— Defense of Our Ancient Celto-Saxon Christian Roots, A

A Defense of Our Ancient Celto-Saxon Christian Roots and God’s Command That We Preserve Them:

Why Christian Anglo-Israel Believers Cannot Join Together (Even In A Common Cause) With Either Family Members Who Are Non-Christians, or Christians Who Are Non-Family Members;

& An Entreaty For Family Members Who Are NonChristians To Consider the Evidence and Eternity.







Robert Alan Balaicius

280pp., comb-bound, 15.00 + P&H.

A detailed defense of the Christian faith, showing nonchristian, white preservationists the true way; and a detailed explanation of why Christian Anglo-Israelites [Anglo-Balto-Celto-Saxon-Scandivian-Slavic peoples of Christendom who have accepted the sacrifice of Christ for their sins] cannot join together with secular, unconverted, or militant groups who espouse the same philosophy concerning the preservation of our race/heritge/culture, or with nonIsraelites who are "Christians."  A very detailed history of many famous/infamous people in the secular pro-white field (Klassen, Pierce, Hale) with many photos; a brief, but detailed background on Odinists/Asatru/Druids and a brief account of the resurgence of paganism in Europe; an Expose of the Columbine massacre, Alabama church burnings, etc.  May be a useful tool to help convert those who are blinded by paganism/Odinism.