Those Attempting to Force Mandatory Vaccination and Other Government “Pricks”

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My apologies for the vulgarity of the title... but if the shoe fits...

My comments here are in response to the “government” disinformation in the article at this link:

This is entirely bogus and “government” (that is, renegade, criminal, treasonous public servants with a god-complex). 

Merely because a corrupt or confused court ruled in a certain fashion, does not mean that its ruling was validAny ruling by any court (including the Supreme Court) that violates the US Constitution (which cannot lawfully be changed by Congress), which must be interpreted in the spirit of the Common Law—is an INVALID ruling and it is meaningless.  Arguing in court using an invalid ruling as legel precedent is like using soap bubbles floating in the air as a foundation to build a house! 

Individual liberty is antecedent to all government.  The rights of the majority do not invalidate the rights of the individual, or our Republic is reduced to a democracy—which is actually a “mobocracy” which is becoming more and more apparant. 

First of all, let me address the carelessly bandied about phrase used by a subversive judge in his “ruling” in this article, in passing, as if it is valid, “the “State in its wisdom”.

The assumed truth of this statement itself has to first be proven, not merely asserted.

- Politicians (which is what is inferred by the use of the word “State”) have ruined our nation;

- Politicians can’t work within a budget and they do many other things that would crimes in the private sector (which means that they are crimes when the politicians do such things, but believing themselves to be “untouchable” they are never prosecuted);

- Politicians have failed at nearly everything they have undertaken: 

They have failed in their war against poverty,

They have failed in their war against illegal immigration (our nation has been invaded more successfully than if 5 other nations had declared war and invaded),

They have failed in their war against crime (27,000 murders a year, rape every 6 seconds, etc., 2.5 million in prison, early releases, only 1 in 500 crimes is successfully prosecuted),

They have failed in their war against communism (our universities and public schools have been teaching it since they were infiltrated in the 1920s and they are now attempting a communist—even violent—overthrow of our nation and NOTHING is done about it by the politicians),

They have failed in their war against drugs (in the attempt to hide their failure, certain drugs are now being legalized, while Ocean Spray is still not legally allowed to say cranberries are good for you—why the hell do people eat food? there are plenty of studies that show cranberries are healthy, and what exactly they do for health), against cancer and heart disease (multi-billion dollar a year industries),

They have failed in their war against anything (except against Christiantiy, our Constitution, and our way of life)—and they have left us (with the false impression that our nation is) nearly $30 trillion in debt... (although it is not the nation’s debt, but the personal debt of all those politicians who voted illegally to misspend taxpayer money, to over tax, to counterfeit through the unlawful Federal Reserve, and it is the personal debt of every nation, every corporation, business, charity, etc., and every individual who has received any “benefit” from taxpayer money: all welfare, disability, subsidies, financial aid, etc.; see my book, The Liberty Document..., 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H).

The “wisdom” of the “State” is nonexistent and the result of their alleged “wisdom” is actually evidence of their conspiracy / malice / treason (since NO one can be that “stupid” or “unlucky” to fail at everything that they do (except increasing their own salaray and benefits and empowering the enemy among us—having imported said enemies and put them on a taxpayer-funded breeding program). 

Secondly they have to PROVE not merely assert, not only that vaccines are safe, but also that the vaccines do not pose ANY risk of harm or death.

Also they must PROVE not merely assert that vaccines actually prevent disease! (and that they don’t incubate future and other degenerative diseases). 

They must prove there is no mercury or aluminum or any other harmful ingredients.

They must prove there is no DNA altering substances.

They must prove there is no live virus in the vaccine (and if there is no live virus what is the purpose of the vaccine? is it to protect us from dead viruses laying around in the streets?).

They must prove there is no microchip in the vaccine. 

They must not merely assert, but PROVE these things; and they must prove these things while allowing ALL EVIDENCE to be considered... not merely the “evidence” of their cherry picked “experts”.

They must prove how the vaccines have actually passed the “standards” that have been developed as safeguards by the FDA—which safeguards are ignored... and they must prove that any upcoming Covid vaccine is not merely yet another “foot in the door” of “temporary” legislation.  Shortly after the notion of a vaccine for this virus (which was being sought even before the virus appeared! and which was even “predicted” by the “experts”) it was then casually slipped into the media conversation by the “experts” that there may be 5 or 6 different strains of covid, and therefore, it may take several different shots, several different times for each individual.  Read between the lines: “KA-CHING...!” (how many persons on earth? how many vaccines? how many times each vaccine is to be repeated? —and how much $ per vaccine, circumventing consumer choice and merely taxing everyone one earth through corrupt governments for “however many vaccines that the ‘experts’ deem ‘necessary’ for covid or any other disease, real or imagined”).

They must actually prove, not merely assert, that virus actually exist and that the regular flu and covid deaths are actually due to virus at all—as asserted by medical journalist John Rappaport (, and science experts (see, which I stock, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life; Firstenberg, 576pp 6x9 pb., 22.00 (reg. 24.00) + P&H; exposes the fraud of the global pandemics of the past 100+ years were not due to virus but due to new steps up to the next “generation” of global communications / radiation / 5-G; highly endorsed by M.D.s and scientists).

But, of course, the MOUNTAIN of evidence documenting the fraud of vaccines and even germ theory is so monumental they would never have a chance of defeating it in any open forum of debate—and that is why such other monumental issues are never given a hearing, and that the corrupt, subverted courts in Christendom have even brazenly declared, “the truth is not a defense”—and therefore, Constitutional remedy and procedure will simply be circumvented and rule de jure will be ignored or bulldozed over and rule by de facto force and dictatorial decree will take its place.

HOW MANY vaccines are children supposed to now get? If I remember the number is around 126...! before the age of 6...?  My numbers may be WAY OFF... but the numbers are some outrageous number.  If ONE is TOO MANY—no word exists in any human language to express what 126 is.  And despite all these wonderful vaccines... and BILLION$ of taxpayer dollars being spent on disease...  Why do we have MORE degenerative disease (cancer, heart disease, arthritis, etc.) than ever before?  But beyond this, they must PROVE not assert that there is a REAL AND PRESENT THREAT of a nonvaccinated person to vaccinated persons.  If vaccinations work, HOW THE HELL can a nonvaccinated person be a threat to the “PROTECTED” and “SAFE” vaccinated person...? 

But foundationally, individual liberty (of the true, lawful population for which this nation was founded) is antecedent to all government. 

Furthermore, government is a fictitious entity.  Without the individual people there is no such thing as government—and for the “government” by calcuated coup d’etat (which is sedition and conspiracy and treason) overthrow the established law and way of life and force its new “morality” and “law” on the rest of the individuals is utterly unlawful and in fact, a crime of the highest order.  

Life.  Liberty.  Property / Pursuit of Happiness.

The right to be SECURE in ones person, houses, papers, and effects.

THERE IS NO “wiggle” room for a mobacracy (democracy) or socialism.

Even the true majority (the true populace for whom this nation was founded—FRAUD has NO statute of limitations / expiration date) have NO right over the lawful individual for whom this nation was founded; what “right” then could an illegitimate majority have over the lawful individual...? 

“The needs of the few must give way to the needs of the many” (whether those “needs” can even be PROVEN and not merely asserted) is COMMUNISM and our nation was established IN DEFIANCE of communism. 

Unless something is specifically declared to be a sin or immoral in HOLY SCRIPTURE (the Holy Bible) upon which the Common Law was founded, upon which our Constitution was founded —nothing that an individual does or does not do be converted into a crime and the individual is free to do it. 

If anyone who would attempt to assault you with mercury or aluminum or any other vaccine, you have the right to force vaccinate them with lead and copper.  The alleged purpose and action of vaccines is to immunize a person against the pathogens introduced.  Let’s run this experiment.  Those who attack us and attempt to destroy us with their mandatory vaccines, why don’t we vaccinate them with lead and copper as many times as we can and see if they eventually become immune to lead and copper!


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