— Futurist and Rapture Conspiracy, The (with free PDF)



The Futurist and Rapture Conspiracy:

A Brief Exposé of the History of these Subversive Doctrines

—and Their Biblical Refutation




by Robert Alan Balaicius

164 pages, paperback, well illustrated,

This may come as a shock to most Christians... but the Futurist view of the Book of Revelation and the Rapture... are false doctrines.  They were concocted by Jesuit Catholics as counter-Reformation propaganda in the attempt to undermine the revival and enlightenment created by the Protestant Reformation.  No Pillars of the Christian Faith ever believed either of these doctrines (not D.L. Moody, Charles Spurgeon, etc.), none of the Reformers (not Luther, Calvin, etc.).  Learn how vital this doctrine is and how it is pivotal for the current immoral state in our nations.  Please read this book and discover the truth.

Very revealing study also showing the shady characters behind these false doctrines: Futurism, Dispensationalism, and the "any moment" "two-stage" "Rapture" Return of Christ. Christ is returning; but not according to this modern Antichrist heresy. This is a powerful booklet, deeply researched.  It will prove to the true Christian, who cares about the truth, that these are false doctrines concocted by the enemy to destroy Christian society. This claim is not conjecture. It is documented fact. The names of the culprits, dates, their accomplices, their own words, and the testimony of the pillars of the Christian faith, and a simple perusal in the Scriptures will show beyond the shadow of a doubt that these are new new-age false doctrines, not held by the Reformers (or the early church fathers) or the great Bible leaders of the early modern era.

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