— Biblical Law of the Tithe and the Modern Israelite, The

The Biblical Law of the Tithe and the Modern Israelite

Robert Alan Balaicius

92 page, stapleback booklet

A very unique and detailed study covering a myriad of different aspects of the Law of the tithe as revealed in the Old and New Testaments; God’s blessings for those who obey this law, and His curse for those who ignore it; how the tithe is used for the benefit of all of Israel; a few accounts of prominent men who obeyed the law of the tithe and became the most successful men in their field of business; covers the feasts of Israel and the numerous different offerings that God requires in addition to the tithe: the firstfruits; soldier’s ransom, ransoming of the firstborn, poor tithe, gleaning, etc.; contains some controversial ideas, but offers them as "food for thought," not necessarily as "thus saith Yahweh."

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