— Sacred Truth Expository Commentary: Genesis 31-36, 48, 49:5-7 & Judges 19-21

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Sacred Truth Expository Commentary:

Genesis 31-36, 48, 49:5-7 & Judges 19-21

—Culminating in Dinah’s Defilement with an Examination of the Near-Extermination of the Tribe of Benjamin





(Including: the Origins of Adamkind, the Call of Abraham and the true location of Ur of the Chaldees, one of the most In-depth Histories of Jacob-Israel, the origins of most all peoples mentioned in the Bible [including an "Esau-ology"], a detailed analysis of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, and further detailed exegeses covering significant portions of Genesis 10, 11, 14, 18, 19, 37, and many other passages);

708pp. (including 3 charts and a summary of events of each chapter of Genesis), plus 3 fold-out maps; well illustrated, paperback, 

40.00 + P&H.

A fascinating, illuminating detailed study which unlocks many mysteries of Scripture, ties together large segments of Israel’s history (& prophecy), and a resolution of some chronological conundrums; detailed exegesis of main text is Genesis 34 (and 49:5-7)—Simeon and Levi’s extermination of Shechem; background history is provided to understand all of the interrelated events surrounding this period of history; also covers in-depth, Tower of Babel, foundation of Ninevah, destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah, flight of Lot, history/origins of most all other important peoples/empires (Akkad, Aramaeans, Assyrians, Babylonian, Canaanites, Chaldaeans, Edomites, 9 tribes of Giants, Ishmaelites, Medes, Parthians, Persians, Philistines, Sumer, etc.); the "call of Abraham," sacrifice of Isaac, detailed explanation of the origins of Abraham, where Ur really was, detailed exegisis of Genesis 31-33 (history of Jacob from when he left father-in-law Laban, his fearful reunion with Esau, relocation to Succoth, Shechem [34], then to Bethel [35:1-5]); proof that Simeon & Levi’s extermination of Shechem for kidnapping/raping sister Dinah, was not really unusual (God ordered similar things, some are covered, including complete exegesis of grisly, odd history of Judges 19-21 with the near-extermination of tribe of Benjamin). Extra-biblical sources also consulted and explained. I believe that after reading this book, you will understand, better than ever, early Adamite and Israelite history and the racial identity of the majority of the different nations/races mentioned in the Old Testatment, as well as Bible prophecy and God’s overall plan. This is the deepest study of many of these key Biblical stories ever written. A truly fascinating, deep, enlightening study; like Raisin Bran—more juicy nuggets in every spoonful. Don’t let the size of this book scare you. You will learn more from this book than reading a dozen other books. If you liked my book What Was the Mark...—this one may be even better. Around 60 commentaries were consulted, among many other books, a very deep exposition of historical and spiritual truths.