—America's Appointed Destiny

America's Appointed Destiny


Frederick Haberman,

210pp., paperback,

with 2 extracts added from Mack Wyatt's

"The United States in Bible Prophecy" (1935) concerning Isaiah 18 and

also concerning George Washington's Vision;

18.00 + P&H.

ISBN 158840-529-X


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The Message of the Great Pyramid to the Anglo-Saxons — Isaac's Sons (1928) Frederick Haberman, 83pp., was small print so I expanded to 8.5x11, plastic comb-bound, 13.00 + P&H.

- The Seven Times of Prophecy and the Seventy Weeks of Daniel including the Numbers and Cycles of Chronology and Scripture (1933) 88pp., with fold-out chart; very rare book. The original was little larger than a normal book and the print was small, so I have expanded this reprint to 8.5x11 size, 14.00 + P&H.

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