ye gods —what fools these mortals be!

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Ye gods! —what fools these mortals be!

Copyright © December 9, 2019
Robert Alan Balaicius

I am the LORD there’s none beside,
    —no God alone but Me;
from nothingness the world made I,
    —yes, ev’rything you see;
and ev’rything you cannot see,
    so small or far away;
I made it all with just a word,
    —and each within a day.

I planted Me a garden fair,
    removing all dead stones;
provided best accoutrements,
    the finest grapes were sown;
what more, what more could I have done,
    to this My choicest vine?
I gave it all My very best,
    I gave My very time.

And yet My vineyard turned from Me,
    like sows unto the mire;
like moths attracted to the flame,
    to die within the fire.
like dogs they glut themselves with sin,
    then vomit to the floor;
and then they stoop and kneel and crawl,
    to lick it up once more!

But that’s not all, what’s even worse,
    new insult to their sin:
they lusted after man-made gods,
    in hope to blessing win;
then bowed down in the dust and sand,
    to gods of wood and rock;
proceeding then to worship them!
    and shamefully Me mock.

Hast thou ev-er, such foolish thing,
    didst dream or see or hear?
to worship such a piece of dirt,
    that hath no eye nor ear;
it hath no life, it hath no pow’r
    no living thing it be;
and yet these simple-minded fools,
    so practice ‘piety’.

Mere men cannot a true God make,
    life they cannot create;
nor mortals form true Deity,
    controlling all their fate;
no human e’er did fashion such,
    an idol that could speak;
protect, direct, their lives to bless,
    or all their needs to meet.

Man cuts down tree, with axe or saw,
    and chooses out the heart;
to fashion thus his ‘holy god’,
    with whom he cannot part;
then night and day he boweth down,
    in great humility;
he boweth down to sticks and stocks,
    but won’t bow down to Me!

The fool he forms a wooden god,
    from what had been a tree;
a tree I made and nutur’d true,
    —worships instead of Me!
he seeks its will, with pious mind,
    prostrated on the ground;
and when it can’t answer his prayers,
    —he fashions it a crown!

Ironically, the wood left o’er,
    from making his dear god;
he shovels up, like so much dung,
    upon which he had trod;
the “waste” of gods doth he discard,
    to burn upon a fire;
it seems, the rest could not unto
    divinity aspire.

How can a post, a stock, a stick,
    that man himself chopped down;
ever be thought to be a god,
    —and yet such fools abound!
how can a man create a God?
    breathe life into a stone?
how can a god that cannot move,
    protect his house, his home?

Ye gods, ye gads—what churlish cads,
    —what fools these mortals be!
to trust their lives to sticks and stones,
    such “gods” who cannot see?
they sacrifice their flocks and herds,
    their idols to appease;
they sacrifice even their child,
    they bounced upon their knees!

As time goes on, man ‘progress’ makes,
    his paganness ‘refines’;
refuses to his Maker bow,
    develops welded spine;
but something new, to idol dumb,
    doth he refuse to bow;
divinity to all ascribe,
    —refuse to eat a cow!

Now graven crutch he no more needs,
    —believes himself a god!
now boldly flaunts his arrogance,
    where angels fear to trod.
‘Humanity’ he worships now,
    (whatever that may be);
for I hear, ‘apes are human too’,
    so must be chimpanzees!

Imagination, so you see,
    is his religion true;
the sky’s the limit—in his mind,
    each day the ‘truth’ is new;
he no more prostrates on the ground,
    nor worships rocks and sticks;
but glorifies his sacred mind,
    —religion’s politics.

Now ‘holy pontiffs’ cast a vote,
    for what the truth shall be;
and all must bow when e’er they hear
    ‘official’ litany;
churches defiled, priests all corrupt,
    they’ve truly sold their souls;
and worship now each ‘human’ beast,
    divinity they stole.

God must conform to man’s demands,
    or be left in the dust;
God Himself must compromise,
    and learn to be ‘unjust’;
His Holiness must He discard,
    His Wrath and Right and Rule;
His Sovreign Throne give up to man,
    in place accept a stool!

Greater blasphemies men think up,
    all worse than each before;
they wallow in their ignorance,
    their souls they make a whore;
they in-sult our Lord, Creator,
    Fa-ther of Adamkind;
they spurn His Very Sovereignty,
    they teach, although they’re blind.

They say that God did not create,
    the world ‘just came to be’;
exploded out of nothingness,
    —behold! new energy!
out of chaos, all the planets,
    some-how learn’d to revolve;
and from the sea a gunk of goo,
    did crawl out and evolve!

Eventually that goo hair grew,
    and hands and feet and tail;
and climb’d a tree and swang with glee
    o’er genes did he prevail!
But then one day this former clay,
    did fall from branch so green,
and fell so frail it broke its tail,
    (or that’s how it would seem).

He thus stood up, rather abrupt,
    —and then began to talk!
“Up-made my mind, now for all time,
    upright I choose to walk”;
the hair he gained (without Rogaine),
    now mostly all fell out;
his spine grew straight, curv’d dissipate,
    at last he gave a shout!

“I’m human now, I’ll take a bow!
    pat myself on the back;
at Heaven’s door, now hear me roar,
    to godhood I’m fast-track’d!”
now with degree—a Ph.D.,
    at last he feels so free;
he shakes his fist, at God full wist,
    with pompous enmity.

Moving on up, heart full corrupt,
    heart set on higher fame;
defiant spat, he threw his hat,
    “I best shall play the game”;
elected well, as by some spell,
    to Congress did arise;
he told such lies, truth did despise,
    pulled wool over their eyes.

This ape in clothes, with well-shod toes,
    at godhood did arrive;
or so he thinks, although he stinks
    the contest did survive;
now makes demands, issues commands,
    thinking he is divine;
and if you fail, to kiss his tail,
    he’ll levy you a fine.

Hast thou not known? hast thou not heard,
    —the Everlasting God;
He slumbers not, He knoweth all,
    remembers all—and nods;
their day shall come, rebuking blast,
    shall level to the ground;
trembling in fear, for mercy beg,
    but no forgiveness found.

God does Himself toy with such fools,
    He shall never be mocked;
to sports and concerts, movies went,
    to church they never flocked;
or if’n they, ev’ry Sunday,
    perchance some church doors reach’d;
not ever once in their whole life,
    ever heard His Word preached.

But mark these words, and write them down
    ‘curse causeless shall not come’;
both great and small shall one day stand,
    before Him—ev’ry one;
to give account, for all their sin,
    cold, naked shall appear;
with quiv’ring lip, shall they respond,
    in Judgment shall He hear.

No lawyer slick to hide their crime,
    they shall not ‘plead the 5th’;
they shall be judged by truth alone,
    in fear shall they be stiff;
not guil-ty... ‘by mental defect’,
    God shall not entertain;
He shall, then them, in-ter-ro-gate:
    Did e’er you know My Name?

I made the earth and heavens vast,
    I did it by mere thought;
through all your years of foolishness
    you gazed at all I wrought;
I gave My Word in black and white,
    as clear as it could be;
and yet you turned to Me the back,
    —rejected Deity!

Had you but read My Holy Word,
    your hauteur humbled true;
your future would be rosier,
    instead of all you rue;
I gave Commands, all I require,
    it fits within your palm;
yet ‘antiquated’ you proclaimed,
    with it you had great qualm.

“ ‘It’s obsolete, it cramps my style,
    thus did you declare;
‘hampers my fun, doth cross my will,
    offending Me you dared;
but where were you when stars I flung
    out into deepest space?
and ordered planets courses keep,
    and thus they silent race?

All energy, all matter bound
    —is Mine, I own it all;
Lord of creation all am I,
    on knees you would not fall;
your life is Mine, I own each breath,
    each pumping of your heart;
instead of Me you worshipped self,
    —and now you think you’ll start?

And what about My Own Dear Son?
    Christ Jesus is His Name;
did Him you ever truly seek,
    —or take His Name in vain?
Had you repented of your sin,
    had you been born anew;
it would have changed your thoughts and words
    and shown in all you do.

It changed you not, My Law you spurned,
    because you are not Mine;
Judge-ment in-ef-fa-ble now waits,
    then after for all time;
You say I should ignore your sin?
    —just leave it in the past!”
It seems you did not notice:
    Never did I you ask!

My Holiness and Righteousness,
    and Justice ever rule;
and My Mind is not polluted,
    like you who are a fool;
I do decree, I am the LORD,
    My Glory I won’t share;
determined I whom I would curse,
    and those whom I will spare.

My Spirit put I in Mine own,
    to Christ did draw them true;
My Spirit fell upon their mind,
    and they were born anew;
they with their lips did Christ confess,
    from sin did turn away;
they read My Word and heeded true,
    and kept My Holy Way.

No superstitions they believed,
    no pagan day did keep;
they followed what is in My Word,
    their conscience did not sleep;
to no one but the Godhead true,
    did they e’er dare to pray;
no priestly con-man did confuse,
    their minds with blasphemy.

And so to them and them alone,
    shall I with joy proclaim:
En-ter in thou, My honored child,
    enter in Jesus’ Name.
But to the cursed on the left,
    to all the goats and swine;
‘Depart from Me, I know thee not:
    —be banished for all time!

So if perchance these words arouse,
    you from your slumber deep;
repent now thee of all thy sin
    —or what you sow’d you’ll reap!
If God convicts you of your sin
    and you are truly chang’d;
then pray sincere to God above,
    “Forgive, in Jesus’ Name”.

Then read His Word—both Old and New,
    none doth ever expire;
let no one ever shake your faith,
    though hard they may conspire;
Obey His Law—He wrote it all!
    It’s all morality;
For Christ’s own sheep, do know His Voice
    and follow faithfully.

Time doth draw short, as evil spreads,
    who shall remain who’s true?
vile Dragon spews, a muddy flood
    to overtake God’s few
when Christ returns Judgment to make,
    will faith on earth remain?
the only ones who shall withstand
    —obey, confess His Name!

[initial inspiration drawn from Isaiah 5 and 44.]


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Confess Christ—which means denouncing ALL OTHER gods... all superstitions... ALL HUMANISM.

Confessing Christ is not mere acknowledgment of a name—it is believing and obeying ALL that He taught—and HE TAUGHT THE FULL COUNSEL, the entire Law and Prophets; not one jot or tittle of which has passed away.

Repent.  Morality never changes.  What God commanded, what God declared to be sin and abominations 4,000 years ago STILL ARE TODAY.

Obey by the Grace and Agency and Power of the Holy Spirit—if He is in you, then you will walk in the Spirit so you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh (all that God forbade: love not the world; he who would be a friend of the world is the enemy of God!  If the world is for it, then most probably God condemns and forbids it; if the world hates it, most probably God commands and loves it: Choose you this day!).

Pray.  Pray for all of Christendom.  Pray without ceasing... for God to convict you with the knowledge of truth—and so convict all His people; and pour out His Holy Spirit upon all His people and pour out a pestilence on all the rest: on all who hate Him; on all who reject His Lordship, His Morality.

Spread the Word.

Gather the sheep don't scatter them to the wolves.

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