— Void Of Offense To God and Man


Void of Offence to God and Man

Robert Alan Balaicius

88 pages, stapleback booklet; 6.00 + P&H.

The Christian-Israelite [the Anglo-Balto-Celto-Saxon-Scandinavia-Slavic peoples of Christendom who have come under the blood of Christ through trusting in Him as Saviour, recognizing their identity as the Covenant people and their responsibilities before their God] are considered in relation to mainstream Christians and in relation to God Himself; a much-needed indictment against the attitude & mind-set of many Christian-Israelites today.  We ought to be able to convince gainsayers by true love, sound doctrine, gentle strength—not by arrogance, caustic name-calling, or carnality.  This booklet reveals what God expects our attitude to be toward blind brethren & toward Him.  Every Christian-Israelite needs to read this!  Very deep spiritual meat.