Small Dose of “Covid” “Vaccine” Truth

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As I have said... if someone demands for you to take the “vaccine” for the “Covid virus” or asks if you have had the “covid virus vaccine”, etc. ... LEGALLY it is a forked question... and you don’t have to answer.

There IS no proof that the virus exists and it is NOT a vaccine (but a DNA-altering experimental drug that does NOT innoculate you against the alleged “virus”, which has not even been proven to exist)... therefore, how can you or anyone be vaccinated with a vaccine that does not exist for a disease that does not exist...?

Thus, they opened the door (a legal expression) and the BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON THEM to PROVE BY FACTUAL, VERIFIABLE DATA that the virus exists, that it is actually a vaccine, and that it will actually protect you from the “virus” (if it can be proven to exist).

Beyond that, it is a matter of HIPPA PRIVACY to not even have to reply to the question, let alone offer proof or your medical / health history (or even admit that you have a medical health history—or health or nonhealth).

[When my father was in the ICU, hospital, nursing home after a stroke about 13 years ago, if someone called in to ask how he was... unless the person—even if that person was me—could prove that he was a verifiably authorized family member, the hospital / nursing home could not even admit that he was there as a patient!]

All you have to do is say, “I INVOKE HIPPA”. And say that repeatedly to any medical question that is asked of you.

Furthermore, the “government” (a fictitious entity) prying into your personal “person, papers, houses, and effects” and demanding that you perform according to their new demands, demanding that you submit to either one or an endless plethora of vaccines (or other intrusive, invasive tests, examinations, procedures, or operations) and threaten your health and very life (while claiming complete immunity and responsibility if your life is forever ruined and you suffer the rest of your life in a vegetative state, or profoundly incapacitated, or if you die), and that of your family members, is violation of our Constitutional rights, it is violation of our Christian faith,* it is a violation of so-called human rights, and a violation of the Geneva Convention and the Nuremburg Code and forcing the “vaccine” (whether truly a vaccine, or in bad faith lying and calling it a vaccine when it is not) on people is a war crime (during an undeclared, secret war) and genocide, a crime against humanity.

[* ...that is, if you actually observe what God commands, such as obeying His Dietary Laws, which would include not injecting abominable things into your body through your skin. You can’t claim the benefits without actually living it—you cannot “pick and choose” (in what I have called for 3 decades, “Smorgasbord Theology”) and if you do it is not a matter of conscience, but of convenience and you have no legal ground to claim “religious exemption”. YOU do not “invent” the precepts and rules of the Christian religion—GOD does: every jot and tittle. You do not have authority which of God’s laws you will obey, and when; if you think that you have such authority, you are only fooling yourself and your god is yourself, and your religion is humanism, though projecting some weak nostalgic false notion of “faith”, “worship”, or “obedience” onto God, when it suits your whim.

In reality, when renegade “public servants” claim that they are offering you a religious exemption, it is NOT religious “exemption”, and when they call it that, be certain to correct and educate / rebuke them every single time. Exemption implies they have authority over you in that or any area and by their all-merciful grace they (at this moment, which can change at any time, because an exemption is a “privilege” not a right) “grant” to you some special dispensation (for as long as they feel like granting it to you). Tell them it is not religious “exemption”, but that you are Constitutionally IMMUNE from their demands because of your GOD-GIVEN, Constitutionally protected RIGHTS and that you are OUTSIDE their presumed, self-assumed, fraudulent “jurisdiction”. The slave has no right to tell the master how the master is to perform according to the slave’s demands. Politicians / elected officials / appointed officials / hired public servant employees in the U.S. are NOT “the law”—as they arrogantly, delusionally, and unconstitutionally imagine themselves to be. They are NOT our “rulers”; they are hired TO SERVE US; and the Law is not what the majority (and especially a treasonously imported alien minority) decides. The Law is the U.S. Constitution and all state constitutions (founded upon the Bible and the Christian religion—the TRUE Christian religion of our Founders; not the corrupt Apostate “Christianity” of 95% of the modern “Christian” Church)—before those Constitutions were treasonously and unconstitutionally corrupted*—which Constitutionally cannot lawfully be changed; they are only changed by conspiracy, treason, subversion, and conquest by invaders and traitors who help them. We are not a Democracy. We are not supposed to be a “democracy”—our Founders specifically told us that we were NOT founded as a democracy, but as a Constitutional Republic; and a Christian one. For the evidence, see my book, The Liberty Document: The National Debt: Does It Exist & If So Who Owes It? & Some Thoughts On The Hidden Agenda Behind Immigration, Gun Control & The Health sCARE Monopoly (2020) Full of statistics, common law citations, court rulings, clear thought, powerful info; 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.

* There is no statute of limitations on fraud. The law is on the side of those being deceived, not on the side of those doing the deceiving. That which is illegitimate can never become legitimate. It is anti-intellectual and arrogant for people who lived 250 years after our Founders drafted the Constitution, to then claim that what they drafted was “unconstitutional”. It is like claiming that if God declared “so and so” in the Bible then it is unbiblical. Thomas Jefferson declared that if ever there was any question of Constitutionality one was to remember (or learn for the first time if you are so stupid you don’t know) what was the Founders’ intention and that is the only manner in which the Constitution is to be interpreted. THAT is why they traitors and invaders want to have a “Constitutional Convention” and completely scrap the old one—because nearly every law the have passed, and nearly every court ruling in the past 150 years has been unconstitutional if it departs from the U.S. Constitution interpreted in light of what the Founders meant and intended, founding this nation for themselves and those kinsmen whom they represented: “for us and our posterity”—not for the alien population of the world.]

If any renegade public servant claims that any individual rights are “superceded” by Emergency Powers, again, the BURDEN OF PROOF is on THEM to PROVE that an EMERGENCY EXISTS... and if the evidence does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the “emergency” exists, then they and all those involved should be executed for HIGH TREASON in the attempted overthrow of the U.S. Government (which is the U.S. Constitution in its original form, and the legitimate descendants of the original people who hired representatives to draft and pass that Constitution—and no one and nothing else constitutes the actual U.S. Government). High treason is exactly what the renegade politicians and their billionaire-handlers are attempting to carry out—and the blatant election fraud and the blatant phoney “virus”, “epidemic”, and “” are the current method (along with continued illegal Third-world immigration and other corruptions of our Constitution, religion, race, nation, and way of life). They are toxic and EVERYTHING that they touch is contaminated (legally or otherwise) and NOTHING that they do is valid, constitutional, or legal. Nearly every act they commit is High Treason, carried out as “business as usual”. I indict them all before God and the world and call God’s Righteous Judgment and inescapable Wrath down upon every single one of them. They have no authority to import and breed over 150 million aliens and then unconstitutionally give those aliens (and all hybrids) the right to vote and run for office and steal our nation out from under us. It is illegal. It is Fraud. It is High Treason. They import savages and breed crime and terrorism, start wars, play mad scientist in the laboratory TO CREATE the next continual “emergency”—and that indeed is conspiracy, High Treason, crimes against humanity, and actual war crimes (in an undeclared, secret war of genocide against the true U.S. Government—the true people of the U.S.).

Corrupt politicians are the ones who must obey the Law; and they must prove that an EMERGENCY exists... and they don’t get a free bite at the apple... if they cannot prove it, they are to be executed for the attempted overthrow of the U.S. Government.


Nice to see Rand (if he is not merely playing a role) has grown a pair.  However, it is NOT Civil “disobedience”.  The corrupt renegade politicians are the one who are in constitutional disobedience, rebellion, and High Treason.  We are never supposed to obey them and the unconstitutional laws that they pass, so it cannot be “disobedience” or “rebellion”.

Rand Paul Calls for Massive Civil Disobedience Against the New World Order: ‘RESIST. They Can’t Arrest Us All’  8/6/21 

In an op-ed for Fox News, Rand Paul declared: “They can’t arrest us all.  They can’t keep all your kids home from school.  They can’t keep every government building closed — although I’ve got a long list of ones they should.”  


[The above “RAB” is NOT me.  Robert]

My comments:

I have been saying this for YEARS, and especially about the closing of restaurants, stores, mask wearing, other nonsense regulations, even paying property or any other taxes while all schools are closed and you are not receiving the services or allowed to enjoy the services those taxes allegedly provide... IF ENOUGH PEOPLE STOOD UP there would be NOTHING that the corrupt renegade public servants could do... and it would start a grass roots, not “rebellion” but reclaiming of all our rights in every single area—and THAT is what they are afraid of; and that is why they continue with illegal mandates and restrictions ALL OF WHICH ARE A HIGH STAKES BLUFF.  But as I wrote years ago, the Malheur standoff was “Freedom’s Last Gasp” (but I would LOVE to be proved wrong!).  Everyone saw that not enough people stood up... which, had others flooded the area and stood up, as in the Montana standoff 3 years earlier, the corrupt feds and state and local renegade public servants would have had to back down.  Instead, they murdered Finnicum in cold blood...

See my: 

— Finicum's Wake: Ode to LaVoy and Freedom--with update & link

and then when they had the momentum, the corrupt Feds went back and prosecuted the individuals who had been involved in the Montana standoff 3 years earlier.  Now, everyone knows, “If I stand up no one has my back”—and thus, in most all cases, the only ones who will stand up are those who have a death wish. 

If all the restaurants on Long Island opened back up, the corrupt bureaucrats and police could not shut them down or take away their business license or fine them all; well they would try,* but if all the restaurants stuck together, along with all their patrons... there is NOTHING that the corrupt politicians could do... and that is what they FEAR... and that is why they import revolution, while dismantling, corrupting, and polluting our nation, heritage, faith, race, Constitution, way of life—to destabilize us and keep us in a constant state of confusion, disarray, emergency... to prevent people from realizing that if enough stand up we could TAKE our nation BACK! 

[* It also needs to be remembered, that weekly the propaganda about the  “evil Nazis” drones continually, brainwashing the people (who are so stupid they won’t even do their own research into what is not allowed to be debated, because it would expose the fraud.  Even now social media and mainstream news illegally and deceptively stifle, block, hide, and even demonize and libel all those who do not parrot the “party line” of propaganda; and most recently, 

Baylor Prof Says It Should be a “Hate Crime” to Criticize Fauci & Other Scientists

HOWEVER, their own propaganda needs to be used against them.  Since alleged Nazi war criminals have been being hunted down 70 years after the alleged fact, and even those who may have engaged in some crime have declared, “I was just following orders”—never again can any police, security detail, etc., use that as an excuse for shooting civilians, bonafide legitimate citizens of the U.S. exercising their constitutional rights.  Even during the Nuremburg show trials (in which the “truth” was beaten into some of the falsely accused “war criminals”) many military leaders and heads of state were against trying the soldiers and officers for “following orders” because setting such a precedent would destroy order in the military (or police).  Therefore, all politicians, all judges, all police, all involved in any way in forcing U.S. citizens and their businesses to wear a mask or shut down or suffer Police State Storm-trooper assaults and arrests—are ALL, 100% of them, guilty of War Crimes, Crimes against humanity, High Treason, and the attempted overthrow of the U.S. government (the true people and the true Constitution interpreted solely in the spirit of the times in which it was written and the intent of the Founders).  Since they tried and falsely convicted the officers who subdued “St. George” despite all evidence that they were not guilty, that a person cannot be choked to death by a knee on the back of the neck, that they were following police protocol that they were taught, that St. George was a career criminal, had overdoses of multiple drugs in his system, and killed himself by those drugs and by getting over-excited in resisting arrest, then every single person who has ever ordered someone to wear a mask, ever finded or arrested someone, ever intimidated anyone, ever demanded they get a “vaccine” (which is not even a vaccine, but a deadly experimental drug), etc., every single one of them, judges, mayors, governors, congressmen, even the president need to be tried for High Treason and Genocide.]

Then, all property and income taxes could be ignored, as they could do nothing against 10,000, 1 million, 10 million people who refuse to pay the unconstitutional rape and theft which all modern taxation is.  Taxes are SOLELY to be used for services that those very taxpayers themselves (and no one else, no imported aliens, no people on welfare, no subsidies, no special interest groups, no aid to foreign nations, etc.) need and WANT and which they CANNOT provide for themselves; which things are VERY FEW in number, such as national defense, and the nation's infrastructure (bridges, roads)... EVERYTHING ELSE that taxation is done for is ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  It is the job of individuals, charities, and the private sector on things that are agreed upon and not forced on others.   


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