— Christian-Israelite an Salt: The Two-Fold Purpose of The Believer: Judgment and Blessing, The

The Christian Israelite & Salt:

The Two-Fold Purpose of Believer:

Judgment and Blessing



Robert Alan Balaicius

88 pages

A very deep study which analyzes the parallels between salt & the life of the true Christian—even down to a chemical analysis of salt and its molecular structure; a deep study, yet nothing too technical the average person cannot easily understand.  Those with weak science background like it as much as those with a strong background in science.  Bible Numerics is also used to help show these parallels. 

- What is the role God’s true people are to take today in a society infected to the core with evil? 

- Why do we not have more books of the Bible than we have? 

- Why are so many ignorant concerning the deeper truths of God’s Word? 

These and many other questions answered.

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