— Our Blood On the Altar

Our Blood on the Altar:

Freedom and Civilization Hang in the Balance

[A Final Call to the Nations of Christendom...]

88 pages, booklet, illustrated,

Various old and new problems / conspiracies / evils are confronting our nation and freedom in the world..., "hate crime" laws being passed in the U.S. to protect pedaphiles, Islam is growing 10x faster than the populations of the U.S., Britain, and Europe—not in Muslim countries, but in the U.S., Britain, and all of Europe and Scandinavia, our very food supply is in danger of GMFs (Genetically Modified Foods) and the plan is to infect the world's vegetation and livestock/game with altered DNA which is patented, so they will own the entire food supply of the world, organic gardening and heirloom seeds may soon be outlawed, other unconstitutional legislation and Treason by Congress, and much more.

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