— Post-Christian Era and the New Dark Ages, The


The Post-Christian Era and the New Dark Ages

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Robert Alan Balaicius

112pp., paperback, 32 illustrations;

Christian civilization is in peril, being overrun by pagans and the enemies of Christendom whose unabashed goal is to destroy Christianity and Western Culture.  If Christianity goes, freedom goes.  Understand the root of the problem to realize the solution. 


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Sample text from the first page of the book...

The pictures on the front and back covers, and on the title and copyright pages are simple testimony to the fact that all earthly things decay over time.However, the decay of our Living Faith, the Christian religion, our heritage, our culture, and our very existence, is in much greater peril than these old, though sacred relics. Little does the average Christian realize the gravity of the situation, nor the extent of the national cancer, because rather than being “watchman on the wall” and “shepherds willing to lay their lives down for the flock,” as Scripture commands, the majority of preachers today are “dumb dogs,” “the blind leading the blind,” and “prophets for hire” who have sold out to the highest bidder. They preach a cotton-candy, godless, liberal theology of love and tolerance—and shun the Holiness and Justice of God which must punish sin, both here temporally, and in the life to come.

[* —which foundational law of nature and biology (entropy) itself disproves evolution. Things de-volve and naturally gravitate to a more simple state, disintegrate, break down, and decay: they do not (on their own) progress to a more complex state or progress.]

Christendom is nearly extinct.  What will decide whether it continues toward the road to oblivion is whether Christians choose to remain in denial or actualy consider the unpleasant facts.  This little booklet is an eye-opener.  All Christians and those who care about free society or Christian civilization need to read it before it is too late.  Very important information for the survival of the nations of Christendom; information on the Christian roots of Germany now nearly extinct, and the U.S., England, and the other nations of Europe are in the same position.  Information on early German Lutheran Pietism and the incredible work of August Hermann Francke and his supporters among the German/Prussian Nobility, other Pietists such as Spener, Arndt, and Count Zinzendorf (also Luther, Melanchthon, and George Mueller).  Very important book. 32 illustrations, in addition to the illustrations on the front and back cover.


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