— Sacred Truth Expository Commentary on Zechariah 4

Sacred Truth Expository Commentary on Zechariah 4,        



Robert Alan Balaicius,

378pp., paperback, 20.00 + P&H. 

This very deep, historical and spiritual study covers the entire chapter of Zechariah 4 with extensive commentary & detailed exegesis; clearly shows God’s Law was not abolished, gives insight into overall prophecy & God’s Plan; gives an overview of all the visions in entire book of Zechariah and cross-references with the books of Nehemiah, Ezra, Haggai, Daniel, Revelation, in conjuntion with the return of captives and rebuilding of Walls and Temple in Jerusalem. VERY deep spiritual and historical study also touching many controversial topics and many other areas of Biblical truth, prophetic, spiritual, historical, concerning God's Law, God's Nature, and much more.