— Truth About Ruth: Ruth the Israelite, The

The Truth About Ruth:

Ruth the Israelite

Robert Alan Balaicius 

328 pages, paperback (new edition, rewritten, retype-set)

A complete expository commentary on the entire Book of Ruth.  Powerfully proves that God’s Law was not abolished and the Covenants God made with Abraham, Isaac, and Israel are notspiritualized to apply to all peoples.  A powerful book (which is in the Apologetic Exposition Series as well as The Sacred Truth Expository Commentary Series) which covers the book of Ruth more deeply and intricately than any other book.  Detailed information is given in a chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse exposition of the entire book.  Though much more information is given, the overall purpose of the book is to prove that Ruth was nota "Moabite."  Contains an in-depth primer on Understanding God’s Word, the Rules of Biblical Interpretation, ties in God’s law and the issue of race, along with hundreds of other Bible verses, explains the immense ramifications if Ruth was a Moabite and also explains why this heresy has been promulgated; also contains an in-depth section showing how the error on this subject in numerous commentaries is easily refuted.

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