— Give Not That Which Is Holy Unto The Dogs

Give Not That Which Is Holy To The Dogs


Rev. Wesley Swift (original booklet contained 24 pages)

Edited (with 50 pages of correctional notes and other information) by Robert Alan Balaicius;

74 pages, stapleback booklet


Covers many interesting topics centered around Christ's famous statement after which the booklet/sermon of Swift's was titled.  While I admire and respect Wesley Swift's dedication I believe his works contained significant error (and little documentation). 

[Since many people still seek out his writings, I have attempted to produce a few edited versions (as I have also done with the works of Conrad Gaard, and others), showing where the doctrinal (and other) error lies and the resolution thereof.  I mean no disrespect to Wesley Swift, who has long since gone to his reward; however, I have done this to rightly divide the Word of Truth so those seeking out his works can read them with greater understanding.]

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