— Sacred Truth Expository Commentary on Jeremiah 31

Sacred Truth Expository Commentary on Jeremiah 31

Robert Alan Balaicius

328pp., paperback (new edition, rewritten, retype-set)

This book covers the entire chapter of Jeremiah 31 exhaustively verse-by-verse (sometimes phrase-by-phrase and word-by-word) with extensive commentary and detailed exegesis.  This chapter clearly shows that God’s Law was not done away with and this chapter gives insight into all of prophecy and God’s overall Plan. This book reveals numerous mysteries of Scripture.  This exposition also contains an introduction to Jeremiah (both the book and the prophet) and gives an overview of the pagan kings and the kings of Israel who were contemporary with Jeremiah.  Even as the book of Isaiah has been called the "little Bible" since though one book it touches on the whole of Scripture, in its own right, I believe that chapter 31 of Jeremiah is also a "little Bible" (which I show). 

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