What do Sabra hummus, the Superbowl, and Drag Queens have in common...? —they’re not getting ANY of my money, time, or support (in fact, they are getting imprecatory prayers)

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I just signed the petition at the end of these comments of mine (or I am trying to, I may not be able to with dial up... it keeps failing in the security token); they have 17,700 names in their goal toward 20,000—they had 17,200 when I first attempted to sign it 10 min. ago.

Perverts, Antichrists, the enemies of Christendom have no trouble donating funds and supporting those who are standing up, boycotting, protesting, defending their own—STANDING UP... why do those who claim to be “Christians” not do the same thing for the right reasons, on the right side of the issue...?  —because their god is their belly / pleasure... they have no backbone, they don’t care about anything until it affects them personally... they are immoral and godless.  Were it otherwise, they would bear the fruit demonstrative of being a branch on the Tree of Life (Christ).  Each time a “Christian” does not stand up when Christ would have stood up... he denies Christ.  Confessing or denying Christ is not mere assent that you know or believe in a name... —it is complete identification, if you LOVE GOD / CHRIST if you realize that your life is not your own: that you belong to God as Creator and to Christ as Redeemer.  You are not your own.  If you live as if you were, you are not of Christ.  Would you support, watch, patronize, enjoy those who raped your wife? murdered your son? robbed your father of his lifes savings?  Yet these savages and antichrists HATE God, HATE Christendom... and YOU ARE ADDICTED TO THEM WITHOUT CONSCIENCE...!  When Christ returns in vengeance to reward the wicked... would you want to be watching the Superbowl at that moment?  Your entire life will be played back on the Day of Judgment, and God knows how many hours you spent watching whoremongering criminals play with a ball, and how many hours you spent standing up for what is right and / or reading His Word and TRUTH THAT MATTERS that will help teach you His Word so you can better understand it and better be comformed to the Image of Christ to be pleasing in His Sight.

This homo-militancy / perversion is disgusting and I wont buy Sabra brand any more either and will find the company and attempt to email them too to let them know.

This is another reason to stop buying products made/distributed by aliens / antichrists... they do not have our spirit, conscience, moral code, faith... they could care less if anything they do offends the host nation or our God (the ONLY God)... parasites dont think of such things (or anything), they just feed off the host to the point of its extinction.  While many companies are international conglomerates, it behooves the person with a conscience to do a little research rather than satisfy immediate gratification and convenience.  Companies with alien, third-world sounding names, most probably are owned by aliens.

Heres another reason to not patronize antichrists (if you think that you need another reason):  Wikipedia reports: Sabra recalled 30,000 cases of its classic hummus after a tub in Michigan tested positive for Listeria.

A Google search shows of Sabra: Founders‎: ‎Yehuda Pearl

This is their website, it seems they are owned by Pepsi (something else I dont ever buy): https://contact.pepsico.com/sabra?communicationType=QUESTION

[Sabra is a modern word meaning a Jew born in the State of Israeli.]
Everyone email this far and wide... if you dont you are an accomplice to the destruction of Christendom—depraved indifference that God will not ignore.
This is an attempt to destroy Christendom starting at impressionable children.... this is desensitization which is a planned step toward acceptance and normalization (and the utter destruction of us, the true Faith, and Christendom). 
Why is mental derangement and perversion considered normal...?  Why are the nations (all of Christendoms) psychiatrists and psychologists not chiming in on this?  Are all psychoses and psychopathes now considered normal...?  Is the only textbook psychosis now called Traditional Moral Values...?
Are there less Christians in the U.S. than there are perverts?  If all Christians stopped watching the Superbowl, stopped buying all products who advertise perversion, dont you think they would start catering to Christians or go out of business?  When they BLASPHEME CHRIST .... HOW can you support and patronize and ENJOY them...?
Ye who love the Lord HATE EVIL.
Stand up.  Say something.  Do Something.
To him that knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin.
Oh, the masses of our people think the impotent lie, I am only one person, what will one voice do?  IF 50 to 100 MILLION “Christians” stopped believing such lies we would not be in this mess—but we are in this mess BECAUSE “Christians” DONT CARE (and thus demonstrate that they are not actually Christians; Christians are those who have been brought to new life—not those who are spiritually dead) and THEREFORE God is SENDING THIS JUDGMENT. 
God commanded... HATE EVIL.  If you don't do a thing in the face of its rise, you dont hate it.  If you dont hate it, GOD WILL SEND YOU AN ABUNDANCE OF IT UNTIL EITHER YOU DO HATE IT OR IT DESTROYS YOU!  BUT YOU in your APATHY, if you dont stand up, you are also guilty of ALL THE DESTROYED LIVES OF THE MILLIONS OF OTHERS in Christendom and those all around you... who suffer because you are too apathetic to do what is right.  Didnt your parents raise you to do what is right simply because it is right?  Mine did.  We are all sinful and fail.  A righteous man falls many times BUT RISES UP AGAIN (by the GRACE of God in him, if the Spirit of God is actually in him and has brought him to true life).  If you have failed in the past to stand up and do what is right—EXTRICATE YOURSELF from your past.  Repent.  Ask God to forgive you.  Do what is right.  Every day.  Every time you see evil, speak against it (silence is construed as consent) and PRAY IMPRECATORY PRAYERS that if any of those engaged in such sin (including acceptance and advertising) that God convicts them by His Holy Spirit and brings them to repentance unto life—but if they are not His people and / or He has nor ordained them unto life, that He sends a PESTILENCE to destroy such filth from off the face of the earth....
[Whats keeping you from praying this prayer with me right now?  Whats keeping you from standing up right now?  What’s keeping you from obeying God right now?  If you are still unconcerned how can Gods HOLY Spirit be in you?  If you are not concerned with that... we now return you to your regularly scheduled program...]
—and pray God pours out His Holy Spirit to CONVICT HIS SINFUL, APATHETIC people into repenting of their own sin and seeking HIS FACE before we are all destroyed.  Dont you remember what our nation was like when you were growing up?  Other than air conditioning and a few other conveniences / blessings... do you think society was better then than it is now?  APATHY and SIN AGAINST GOD is what is responsible for our degeneration and destruction.  Even as in the books of Judges and Kings in the Bible... people slowly turned from God until they were violating EVERYTHING that He commanded, even to the point of worshipping other gods.  The same thing has happened today.  Oh, people dont call those things gods—but that is what they are.  Insurance companies, government, doctors, wealth, pleasure... those are gods...!  If you fear it, trust it, obey it, hang on its every word, dont think you could live without it, think you need it, derive such pleasure from it that it consumes you and you can't resist it, are devoted to it... it is your god.  Put away your false gods...!
Morality never changes.  Holiness never changes.  God never changes.  His Law never changes.  What God declared to be sin and abominations and what He forbade 4,000 years ago... has not changed!  You are either with Him or against Him.  You think not obeying certain of His Commands is insignificant.  If you think so it is because you dont know God and have no understanding of Holiness.  Simply because a 4-year old thinks that certain rules of his parents are insignificant or meaningless or even “wrong” DOES NOT CHANGE REALITY.  God does not compromise.  It is our job to repent—of each and every violation, and start obeying as honorable sons do.  Those who do not have never been regenerated to new life, and that is why they dont care.  Sin accrues.  Sin needs to be covered (by Christ’s Blood)—but it cant be if the sin is not repented of, turned from, and confessed, and forgiveness sought.  Sin breaks fellowship with God.  Sin causes our prayers to not be heard (that is, heeded, answered)... and THAT is why Christendom is being destroyed and THAT is why God does not hear our prayers.
Unless God draws those final days of evil short, not even the elect will survive (they will be amalgamated or eaten or slaughtered) ... exactly how close do you want to get to that point before you repent...? —and turn off the Superbowl and stop watching antichrist, blaspheming, whoremongering savages play with a ball and then use that money they (and the promoters and advertisers and nonsense commentators who talk FOR HOURS and HOURS about the criminal savages, and talk for HOURS about what you are going to watch, and then tell you what you are watching, and then afterward talk for HOURS about what you just watched)... they will all then use a portion of that money (as do leftist, perverse, antichrist movie stars and singers) to further destroy Christendom. 
Stop watching... you know what happens.  One criminal throws a ball, the other criminals try to take it from him.  And that is all it takes for you to sell your conscience and sin against God?  Thats a pretty cheap price... no wonder the Devil didnt tempt you with a million dollars... why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free...?  GIVE IT UP and PRAY AGAINST THEM INSTEAD.  You dont need to watch.  You know what they are doing even with the tv turned off during the games.  YOU WANT TO WATCH BECAUSE YOU ENJOY IT and all the immorality and filth does not bother you BECAUSE YOU ENJOY LIVING IN SODOM AND IT HAS AFFECTED YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU DENY IT.  YOU ARE ADDICTED TO SODOM AND GOMORRAH...!  Break the addition.  And dont indulge in it a little here or there.  How can you indulge a little or even taste ABOMINATIONS and BLAPSHEMIES...?  Do you even know God?  Do you not know what HOLINESS is...?  Set your mind on things ABOVE.  Light cannot have fellowship with darkness... if you enjoy the darkness, you are not in the light... you are not of God.  The darkness comprehends not the light... the carnal (unregenerate) mind cannot be in submission to things of God, or know them; it is at war with God (but things of a nice-sounding euphemism).  Some prefer darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.  Light exposes the dark.  The two can never be friends.  Morality never changes.
If the light hurts your eyes youve been in the darkness too long... if you like the darkness, that explains a lot.  If Ive stepped on any toes then dont put your feet where they dont belong (consider repenting before God).  I didnt write the Bible or establish morality.  Dont shoot the messenger... take it up with My BOSS and explain to HIM what you think is “wrong” with HIM and HIS WORD and the MORALITY and REALITY that HE established.





forwarded message

The Super Bowl is going to be showing a commercial that will feature two drag queens, men cross-dressed as women. The commercial is by Sabra, a hummus brand, and it is an attempt to normalize drag queens to the millions watching the Super Bowl, especially children.
According to reports:
"The most watched event of the year, the Super Bowl, usually has some of the most highly-watched commercials of the year, and this year there's going to be a commercial with a feature never seen before in a Super Bowl commercial: drag queens.
" 'RuPaul's Drag Race' alumni Kim Chi and Miz Cracker will appear in a commercial for hummus brand Sabra during breaks of the Kansas City Chiefs/ San Francisco 49ers game."
(DailyWire.com; emphasis added)
All of this comes after major pushes by the left to promote "Drag Queen Story Hours" to "groom" the youth at public libraries, and Drag Queen appearances at public schools.
Now, Drag Queens will appear on public television when approximately 100 million viewers will be watching the game...including young children!
Please sign our petition, telling the Super Bowl to stop promoting this unnatural display. Thank you.
I remain,
John Horvat
Vice-President, Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)