You’re in the Army now... I now present to you “Brigadier-General Jen der Kunphiuzhon”

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HOW SANE IS IT...? and HOW IS IT NOT A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY (though it certainly does not need to be a secret) to allow a man into the army who thinks he is a woman?

WHAT IF, during a U.S. war against Korea, he-she suddenly feels the urge to “identify” with and “think” that he-she is an American trapped in a Korean’s body? and in the middle of a battle “realize” that he-she is fighting on the wrong side of the war and then starts killing American women in the barracks he-she is stationed in?  What if private he-she tells the army that he-she identifies with and thinks that he-she is a 5-star general trapped in a private’s body...?  It reminds me of the email someone sent around about the new war movie called, “Saving Ryan’s Privates”.  War is not a bad prom night!  Furthermore, it is not merely the soldiers in the war whose lives are at stake—but the lives of everyone in the nation whom they are supposed to be protecting, rather than kowtowing to mentally deranged gender-confused individuals.  Back in the 70s with the long-running, popular T.V. series M*A*S*H, Lebanese actor Jamie Farr (Jameel Joseph Farah) played Maxwell Q. Klinger, who dressed as a woman in gaudy clothes, hoping for a Section-8 dismissal from the Army.  Now they do it in real life and hope for a promotion...!

Where will it end...?  When you enter someone elses perverse delusion with him-her, there are no rules and you must go with the flow.

[Great, now my white cat Prissy thinks that she is a black dog and wants me to call her “Butch” and instead of calling “here kitty, kitty”, she wants me to yell, “Wher dat dirty dawg!”  She also wants me to take her for training to become a police dog to protect black drug dealing criminals on welfare (who feel that they are and identify with being non-white law-abiding citizens with jobs who earn paychecks as vitamin salesmen) from police brutality.  When I tell her to stand up straight so I can groom her, she takes the knee and looks at me defiantly and starts singing, “We shall overcome” and “swing low sweet chariot”.  She also says that dogs don’t bury their doody so I am going to have to follow her around with a pooper scooper from now on.  It was my fault for letting her watch t.v.  Now her head is filled with all sorts of nonsense.  To make matters worse, her fleas think that they are butterflies and the rats in the ally are claiming that they identify with being puppies and say they are going to report me to PETA for abandonment and poisoning.   The new smart meter they put on my house is claiming it is actually stupid so it can’t be held responsible for any health hazards or spying.

Maybe when I go to buy a new car I will tell the car dealer that my twenty $1 bills identify with and think that they are $1,000 bills trapped in $1 bills’ bodies.  Hmmm... maybe I am on to something.  My 1980 Ford pickup heard that they are giving out-of court settlements to owners of 2015 Toyotas and my Ford now identifies with and thinks it is a 2015 Toyota trapped in a 1980 Ford’s Body and keeps singing, “Oh what a feeling... Toyota!”  I feel like and identify with being a Trump trapped in a Balaicius body and want my back-allowance that Donald hasn’t paid me weekly for the past 55 years.]

Maybe all poor white people ought to declare that they “identify with” and “believe” that they are blacks trapped in white men’s bodies—and they can apply for food stamps, welfare, free health care, be given more-lenient sentences for crime, and can get affirmative action high-paying jobs without having any real skills or knowledge...?