—Diversity and Equality—Expressions of Socialist Psychosis and Psychopathology

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Have you ever see any of this on the evening news?  From Evergreen State College (published May 29, 2018) in Washington State.  News sources claim that Harvard and Georgetown have also given this a try (all white people, including professors, excluded from campus for a day—even upon threat of violence)—including a “Black only graduation day” (which must be something like “collegiate fiction”)... all decked out like natives (well, somewhat).  It is reprehensible.  It is illegal.  I’ve sent around other reports of blacks needing an “all black retreat” getaway, to help them deal with having to live in white society (which is a delusion, the U.S. is no longer white, and even the vast majority of those who fancy themselves as white are mixed).  Why don’t they return to their beloved homelands and peoples if they are so distraught about living in civilization?  

See: https://youtu.be/wxXS3_aesTQ   (5 minutes)

They still euphemistically call this “social justice”... (that’s the nature of socialist double-speak—and it is immoral and it is fraud and it is a hate crime against truth and against white people and against the memory of our Founders).  It is nothing less than terrorism.  Watching clips of this video on “black only day” looks more like a revolution in Nicaragua or Nigeria than a college campus in Washington State...!  Was the National Guard sent in to restore order?  How do any of those savages even afford college* and are they actually graded or surreptitiously given a random or pre-chosen, generic passing score?  

God send a pestilence!  

When you feed the animals they then demand you to feed them as if it were a right of theirs; if you stop feeding them, they will go ape.  They will go ape eventually anyway, so why submit to their intimidation and participate in your own personal pilfering and that of the nation your ancestors founded and labored to build and pass on to you?

[* It is taxpayer funded — one way or the other.  Special “charities” and foundations are tax-havens and thus, in reality, “tax-write-offs” are merely taxes embezzled from the taxpayers.]

This below story on Christian Genocide is all too common and even not recognized and overlooked because of how it is “packaged” in the news and in peoples’ minds.

Global Persecution of Christians Nearing Genocidal Levels, British Report Finds - AMAC - The Association of Mature American Citizens


Blacks with tenure at U.S. universities—that our ancestors founded and that our people fund—violate the principles which they themselves champion (the very principles which enabled their gaining high-paying, influential jobs for which they are entirely unsuited) abound; such as this one:


I remember years ago, one black teacher had each student write “Jesus Christ” on a piece of paper, put the paper on the ground, and then ordered them to stomp on it.  Those who did not comply, if I recall, after the “professor” went ape, were ordered to leave the class.

Another story, which I reported on a few years ago in a previous Rumination, recounted a black woman “professor” at the University of Pennsylvania, who said things that were even more volatile and hateful—yet if a white man said things even a fraction as flagrant he would be dismissed tenure or not.  Here a Jewish female professor of law was removed for inferring that blacks did not score as highly or graduate:  

UPenn law professor removed for calling black students inferior

[—which headline appears to be libelous and defamation of character against the professor, who I believe did NOT say they were inferior; that they are inferior is an inference of the truth; not necessarily a statement that she made.]


—but this hideous creature (who, though born in Chicago, grew up in Kuwait and Egypt), a “professor” in a U.S. university (at California State University, Fresno, teaching “creative writing” English...!!!) can say what she wants:


In response to outrage from her comments and calls for her being fired, she arrogantly tweeted that she can’t be fired because she has tenure.  See also:


Why do our universities hire aliens and antichrists? —TO DESTROY our youth, which are the next generation of us.  It is a hate crime.

Here is what I reported a year or so ago:

Anthea Butler, “professor” of “religious studies” (voodoo?) who was practically foaming at the mouth in her anti-white racist rant, boasted that she can say what she wants because she has tenure and can’t be fired.  What an abomination to have this creature teaching anything at Benjamin Franklin’s university, let alone teaching “religion”.  She expressed in such eloquent English befitting of a “professor”:

“God ain’t good all of the time.  In fact, sometimes, God is not for us.  As a black woman in a nation that has taken too many pains to remind me that I am not a white man, and am not capable of taking care of my reproductive rights, or my voting rights, I know that this American god ain’t my god.  As a matter of fact, I think he’s a white racist god with a problem.  More importantly, he is carrying a gun and stalking young black men.”

She also called fellow-black, Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson a “coon” for claiming that people have the right to display Confederate flags on their own private property.

Chicago has about 750 murders a year.  Most large U.S. cities have a similar problem, and now so do all the smaller ones... as now do all the nations of Christendom (in which violent crime used to be rare)—and it is not the white people who are doing it.  Why is it not called “racism” when nonwhites constitute about 95+% of those committing the crimes and whites are the victims 95+% of the time (except in the U.S., in which the nonwhite population has so exploded, that many nonwhites are now also the victims, since now nonwhites are over 50% of the population*).  

[* Christendom being invaded by aliens is like a life raft—it can only hold so many and the more that force their way into it will result in all dying.  Those in the life raft (especially if it is their raft) are under no moral obligation to sacrifice their own lives so those not in the raft can trade places with them.  If any did so trade places, would not those now in the life raft also be required to trade places? —they would think not; and thus we again expose the duplicity and immorality of those who champion “love, harmony, tolerance, equality”, until they gain the position that they want, then they are the very opposite of those “virtues” against those who were stupid enough to show them such.  Reality may not seem fair.  Mathematics and economics may not seem fair, when it is realized it is not possible for everyone to be a billionaire.  Those who try to force their way into the lifeboat, at the expense of those in it, are guilty of attempted murder (or murder if they succeed).  Those who are in the lifeboat by right are not guilty of attempting to preserve their own lives by fighting off those trying to force their way into the boat and throw them out.  In such cases, those attempting to invade are no different than the sharks themselves.]

Why is this not called “terrorism”...?  Is it not terrorism when white people are afraid to walk the streets of their own cities—even being ordered to stay out of certain areas that the blacks, muslims, chinese, Cubans, Mexicans, etc., have taken over? (or being ordered by nonwhites under threat of violence to not come on campus at the university which they paid to attend, or where they work, which university white people founded and white people fund...?).  Even if these criminals killing people across our nation are not acting in conjunction with others or in a gang, even if they are acting for other reasons (self-gratification, not some greater terrorist destabilizing-chaos ideology), even if they target singular individuals, not groups or random people* is that not still terrorism...?  And the numbers are staggering...

In 2017 the number of homicides alone was 17,284 (which was down .7% from the previous year); rapes are about 250,000 / year.  Total violent crime in the U.S. is currently about 1,236,160 / year or about 2.35 every minute.  Understand, not all crimes (such as rape and assault) are reported, due to embarassment or fear of the victims.

In 1900 (when the population was 76,212,168) there were 1.2 homicides per 100,000 people in the U.S., or roughly 915.

[When comparing statistics, it needs to be realized that in 1905* New England cities like Boston began to impose gun control legislation and by 1910 the homicide rate increased 50%; then in 1920, Prohibition caused an incredible 78% increase in the homicide rate.  Therefore, the increase of homicides from 1905 to the end of Prohibition will be confounded by various data.  Interestingly, based upon a study of data of New York City from 1800-1920, the consumption of alcohol per capita and homicide have an inverse proportion: the more gallons per capita that people drank, the less homicides that were committed, and vice versa.  Regardless, by 1910, based upon statistics from 23 U.S. cities, there were 4 times more nonwhites in prison than whites, and there were about 50% more police than whites in prison.

* This having been a trend, Federal legislation was passed.  See a booklet that I print: - The “Dick” Bill and Comments - H.R. 11,654 - “A Bill to Promote the Efficiency of the Militia and for Other Purposes” - To Supersede the Archaic Militia Laws of 1792 (1902) 30pp., stapleback booklet; 3.50 + P&H. Unrepealable Bill in which gun rights cannot be abrogated and the militia is separate from the military and is comprised of all able-bodied men 18-45.]

After the so-called “Civil Rights” Act (integration), crime statistics JUMP MASSIVELY and continue to increase as Third-world aliens are imported (which began around 1920, changing from European immigration nearly exclusively, to severely restricting immigration from Europe).

- In 1960 (when the total population was 189,323,175) there were 160.9 violent crimes per 100,000 people or 304,620; and there were 5.1 homicides per 100,000 or 9,655.

- In 1970 (at which time the total population was 213,302,031) there were 363.5 violent crimes per 100,000 or roughly 775,000.  In 1970 there were 7.9 homicides per 100,000 people or 16,851.

- In 1980 (when the total population 236,542,199) there were 596.6 violent crimes per 100,000 or roughly 1.4 million; and murder peaked at 10.2 per 100,000 or 24,127.

- In 1990 (at which time the total population was 258,709,873) violent crime peaked at 729.6 per 100,000 or roughly 1.88 million; while murder was 9.4 per 100,000 or 24,318.
Since then, violent crime and murder numbers have dropped nearly in half—and that is either the addition of over 100,000 more police nationwide (and many thousand more federal agents in a plethora of new federal agencies), or the government and media have found a way to hide the true numbers, even as they obscure the race of those committing the crimes.  Modern racial demographics cannot be trusted since hispanics, arabs, persians, and every shade of half-breed are called “white” because that’s how they “identify”.  But, of course, once the racial-political wind changes to become more hostile to whites, they will “identify” with being “people of color”.  How convenient.  

[See also: https://www.amren.com/archives/reports/the-color-of-crime-2016-revised-e... ]

DIEversity is not a “good” thing.  Healthy bodies don’t need disease.  The integrity of the foundation, bricks, blocks, or mortar of a building are not to be compromised for sake of “diversity” and “inclusion”.  People who even use the words “politically correct”, “diversity”, and “inclusion” either have mental disorders (profound psychosis) or are total cowards who have prostituted their souls, and sold out / betrayed the rest of their people / nation to buy themselves a little time and stay in favor of the current godless illegitimate regime that has hijacked our nation.  God commanded us His people to be separate from all other peoples.  Christ commanded, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7:6).  That is what they are doing.

These are violent crimes, which do not take into account all the theft and vandalism—nor does it take into account all of the money amount stolen by aliens (including those born here—wolves in the sheepfold are still wolves even if they were born in the sheepfold!) through social services and welfare fraud over and above the social services and welfare that our corrupt politicians without any Constitutional authority give to aliens in our midst for ANY reason (and it does not take into account the hundreds of billions of dollars that our corrupt politicians without any Constitutional authority give to the foreign nations of aliens).  

People are desensitized to it, the youth especially.  They have never known anything else other than the current horrific headlines, so they think it is “normal” and “just part of life” and “the way it is supposed to be” and “there is nothing that you can do about it” and “that is how it has always been”—BUT IT IS NOT...!  And that is another reason the corrupt government does not even teach the history of our founding any more; they begin teaching at the Civil War, teaching (brainwashing) the impressionable young minds to be “good little subjects of the All-powerful Federal Bureaucracy”.  If the youth are taught anything about George Washington or the other Founders, or the Puritans before them, they are vilified and slandered and blasphemed—which is a hate crime / defaming the dead.  As I have said for 3 or 4 years now, the removing of our national monuments to our war dead, to our Founders is the first step toward genocide.  If our war dead don’t matter—WE don’t matter (in the minds of the hateful aliens who have invaded OUR nation; Matthew 11;12; Revelation 18:2).  

The savages, who are psychopaths, have no conscience.  To treat them as if they do is DEADLY.  It is suicide.  This is why the communists, in all countries, have always so easily stirred them up.  They are emotionally oriented, and in many nations, borderline retarded I.Q.-wise (averaging 70) and no moral conscience / compass.  They are simply stirred up by whomever tells them the most fantastic “horror stories” of all the “abuses they have suffered” and by whomever promises them the most free stuff that belongs to other people (“a chicken in every pot”, or as B-HO did, gave them all free cell phones and had the taxpayer pay the bills... youtubes circulating showing some blacks had 4 or 5 or more phones and could not even keep track of them all).  When they are told lies and propaganda for so long, especially when they are taught those lies from childhood—they believe those lies even as if they witnessed it themselves.    They believe every form of propaganda that they hear or see when their “leaders” tell such tot hem.  

A classic recent example was in the news a year or so ago about a young black girl walking with her mother through Wal-mart.  Apparently, there had been a “re-make” of the classic children’s movie “Annie” and the producers / writers re-cast Annie as a young black girl, for this young black girl in Wal-mart saw a DVD of an original version of Annie for sale and with outrage told her mom, “Look mom!  They’ve made Annie white!  It’s just not fair!  They have no right to do that!”  Fantasy and confusion is the only “reality” if that is all a person has ever been taught.

It is no wonder that the local witchdoctors hold such power over them (see this which I reprint*).  I also reprint this book**, and in it, the author interviewed black workers in the mines in South Africa, and the blacks told him that they did not know what their “grievances” were until they read them in the newspapers each day.

[* On the Edge of the Primeval Forest (1922) & More From the Primeval Forest (1931) & From My African Notebook (1938) Albert Schweitzer, 426pp., 3 books in 1 pb., with Biographical intro., photos, 26.00 + P&H.  These are fascinating books, give glimpses into the courage and patience of this great man (his poor theology and misguided altruism notwithstanding) and glimpses into minds and natures that he tried to help.

** The Boer Fight For Freedom (1902) Michael Davitt (Member of Parliament, witnessed the Boer war, resigned in protest and wrote this book) 600+pp., plastic comb-bound, 35.00 + P&H.]


One college professor, a friend of mine, an uncommonly astute and broadly learned and talented PhD., replied:

Evergreen State is now getting justice.

Their enrollment is down more than 30% following this incident.

Even before this, they were already heading for the cliff. In the past ten years before, (diverse) enrollment had been up 2% but (diverse) faculty up 10% and (diverse) staff up 30%.  Even Karl Marx taught that there are only two kinds of people in the world: direct producers of wealth, and everyone else (bureaucrats and government workers).  They were obviously trying to get more black and Hispanic students and unfortunately it worked.  Sow the wind and ye shall reap the whilrwind.

A similar event at the University of Missouri three years ago has resulted in 33% enrollment drop and seven empty dorms.
Twenty years ago Clark Kerr chancellor of UCal was called up before a Senate committee and accused of using quotas for enrollment.  He replied that of course he did, and if he didn’t all 200,000 students in the UCal system would be Asians; is that what you want, he queried?  The august senators quickly found reverse gear and backed out of this interrogation.

Later they told him that federal funds would be withheld if he did not approve coed dorms.  To which he replied: “Well, I guess my job is now to provide football for the alumni, parking for the faculty, and sex for the undergraduates.”  The senators were not amused.

We need to shut down the DoE and the EPA and make some drastic cuts in the FBI, CIA and NSA.

Where do all these college gradates with degrees in black studies, chicano studies, hispanic studies, women’s studies, feminist studies, marijuana studies, LGBTQ studies, and even “fat studies” (yes “fat studies” is the newest major) get jobs?

By the way “fat studies” is not about dealing with obesity, it is about accepting obesity as the new normal.  Their motto is “Fit at any weight!”

The University of Akron just closed down 80 academic programs including undergraduate mathematics, and several graduate degree programs to raise money for a new million dollar e-game facility.  Now, tell me, what will electronic-game graduates do for a living?

Ever wonder why so many unemployed Millennials are living at home with their single parent at age thirty and not paying on their student loans?

In the Baltimore Sun in 1923 H. L. Mencken wrote in an essay on the failure of our education system: “If we burned every teacher’s college to the ground and hanged every professor of education by the neck until dead, that would merely produce a cosmetic change.”  His point was that the funding for education is being wasted on a bureaucracy, not spent in the classroom.  This situation has not gotten better in nearly 100 years.


My thoughts in reply:

Yes, 98% of the Federal “government” [our renegade federal public servants who now think they are GOD] needs to be shut down (government “services” are not supposed to be a “growth industry”, ever creeping more and more into the private sector until there is no private sector left); constitutionally / legally it is neither our wet nurse nor our dorm mother (nor Big Brother nor concentration camp commandant).  It has wholly encroached into the private sector (a little leaven leavens the whole lump) and into the States’ and peoples’ rights—and so has each State become a mini Fed-ocracy in its own right (merely a franchise of the Federal government).  That is the trickle-down theory in practice; the immoral “pecking order”: the godless, often-subconscious mentality that has taken over most all of the U.S., “because those above me oppress, cheat, and rob me, I will oppress, cheat, and rob those beneath me”.  That is what the “government” teaches by example by its corruption and crimes.  This is the sociopathic inverse of the Golden Rule / Royal Law (“do unto others...”) which degenerates into “the Law of the Jungle” (“eat or be eaten”) — “do unto others before others have a chance to do unto you” and it brings a bumper crop of the Law of the Harvest (“you reap what you sow”) — and those who sow the wind (carelessly, foolishly, and in violation of all-known law) reap a whirlwind of destruction (tempest, hurricane, tornado).  “Be sure your sin will find you out.”  God lambasted His people frequently in the prophets (and Nehemiah, and in the Gospels and Epistles in the New Testament) and judged them for their oppression of those of their own kinsmen weaker than themselves (the “poor”*) and for their immorality in general, their violations of God’s Commands, His unchanging Law (which is the only source of morality**).

[* This “poor” does not merely refer to those lacking in monetary wealth; the Greek word means “to crouch”; and therefore, I believe it can also refer to those who are oppressed, downcast, crippled for any variety of reasons (disease, injury, financial ruin, etc.)—to all those legitimate kinsman in our society who must “crouch down” as a result of any oppression or tragedy (and does not refer merely to someone who crouches down to pick up something that he dropped, etc.).
** The Commands that God gave us cannot be “deduced” by human logic, nor observed, nor discovered.  Empiricism, secular Rationalism, humanism, behaviorism—secular philosophy, psychology, or science cannot justify their notion of morality.  When it is all said and done, and all boiled down, distilled, all they can either offer is the “honor system” in which each person recognizes the truth that others recognize—or totalitarianism, in that a secular state adopts its own notion of “morality” and forces it on everyone else (making itself God, though it has created nothing).  See Dr. Gordon H. Clark, A Christian View of Men and Things and Essays on Ethics and Politics (both of which are in stock—as are all of Dr. Clark’s books—inquire).  It is easy for “Ultimate Causists” to think that they can “intuit” (cheat) and imagine God on their own without Divine Revelation—but that is no different than a person who thinks that he should have scored better on an I.Q. test once he learns HOW the problems are to be solved.  Solving the problem entails ENVISIONING how the problem is to be solved.  If a person could not envision the solution on his own, just because he can envision it when he is told the answer does not increase his I.Q.!  So it is with inuiting that “God exists, created the world, man sinned, God being loving devised a remedy,” etc. —none of which can be deduced without Divine Revelation.  Those who were raised knowing the Bible (at least, that general, superficial overview I just mentioned above) cannot think what it would have been like to NOT know those Biblical facts, and thus, there is no rational reason to assume that they could intuit all that without having been taught those concepts from the Bible.  Yes, God displays Truth through Nature—but not to replace the Word of God, but to testify of its veracity.  “He that believeth on the Son hath Everlasting Life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the Wrath of God abideth [shall ever be abiding] on him.” (John 3:36)  THAT and a plethora of other crucial doctrine cannot be “deduced”.]

However, Liberation Theology and other forms of communism have twisted Scripture into a perverted notion of the “not oppressing the strangers” as meaning that we should preserve, nurture, and breed “the alien-enemies” among us to the point that they outnumber us—to ensure our own demise (the sheep giving themselves for the swine, dogs, wolves, and serpents—a concept UTTERLY FOREIGN to the Word of God).  God FORBADE integration or seeking the peace or prosperity, loving or doing good unto His enemies or any alien peoples.  There are different types of “strangers” that are referred to in Scripture,* and context alone dictates exactly who the stranger is, IF one has sound theology and a mind that can think logically and realizes that God is Immutable and His Law, Morality does not change and that God will not contradict Himself.  Our only “neighbour” and “brethren” and the ONLY “strangers” that we are to entertain and help in any way are KINSMEN (and only those who profess Christ and live in godliness) from a different nation (our dispersed kinsmen).  This refers to veritable kinsmen-strangers: kinsmen who have travelled from another area to live among us in an area different from their previous domicile, hometown, motherland, mother-tongue.  It is NOT referring to alien peoples of alien stock from whom God commanded that we be utterly separate.  God does not contradict Himself.  God does not change.  Morality does not change.  “Thou shalt not!” does not become “Please, go right ahead”.  German philosopher Emmanual Cant had his roots in SCOTLAND.  His ancestors moved to Germany.  Those like the Cant family, in Germany, were the ONLY type “strangers” with whom God authorized us to have any interpersonal dealings.  God FORBADE us to join with alien-strangers of every stripe for any reason—no treaties, no marriage, no fellowship, no worship together, no seeking their peace or prosperity forever, no doing good unto them, no loving them, no coming to their aid for any reason.  Anyone who believes otherwise worships a false god.  Anything else violates the Word of God and destroys the family—GOD’S Family (our kinsmen: our race, our nation, and our faith / religion / doctrine).  Those “Christians” who thus help destroy the family and help destroy Christendom, and help pollute the true faith will not fair too well on Judgment Day (even if they don’t believe in Judgment Day).

[* —and the word “world” is used in different verses to refer to entirely different elements in the world; and likewise, the word “gentiles” [a bastard word from the Latin that should never be used: the Greek or Hebrew words should have been translated into English as “nations / people”] has been perverted.  Anyone who confuses these words in their various applications as all being “the same” is a fool! and makes the Word of God of none effect, violates the Word of God, and helps destroy God’s children and helps violate Christ’s bride; and that makes him God’s enemy, if he tries to destroy God’s Family—whether he realizes that what he is doing is a crime or not, the result is the same. He who would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.  If you follow the world’s multi-cultural, gender-fluid, inter-faith philosophy, you are a friend of the world (and antichrist) and the enemy of God.  What God commands is entirely different and He declares a curse on those who call good “evil” and evil “good” (which is what the world does).  Only a fool, when reading any book, would think that common pronouns, “you, your, thy, thine, thou, he, him, she, her, they, their, our, us, we, etc.”—all refer to the same person or persons!  CONTEXT and a COMPETENT READING of the WHOLE story is what DICTATES to whom each pronoun refers (and the Bible, like any other major book, cannot just be picked up for the first time and the reader begin reading randomly in the middle, and think that he understands it!).  In one Bible verse the word “he” can refer to one of God’s people; and in the next verse the word “he” can refer to one of God’s sworn enemies.  Even in the very same verse one pronoun (thou) can refer to God’s people and another (them) can refer to God’s enemies.  Reading is not for the indolent.  Reading the Word of God is not a “do-it-yourself” novel in which you “make it up” as you read, however you want it to read.  Our duty is to understand and obey exactly what God has written—which never changes.  God expects us to put on our little thinking caps.  Those who can’t wrap their minds around that (and who instead warp Scripture by their ignorance) need to start over with simple sentences such as, “See Moses.  See Moses run.” —and then when they get the hang of that, they can move on to more complex sentences.  

Part of this confusion in not understanding passages like “For God so loved the world”* is due to not understanding God or His Nature—His Immutability, and that of His Word, Law, and Morality (which never change).  God established Morality each time He declared, “Thou shalt not!” and “This shalt thou do”.  Part of this confusion is also due to not understanding history (the vast amount of history in between the Old Testament and our modern time—3 or 4 millennia!).  The original Egyptians were not black (even as the original inhabitants of New York City, Philadelphia, etc.—the people who built those once-great cities) were not black or a mongrel breed.  Times change.  All of Christendom has now changed (and in a mere 75 years, not 4,000).  So it was with the ancient world; and the ancient Israelites, Egyptians, Syrians, Persians, Arabs, etc., are NOT the people who now inhabit those countries.  The original Hamite Egyptians (and Philistines) were white, even as were the original Semites and the original Japhethites.  The only child of Ham that was cursed (and Ham was NOT “turned black”) was Canaan, who was born of incest; Canaan then married a woman descended from Cain, thus joining two curses together.**  The original Egyptians were kinsmen to the Hebrews or other true Semites (which does not mean that they always got along well together).  The Israelites were “strangers” in the land of Egypt, not because the Egyptians were black or arabic (which they were not), but because they were separate Adamic branches whom God had separated and because it was the Egyptians’ land in whom Israel was sojourning during a time of great famine.  A wicked pharaoh (one who did not regard Joseph and his kindred with honor, as did the previous pharoah) ascended the throne and enslaved the Israelites some time after Joseph died.  God delivered Israel by destroying Egypt, and Egypt, left in shambles, deprived of her several million Hebrew slaves, then imported Nubians from sub-sahara, began intermarrying with them, and destroyed their race and nation (which is the means by which God accomplished His Declaration / Prophecy that Egypt would never again be a nation of any significance in the world***).  Thus, by a misunderstanding of history, blind Bible teachers falsely teach the flock of God, to our destruction, that we are to be kind to strangers of all races, which is NOT what the Word of God teaches.

* See my booklet, S.T.E.C on John Chapter 3.

** See my book, What Was the Mark that God Placed on Cain?

*** It took Ron Wyatt, a white American, to uncover how the Egyptian pyramids were built; build a working model, and then go to Egypt and show the Egyptians; who were thunderstruck when they realized the simplicity of the simple device that Ron discovered in the very pictography of the hieroglyphic writing.  Inquire concerning videos by Ron Wyatt and all of his discoveries of Bible places and artifacts.

The MAJORITY of Christian “leaders” (or more properly, “Ditch Tour-guides”) are fools who pervert the Word of God and invite dogs, swine, wolves, and serpents into the sheepfold, which only serves to destroy the sheep, God’s children, Christ’s bride.  Yes, and they shall be rewarded for all the “wonderful works” they did in Christ’s Name (which “wonderful works” were actually BLASPHEMY on top of LAWLESS REBELLION to God’s clear Commands).  Christ shall declare to MANY of them, “I NEVER KNEW YOU”; and have them cast into Hell.  The VAST majority of all politicians, “ministers”, and educators today are FOOLS and TRAITORS.  If they were not, they would never be elected / appointed / hired.  All that is required for a person to learn the truth is to study (from books written in the late 1800s to the very early 1900s—which I reprint, especially The Story of the Nations series, and books on the founding of our nation, books on true revival, the Reformation (biographies as well as history and the doctrine of the Reformation), etc.; inquire for a list).  They will clearly show what our nations / societies were like (in the U.S., Britain, Canada, Germany, Sweden, etc.) 100 years ago; they will reveal WHAT THE MORAL CLIMATE and RACIAL COMPOSITION of our nations was—and thus one will learn what the actual cause of the GOLDEN AGES of our Christian Republics was.  

But since the vast majority of preachers and Bible “scholars” (which two words are not necessarily synonymous) and their congregations and reading audiences are brainwashed with communist propaganda and godless paganism (thinking that communism and immoral behaviour is “Christian freedom”) they could not have a valid thought to save their lives.  They think that ANYTHING—even the most absurd notions that are the complete opposite to the truth—is the real answer and solution... and they will fight to the death to deny the only true solution.  The rhetoric and actions of political leaders, educators, controllers of the media, and preachers is tantamount to people claiming to be laboring to put out a fire, who shout: “Quick, the fire is not out yet, throw some more gasoline on it!”  It is tantamount to a ship that is sinking, and instead of bailing the water out of the boat while fixing the leaks, the captain has the ship’s crew pumping more water into the boat, while drilling holes in the hull of the vessel, using some flim-flam double-speak explanation of the experts, that by introducing more water into the vessel it will somehow equalize the water pressure and save them.  They are the enemy of the people, the enemy of God, the enemy of the true faith, the enemy of freedom, the enemy of Christendom; all the while masquerading as if they are our deliverers and saviours.]

However, the Royal Law is only implementable if we are separate from aliens as God commanded.  As I have long written, when 2 opposing sides meet in sport or battle and one side religiously follows a rigid set of rules and the other side follows no rules at all, the side that follows no rules at all will win every time (without outside intervention).  Even our Founders knew this and in drafting our Constitution had this in mind: It was only for our people; they entertained no delusions of equality of all peoples, all religions, all political forms, or perverse genders (mentally deranged walking diseases).  They would not have risked their lives and fortunes for what they knew COULD NOT work.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.” —John Adams

When our Founders, and the Puritans and Pilgrims used the word “religion” they used it as a synonym for CHRISTIANITY, because unlike modern apostates who claim to be “Christians” and even Bible “experts”, they obeyed God concerning His Command: “NO OTHER gods”; and they did not recognize any other “religion” as valid, and certainly not “equal”.

[For evidence of this, see a book that I edited and reprinted: The Power of Prayer: The New York Revival of 1858 (1858) Samuel Prime, 237pp., pb,. retypset, notes by R.A. Balaicius; excellent shows moving of God’s Spirit upon His people when they truly seek Him; 16.50 + P&H.  This is but one example.  There are hundreds of books that could be read to show that in Christendom, when the word “religion” was used, it referred solely to Christianity.  All one has to do is read the writings of the Puritans and our Founders IN CONTEXT (not in context with the irrational notions of today’s polluted society—but in context of the notions and popular usage at the time that the Puritans, and the Founders and Builders of the U.S. wrote).  It then becomes perfectly obvious.  THIS is how the U.S. Constitution is to be interpreted and THIS is how the Bible is to be interpreted—what it meant in the mind of the author at the time it was written; NOT what it means in the polluted minds of the anti-intellectual, degenerate liberals centuries and millennia later according to modern godless notions that function as a “step down” program to wean the nation off the U.S. Constitution and the Bible entirely.  Once it has been so polluted to the degree it is good for nothing, it will be scrapped entirely.]

Our Founders offered no rights to aliens or alien religions, but recognized that aliens were free to follow whatever they wanted IN THEIR OWN nations; not in ours.  Our Founders established our nation for themselves and their posterity—not the posterity of aliens; not the posterity of our enemies.  NEVER for a moment would they have thought about polluting their heritage with savages.  Anyone who did so became a pariah—and rightfully so, as God commanded; and such a person would be executed or exiled.  They never imagined anyone would be so traitorous or moronic as to do such, which is national suicide; let alone that the majority would—and that is why they specifically gave us a Constitutional Republic and NOT a “Democracy”.  The majority is usually wrong because the majority is usually godless and confused and immoral, who make decisions based upon personal, selfish reasons, not based upon truth and morality.  The moral realm mirrors the physical realm in that ENTROPY must be fought against continually.  Those who sit in a rowboat in a stream without rowing and without an anchor will never maintain their position (and they will certainly not make any progress upstream)... they simply “go with the flow” wherever it carries them; which is quite often to oblivion: to the open ocean or to deadly rapids or a waterfall!  Such is the fate of nations that turn from the truth and established morality and the Word of God.  Democracy as a political party should have been outlawed from the very beginning as a subversive group, even as communism.  Since our Founders rejected Democracy as a viable political system, why would they have allowed a Democratic Party?  They would not have.  Subversion began from the very beginning.  It was introduced, seductively, as a “conservative” party.  This is no surprise, the Counter-Reformation was birthed on the very heels of the Reformation itself.

Democracy is soft-communism; transitional communism.  It is communism that merely operates under a different name, and not exercising its full power (until slowly, gradually, it gains mass, momentum, and inertia).  As I show in my book A Bolshevik Primer, the entire political arena has had a SHIFT IN NAME (not in reality) to the right.  What are merely factually Biblical and Constitutional conservatives are now called “right wing extremists”, liberals are called, “conservatives”, and communists are called “progressives”.  There has been an entire shift to the right IN TERMINOLOGY and those brainwashed in the public schools don’t have a clue.  They are all good little communists, ready to break down and cry or start a riot and murder and burn a city to the ground at a moment’s notice—all over principles that they do not even understand and what they think they understand is completely fallacious.  The fact that the majority is on the government payroll (either through working for the government, government contracts, subsidies, or being on some form of public assistance, federal insurance, etc.) is “icing on the cake” for the corrupt subversives who have hijacked the “government”—because, as George Bernard Shaw expressed, “Those who rob Peter to pay Paul can always count on [the support of] Paul”.  Again, this takes us back to the majority who based decisions upon selfish reasons, not upon morality, principle, righteousness, etc.

It is a perverse fallacy of logic that dissimilar things can ever be equal.  It is a mental and immoral myth.  The declaration of equality of things that are not and cannot be equal is only meant to destroy us; as is perfectly demonstrated in this Evergreen communist fiasco.  Once they have the numbers, intolerance and oppression is the modus operandi of the leftist destabilizers of society; and like all communist revolutions—morality, compassion, and truth have no place.  Is it any wonder that the Democratic party is becoming hard communist and not the soft communist that they have been for 100 years? and the “Republicans” (RHINOS) are becoming “soft communists” as the Democrats used to be?  Really there is very little distinguishing between them.  McCain, McConnell, Ryan, etc.—I say potayto; you say potahto.  It is the “good cop—bad cop” routine; but they are all dirty (corrupt) cops (criminals and traitors).  How McCain passed himself off as a Republic is a mystery, considering his voting record, keeping of promises, and his plethora of conspiracies and treasons.  He was a communist dictator, he did not represent his constituents who think that they elected him.  He represented his moneybag handlers (See this Rumination: McCain — War “Hero” ...? Consider the Evidence not the Satanic Halo Polishers).  He was anti-constitutional and pro-federalist; and federalism is socialism.  The Bill of Rights (as I show in A Bolshevik Primer*)—because of traitorous politicians like McCain—has been completely supplanted (replaced) by the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto.**

[* A Bolshevik Primer — and the Planned Extermination of Christendom; exposes those behind Bolshevism and Communism and details the long-planned mongrelization of Christendom; 176pp., pb., 145 Illustrations, 14.50 + P&H.

** See also one of the companion-volumes to A Bolshevik Primer, a smaller book that I reprinted with additional information: The Communist Manifesto (1848) [Originally titled: “Manifest of the Communist Party”] by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (56pp.) — with Illustrated Historical Introduction — & A Comparison of the 10 Planks of the Communist Manifesto, “Democracy,” and Marxist, Unconstitutional U.S. Law, with the Bill of Rights / the 10 Amendments to the Constitution and the 10 Commandments - also containing the Declaration of Independence, Common Law Citations, Court Rulings and Quotes on Freedom, added by Robert Alan Balaicius; Including photos, background information, and photos; also exposes the Marxist roots of the modern banking conspiracy, and those who opposed it; several U.S. Presidents who spoke out against it, tried to stop it and were assassinated; 132pp. total, pb., 12.50 + P&H.]

It will be great if the Evergreen “institution of higher learning” [cough, cough] FOLDS and does not receive any government “bail out” funding to keep it afloat.  I hope that it does not turn all black but folds (in which case it will probably be funded even if it is a wasted investment).  Why should a multi-million dollar institution that our people founded be given to the savages, as have the 100+ other (unconstitutionally) all black colleges in the U.S. that were founded and funded by whites and which were white colleges before so-called “Civil Rights”.  WHITE students should be bussed into the all black colleges to reflect the national ratios.  No college can legally be all black; but must be in proportion to the demographics of the nation—and if whites don’t want to go to the college, then such colleges should be shut down because it is illegal for them to operate as all black or in any manner that does not reflect the national racial demographics.  Federal and State taxpayer money should be cut off from funding all these institutions.  If the blacks want such institutions to continue, have them pay fair-market value to lawfully purchase the institutions (not steal them by conquest) and then fund the institutions themselves (but first they must have laws passed that actually allow any college to be all “anything”).  Why are they afraid of equality?  Why can’t they demonstrate equality by actually FOUNDING and FUNDING their own universities—AND IN THEIR OWN NATIONS?  

All “all black” colleges (or any school that does not properly reflect the nation’s racial demographics) should have all tax money cut off and any big business, “charitable institutions”, “foundations”, and individuals that invest in or donate to such institutions should get ZERO tax breaks for donations (WOW, would THAT not CUT INTO “donations”...!) and they should be investigated for investing in or donating to an illegal organization.  

Why are our tax dollars being illegally used to fund our own demise?  THE ONLY LAWFUL use of tax money is to provide services that those very same taxpayers need and want but cannot provide for themselves (like the nation’s roads, national defense, etc.)—NOT to provide services to any other people or nation and not to be used socialistically to “even things out” and provide services to nontaxpayers at taxpayer expense; and it is not to provide gold-card services for those who only pay in clay-card tax money.  Health, health care, and a certain standard of living are not God-given, Constitutional rights.  Those are things for which each person must apply himself diligently and work hard for.

The funding of all-black universities by Federal tax money is actually ILLEGAL (according to the perverted interpretation and corruption of our Constitution).  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  The law must be applied consistently to all.  If there cannot be an all-white college, there cannot be an all-black college, and there cannot be any college that has racial demographics that do not reflect those of the nation as a whole.  It is also illegal to fund the anti-white “racism” lies and indoctrination dispensed at these “institutions of learning” (communist breeding grounds).  What about the United Negro College Fund? the Thurgood Marshall Foundation?  Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey’s giving scholarships to nonwhites only?   How is that allowed in light of the fact that Stephen Girard* (founder of Girard Bank and Gerard College** of Philadelphia) established a school and a fund to provide for the free education of poor white orphan boys of Philadelphia—and 130 years or so after his death his WILL was unconstitutionally overturned by a corrupt court (about 50 years ago) and now about 95% of those who receive scholarships and attend the institution are anything but those for whom he established for his wealth to help!  Where is the “equality”...?  I think people should have bumperstickers and set up billboards nationwide:

“PROVE your ‘equality’ — END ALL welfare and government funding of ‘minority’ individuals, special interest groups, and foreign nations.  DEMONSTRATE your ‘equality’ by doing something that is equal!  If you need handouts, clearly, you are not equal.  Those who need special laws passed to ‘protect them’ from reality in a free market society are clearly inferior.”

[* (1750-1831) French-born U.S. self-made millionaire (richest man in America).  He bought the ENTIRE U.S. debt of the War of 1812 and NEVER asked for it to be repaid—and THIS is how the corrupt politicians / judges repaid him.  A couple blacks a few decades ago took the foundation to court and his will was illegally overturned.  Now his entire fortune has been stolen by aliens!

** It is called a College, but it is not academically collegiate, but a primary and secondary school.]

Why do we (AT VERY GREAT COST) artificially sustain the insuperable myth of equality?  Why is the nonwhite world flooding to the white world?  Why not the other way around or equally in all directions?  A century or so ago comparatively small groups of whites migrated to nonwhite lands—having been invited there by the nonwhite nation (such as numerous South American nations) to help improve the nation.  Once the improvements were made, and their fortunes and families absorbed by the aliens, they were forgotten.  Centuries ago, whites migrated to vacant areas on nonwhite continents and colonized those that virgin land and carved civilization out of the bare wilderness, and turned them into successful, prosperous, safe nations.  It was then that the indigenous peoples, or extant nonwhite peoples moved in to the cities and civilization that the whites had built (which the blacks had never been able to create on their own).  Why did they need whites to make them a success?  Why did they move in and by slow means take all that the whites had built?  Why did the blacks not spontaneously develop civilization on their own?  If the blacks of South Africa want “back” what they call “their nation”—then the whites should be fairly compensated for everything and then everything that the whites have built should be bulldozed to the ground and the blacks handed a loin-cloth and a grass hut and let them build civilization.  We will stand back and eagerly watch!  

Those nonwhites in South Africa (average 70 I.Q.) think that grocery and department stores build themselves and are magically filled by angels and fairies at night while everyone sleeps.  They think that crops on farms plant themselves and hop into town onto the shelves in the grocery stores.  When the whites left fully developed nations (infrastructure, industry, farms, etc.) at the end of Colonialism, why did all those former nonwhite nations that were raised to civilization as colonies of Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, etc. then invariably and completely fall apart?  Why do they continue to need billions of dollars of aid and periodic military intervention?  Why do Haiti and Puerto Rico and Nigeria and Somalia not send aid and disaster relief to white nations (or even to other nonwhite nations)...?  Where is the “equality”...?  The Haitians killed every white man, woman, and child, after the nation was built; and yet reverted to barbarism without the white man’s rule.  Where is the equality?  The same can be said for all other former white colonies.  The nonwhite cry “exploitation” (since that word and its myth have been taught to them), but a little exploitation is the price tag of civilization!  Most nations call it “taxation” (when it is lawful).  Honest nonwhites will confess that their nations were better under colonialism; and that life was better in South Africa under Apartheid and white rule, than currently.  The whites brought civilization, law, order, safety—and stopped the majority of the stronger nonwhites who preyed upon their own people.  Now, in Africa, most every black girl is raped by the age of 11 (or some similar statistic) and the majority have STDs.

Why then have TRILLIONS of dollars been spent to maintain the myth of equality both home and abroad?  It is not so much to maintain the myth (though that is important in the early stages); the myth is a mere diversion.  The real plan is the taxpayer-funded breeding program to assure that the savages outnumber us in our own lands, slowly change our own laws to persecute us, and then eventually, as is happening—steal our entire nations (and now all of Christendom) out from under us and replace us entirely (and to them, “reparations” will be a word erased from the dictionary).  Once this happens (the weaking of Christendom, to the point that it is conquered from within without firing a shot, without there even having been a declared war) there will be no “minority rights” once white people are officially recognized as the minority—if any survive.  We have been the factual minority in the U.S. since the 1980s; but to have admitted it would have required whites to receive preferential treatment, and the plan was to keep milking the cow until it dies.  Once the change is made public, the law of the jungle, Sharia law, full-blown Talmudic Law and the so-called Noahide laws, African dictatorships, bandito justice amidst a totalitarian state, etc., will become the “rule of law”.  God help us!  God send a pestilence!


Mexi-fornia / Soviet Socialist Republic of Kalifornista

Now consider this.


The dictator of California is attempting to pass a law where all businesses in the state who do not have at least one female on the board of directors will be DRACONIANLY fined (hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars) and other hamstrung by other PUNISHMENTS until they “comply”.  This is unconstitutional; it is oppression; it is theft; it violates the right to contract.  California is an important state, because it is actually about 3 states in 1 and it can produce a lot of food (it has around 77,500 farms and 25.5 million acres of farmland; California’s economy is the 5th largest in the world—nearly $3 trillion a year—larger than the economies of all but 4 nations!).  Florida and Texas, have been subverted (destabilized first by allowing them to be flooded with aliens) for the same reason (control the food and you control the population).  

U.S. cities everywhere are overpopulated and overburdened (they produce no food and can’t even control their own waste and must ship it around the world).  This has been done on purpose (even as aliens have been imported to fill our cities and slowly kill our people off—murders at which people now hardly even blink but which amount to many thousands—10,000 to 20,000 every year.  In addition to the murders, the aliens outbreed us (mostly at our expense) about 8:1.  At the same time, nonwhites on welfare are given more money for each child they have, while whites are taxed.  Although many of our people have been killed off by crime (as well as by a corrupt medical establishment in which half a million die each year from pharmaceutical drugs) and in a plethora of wars, ever since the unconstitutional, so-called Civil War, far more have been killed off through abortion as the result of removing the Bible and prayer from the schools and the subversion of our universities and churches and government and society and the general dechristianization and demoralization that followed.  All this has set in place all the factors for the “perfect storm”.  Cities grow ZERO food.  A large percentage of people in cities live off welfare; they are parasites and not producers; and they are not moral as evidenced by the fact they have no scruples about robbing the U.S. taxpayers to be given money monthly (and free medical care) to carry out their worthless existence, decade after decade.  Cities cannot feed themselves.  Cities cannot sustain life without food.  Take away our Southern States and the north cannot feed itself—not with the gross, overblown populations that now infest them, the vast majority of which are aliens who are not our people and who do not (and cannot) share our way of life or rule of law or faith.  This reveals that the long-term plot to overthrow the nation began in the “Civil” War, which unconstitutionally destroyed States’ rights and instituted the Fed-ocracy.  The War was never about slavery... that is post-facto propaganda.  It was about control of people and wealth.

It would be wonderful to let California or Florida or Texas secede from the nation—but WHY SHOULD WE give up to the SAVAGES ENTIRE STATES (as we have given up so many neighborhoods and even mega-cities) that our ancestors and people gave their lives to built out of the wilderness?  Expatriation of aliens is the solution; not secession.  But that will not happen because the institutions of learning have lobotomized and brainwashed 3 or 4 entire generations with godless socialism and encouraged race mixing to the point that every family is polluted with aliens (as well as homo-perverts and mental-genders).  Who then will vote to do what is right?  God send a pestilence.  That is the only true solution, once one realizes how HUGE the problem actually is.  The solution is for God’s true people to repent of their sins before HIM and obey Him (which entails knowing what He commanded—He did not abolish His Law: not one jot or tittle).  Only then will Scripture be fulfilled:

“If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14)

[See my booklet, Calling the Remnant of Christendom: Come Out From Among Them and Be Ye Separate...!, 88pp., 6.00 + P&H.]

Even now as I type this a torrential rain has fallen.

God in like manner, please pour down Your Blessings upon Your people (starting with the knowledge of and conviction of sin and the Spirit of Repentance) and in like manner pour down Your Judgment and Wrath upon all those who hate You!


Mindless Self-Destruction

Mayor Cries After City Council Member Denies Her ‘White Privilege’ - Catfight over so called White Privilege... in suburb of Minneapolis St. Paul Minnesota —


Try to ignore the supremely LOUD and annoying person presenting this video.  He fashions himself as a “political analyst”, but he is nothing but a LOUD two-bit HECKLER.  You’d think that he is commentating live during a WWF or MMA match being broadcast from a sawmill during operating hours!  Did I mention that is he LOUD...? —and in a very odd, out-of-touch, uncircumspect, unnatural manner; like those chemically imbalance, mental deviants with no social skills or refinements who force themselves upon civilization.  Maybe such people think they are funny.  Those who are not natural humorists should not entertain delusions that they are.  Like many of the delusional people who audition for America’s Got Talent, who have zero talent, but who actually, sincerely believe they are the most-talented person in the world, their utter delusion is truly incomprehensible to someone watching them.

This is truly amazing, the actual video itself...  here is a town meeting and the MAYORESS of the town says she is pissed off and angry and she is so out of control that she cannot even formulate her words and maybe even grunts a little while trying to intelligently verbalize her out-of-control emotions—and she even cries because someone dared not to agree with her in parroting her social brainwashing of the myth of “white guilt”—and she declares several times that what the woman who disagreed with her rationally presented is the most-racist thing she has ever heard... and when the accused woman responds the Mayoress tells her she is “out of order”.  BIMBOS, Femi-nazis like this are elected as MAYORS of cities...!  No wonder the nation is swirling the drain.

And everyone else on the board at the meeting was a sphinx—except one milquetoast who meekly attempted to raise his hand to say something... he was probably going to ask if he could go to the bathroom, but probably decided to just hold it (or wet his pants).

[I know someone (about 9 years ago) who said that the woman Mayor of a moderate-sized city in Ohio made about $100K a year (or was it $150K?)—and lived in Florida for over half the year...!  If she is not needed to run the state, is the position and her salary needed?]

Do you think for a moment that cities in Turkey, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the State of Israeli, Kenya, Egypt, Polynesian Islands, Mexico, etc., sit around and talk about how unfair it is for them to have all their nonwhite, nonchristian privilege and how they are not properly representing all their white, Christian constituents (and if they don’t have any white constituents, then they should import some and give them carte blanche) if they don’t grovel in shame in public at every opportunity, and amputate their own body parts periodically in demonstration of their penitence...?

THAT is one of the reasons why we are swirling the drain.  Diversity is not our strength—it is a TERMINAL weakness; it is our DEMISE.  It is Die-versity.  We are a laughing stock of other nations: It’s almost like a malicious socialist psychology experiment in which they are all competing to see who can top the other in thinking up something outrageous and insulting to which we will simply grovel.  WEAK.  IMMORAL.  PERVERTED.  WHIPPED.  We let our women be raped and our children be pedophiled and we allow our politicians to commit treason on a regular basis and let athletes and entertainers and Big Business insult us and use the wealth they got from our patronage to destroy our nation.  We allow Talmudic Hollywood to PERVERT everything from movies to sitcoms to commercials and casually and blatantly broadcast that would have caused a Civil War in 1950.  We say nothing when Christians can’t wear a cross but Muslims can wear an entire pup tent and Hindoos have jewels stuck in their heads and Jews force a Kosher tax on everyones food and Muslims force a Halal tax on everyones food.  What if Christians demanded a Christian tax on everyones food...?  Well, that would never happen, because modern Christians have no standards, reject what God commanded, and they don’t stand for anything (becaue they are not really Christians, but humanists with the delusion that they are Christian).  In many of them (those who are actually Christians, but who were “still-born” or died a spiritual crib death) Christ’s words are fulfilled:

“Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” (Matthew 5:13)

[In the rest, Christ’s words will be fulfilled on Judgment Day, when He declares to MANY who thought they were “good Christians” doing “wonderful works in His Name”— “Depart from Me ye that work iniquity [lawlessness] I never knew you!”]

Salt’s primary function was not a “seasoning” when mentioned in the Bible or in olden times (or even more-recent times, before the age of refrigeration)—but it was a preservative.  The phrase, “if the salt hath lost his savour” of Matthew 5:13 should more properly be rendered, “if the salt has become insipid”.

Mark 9:50 is rendered even poorer: “Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it?”

The intention is not “season”—but resurrect! (the Greek word means, “lift up”).  If salt has lost its saltness it is no longer salt.  Salt must remain separated from its environment and all all pollutants in order to remain salt; otherwise, it is no longer salt but a bastard solution.  Salt has a unique chemical and electro-magnetic character.  If polluted with contaminated moisture, bacteria, other elements, it loses it chemical charge and is dead, as well as being polluted—and it is no longer salt.  How then can it be made salt again when it has been contaminated?  It cannot (according to Christ’s analogy)—and it is “good for NOTHING” but to be cast into the street and trampled under the foot of men.  Christendom has become the universal doormat for the dirty feet of the unwashed, uncleanable filthy savages.  Again, Christ declared,

“Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.” (Matthew 7:6).

You reap what you sow [sew] (or sow [sau] as in female pig).  Salt preserves meat because it kills bacteria.  If it is no longer salt, it cannot serve that function, but actually helps to breed bacteria.  I first wrote that in books of mine 28 years ago.  It is still true today.


“Professor Candy”

I was searching the internet for something else and this came up and caught my eye.

This is dumbfounding, even just this tiny blurb.  I didn’t even go to the link where students give advice concerning a certain college.  One student was telling other students which teacher to pick for a certain course:

Robert Barker at California State University, Northridge ...


“He allows a double sided sheet of crip notes for exams, on the multiple choice he allows you to choose two options, and drops your lowest test score.  READ! READ! .... He is the greatest professor at Cal-Sun makes class interesting gives out candy lets you use crib notes on the exam...”

It seems that the modern litmus test for how good a teacher is, is if all his students get high grades.

He lets you cheat on exams.  [He clearly does not teach spelling or punctuation.  Is it “crib” or “crip” notes?  This girl could not decide, so used both; instead of the more cumbersome phrase, “cheat sheets”.]  He lets you make TWO “guesses” on exams [even though you are allowed to have cheat sheets] and on top of all that [just in case you cannot cheat or guess your way above the passing grade] he drops your lowest score.... and the students love him and flock to him like pigeons to popcorn and statues!  However, their praise of him falls flat and lingers even as that which the pigeons leave behind to show their appreciation, to those who realize what education is supposed to be.  People pay a massive amount of money to have their children “taught” by someone who teaches them nothing so that they can get a degree for which they are entirely unqualified to receive—and then go out into the job market (or “teach”).
I would be so proud to be able to boast, “I have my Ph.D. in “GUESSING” [and my Masters degree in cheating] from California State University — anyone want to hire me...?”

[On the other hand, over a decade ago I met a professor of chemistry who teaches at a local Christian college in the next town over from me.  In the course of conversation he expressed to me unabashedly that he makes it his personal goal to break any student who has a 4.0 grade because no one is perfect.  Put this professor and the one mentioned above as the only 2 choices, 99% would pick the class with the guy above (who gives out candy and lets you cheat) because 99% of young students don’t have a clue about substance, only appearance.  They don't have a clue what the concept “learning” actually means—and ironically they are in college!  College degrees are meaningless nowadays.  I believe the other professor who wanted to ruin the perfect score of exceptional students is both wrong and crass.  He should find ways to motivate his students to excel even more; not merely prove that he is smarter than them (and clearly he had psychological issues of his own, to have such a mentality and personal goal).  However, his psychological problems notwithstanding, I would still imagine that his students learn far more in his class than in any class taught by “Professor Candy-Cheater”.  I would choose Professer hard-ass (over professor hard-candy), if I were taking classes—and I would challenge him to be a better teacher and person and thinker.  If no one is perfect, then why is the grade scale based on 4.0...?  But if we throw out 4.0, 3.9 is the new 4.0, so we have to throw out 3.9.  This continues ad infinitum until the person realizes the stupidity of his own position.  4.0 does not mean that someone walks on water and turns water into wine.  It means that of the standard curriculum that is taught to him, he excels in it at the highest level.  The job of a teacher is to teach all he can—NOT to find questions that will ruin the student’s grade.]

Would you want the guy operating on you, the guy handling your legal defense, the judge you are standing before, your politician, the pilot of the commercial plane that you are in, the guy building your car or house, preparing your food, handling your finances, etc. to have gotten his degree by “cheating” and “guessing”...? —and then being given a “free pass” by having his lowest score dropped...? (which is inconsistent with the bell curve, in which case, the highest score should be dropped also, to more properly reflect the mean / average).

“I think that’s the gall bladder, let me flip a coin and see if it is or if it is the liver or maybe the pancreas; hmmm... two out of three maybe? — nurse, hand me a Snickers Bar and a scalpel, STAT! darn, there is so much blood all over my cheat sheet I can’t read the answers.”

What’s next?  During an exam “Professor Candy” will allow you to make 3 calls to your “go-to-guy” who constitutes your “life line” to help answer 3 questions; or maybe he will allow you to bring a “consultant” with you to class to help you brainstorm the answers?

Or maybe you can give the “professor” $20 to ask him for the answer to a question on the exam the first time, $50 for the second answer, and $100 for the third answer; and beyond that you are on your own and he is halfway to his retirement fund after a few semesters.  It’s a win-win situation.

Or better yet, even as high school students are not taught the multiplication tables, etc., because everyone has calculators, let’s make the exams a “group project” exam (since “it takes a village to raise an idiot” — in a STUPID village) and all the students can collaborate and it will teach them how to “get along” and the whole class passes or fails together depending on how well they work together (or how smart their smartest member is and if they trust him and if he is willing to do ALL the work for them if they agree to the “price of admission” that he sets for doing all the work)... because in real life situations you will always have other people around, so you don’t need to know everything.  If the group cannot pinpoint the “smartest” member, let all the students collaborate as a group and then vote on what “guess” or “cheat answer” they think may be the right answer (and don’t worry, if we can’t cheat or guess our way into passing, he will drop the lowest score)—and that will prepare them for a career in politics!

27 years ago I took a sociology class from a local techical college because somehow a core class was overlooked by my college and I needed 1 more class to graduate.  The teacher at this local college was a very nice man; but he was not a teacher.  He was a parole officer and this was his first time teaching a class on anything, and he was teaching because he thought it would be “fun”.  I thought, “Well great, he should have some great stories to help back up many different things taught in the sociology class”.  DUMBFOUNDINGLY, All he did, every single class, the whole semester, was read the text book to the class.  That is all.  All of the students were looking around at each other in disbelief.  When he got to where a picture was in the book, he would say, “Now, see this picture with this man...?” and then he would read to the class the caption under the picture.  Maybe he would have been a so-so teacher in KINDERGARTEN, but this was college.  I was thunderstruck.  After the semester was over I went to the college office and explained that he was a very nice person, and I had nothing bad to say about him, and I then explained his “teaching method”.  The woman appeared shocked and thanked me.  I never bothered to see if he was going to be “teaching” anything the next semester because it was 1.5 hour drive and I fulfilled my requirement and didn’t need any more classes.  I got a 4.0, but alas, he did not give out candy!

On the other hand, I was reading the other day in a commentary by Dr. Gordon H. Clark, Ph.D., who expressed that he thought maybe some other faculty members felt slighted when in a meeting of professors Clark off-handedly expressed that any teacher who has to prepare for his classes is incompetent.  He said that he could without notice deliver a 5 or 6 hour long lecture on Plato or Aristotle or any number of any other topic—and he could.  And he is right.  If someone does not know the subject or material he should not be teaching... the same goes for preachers.



Tom JonesTimes sports columnist / September 7, 2018

Does the NFL have a television ratings problem or not?


IF this is true then anyone calling himself a “Christian” is sinning before God and his fellow men.  DISCONNECT.  

[See also this other Rumination of mine if you have not already seen it!

STOP SUPPORTING THE SAVAGES WHO HATE US... STOP watching ALL SPORTS, MOVIES, TV, "Comedians", Musicians, "Singers" ]

Every time that you participate / watch you support these evil people and you sin against God and you help destroy Christendom.  Don’t make excuses and pass it off as unimportant.  It is NOT honoring to God or Christ.  Whatever is not of faith is sin!  If those whom you are watching (actors, athletes, singers, etc.) are immoral and then use some of the money that they make from spectators to destroy Christendom, then you participate in their evil even if you think you are not.  Use your time to honor God and PRODUCE something; to learn truth; to better yourself; to better Christendom.  Start your own workshop and PRODUCE something.  Honor God with your time and your body and your spirit which are God’s!