What is the Chaff to the Wheat...? The Apostate Harlot Church and Her Members — Terribly Confused “Christians” usually are not Christians — Christians Who Don’t Realize that We are at War Will LOSE — Mind-Blowing “Christianity” and “Christians” Today ...

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What is the Chaff to the Wheat...?  The Apostate Harlot Church and Her Members — Terribly Confused “Christians” usually are not Christians — Christians Who Don’t Realize that We are at War Will LOSE — Mind-Blowing “Christianity” and “Christians” Today —You Won’t Believe it - Christ Won’t Receive it!


The above LONG article shows JUST HOW CONFUSED the average “Christian” is.  The average Christian’s mind is like a vacuum*—which is EMPTY and which will SUCK IN ANYTHING in the vicinity to fill the empty container, the moment that it is opened.  That is what “nondoctrinal” “Christianity” has to offer: a “good ride”, depending upon the individual’s degree of delusion—until God calls in to be paid the notes of his irresponsible debts.  Ignorant sin is sin nonetheless and likewise incurs Judgment (Luke 12:47,48).  The majority of mainstream “Christianity” is nondoctrinal, and therefore, it is nonchristianity.  It can be replaced with the Beetles’ song, “All you need is love”.  Anyone who teaches that Jesus “broke down all barriers” does not know Jesus and follows a false christ.  Christ was without sin.  God erected barriers and boundaries.  They are called “Law”.  Law is the boundaries of morality.  Sin is transgression of the Law.  Righteousness does not come by the Law—but that does not mean that the Law is not valid for its purpose.  Only a fool makes such fallacious arguments.  Just because an anvil cannot be used as a pole vault, does that mean an anvil has no purpose?  The words of the Prophet Hosea still echo hollow and true: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”—and because the leaders of Christendom have rejected knowledge and forgotten God’s Law, God has forgotten our children.  Our children are “the next generation of us”; if they are absorbed by the aliens, there is no more “us”.  But God will preserve a remnant according to the Election of Grace (God’s doing) and those will be those who have the Faith / Testimony of Christ Jesus and who keep the Commandments of God (ALL of them: Morality never changes).  Christ said, “THINK NOT that I am come to destroy the Law... for I am NOT come to destroy the Law... NOT ONE JOT OR TITTLE** shall pass from the Law”.

[* —and I am not talking about a “vacuum cleaner”, though it operates upon a similar principle.

** —not even the smallest pen stroke: the smallest letter (yod / iota), the smallest flourish or hook or more literally horn (keraia) on the top of a letter of serif-type fonts, such as appear at the top left in the letters, b, d, h, k, etc.]
Christianity is not a “feeling” or any man’s (or any denomination’s) own ideas.  It is the Doctrine that GOD has DECREED—and it never changes.  

“He who would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God!” (James 4:4)  

“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” (II Timothy 3:12)  

THIS never changes.  You cannot straddle the fence and try to be friends with both God and the world.  Those who try don’t have a clue about Holiness.  They don’t know God.  They don’t understand His Nature.*  Most polluted denominations have tried to hold hands with the world and with God (and any actual thought of pleasing God is merely a faint reminiscence from many generations ago; even as the old German proverb declares, “Every mule boasts that its ancestor was a horse”).  God will reject them.  He is Holy.  He will not share in their corruption.  He does not accept divided loyalties.  He is not compromising or tolerant.

[* See my very-detailed book, Does God Repent? — Can God Change His Mind?]

Such churches (and its members) are no longer part of the true Christian Church—but are the Apostate Church, the Great Harlot who has committed fornication* with all the peoples of the world: the Petri dish of the Antichrist, full of corruption, tares sown in among the wheat, abominations.  What used to be “a city set on a hill” and the True Christian Church has been corrupted into Babylon (“confusion by mixing”) and has become “the habitation of devils [demons], and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird” (Revelation 18:2).

[* harlotry, prostitution, adultery, incest, homoperversion, race-mixing—crossing every boundary that God established, violating every Law that God commanded; wallowing in filthy abominations.]

The father of the household in the above news link does not even understand I Corinthians 11:14:

“Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?”

—so there is not much prospect of his understanding ANYTHING ELSE in the Bible, beyond the level of mere “Bible Stories” (and if you let a bunch of 5-year olds run the household, it doesn’t matter how “sweet” the Bible stories are that they believe—the result will be disaster).  The prognosis is not good for infants that cannot even digest milk...!

[Maybe it is just me, but the family photo itself seems “off”.  It gives off an odd vibe, like the Adamms Family or the Munsters... like a Salvador Dali painting, it just seems off.  Maybe it is a solemn ocassion in memory of the loss of the Muslim friend of this allegedy Christian family.  One would expect a “Christian” homeschool family to better understand the Bible.  But just because they are disconnected from the government schools does not mean that they are disconnected from the government “State” churches.  I also find it odd that they would take such risks with their daughter, after having homeschooled her, to let her enroll in the HUGE public school, simply because the daughter felt a whim... and then later fly her to South America on another whim, and fly her home again for a day or two in order to allow her to meet the Muslim family of the deceased Muslim girl from India.  Maybe the mother or father (or both) are part American Indian themselves and thus feel an affinity for those in India and South America?  God commands separation.  Love not the world.  Let the world take care of its own.  Feed MY sheep.]

The father of a household (if he is the man of the house) is supposed to be the guardian and shepherd of his household.  But how can he be when he invites the wolves into the sheepfold (and later sends his daughter* into the wolves’ den) and when—(presumably) to show how “egalitarian” he is, and how “progressive” and “open minded” and “compassionate” he is—he encourages the sheep of his little flock to learn the ways of the wolf...? and he even goes through the ritual with them to lead them...! BOWING DOWN TOGETHER with a MUSLIM on prayer shawls, facing Mecca, while fasting, praying separately to their individual “gods”—Allah and the God of the Bible (whose name he probably does not even know)—side by side worshipping TOGETHER during Ramada-damn...!!!!!  Harlotry!

[* Please show me in the Bible where women (adults or teenagers) are supposed to be “missionaries” either at home or in alien nations.  In Scripture, women take a supportive, background role.  They are not apostles.  They are not off on their own.  They don’t make the decisions.  They don’t influence the decisions.  They minister to the apostles.  THAT is the Biblical Model.  Anything contrary to that is the HARLOT Model (harlots think that they are their own person, they think that their body is their own [sound familiar in the “abortion rights” arena...?], they cross all boundaries that God established, they pollute the true faith with paganism and idolatry—and that is why God compares the Apostate Church to a Harlot: they have thrown off God’s Authority in every way and they are shameless about it; in fact, they glory in their shame!).  Furthermore, the Great Commission, as I have explained in dozens of Ruminations and dozens of books, was not to the whole world, but to God’s people scattered in the world (so-called “Gentilized” true Israel).  When a farmer scatters wheat, come harvest time, he regathers the WHEAT, not the weeds; not plants that he did not plant; not the vermin or insects or rocks.  God promised that He would regather whom He scattered.  Christ said that He came only for His sheep—and He said “as the Father sent Me so send I you”.  The First Great Commission was to true Israel (not to the mingled people in the land of Israel: Christ specifically forbade His disciples to go to any city but that of His own people; and Christ purposely spoke in parables in public because it was not given to the mingled population to know the truth), locally, under Christ’s direct supervision.  The Second Great Commission was to the very same people, but worldwide whither God had scattered them.  The target of the mission did not change; only the scope.  Those who violate what God commanded help destroy the family and the true Church—and that is why Christendom is dying!]

TRUE Christianity is DOCTRINE... everything else is humanism, paganism, and superstition (masquerading as “spirituality”), emotionalism, and notions of what “makes sense” to CONFUSED SINFUL man.

Other religions are not “merely” religions—unless you believe that the God of the Bible is merely one solitary face on the world’s totem pole...!  Other religions ARE AT WAR with Christianity—even if they “seem to have” admirable qualities (the “front window show room” view of their religion).  But the evil is not merely what is “not in the brochure”—the evil is also what appears to be “good”, but a perverted notion of goodness entirely devoid of Christ; in complete violation of the Word of God.  If a mobster who murders people for a living pats his daughter on the head and tells her he loves her and buys her a nice birthday present, is that “goodness”...? —only to a very simple, confused, or perverted mind.  NOTHING that such a person does can be good.  Goodness is not a free-floating phenomena.  The act is not what is good that somehow influences the nature of the person.  That is completely backwards.  The nature is what is real and the nature produces the acts.  Those acts are not determined to be good by the act or the circumstance or the appearance, but by the nature of the doer.  God declared that even the plowing of the wicked is sin and that even the sacrifice [blood offering to God] of the wicked is sin.  Everything that they do is sin because that is their nature.  Unless God changes the nature, by the Regeneration of the Holy Spirit, that is all the nature ever can be or do.

Whoever does not confess that Jesus IS GOD is ANTICHRIST.  There are no “exceptions”—not for Jews, Muslims, Hindus, or even for confused “Christians”.  There is no “silver lining” or “admirable qualities”, “pros”, or “goodness” in any other “religion”.*  It is all delusion... it is all DEADLY delusion.  A glass of strychnine may be colored and even sweetened to look just like pink lemonade (not that I have personal first-hand experience, and don’t wish to)... that doesn’t mean that it is healthy.  SO IT IS WITH ALL other “religions” (including TALMUDISM or Jewdyism, which masquerades under the name “Judaism”, to confuse the masses into thinking that it has anything to do with the religion of the Biblical tribe of Judah, although it employs Biblical terms as “code words” to deceive the masses with its “cover story”—otherwise, no one would ever believe that they are God’s Chosen people; which they are not).

[* —for lack of a better term.  Alien “religions” are not in the same class as the One True Religion, even as other (imaginary) gods (the delusions in man’s mind as the result of seducing demons) are not in the same class as the One True God.  To speak of them all as being in the same generic class adds to the pollution and confusion of minds; even as speaking of man as an “animal” does.  Man is indeed an animal, solely in the literal and strict sense of vocabulary in that man is a living, breathing creature.  However, man is not an animal in the sense of biological classification or relation in the “Animal Kingdom”.  “Families” of animals are also spoken of, but that too is deceptive.  A family infers that all in that classification descended from a common ancestor—which is not the case (though the majority who believe in Evolution, deludedly think so; Evolution being a fairy tale for grown-ups who hate God and reject reality).]

The God of the Bible is NOT “tolerant”.  What part of “NO OTHER GODS” don’t you understand...?  Thumb through the Old and New Testament.  Thumb through the Law (which was not abolished), the Prophets, History, the Poetic books, the Gospels, Epistles, and Prophecy.  You will find the same thing (unless your rainbow-colored glasses completely interfere with the text).  God does not take a vote and rule by the majority concensus.  He decreed all before the foundation of the world and what He declared never changes.  If you want a “weaker” god who “lets you be you” and who is not Omnipotent and All in All and MASTER of His universe—find another religion.*

[* —while, in reality, there are none... pick a delusion, any delusion, and enjoy it while it lasts—then you can face eternity after you explain to God why you rejected Him.  Also, understand, to reject God’s Law, His Decrees, His Plan, His Morality, His Doctrine... is to reject Him.  All these things are extensions of God’s Mind and Will and HIS BEING.  “Smorgasbord Theology” is not a valid Biblical Model.  You can’t pick and choose what you want, sample a few things and throw them out as unwanted garbage if they don’t suit your palate.  True Religion, Christianity, is not about you.  It is about GOD.  (What part of “Theology” don’t you understand?  Theos = “God” + logous = “the study of”.)  True Religion is about worshipping God—as HE commanded that He be worshipped.  Working 6 days a week as God commanded is also worship.  Obedience is worship.  Disobedience, rebellion (synonymous in the Scriptures with “faithlessness” and “disbelief”) is the worship of self.  There are only two competing power sources: God or Satan.  Satan is a created being and can’t even be compared to God, but he deludedly thinks that he can overthrow God (the means by which is to utterly destroy the Remnant of HIS people whom God promised to preserve: for if God can fail even once, in one area, then He is not the Omnipotent, Perfect God that He claims to be—and THAT is why Satan is attempting to destroy the people of Christendom with the Third World, to breed us out of existence; then Christ has no bride to return to and God will have failed).  Regardless.  The sins of self-worship (pride and selfishness), hedonism, humanism, meliorism, behaviourism, Empiricism, etc. (in all of which God is dethroned in man’s mind and man is placed on the throne) are actually forms of Satanism.]

If ever you find a “contradiction” in the Word of God (whether in the Old Testament or the New), it is not a contradiction: You are confused and don’t know what you are reading or how to read it.  Start over.  Start over in Genesis 1:1 and as you read all the way to Revelation 22:21 remember the simple but unchanging Rules of Biblical Interpretation (Hermeneutics):

1. God does not change; and therefore,

2. What He says will not change.  God is not a liar, unfaithful, untrue, confused, absent minded; He does not have a poor memory; He does not contradict Himself.  

When you read the Scriptures, read with comprehension, not merely to “check off” a chapter or two each day as “mission accomplished”.  Don’t merely read.  Scrutinize.  Meditate.  Cross-Reference.  Take notes.  Jot down questions concerning what confuses you or does not make sense.  You would do this if you were buying a car.  What kind of son or servant does not take his Father’s / Master’s instructions seriously? —a dishonorable one!

Christendom is at WAR and is LOSING BADLY—ALARMINGLY because “Christians” don’t realize that it is a WAR.  The other races / religions (and you cannot separate the two) KNOW FULL WELL that it is a war.  BRAINWASHED Christians who do not understand Bible Doctrine—and who would reject it and crucify Christ if He were here today teaching it—think that it is a grand “slumber party”; not realizing that it is the MOST-BITTER of all wars and that their cozy alien-pagan “friends” are the enemy.  They may seem “friendly”,* but their “values” (even if they seem honorable) are antichristian and end in death.  

[* However, “friendliness” is not a criteria that invalidates what God commanded: separation.  I am most certain that all adulterers believe their adultering partner to be “friendly”; the same goes for homoperverts and their “partners”; the same goes for pedophiles and their victims.  Friendliness is irrelevant.  A dog may be friendly, but if he has rabies (even if the rabies has not infected the brain yet), what does that “friendliness” mean?  What does “friendliness” mean if someone is has tuberculosis, AIDS, hepatitis C, leprosy, or is contaminated with radiation...?  “My people are destroyed because they lack knowledge”.  That lack of knowledge is the epicenter of disobedience / disbelief (disbelief in Sound Doctrine, disobedience to what God commanded).  In Scripture, hearing God’s Word to those who are regenerate is synonymous with heeding God’s Word; knowledge, thus, is equated with obedience (as the passage in Hosea 4:6 shows, because it then transitions to forgetting God’s Law; which is not merely an act of a forgetful mind, but a disobedient will).  God equates idolatry with whoredom and adultery, because He commanded us to be separate from alien* peoples (and intermingling with alien peoples God calls whoredom): They destroy our race, our culture, our faith, our obedience to God (all their “friendliness” notwithstanding).  God promised to preserve a remnant of HIS people; not merely any people.  Amalgamation is communism and is Antichristian.  It is Babylon (“confusion by mixing”), it is fornication with all the peoples of the world (which also leads to homoperversion: violation of one moral boundary leads to the discarding of all; homoperversion is following the very same path as interracial marriage / “shacking up” followed).  Choose you this day!  He who would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.  Love not the world!  Stop trying to please the world.  GOD is your LORD... “IF” you are actually regenerated.  Your only obligation is to please HIM.  If you are ashamed of your God’s, Master’s, Redeemer’s Doctrine, Word, Commands, Declarations—He is likewise ashamed of you!

“Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch [join] not the unclean thing [people]... and ye [indeed] shall be My sons and daughters.”]

Many aliens / Muslims “seem” friendly because THAT IS THEIR JOB.  They are playing the role of “good cop”, while others of their tribe are playing the role of “bad cop”, so that stupid people think that there is a difference.  Even if you ask them about their sincerity, they will tell you they are sincere.  That is their job.  Why would you expect a liar to reply, “Okay, you got me.  I confess.  I am a liar.  I am just deceiving you to get what I want”; or “I am only saying and doing what my bosses told me to do and say in order to trick you”. ...?  If you don’t believe the Word of God—stop riding the fence.  Go become a Muslim!  

“Christians” who say that they love Muslims and homoperverts DON’T know the Word of God and quite possibly are not even converted.  “Christians” who claim “Jesus loves homoperverts and Muslims too” commit BLASPHEMY and show just how very little they know about Jesus (and quite possibly, they don’t even know Him and they are actually guilty of IDOLATRY in worshipping a false god, a false christ they have invented in their own minds, or which was painted and graven into their minds by their corrupt denominations).  HOW can they be converted and have SUCH CONFUSED NOTIONS.  NOWHERE does God draw a distinction between the sin and the sinner.  He says that He HATES the soul that sinneth.  God does not love whom He hates.  He does not expect us to.  King David, one of the purest hearts in all of Scripture said of GOD’S enemies, “I count them as my enemies, I hate them with a perfect hatred”.  The godly King Jehoshaphat of Judah confederated to help his distant cousin the WICKED King Ahab of Israel in battle against a common enemy and God sent a prophet to REBUKE Jehoshaphat saying, “Shouldest thou help the ungodly and love them that hate the Lord—therefore is there Wrath upon you from before the Lord!”  If he was not supposed to “love”—what was the other option?  

“God hates the sin but loves the sinner” is NOT a Biblical concept.  FIND IT for me, if you think it is there.  God indeed loves those sinners of His people whom before the foundation of the world He ordained unto salvation; but that is entirely different than God “loving” the wicked in general.  God does not contradict Himself.  Contradictions are the delusions of carnal minds that do not understand Scripture and who expect God to conform to the polluted notions of modern society concerning what they deem to be “good” and “fair”.  God pronounces a CURSE on those who call “good” what He declared to be evil; and who call “evil” what He declared to be good.  The notion that God only hates “the sin”, but loves all sinners is subtle humanism and universal panentheistic paganism that has crept into formerly “Christian” denominationalism, modernly by the philosophy of the HINDU Gandhi (in his 1925 autobiography), but which was mentioned a half a century earlier by Scotsman Horatius Bonar (who should have known better), a minister, hymnist, and author in his book, The Everlasting Righteousness.  However, Scripture clearly says,

“Thou hatest all workers of iniquity”. (Psalm 5:5)

It won’t be the “sin” that God will cast into Hell—but the sinner!  The sin does not make the sinner, the sinner makes the sin.  Ones nature produces his thoughts, attitude, and actions.  If that nature has not been ordained unto salvation, God does not love that wicked soul.  God does not love whom He hates.  God is not the one confused.  Most Christians are HUMANISTS who think retroactively and when they read the Bible they expect GOD to “change” to conform to modern polluted notions of what is considered “good” or “fair” and they believe that God must “keep up with the times” and “compromise” and “bend” and “yield” to please man.  HO HO!  Such fools will learn a thing or two on the Day of Judgment if THEY do not CHANGE NOW and ask God for Mercy and Forgiveness for their perverse minds and wicked hearts that masquerade as “spirituality” in denial of what He has revealed in His Word.  They don’t know God.  They worship a false god.  Yes, that may be a shock to hear now... but is it not better to hear now and that the wicked may repent of his wickedness and live... than to hear it from God Himself on the Day of Judgment, for which there shall be no remedy?

We are in a war.  It is not merely the “international food court” in a large mall.  It is not merely the delightful intermixing of cultures to sample their food and all they have to offer.  It is death.  God commanded separation; not “intermingling socials at the leper colony”.  Female Muslims come to Christendom as the first wave of hard-core missionaries (the men appear to prefer to let the women do the groundbreaking work; which is quite odd for a society that treats women as pieces of meat that they keep shrunk-wrapped until needed).  The Muslim women, claim to champion “equality” then they do all they can, even run for office, to change Christendom into Islamabad.  How many white Christian women do Muslim nations allow to run for office, be elected, and then change the laws...?  How many Muslim nations even allow Muslim women to be elected to office in church or state?  Why then do they allow it in our nations...? —because it is a war and the plan is to subvert us from within until the men can take over and then the women will be subjected (or beheaded, if they will not go back into the kitchen).*  These Muslim women, once elected in Christendom, do that which will TAKE AWAY FREEDOM... so ALL women will then have to wear pup tents and lawn and leaf bags.

[* Now, according to the Word of God, women are not supposed to be in the marketplace, in the government, or in any position of authority in the Church.  But they are not to be treated as sub-humans, sex-slaves, or slaves in general.  They are to be in subjection, but with that godly submission comes honor and respect.  Where do children learn to honor and obey except by watching their godly mother be in loving (not frigid) submission to their father...?  Maybe that is why their are no godly children—because they don’t have a godly mother to show them.  Feminism led to, and greased the machinery to pave the way for the Multicultural Revolution followed by the Homopervert Revolution.]

Your “friendly” Muslim neighbors or schoolmates or co-workers WILL NEVER SIDE WITH YOU over their own people or over Islam.  If you think that they will YOU ARE DELUDED and they have successfully accomplished their mission!  They may shed a tear when you are beheaded or have a bullet pass through your brain; but the common Muslims who may have gained your sympathies and friendship (in violation of what God commanded) have no power to change the force and inertia and mass of Islam against all “infidels” and “blasphemers” (that is, the HOST NATION that they invade) and even if they had the influence and power to come to your aid, they WOULD NOT.  If they care about you, they would simply counsel you, even implore you: SUBMIT OR PERISH INFIDEL!  That would be the only thought in their mind.  You are confused because you don’t realize that it is a war and their notion of “love, equality, and acceptance” is a one-way street.  They have not come here to learn our ways and “assimilate” and encourage their people to become civilized like us.  They have come here to evangelize and then conquer.  Don’t ever forget it.  Any “friendly” Muslims who side with you over ISLAM will be executed with you.  They know that.  YOU should know that.  The world is not a “family” t.v. show like MacGuyver, the hero of which overcomes all evil simply by his good looks, good nature, and humanitarianism.  It would be nice (and it would be nice to return to the days of Maybury RFD and Petticoat Junction); but it is not reality.  If you are being followed by the mob or international assasins or gang members, and each time you disarm and tie one up you “throw the gun away” (because “guns” and “shooting guns” is “bad”)—you will eventually lose.  And life is not a computer game.  When you die, you don’t get another life; you can’t put in another quarter and play again.  It is over.  This life is over forever and Eternity has begun (whether Reward or Punishment).  God holds fathers, ministers, men of the community, teachers, leaders, politicians RESPONSIBLE as “watchmen on the wall”.  If they fall asleep while on duty, are cowards and refuse to sound the alarm, or are in cahoots with the invading enemy, God says that THEIR BLOOD SHALL BE REQUIRED OF THEM if even a single one of our people suffers loss.

I spoke with someone in town the other day, someone whom I met for the first time, and he said that a local liberal college (a decade or more ago) had one or more Muslim professors who were holding a “workshop” or seminars to show us all the good that Islam has to offer; and the Muslim professor even invited this man personally to come to the meeting “to see how you and I are very much alike”.  This guy politely but firmly declined and replied: “All that I need to know about Islam I learned on 911”.

[Good answer...! ...partiallly.  While this is true, it is only PART of the picture—like the tip of the iceberg above sea level.  911 and all our wars were orchestrated by Talmudic Zionists (who after WWII also became known as Israelis) and their pawns in our government and the governments of our sister nations, and they used Islam as a willing tool (cannon fodder, patsies, useful idiots) in 911 and other similar events.  It is the plan.  Only an EVIL person, or a FOOL would collect and set loose in society vipers and rattlesnakes and then act surprised when there becomes an epidemic of people being bitten.  And only an EVIL person or a FOOL would then blame the people for their being bitten; and invent some elaborate lie that it is merely a “transitional phase”, a “few bumps on the road to assimilation” and “vipers and rattlers have just as much right to your nation as you do”, and “you have to give up your rights so we can better protect you until these hiccups are resolved”.  Believe me, the vast majority of elected and appointed officials in our governments are not fools.  They are evil.  When everything goes wrong just right for the enemy, when whatever they touch turns gold to crap (the Anti-Midas Touch) it CANNOT be a mere coincidence.  It is planned.  It is a hate crime.  It is High Treason.  It is a(n undeclared) War Crime.  It is Genocide.  The vast majority in goverment may be fools, and they may have no marketable talent (that is why they are in government) other than selling their soul to the highest (secret) bidder; but they are not stupid and they don’t simply have “bad luck” or “make mistakes” again, and again, and again, and again—and yet they keep their jobs...!  WHO in the real world would keep their job when whatever they do they screw up or commit crimes...?  That itself is powerful evidence that all their blunders are not merely mistakes, but treason—and they protect each other.  It is all planned to destroy us.  Muslims are only invading the U.S. and all of Christendom because the Talmudic Zionists infiltrated our (the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, etc.) institutions of learning, churches, and governments, and gained a monopoly on the powerful propaganda tools of the media and entertainment (music, movies, tv, literature—both secular and “Christian”) and THEY are the ones behind the change in our dechristianizing and secularization, demoralizing and the subversion of our (formerly Christian) form of government, the transformation of our society into Babylon, and they are the ones behind the subversion of our historic immigration policies, they are the ones that have been letting in tens of millions of Muslims and tens of millions of other aliens (to the point they now outbreed and outvote us in our own land).  The Talmudists are the ones trying to change the demographics in our nations—and they are blatant about it; it is no longer a “secret”—they are the ones championing “love, equality, and tolerance” for everyone EXCEPT the white Christian nationals whose nations they are invading.  The Jews are in the FOREFRONT of secularizing, paganizing, and alienizing Christendom and reducing the nation of Christendom to Third-World, despotic, banana republic, multicultural, multi-racial, gender perverse, multi-religious nations because that is the ONLY way they can defeat us.  It is the Balkanization of Christendom and they have done so, so that we are no longer cohesive, no longer of one mind and one faith and one race, no longer cohesive, and can no longer stand together.  Divide and conquer.  No other nation in the history of the world has ever survived such absolute fragmentation and corruption—and that is the plan!  The ghostly ghastly Jewish invader of Sweden, Barbara Lerner Spectre (who thinks she has the authority to tell Sweden what it is and is not allowed to be) said,

“I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism*1 because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural and I think we are going to be part of the throes of that — of that transformation which must take place.  Europe is not going to be the monolithic society that they once were in the last century.*2  Jews*3 are going to be at the center of that.  It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make.  They are now going into a multicultural mode.    And Jews will be resented because of our leading role, but without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”  {Hear her say this here:  https://youtu.be/53A5AJoRxF0 }

[*1 This is predictable, typical Jewish hysteria, paranoia, histrionics, sleight of hands and smoke and mirrors (create a diversion, lay the blame on others by false accusations).  Whether real or imagined, she for some reason thinks that it is “unreasonable” for hosts to resist the invasion of parasites into their body.  For some reason she thinks that the peoples of Christendom are wrong to resist foreign armies camouflaged—THINLY veiled—as “immigrants” from forcing their way into their nations, raping their women, stealing and destroying their neighborhoods*A and robbing the nation blind, draining the last few pints of blood from the host’s body, through an endless plethora of “public assistance” (to which they never contribute, so much for “equality”) and welfare programs and (hypocritically accepting) “CHRISTIAN charity”; which “CHRISTIAN kindness” showered on them shall be repaid with Jihad.*B

*A The Muslims in France, now demand not merely Sharia law recognition, but demand that those communities in France that they have stolen, have the right to secede from France as autonomous Muslim states!  And the fool President of France still strains at a gnat and swallows a camel!

*B “You reap what you sow [plant]” as well as “you reap what you sow [female pig]”.  Christ commanded, “Give not that which is holy to the dogs, cast not pearls before swine, lest they turn and trample and rend you”.  That reason is NOT the only reason; but is the reason that Christ was warning about in this passage: the pragmatic reason.  Those who won’t obey God for obedience sake, for holiness, for purity, for blessing—Christ mentions the issue of our very survival.  Disobedience is death, for those who don’t “get it” (but you shall, one day).  For those who don’t even know who “we” are or what “survival” is... we now return you to your regularly scheduled program...”

*2 This is also subtle propaganda.  It was not merely the “past century” that Europe has been homogeneous—but for the past 2,500 YEARS...!  It is also quite interesting that what is good for the goose (about to be raped and butchered) is not good for the Talmudic Gander.  The Land of Israeli maintains sovereignty of their nation (illegally given to them by the Americans and British after WWII) and it will not become a “multi-cultural, multi-religious” state as they have planned for all of Christendom.  WHY IS THAT?  Why is it that they are not leading the world and showing the world in the State of Israel, how to be so full of “love, tolerance, and equality”...?  Can Christians build churches and “witness” in the State of Israeli?  What about Muslims or Hindus or Voodoo shaman?  Can Christians and Muslims and Buddhists run for office in the State of Israeli and be elected and change the laws to suit aliens?  Why not show us the way...?  Take down that giant concrete wall and all that barbed wire, and tell all those military police to lay down their machine guns and embrace the Arabs and Africans... spend tens of billions of dollars to support them, and just turn a blind eye to their crimes.

*3 Also, understand, she is not merely some lone, rabid, delusional, head-bobbing Jewess speaking of her own agenda.  She is a leading figure among Jews, in the State of Israeli and abroad. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barbara_Lerner_Spectre ]

I replied to him that he should have also said to the Muslim teacher wanting to indoctrinate him: “We are not alike.  One glaring difference between you and me is that I have not invaded your country with a million Christians with the unabashed plan of outbreeding and outvoting you and taking your nation from you to turn your nation into into our nation.  Save your lies for someone who believes them and don’t ever speak to me again.”

If “Christians” don’t recognize (or even know) the Voice their Shepherd—they are not His sheep and they are devoid of the Holy Spirit Whom Christ sent to regenerate and indwell and lead into the knowledge and understanding of the Truth.  The only “sheep” who are so confused that they do not know the Voice of their (presumed) Shepherd are actually goats that are deluded into thinking that they are sheep, while running around independently making up their own religion, or following the voices of dozens of false shepherds.  Christ said that HIS sheep KNOW His Voice and follow [obey] Him, and the voice of a stranger THEY WILL NOT follow.  Why then do most “Christians” believe the VERY OPPOSITE of what Christ said?  Why are most “Churches” and most “Christian” Colleges falling over one another in their lust to be friends with the world, become like the world, and look like the world...? —because they have been subverted, are not of God, and now constitute the Harlot, Apostate Church.

In this current news story...


...we see yet another FOOL* (that is, a well-paid conspirator, paid to ACT like a fool, but knowing full well what he is doing).

[* Understand, in the Bible, a fool most often (especially in books like Psalms, Proverbs) does not refer to someone who is a little mentally challenged.  Even as the word faithlessness / disbelieving in the Bible cannot be separated from rebellion, so also, in the Bible, fool is often a synonym for “the wicked”.  Who else but a fool would be unconcerned with God’s Judgment, and therefore, live in wickedness as if there is nothing to worry about...?]

Despite the foolish blathering drool of Phoney Macrony—YOU CANNOT separate “politics” from “religion” in Islam or among Muslims.  THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME.  It is the same with Judaism / Zionism / Talmudism.  It is the same with TRUE Christianity.*  TRUE Christianity is not merely an uncomfortable suit that you wear an hour a week, at church on Sunday, and have it half shed before you even get home.  True Christianity is THE ONLY thing that you wear 100% of the time, and the very path that you take, the very road signs along the path, the very itinerary, the goal as well as the journey.  Those Christians (99.9% of them) who do not realize this ARE ON THE WRONG ROAD and not actually Christians.  They were never regenerated.  They have an “idea” of Christianity—but the wrong idea! especially if that idea is that of the sheep laying down their lives for the dogs; or breeding with them on top of the Master’s table.  True Christianity governs 100% of your life—and that includes politics, who your friends are, who your neighbors are, with whom you associate, how you live your life, etc.  

[* —except for unregenerate “Christians” who don’t realize what Christianity is, and again, who think that our current life situation is a slumber party and not a war—but they don’t have to worry, for them it will be over soon... nighty night...! don’t let the bed-bugs bite.  “For when they shall say, ‘Peace and safety’, then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” (I Thessalonians 5:3)  “9How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?  10Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep: 11So shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth,* and thy want as an armed* man.” (Proverbs 6)

* Those who travel (unless they are independently wealthy) will soon run out of money, due to the cost of travel, eating out, hotels, etc.  Such destruction will also at times come upon a person suddenly and irresistibly, even as a bandit may force his way into his life (for having ignored prudence and godliness).]

The majority of “Christians” think that Christ abolished God’s Law (because they do not know God and they do not know the Shepherd’s Voice), and thus, they demonstrate day in and day out that they are GOATS: lawless sheep, the “wild [lawless] olive branches that WILL NOT be grafted back into the cultivated olive tree; they are like the BAD figs.  They consider themselves to be God’s people simply by right of inheritance, simply by having given lipservice (nominal confession of Christ, but rejection of what He actually taught, and instead they embrace the philosophy of the godless world and blasphemously call it “Christianity”);  but who REBEL against ALL that He commanded and live as they please, claiming that they are “under Grace”—not even understanding what Grace is—whose end is destruction.  That is why they shall hear Christ declare, “Depart from Me ye that work iniquity [anomia, “lawlessness”] I never knew you!”

Those Christians (the majority) who do not realize (or who reject) this nature of TRUE Christianity are not converted.  Conversion is not something that man does to himself—it is what God’s Holy Spirit does.  If the Holy Spirit hasn’t done it—it ain’t been done!  “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds.”  “Be ye” is a passive voice verb.  It is not something that you go out to do.  It is something that God does to you.  If there are no signs of new life (the life that GOD ordained, not what deluded world-loving “Christians” happen to “think” are the signs of new life)... there never was any regeneration.  If the mind has not been renewed, it is still unconverted.  Conversion results naturally in a change of life to what God commanded—in every area of life: politics included.  Christ was not “politically correct”.  Why do you think that you should be...? —because the world is your god and master and whom you fear; the one to whom you submit and conform (Romans 6:16).

Macron is either a fool or a conspirator (phony Macrony is full of baloney).  You can’t separate the “political” Muslims from the “religious” Muslims any more than you can separate the “wild animal” (inner nature, natural instinct) from a NONDOMESTICATED animal species that you have hand raised.  It may seem tame, but it will always be wild and unpredictable (the mind just isn’t there; and what little is there is often overridden by hormones and instict).  So also it is with all aliens—and ESPECIALLY with the corrupt illegitimate mingled people into which God ordained for the seed of Ishmael to degenerate: “And he will be a wild[-ass] man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him” (Genesis 16:12).  SO WHY do foolish “Christians” think that what God declared to be untameable and lawless can ever be fit for civilization?  That is one reason why God commanded separation.  It is not merely a matter of “looks” or “practice” but nature.  NO humanistic reasoning has ANY value when it contradicts what God declared and commanded.  God commanded separation.  God forever forbade us to seek the peace or prosperity of His enemies.  God forbade us to love or do good unto them.  Scripture even tells us that if we bid “God speed” (any mere verbal well-wish or blessing) to even our kinsmen who reject Christ, that we share in their evil deeds.  Christ also commanded, “Give not that which is holy to the dogs and cast not pearls before swine lest they turn and trample and rend you!”  How can a person be a “Christian” if he rejects the teaching of CHRIST?  Christ was not offering words of wisdom for dog catchers and pig farmers!  God has NO PLAN to “convert the world”.  Christ does not either—for They [God and Christ] are One.  Christ CLEARLY revealed, “I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which Thou hast given Me; for they are Thine” (John 17:9).

If a shepherd (whether of a household or a congregation) does not know the difference between SHEEP, and dogs, pigs, wolves, and serpents... it might be a good idea to get some flashcards, or that Romper-Room, “pull and listen” recorded toddler’s toy that talks, after you point the dial at an animal and pull the cord, declaring: “This is a pig... oink, oink, oink.  This is a cow.  MOOOOO!”  It might behoove a “good” shepherd to do a little research before he DESTROYS the sheepfold...!  It is not a game.  It is not a hobby.  It is not something that you can “ad-lib” and be creative and do however it pleases you at the moment.  It is a SACRED DUTY: to preserve the flock of God and preserve TRUE DOCTRINE.

“But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” (I Timothy 5:8)

This includes PROTECTING the flock from antichrists, wolves, serpents, dogs, bandits, etc.


If you think that the above article link concerning the “Christian” family who took in a Muslim exchange student and allowed her to practice her Antichrist religion in their home, and even “joined in fellowship with her” (though presumably worshipping the True God along side her worshipping her false god) rang the death knell for Christianity... you won’t believe what you will read next...

This next VERY LONG story is unlike anything you will ever read... each year it seems that the news stories top the previous in blasphemic incredulity.

Of course, the Jewish author doesn’t make it any better (not that it could be better, considering the characters involved and the nature of the story line)... but it is written through the eyes of someone who does not know what Christianity is, and he even manages to falsely accuse and insult King David in the process.