Who Doesn’t Like Vanilla...? Unfortunately Not All Vanilla is Vanilla. You Will Be Shocked and Revolted... Other things “called” vanilla still taste as sweet, but you wouldn’t even want to use to clean your feet...!

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An unknown quantity of what is immorally and deceptively sold as “vanilla flavoring” in food is not vanilla... grab on to your seat... it is BEAVER ANUS!

Yes, an unknown amount of what is sold in ice cream, yogurt, pudding, cakes, cookies, brownies, coffee, frosting (cakes, donuts, poptarts, etc.; and most-all baked goods, package mixes, fresh, frozen, refrigerated, etc. have aluminum in them) anything vanilla flavored or scented (including some perfume—and the Swede’s make a liqueur from it! “Oh no Helga, we’re out of beaver anus... darn... I guess we’ll just have to use vanilla...!” This is true; a “hunter’s schnapps” called bävergäll). Even if it says “NATURAL VANILLA FLAVOR” it is most likely this specific rodent’s rectum gland oozings.

Politicians and food companies need to be rounded up en masse and beat to death with beaver tails... or maybe death by suffocation with their head shoved up an elephant’s rectum (Jay Leno showed a clip of that one night, an elephant trainer and his elephant got their signals crossed and the trainer was behind the elephant and the elephant thought he was supposed to sit down and as he began to sit the trainer’s head went right up the elephant’s rectum... all the others ran around and the elephant did not fully sit down, but stood back up, which lifted the trainer up off the ground arms and legs flailing while he was supported by his head up the elephant’s rectum; and the other people pulled the guy’s body out; the guy passed out from the trauma and lack of oxygen, but lived. That seems to be the fitting method to dispense with all politicians and lab scientists and food processors and chemical companies and the FDA involved in selling beaver anus glad as “vanilla”. Really...! if you have to lie and use deception to sell something under a different name... is that not a give-away sign that it is IMMORAL. “The law is on the side of those being deceived; not on the side of those doing the deceiving.” (Common Law Maxim)

According to the “logic”, beaver anus smells and tastes like vanilla, beaver anus is indeed natural, every beaver has one... therefore... beaver anus is indeed (in a perverse way of looking at it) “natural vanilla flavor”.

Like that old stupid 1970s Palmolive dish detergent commercial in which the owner (Madge?) of a women’s beauty salon had her customer’s soaking their fingers in a dish of Green Palmolive liquid dish detergent because it allegedly was so good for your skin... and the commercial inevitably had “ever tried Palmolive (allegedly, for dishes)... oh... you’re soaking in it now...” Or like the Folger’s crystals instant coffee “secretly replaced” for the fine brewed coffee served in the finest restaurants, in which the customer’s were asked after their after dinner coffee if they’d ever tried Folger’s crystals, and then they were told “You’re drinking it now”...

What people need to do is start going up to tree huggers, feminists, animal rights activists, vegans, vegetarians, unstable activists for any cause, (the few) Jews who “keep kosher” and Muslims who “keep halal” (that is, if the beaver is on the “no fry” list in halal, as their law is a corruption of Bible Law and allows some unclean animals to be eaten),... go up to any of these people eating ice cream that looks like vanilla (even if it is “rice cream”), and say,

“Oh, that looks good, is that vanilla, mmm... what brand is it...? oh, by the way... have you ever tried beaver anus.? no... revolting you say...? well, yes you may actually have tried it and not known it, you may be eating it now...! Hey, don’t get mad at me, why would you get mad at someone who tells you the truth trying to save you from eating beaver anus...? if you never in your life would have imagined you may be eating it... would you rather I not have told you and you could have happily gone on eating rodent rectum...? don’t believe me...? Google it...! Do a search using the words, beaver butt, anus flavoring, vanilla, castoreum.”

Once these people above are informed... things will get done. You can also drop the hint,

“Who knows, maybe they are using the beaver fur and leather to make high end clothing like they did in the 1920s...! slaughtering all those cute little furry beavers for their anus and their pelts... It’s the manufacturer’s and the FDA who should ‘lose their tail’... not the cute little beavers...!!!”

BUTT, in reality, the beaver’s are not killed (but don’t tell them that), they are milked, as horseshoe crabs are in odd sci-fi-like laboratories (with iv drip needles extracting part of their blue blood for use in pharma drugs google that too*), butt... “Today, the beavers are anesthetized, and their castor sacs (found near their tails) get ‘milked’ to squirt out the castoreum.”** And you thought that YOU had a crappy job...!

[* https://www.google.com/search?q=horseshoe+crabs+blue+blood&client=opera&...

Some sources claim the horseshoe crab blood is key to making the Covid "vaccine"...! most times they call it the “jab” because it is not a vaccine, (it is a DNA altering experimental drug that makes you GREATER SUSCEPTIBLE to contracting “covid” and makes you a carrier as you shed MANY pathogens deadly to people who are around you; 3/4 of new “covid” cases are in “VACCINATED” people) and the covid virus has not actually be isolated and has not passed the rigorous medical requirements to even be called a virus, so no one can actually get a covid vaccine for the covid virus because neither legally exist:


** https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&u... ]

YUMMY... the really posh ice cream shops where you build your own sundae should have the beaver sedated on the counter so you can squirt it yourself!!! wouldn’t that be fun...! Ye Olde Fashioned Leave it to Beaver Ice Cream Sundae Shoppe.... and they could have that carnival game “Bop the Mole” there too... and just call it a beaver; kids would love it...! What fun...!

And it is not just vanilla, it seems that the beaver anus is truly a versatile wonder and the most-remarkable rectum on the planet (but who knows... there may be some species yet undiscovered that the scientists have not sniffed and licked yet...! what a shame all those extinct species... WHO KNOWS what their rectums could have tasted like...!). Beaver anus gland goo is also used for “natural” strawberry and raspberry flavoring...!!! add fruititarians to that list of people to inform...

Actually some beer and whisky is flavored with it!

And who knows what else it may be in...? air freshener, incense, tobacco, wine, hand creams and lotions and shampoos. “Dam!” You never know where a beaver may turn up!

This has been going on for 80 years...!



Now, I don’t know how the scientists learned that beaver anus tastes like vanilla: Did they lick the anus of every animal in the zoo until they came to the beaver habitat and then exclaim, “ ‘Urea!’ Now THIS is something that we can use...!” ...?

Now, some sites will claim that beaver anus is not used that much, a tiny percentage of the market contains castoream, only luxury foods or beverages have it. However, last year I noticed that the grocery store brand vanilla yogurt—the organic brand—said “natural vanilla flavor”. That was a clue. When items are labeled in a peculiar fashion it is most-probable that LAWYWERs were employed with the marketing and advertising agents to scheme up a lable using words that are “legal” but not necessarily true; or at least, not what the average consumer would expect truth to be considered. For example, do your own survey. Stop people wherever you are and ask, “I have a one-word survey I am conducting... when you are purchasing something to eat, whether in a restaurant or in a grocery store, whether ice cream or yogurt or whatever, when you see the advertised phrase, and in the list of ingredients, “natural vanilla flavor” do you imagine that would be from the vanilla bean plant or the goo that is squeezed out of a beaver’s anal gland (right below from where it poops)...?” If the majority of people say “vanilla bean” then it is immoral and deceptive regardless of what the FDA says, and all grocery stores and manufacturers who use such words are IMMORAL and engaged in DECEPTION.

If you want REAL VANILLA the ingredient list will say “real vanilla bean” (now, whether those beans have been shoved up a beaver butt or not, may be another matter, but at least we know that the vanilla bean started life as a vanilla bean; BUTT... give the scientists a few more years... maybe they will GMO an easier-to-grow vanilla bean that tastes like beaver butt...! Which is a shame, for everyone knows that aardvark aass is a superior product). I asked my store manager to contact the company and ask those “in the know”... since I have dial up. They answered him and replied that it was the beaver anus, though they called it by the official name. “A beaver anus called by any other name still smells as sweet”; so they are usings Shakespearean logic... how could that be wrong?

[Also, some things red-colored, instead of using artificial coloring they use ground up beetles (which had been BOILED... I wonder if they killed them first, or like lobster (the “giant sea cockroach”; shrimp are the “tiny sea cockroach”), they were just thrown in the boiling water to suffer and scream until they die) of a special variety, it is called cochineal (think “cockroach”, which it is not, but it helps to you remember the name and the grossness / uncleanness). Cochineal is in things like maraschino cherries, yogurt, and some tomato products (really, tomatoes are not red enough?), jams, jellies, velvet cake and some orange colored mouth washes... ah, nothing makes your mouth feel cleaner than rinsing it up with ground up beetle goo. Maybe it is used in other dyes and maybe cosmetics. Of course beet juice is a natural and healthy alternative (except much of the sugarbeet crop is now GMO)... but I guess “nothing beets cochineal beetle” for a nice, rich blood red, and beats are more purplish.  Also, if you’ve ever seen multi-colored pasta, the cochineal could be used in the red or orange; and I know for a fact that some colored pasta mixes that even have a black pasta is colored from squid ink!


Maybe your strawberry jam is beaver anus-cochineal beetle... YUMMY, can’t imagine why anyone has food allergies...!

Actually most people who think they are allergic to chocolate are actually allergic to cockroaches / cockroach eggs, as the chocolate factories cannot keep them out of the product, the machinery, boilers, ovens, etc. and the FDA has allowed a certain % of both cockroach parts and cockroach eggs in chocolate products. But... you really need the Swiss imported cockroach parts and eggs to have an exquisite headache or allergic reaction side effect to satiating your chocolate addition... and just be sure to pronounce it with a Swiss accent. It’s not kokroach. It’s coukh-roachiey.]

True European Christians who realize that they are God’s true people and who obey God’s dietery laws realizing that they were not abolished* and they were not a mere "ritual", but are for health and we also defile ourselves and make ourselves abominable if we eat them and in doing to we polluted God's temple, our body.]

* See my booklet, So, You Call Yourself A Christian..., 76pp,. 5.50 + P&H, if you care about obeying God. Jesus did not abolish the Law of God. Peter’s Vision had NOTHING to do with abolishing the dietary laws. I John 2:4 says that those who don’t keep God’s Commandments do not even know God and the truth is not in them. God’s Law never changes. Morality never changes. Morality was forever established each time God declared, “Thou shalt not” and “This shalt thou do”. Jesus said, “Think NOT that I am come to destroy the Law... for I am NOT” and “not one jot or tittle shall pass from the Law”... so why do you believe the opposite of what Jesus said? Jesus said His sheep know His Voice and follow (obey) Him and the voice of a stranger they will not follow. The Law of God was NEVER for salvation. It is God’s “House Rules” that He expects His children to follow throughout all their generations forever. It is what honorable children do. God does not hear the prayers of those in unrepentant, unconfessed sin.  See also my other books:


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Ambergris (amber-gree or colloquially, “amber-grease”) was used for centuries for various things, including perfume (and used as a medicine, potion, and spice by savage eastern cultures)... it is a solid waxy substance originating in the intestine of the sperm whale (Physeter catodon) and was either harvested after killing a while, or sometimes collected when it washed up on shore. Musk is also used in cologne and perfume, which is from the penis gland of the MALE musk deer (or from the wild civet cat MALE penis gland). Do we really think that we stink so bad that we need goo from deer or wildcat penis glands, beaver anus glands, and sperm whale intestines, to spritz all over ourselves? When a man buys his wife perfume, is he marking his territory? Situation ethics or “personal experience” does not establish morality or reality. God is Holy. We His people were made in His Image... and He commanded, “Be holy for I am Holy”.

See also Luke 17:12-19 and I Timothy 5:17 and Matthew 25:40-45.