— Sacred Truth Expository Commentary on James 2 & Was Rahab A Harlot / Canaanite? & Mini-expositions on James, Peter, John, Rom., Rev., Gal., Eph. & more

Sacred Truth Expository Commentary


The Epistle of James, Chapter 2


[and many other Mini-Expositions: the Epistles of Peter and John; the Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians and Galatians 3; the Epistle of Paul to the Israelites in Rome, Chapters 1 and 9; and the Revelation of Christ Jesus as Given to the Apostle John, Chapters 3 (and Isaiah 22), 5, 7 (and Ezekiel 48), 12, 14, 2, 17, 20, 21, 22; and a Summary of Joshua, Chapters 1-6.]


Faith Without Works Is Dead 


Was Rahab a "Harlot"...?

Was Rahab a "Canaanite" ...? 


Was Rahab the Rachab  in Christ's Genealogy...?




The Promises and the Covenants Stand...!



























 a very detailed and interesting study, both spiritual and historical;


Also containing detailed mini-expositions of:

 - The Epistles of Peter: showing that the audience Peter addressed was Israel—not "nonIsraelite Gentiles"—both those in the Land of Israel and those of the dispersion in the lands whence God scattered them;

- The Epistles of John: showing that love = obedience = good works = keeping the Law of God = walking in the Spirit = doing righteousness = walking in His Ways, etc. Proof the Law of God was not abolished, but perfected in true believers as they are empowered by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to live holy lives pleasing in the Father’s Sight in Keeping His Law: His "House Rules" for His children; His Standard of Morality;

- Paul’s Epistle to the Israelites of Rome, chapters 1 and 9: clearly proves Predestination and Election of Israel alone and that his Epistle was written to Israelites, not nonIsraelite "Gentiles";

- portions of Revelation 3 (the church of Philadelphia and key of David) and portions of Isaiah 22 (the Key of David); and portions of Revelation 5 (4 Living Creatures and 24 Elders); Revelation 7 (the sealing of the 144,000 and why Dan is missing); and portions of Ezekiel 48 (Dan was not disinherited) Revelation 12 (the woman, her child, and the Dragon), Revelation 14 (144,000), Revelation 17 (the Beasts), Revelation 20 (The Millennial Kingdom), Revelation 21 (New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem) and Revelation 22 (the Eternal Kingdom);

- Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians and Galatians 3 (showing predestination and that Paul wrote to Israelites, not nonIsraelite "Gentiles").

Also containing:

- Summary of Joshua, Chapters 1-6; and a detailed account of Jericho. 

- a detailed introduction concerning the author of the Epistle of James;

- a brief description and differentiating between James (brother of John), son of Zebedee and James "the less," brother (cousin) of the Lord, son of Alphaeus/Cleophas and Mary (sister of the virgin Mary);

- 50 illustrations, including numerous original charts showing the genealogy of Christ and of the disciples, and showing that the majority of the 12 Disciples Christ’s first and second cousins; comparison chart of the names of the disciples, charts showing the sealing of the 12 tribes, the gates of new Jerusalem, the time-line from Jericho to the building of Solomon’s Temple;

- and much more.

524pp., 1 fold-out chart, paperback,

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