimes, and then executed for treason. 

Those entrusted with enormous responsibility must be held to an even higher standard because the consequences of their actions are too great and the potential for irreparable harm is too great. 

When any person, whether as a result of planned malice or ignorance, damages people with greater damage than he can ever repay, the penalty for that person is death.  Those who don‘t like those terms should not enter public office and gamble with the lives and property of countless other people—and that applies to superrich, self-styled elite who think that they can disrupt economies and walk all over the “little people”, in their insatiable lust, thirst, and hunger to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

Another lie is that “our nation was founded by immigrants”.

That is based on all sorts of false assumptions and fallacies of logic that assume that all immigrants are the same; it infers that what is corrupt and illegal is just as valid as that which is legal (and since that thought eminates from the polluted minds of politicians and other seducers of Christendom, such as the media and subversive educators, it comes as no surprise).

Another lie is that because we all bleed if cut, or because we all have red blood, that therefore, we are all the same.  Dogs and gorillas also bleed if stuck, and their blood is red too.  Maybe you would not mind your relatives intermarrying with dogs and gorillas and having their hybrid offspring rule over you—BUT I certainly DO mind and I DO OBEJECT and I DO NOT GIVE MY CONSENT to any such abominations or fictions of law.

Those mindless statments are utterly anti-intellectual non-sequiturs and only intended to mislead those who cannot actually think logically or even with the slightest smattering of common sense.

Poison ivy is an herb and grows in the same soil as lettuce and tomatoes—but only a fool thinks that poison ivy has the same right to be in the salad!  YOU may have it in YOUR salad.  But I shall not have it in mine and no one can force me to.

This applies to all fictions of law, including vaccines.

Our nation was not founded by rebels—but by Godly men and women who wanted to obey God!  Those who don‘t know that don‘t have a clue about the founding of our nation, the northeast and New England (except Rhode Island).

Christ said: “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

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