— Rebutting a Limp 'Refutation': Christian Anglo-Israel Defended

Rebutting a Limp ‘Refutation’: Christian Anglo-Israel Defended; “Heresies Exposed” —Exposed as Impotent Hearsay,


by Robert Alan Balaicius, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.  This begins with a 10-page chapter “exposé” from a book I reprinted “Heresies Exposed” (entire book deals with many false doctrines that went through many editions and printings from 1917-1950) by mainstream author, William Irving who proved himself ignorant, dishonest, and inadequate) and ends with Balaicius' 72-page rebuttal.  Irvine's paltry 10-page chapter attempting to refute "British Israel" is shown to be an adolescent and impotent embarrassment. 

This scholarly work shreds his illogical and unbiblical attack that for nearly a century Christians have simply believed was a valid denunciation, since most do not know the Scriptures and do not know how to think critically.