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“Questions the Reparations Crowd Will Not Answer!”

Dr. Don Boys, former Indian State Representative shares how that in 1987 there was a lawsuit with a $37,500 payout to those black men who were still living who had been “used and abused in medical experiments for many years by the U.S. Government” in the Tuskegee Study. Though he does not say what the abuse actually entailed, he expressed that he did not think that was very much money.  Below are my comments / thoughts:

$37,500 in 1987 is the equivalent of $155,000 today... that is nothing to sneeze at... Either number “seems” small because modern lawsuits have been blown out of proportion by greedy lawyers / vultures who want half the carcass, and due to exorbitant court costs—and the courts know how to waste money just like politicians do, having an army of secretaries, assistants, porters, baliffs, pencil pushers, janitors, police, etc.—all with full benefits: paid holidays, sick days, vacations, health insurance, retirement pensions, air-conditioned offices, mahogany / marble, and many other perks and luxuries (and it seems a bit odd for “public servants” to live royally, and far-better than their masters do). When the politicians / elected officials live unrealistically, you can expect that immoral, irrational nongoverment individuals will try to win the “lawsuit lottery” too (“what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”), since the “government” (that is, “taxpayers”) is illegally made the “fall guy” due to the false notion that “government” (the “taxpayers”) is irrationally considered to have a never-ending supply of money (and if they don’t have it they just print it).

For the next general issue we shall consider a particular instance, to get the ball rolling. How much is a life worth...? taking—“St. George Groyd” as an example. His family got something like $57 million (not to mention other benefits). What is the life of a thug worth...? (and he was not murdered, while in custody he died because of the multiple overdose of numerous different illegal drugs that he had taken and the excitement that he caused himself in resisting arrest, after committing a crime, forcing the officers to subdue him). In his poor state of health, abusing drugs, even if he could hold down a job and make $30K a year, at best he had 5 years left...; but let’s be gracious and (engage in fantasy) suppose he had 10 years left (and suppose he would be healthy enough to work and actually would show up for work and keep his job and actually doing work that was worth paying him $30K/year for 10 years)... even with all that gratuity, that’s $300,000 (minus taxes). $300K is still far, far below $57 million (but then again, since math is “racist”, maybe they are the exact same amount, that is, when it is to the benefit of perverse, nonchristian, nonwhites; math can be “tricky” when it’s not being “racist”). Or was the $57 million calculation based upon what all of his family members combined could have stolen together in a 20-year crime spree (assuming that they were never arrested and if arrested had all the charges been dropped because of “racism” on the part of the officers—regardless of their race, regardless of any wrongdoing on their part*)...? Even that is still far, far below $57 million. Where do these crazy numbers come from?

[* As I have expressed elsewhere, “politicial correctness” is a one-way street, and it is a religio-racial-genderic-moral game of “Rock-Paper-Scissors” in which EVERYTHING beats, “white, straight, Christian male”. Welcome also to a corrupt, perverse, evil society in which treasonous judges (including Supreme Court Judges) and jurors and mayors and police determine the criminality of an act and the guilt of the accused based solely upon how the savages in our nation will react to the verdict (whether in a police arrest or a presidential election).]

Politicians, judges, even jurors, have no concept of MONEY (when it is someone elses) or VALUE (when they are not the ones paying for that value), and it seems that ANYTHING that involves “government” is like being inside the science-fiction notion of the Devil’s Triangle in which the laws of physics are all suspended and nothing operates as it should, but as in some Alice in Wonderland on Crack Cocaine fairy tale land. The false notion that just because one person got lucky and got a billion dollars in a lawsuit does not mean that everyone can (or should try to) be so lucky. This is probably a spin off mental derangement of the myth of “equality”. Our Jurisprudence system is not supposed to work off fantasy (or immorality or corruption*), but reality and morality and law established by the Constitution, founded upon the Common Law, founded upon the never-changing Law of God.

[* This is why our nation was established for our people of one true faith and that is the only way that it can work—and that is why it has failed miserably: its shameful fall was proportional to its glorious and meteoric rise. Our rise was due to the fact that we were one people of one true faith and we honored God. The cause of our fall is due, in inverse proportion, to the cause of our rise. President John Adams said that our form of government was only suitable for a moral and Christian people (and he was not talking about savages).]

Furthermore, when any politician / elected official / government worker commits a crime the PEOPLE should NOT pay for it in a lawsuit and there should not be a “slush fund” filled with taxpayer money for “quiet” payouts for crime-commiting, power-abusing politicians. When a politician / elected official / employee “goes off the farm” and commits a crime... THAT person has perpetrated an INDIVIDUAL act, NOT an “official one” (not unless that action was in his actual job description—that, indeed, would be quite a different “boob job”, but I don’t think it is in any politician’s contract) and HE ALONE (and / or other co-conspirators, if there were any) IS LIABLE FOR civil and criminal lawsuit and paying all damages... since grabbing a secretary’s boob is not in the politician’s job description (as it seems billionaire Cuomo may soon be reminded; maybe he will end up faking his own death and moving to the same island that Creepstain is now living on?), the taxpayers are not the ones responsible to pay any verifiably mistreated women for the such assault—the boob grabber alone is responsible (unless it was in the contract of his job description and required duties).

Why is this so hard to realize? Because people have been brainwashed into thinking that government operates in some different dimension, according to different rules or laws; and that is why taxes are so high: because the actual goal of politicians is to waste as much money as they can each year. If they did not see that as their job, it would not happen. It is wilful, planned cause-and-effect reality. If politicians don’t spend all of the tax money that they are allocated each year—those above them determine that they don’t need so much money, and so they are given LESS the following year. Therefore, all politicians WASTE money (which itself is a crime and a form of embezzlement / fraud)... and that is one reason that the U.S. so-called “national” debt is so insanely high and it is why the government often has to “shut down” (though the politicians continue to be paid, it is only services to the people that are shut down)—because of their mindless, criminal waste.

[For more thought along these lines; see my book, The Liberty Document: The National Debt: Does It Exist & If So Who Owes It? & Some Thoughts On The Hidden Agenda Behind Immigration, Gun Control & The Health sCARE Monopoly (2020) Full of statistics, common law citations, court rulings, clear thought, powerful info; 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.]

Lawsuits should operate upon reality, common sense, logic, and the Constitution (all laws passed by an ignorant or corrupt legislature, if those laws violate the Constitution, are null and void and operate under the appearance of law, and are not actually law but malicious tools of oppression and intimidation wielded by corrupt public servants). Taxpayer money (openly and secretly) is unconstitutionally used to pay off lawsuits for politicians who committed crimes. Any others involved in the crime, all those who helped cover up the crime, and any individuals in authority above the criminal politician / employee who knew of the crime but did nothing to stop it and did not thing to bring the guilty party to justice are the ONLY ones who should pay monetary awards for damages in civil lawsuits. The people (taxypayers), who are the true the “government” should not pay a penny of such lawsuits not—no one other than the guilty party(s) is responsible; no one other than the guilty party should pay for the crime.

Some people may not like this, if it does not work out according to their fantasy; but their problem is with reality and morality. It is no elses ones fault if a poor politician (and not a rich politician) is the boob grabber; even as it is no one elses fault if you are the victim of a car accident by someone who is a pauper, instead of being hit by an Exxon gasoline tanker or UPS truck. If the boob grabber is a poor politician it is not the obligation of the people to pay the fantasy payoff the assaulted woman was dreaming of and falsely imagines to be “her right”, if that poor politician does not have the monetary resources that she hoped to tap into. I am not making light of any assault against her; but the criminal alone is responsible.

[However, in the case of crimes committed by third-world peoples whom corrupt politicians and other public servants allow, invite into, and put on a taxpayer-funded breeding program... then all those politicians and public servants themselves (individually, not officially) share in the guilt of that alien criminal, whom the politicians had no constitutional authority to allow to enter and remain in our nation.]

In such cases the politician unable to pay a reasonable* damage to his victim, if convicted, should be sold into slavery, forced to work a REAL JOB, and 90% of his salary should then go to compensate the victim—the compensation should not go to “the State”.

[* However, in a communist nation “the State” (that is, the corrupt elite who have hijacked the entire nation as their own and operate by crude deception like that of a ventriloquist and his dummy) thinks that “it” is God and thus, the only “injured party” is considered by them to be “the State” itself, because, in their mind, “the State” believes it owns each individual in the nation and all are their slaves. This, of course, is anti-intellectual (as George Orwell in his classic allegorical novel Animal Farm,** showed) since “the State” cannot exist without the people; and if the people are all “equal” how do the elite rise to power to then consider everyone else their slaves? This scenario itself describes the majority of all that has been taking place in the governments of Christendom over the past 150 years, growing each year like a cancer; consuming all it touches.

** [In stock] Animal Farm (1946) George Orwell, a classic; 114p., pb. 10.00 + P&H; ; DVD cartoon, 24.00; DVD 2-in-1, Animal Farm movie & Moby Dick 13.00 + P&H; skillfully reveals the duplicity and corruption of socialism/communism through an allegory in which animals take over a farm, then the pigs begin to change the established rules to be in favor of the pigs at all the other animals’ expense. A must for children and adults.]

The convicted politician / government elected official or other appointed or hired employee who is poor and cannot properly compensate his victim(s) should then be forced to live in a low security prison at night, with basic life-sustaining food, and then work during the day, 6 days a week, until the debt it paid off. If he refuses to work, he is to be executed and the victim gets nothing unless private individuals feel led to donate on their own to the victim; and there is no reason to donate money in such a case if the offender has been put to death... he won’t do it again and the woman or any other victim has been overcompensated with the highest form of justice (and just because the justice does not “butter the person’s bread” as envisioned in fantasy does not mean that justice was not “served”).

[* Again, lawsuits / monetary damages need to be reasonable—and based on a proportional scale. While being sexually touched, on purpose, against her will by someone else cannot be excused, the damages should be reasonable, not the nationwide hundred-million-dollar lottery. If a woman does not have her breasts insured for $1 million, what makes her think that they are worth that? Again, this is not to downplay the crime, but the attempt to determine a reasonable penalty for the offender. Furthermore, liberal feminists who demand that women be treated equally as men then need to forfeit all consideration in such lawsuits for a man touching their breast, for certainly if a man pinched another man’s nipple (which some men do as pranks) and the offended man is not awarded $1 million, why should a woman who thinks she is a man’s equal think that she deserves some grand sum of money for the unwanted touching? Again, do not misunderstand me. I am not in agreement with such thinking—but you cannot have it both ways.  Even as the Way of the World video “how tennis exposes the lie of feminism”

shows the duplicity / hypocrisy / double-standard of the mentally deranged / dishonest equality crowd: Women demand equal pay in tennis matches, even though they are not expected to play against the men, even though far-fewer spectators appear to watch women’s tennis matches, even though the women cannot play the number of games / sets in a match that men play, because the women are not strong enough and don’t have the stamina. How can they possibly think that they are worth equal money? Equality / liberalism is a mental disorder; a derangement of the mind and moral conscience. You can’t have it both ways. Inconsistency / hypocrisy / dishonesty is a sign of mental delusion or utter lack of “good faith” and it is immoral.]

Understand again “reasonable” should be proportionally based upon the financial means of the criminal who committed the crime; not upon any established lump sum of money. A lump sum of money, “a one-price fits all” would be overburdensome to the poor and meaningless to the superrich.* Awards for damages should be based upon a sliding scale with the wealth of the criminal involved, and the actual offense itself. Not every single offense should sum up a person’s entire life. The fine should be proportional enough to truly compensate the victim in light of reality, and be enough to prevent him from committing such a crime again, without being draconian (like Vlad Tepes “the Impaler”, Count Dracula of Transylvania, who punished all crimes (whether murder or stealing a piece of bread) by impaling someone on a sharpened pole and leaving him to hang skewered in the sun until he expired; though the term draconian was named for the Anthenian legislator Drako(n)).

[* Enacting “just” proportional lawsuit damage awards would stop the superrich elite and multi-billion-dollar corporations (like Paypal, Amazon, Google, etc.) from callously and casually violating the rights of people, thinking that they could waste millions in a lawsuit and not even miss the money, and drag the lawsuit out for decades, whereas the person injured would have to sell his house to pay for the lawyer and court fees, have his life grind to a halt for several decades, with no guarantee of being justly compensated. If a billionaire or billion-dollar corporation does something to DESTROY the life of an individual, and take ALL of his money from him, and / or prevent him from earning a living—the proper monetary fine against that billionaire or billion-dollar corporation should be EVERYTHING, or 95% of all their assets, or whatever percentage is proportionaly to the percentage of damage they caused the individual. Of course, this also gets sticky and there are other considerations. If such a superrich individual or corporation wronged more than one person—then the first litigant could not be awarded “everything” or there would be nothing left for the others; thus, a special fund should hold all of the convicted billionaire’s / corporation’s awarded assets, and a fraction paid out to the injuried party, while waiting a certain period of time (7 years) for other victims to surface and have their cases litigated (and all spurious attempts to grab the brass ring should be adjudicated properly, with those falsely claiming to have been wronged losing everything if their claim turns out to be spurious, and their assets added to that fund from which they tried to steal; and those funds eventually being paid out to all extant injured parties who were already partially compensated awaiting other victims to be discovered, substantiated, and litigated.]

However, money does not grow on trees. Again, you can’t choose who will victimize you. Not every lawsuit or offense will be a sweepstakes payoff. Life may not seem “fair”. Life is not “equal”. Stepping off a 200-foot cliff has the same effect as stepping off a 1-foot patio deck; however, though the resulting action is the same, the consequence of the act will be proportional to the distance fallen. Only a fool would declare that it is not “fair” that stepping off a 200-foot cliff “hurts more” than stepping off a 1-foot patio deck. Only snowflakes cry “unfair” when they melt in the sun’s rays and heat. No sane individual pays attention to their tears, let alone their irrational demands.