— #1 - Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance [The Foundational Work, this is the book to start with] UPDATED

Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance

by Robert Alan Balaicius 

192 pages, illustrated.

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[This book represents a 10,000-hour investment of researching and writing and is the foundational work and prerequisite reading for most other books by RAB, since it lays the groundwork for understanding who God's people are: for without understanding who God’s people are, one cannot understand Bible history, prophecy, nor what God requires of His people.]

     Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, “To destroy a people, you must first sever their roots.” A war has been being secretly waged for the past 75 years against Americans of European descent. It started as a war of disinformation; but has now escalated to the dismantling of our very freedom by modern international carpetbaggers who have gained control of big business and a renegade government. Around the turn of the 20th Century about 50-60% of all Americans were of German descent. A large percentage of these people were brain-washed into turning against their own progenitors during and after WWII; many even expressing their shame that they were of German descent. Though this book does not deal with any of the facts surrounding WWII, this simple fact shows how Americans have been psychologically turned against their own roots. America’s national immigration policy for the past 75 years has been aimed against Americans of European extraction. The flood gates have been opened wide, swamping our country with the teeming masses of unassimilable peoples, overburdening the working middle class. Now, thanks to our enemies who control the reins of public policy, we are outnumbered in our own country, and the laws themselves are aimed against us. Our brother and sister nations in Great Britain and Europe have succumbed to the same tragic fate. 

     One of the major foundations of our nation (the knowledge of our heritage), once it was undermined, precipitated the fall of our Republic. It has been said, "If a person does not stand for something he will fall for anything." Americans don’t even know what they stand for any more. They have forgotten their heritage and slowly conditioned into adopting the customs of foreign peoples. Once Americans had been fooled into forsaking their very heritage (who they are), they were then easily conned into accepting the greatest level of government corruption, abuse, regulation, repression, and unconstitutional taxation to which any free people have ever been subjected in the history of mankind. The nation that was one the most prosperous in the world, is now filled with good honest citizens who cannot even make a living; who feel like foreigners in their own country. The nation that was once the freest in the world, is now the most regulated in which "freedom" is merely some antiquated idea recorded in older history books. Citizens of what was once the safest nation in the world, are now not even safe in their own towns or homes--and they are not even allowed to protect themselves. Further, the will of "We the people," is no longer even a consideration, as the sovereignty of our nation has been surrendered to the international elite who foist upon all their globalistic agenda backed by United Nations "Law" and "jurisdiction." While the United Nations will step in overnight to protect Somalis, and even start what could have become WWIII to protect "jews" from Iraq before Iraq even showed any signs of aggression toward the Israeli State, they have turned a blind eye for over 6 years to the mass butchering and horrific murder of thousands of peaceful white farmers in South Africa and Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia). Why do the European and European-descended nations of the world stand still and allow this bloody holocaust against our own people? It is only because of the effective brainwashing that has been implemented by the internationalists who effectively control our media, book publishing houses, and government educational systems (and our governments themselves). It has rightly been said that sometimes a person does not realize what he had, until he loses it. We are on the verge of that; however, what is even sadder, is that most people cannot even remember what we once had. The great English statesman Edmund Burke once said, "Education is the cheap defense of nations." He also said, "The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion." He also declared, "People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors." Similarly, in another of my books, I declare, "The purity of ones racial heritage does him little good, if he does not know how or why to preserve it. If one does not know from whence he came, he cannot possibly see where to go and guide his children safely there." Please learn the truth of your own heritage: the common origin of the European peoples. Learn how this truth that inspires freedom, unrestrainable joy, success, and purpose in life has been hidden and replaced with base lies that instead produce a slave mentality, false guilt, shame, and unproductivity. This may be the last chance to save your family and nation. This is not about hate or supremacy. It’s about the importance of who we are and where we came from, as well as the fact we may not even have a future. All other peoples are told how important their heritage is. Yet ours has been hid from us and we face extinction in our own nation. Is there any hope? If there is any, this book holds the key.


Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance has been translated into Afrikaans and Danish and is being translated into Slovak, Czech, and Polish (inquire).   They are posted at this site in PDF format for free reading.




What do 8 highly-decorated, Patriotic,

retired U.S. Military officers

& 2 of the foremost conspiracy authors know that you don’t?


Eustace Mullins

[foremost conspiracy researcher, author, lecturer]

“Many thanks for sending me your excellent book, Your Inheritance: The Best Kept Secret In The World. I find it extraordinarily well researched and presented. It is a valuable addition to our knowledge on our origins...Thank you again for this fine work. I certainly hope it finds the national audience which it deserves.... It is a well-researched presentation of vital information. It is not too extreme to say, If you do not know the information which is in this book --you do not know anything ! (That is, You know nothing about yourself—about who you are—about this nation or why this nation exists.)  Your Inheritance has not been written merely to inform you who you are, but further, to tell you of your responsibility. With this knowledge, you have no excuse to malinger, to allow the Satanists to wreak havoc on the earth, and to destroy God's (true) people.  The appearance of this work is itself a very heartening sign: It means that we are coming to the end of an Era (the Era of the Satanists) and that God's people will once again command the earth for the noble purposes for which God intended." "...[This] is an extremely important work.  [I] have read many books on the hidden history of our race, but this book is one which stands alone, not only because of its succinct revitalization of our buried past, but also because of its excellent illustrations, which dovetail with the written text.... [This book will prove to be] a vital weapon in the battle against "multi-culturalism"...Read this book to prepare for the coming tribulations."

 [* Your Inheritance... was the former edition of Uncovering the Mysteries..., which was completely rewritten and expanded.]


Lieut.-Col. Gordon "Jack Mohr** (AUS. ret.)

“I received your book and went over it carefully. I find no criticism of it in any place... I have just read a fascinating book written by Sacred Truth Ministries: Your Inheritance: The Best Kept Secret in The World.  It vividly explains the heritage and inheritance of many white Christians (a heritage unknown by most church-goers in America, because of the shroud of secrecy placed over this subject by the Judaizers of Christianity)... While I have been studying this exciting and important truth for a number of years, this book brings new truths to light in a manner which can be understood by everyone, and this book backs these facts with Scriptural Truth and Historical Documentation which cannot be refuted... This book belongs in the library of every white Christian minister in America who is interested in Scriptural Truth, and should be read by every white Christian who is concerned with what is happening in the world and in America...As we see the world breaking up before our eyes, this book has the clue as to why it is happening, and it gives us the only formula for survival which will save our nation from destruction.”     

[* The first edition of Uncovering the Mysteries... was titled Your Inheritance....

** Col. Mohr entered the Army as an enlisted man. Later on, he was the first American soldier wounded and decorated in the Korean War. He was captured, given a "trial" by the "people's" court and was sentanced to death. He escaped the night before he was scheduled to be executed. He received the Silver Star, 12 combat medals, and 4 Army Commendations. He was a Baptist evangelist for many years. He is an avowed anti-communist, respected, prolific author, and beloved, tireless, dedicated American patriot. Interestingly enough, he had tickets and planned on being on Flight 007 of Korean Airlines (the same plane Congressman Larry MacDonald (another dedicated Christian and anti-communist) was on, which was blown out of the sky by communists] but he at the last minute chose not to go to Korea, where he was scheduled to speak on the anniversary of the ending of the Korean War.]



Lieut.-Col. H. Speed Wilson (USMC, ret.)

“The Bible emphasizes the importance of knowledge...The acquisition of knowledge requires effort, time, and study. Sacred Truth Ministries' extended effort is concisely and succinctly recorded in their book Your Inheritance, which contains end-time knowledge for seekers of truth in a time when false prophets and their deceptions are rampant. As a source document reference, Your Inheritance can be an important factor in "being established in the present truth.”

[Col. Wilson served our nation valiantly in three wars. In recognition of his achievement as a fighter pilot in WWII and Korea, he was awarded (3) Distinguished Flying Crosses and (19) Air Medals. During combat duty in Viet Nam, he served as Chief of Staff of the 9th Marine amphibious Brigade, an air-ground team of 20,000 Marines. In this assignment he was awarded the Legion of Merit with a Combat "V" & the Republic of Viet Nam's Distinguished Service Cross, one of the highest decorations a foreigner can receive. During his (8) years of duty in Washington D.C., he served on many high level planning & policy boards. Retiring in 1973 after 31 years of service, Col. Wilson has gained international popularity & recognition as a Bible teacher & patriotic speaker at churches, conferences, retreats, camps, and radio & t.v. talk shows.]



Lieut.-Col. Cyril W. Minett (USAF, ret.)

“As a student of history, several things always puzzled me—and what puzzled me even more was that few scholars or historians ever had the courage or honesty to explain these areas of seeming ‘mystery.’  If you believe our Lord when He said, ‘know the truth and the truth shall set you free,’ then you must read Your Inheritance: The Best Kept Secret In The World, by Sacred Truth Ministries: for the facts presented in this book provide unrefutable evidence concerning these ‘mysteries.’  Is it possible that a veil has purposely been drawn over this segment of history?  In this well-researched book, you will find the ‘truth’ and it will make you free.”

[Col Minett served in Viet Nam as a combat pilot, for a tour of 2 1/2 years starting in 1967, earning 4 rows of medals, including 4 Air Medals and Viet Nam's Combat “V”. Upon his return to the U.S. he in 1970 he was immediately assigned as Editor of the Aerospace Safety Magazine, at USAF Headquarters.  After this assignment, he was assistant Chief-of-Staff at USAF Headquarters, 12th Air Force, Austin, Texas. He retired in 1974.]




Lieut.-Col. James “Bo” Gritz (AUS, ret.)

“I highly recommend this book to those who wish to know liberating truths essential to the Christian religion and vital to the American way of life.”

[Col. Gritz is America’s most highly decorated Viet Nam Green Beret Commander; He has for many years been in the forefront of trying to locate and expatriate American POW's still in concentration camps in Asia. Col. Gritz also exposed the CIA drug ring in his books and videos. Col. Gritz was the role model for the movies “Uncommon Valor,” “First Blood,”.  He also ran for President of the United States in 1992 on the Populist Party ticket.  He is constantly active in patriotic circles giving strategy and self-defense training seminars, speaking at conferences, nationwide radio programs.]




Colonel Dan Daniels (AUS, ret.)

Your Inheritance is truly a gem! I enjoyed reading it very much, and would consider it MUST READING for every Patriot and Christian in this great land of ours, so rapidly being decimated by the liberal, Satanist hordes in leadership positions. You have obviously put tons of brainpower, research time, experience, knowledge, and intelligence to work in writing Your Inheritance. I congratulate you on the work. It is truly superb! Your Inheritance is truly within the 1% of material in this Republic—WELL-WORTH READING. Even within the 1% of published works in this country, it will rank very highly. God's people truly ARE being destroyed...Perhaps your book will inspire them to resist the beast, accept their responsibilities before God, and work yet again, toward living and governing in a Godly way.”

[Colonel Daniels is a full Colonel retired from the Regular U.S. Army, and he is also retired from being the Sheriff of Polk County, Florida. Colonel Daniels is also the Publisher and Editor of a Paper out of Eagle Lake, Florida entitled "The Eagle." Colonel Daniel is also highly involved in various patriotic causes, and he is a field writer for the Patriot Press.]



Lieut.-Col. George P. Remmenga (USAF, ret.)

“At the age of 17, I read through the family Bible, cover to cover. When I completed the reading, I had many questions about the Bible. Those questions have now been answered in YOUR INHERITANCE, in a straight-forward, scholarly manner. No longer do we have to wonder. Further, a person gains a bright, new view on life, and is inspired with new purposes. YOUR INHERITANCE should have a very preeminent place in the library of each patriot, each patriotic organization & true church in this once proud land of ours. Further, every true American family should have a copy of YOUR INHERITANCE to properly teach their children of their heritage and the only true purpose in life. I sincerely believe that had my family and I had this book, I might have lived my life differently in many regards.”

Colonel Donn de Grand Pré


Colonel Donn de Grand Pré (1926?-2009) was a decorated Army Air Corps fighter pilot (WWII and Korea) and OSS (Office of Strategic Services), he was appointed by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara as Director of Grounds Weapons Systems; he was also former arms salesman to Pentagon.  He wrote numerous books (inquire) exposing the conspiracy in the U.S. “government” and Zionism’s quest for world domination.  Concerning my book, Uncovering... he wrote, “I am extremely impressed in your entire presentation in this book, from start to finish.  The material in this book cannot be dismissed”.  Concerning my book, The End of Freedom on Planet Earth: Why God Can’t (Shouldn’t & Won’t) Bless America & The Mass of Evidence concerning the 9-11 Tragedy and the Last Days of Our Republic, he wrote to me and declared, “You are to be commended for the excellent job you did in synthesizing an incredible amount of information into one readable volume.  What is even more impressive is the time frame in which you accomplished it.” 

[Col. Remmenga was a B-17 pilot during WWII, flying 24 missions over Germany and receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross, among other medals.]


F. Tupper Saussy


“You have my endorsement on your excellent book with which I whole-heartedly agree.”

[Of French Huguenot descent, Tupper won 3 Grammy nominations for his achievements as a pop music composer and producer (he wrote and arranged the music for Anita Bryant’s Orange Juice network TV commercials). He has also acted on stage, owned numerous restaurants, and is an accomplished watercolor artist. He wrote: The Miracle On Main Street: Saving Yourself and America From Financial Ruin (1980) and The Rulers of Evil: Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies (1999).]

Others, of the many who endorsed, Uncovering... were Lt.-Col. Richard Kelly Hoskins, archaeologist, author E. Raymond Capt, award-winning singer, songwriter, musician, and recording engineer, Jonathan David Brown; as well as numerous mainstream missionaries and ministers, professors, and Ph.D.s, and several M.D.s and Psychiatrists, including my father, Dr. Charles W. Balaicius.

“... and the one that got away...” — sadly, after receiving permission from him, I had mailed a copy to Charlton Heston, and he had written back and informed me that he had it next in line in his stack of books to read, but then, his health failed.  Had he given me his endorsement, I could have said that “Moses endorsed my book...!”

Col. John Richard Niemela, U.S.A.F (Ret.)



Col. Niemela was a fighter pilot and a pioneer in the advancement of jet aviation.  He was born in Peterborough, New Hampshire to a large Finnish farming family of strong Lutherans and attended Suomi College (now Finlandia University) in Hancock Michigan; then earning a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Omaha and a master’s degree in political science from the University of New Hampshire; and was a graduate of the Air War College.  He entered the U.S. Air Force in 1950 and two years later joined the Air Corps.  During the Korean War he flew the F100.  In the Vietnam War he flew the 01 Bird Dog as Forward Air Controller (FAC) serving with the 1st Australian Task Force in Vietnam.  He was one of the daring pilots who ushered in the era of jet aviation, testing the F86, F100, F104 and F105 aircraft.  In one test run over the Sierra Mountains in California the aircraft malfunctioned and he managed the second successful downward ejection in the F104. As one of the original F104 pilots he was signed into the Order of Starfighters International F-104 Society.  While stationed at Tactical Air Command at George Air Force Base in 1956 he flew the F100-C Super Sabre in the Bendix Trophy Race in a dash from George Air Force Base, California to Will Rogers Air Field, Oklahoma.  He also flew the C46, C47, Beechcraft 18, DC3 and other aircraft.  He was a recipient of several medals including the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star, and the Air Medal.  John retired from the Air Force in 1978 as a full colonel.  He wrote: “Robert Balaicius is a tireless researcher and writer; many of his books being the best on the topic they cover; and Uncovering... tops the list and no one should be without that invaluable book teaching our heritage and the history and doctrine of the Bible.


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