— It Just Isn't Fair...

It Just Isn’t Fair...!

—Says Who...?

An Entreaty to Wayward Children of the Most High to See and Accept God’s Plan—and Live!

Robert Alan Balaicius

156 pages, plastic comb-bound, illustrated.




A very enlightening discourse geared toward all audiences, aimed toward those bitter against/angry with God, whether atheists, agnostics, or Christians (dedicated, liberal, or nominal).   This book dispels the most common reason people reject God.  The average person reasons (with his fallen mind): "Suffering should not exist in the world if there was a loving God."  This book exposes sinful man’s irrationality / hyposcrisy and shows the way to deliverance, salvation, and true life.  This book is important for all: It is an apologetic defense of the Christian faith; contains sound argument to counter this mindset when it is confronted; or you can simply give (loan) the book to one who needs to read it.

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