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Hives (Urticaria)

There Is Hope - Relief - There is No Need To Suffer Any Longer

There is an Inexpensive Remedy / Control


[Updated information at the end]


My personal physical suffering:


Note: I do not list this all here for a "pity party" or to say, "woe is me"—but so that the reader will know that I do know all too well what real suffering is.  During these prolonged periods of suffering, I have dedicated myself to serving God and His people through research and writing—and focusing on that goal has helped get me through unbearable suffering.

From the age of 5 or so I had Juvenile Rheumatory Arthritis; for the past 20 years I have suffered with profound insomnia/sleep apnea,* fibromialgia, arthritis, and one of the worst cases of chronic hives that probably anyone has had to endure (all possibly from childhood vaccines).  I have also had bursitis off and on over the years (and bad for the past 5) and in the past 2 years somehow (at different times) minorly tore muscles in both my biceps (not even knowing how I did it).  I used to be a remarkable athlete, body-builder, and carpenter/landscaper... but over the past 20 years, without consistent physical exercise the body atrophies and weakens.  Sports and physical labor helped me 21 years ago, but since I have lived secluded and devoted myself to ministry for more than 2 decades, I do not get the consistent exercise that I used to get.  Hopefully I can remedy this after my current trial is over.

[* I wake up suffocating, my brain being starved of oxygen; but I don’t have a c-pap machine because it wouldn’t work since my sinuses are usually clogged.  I remember having apnea at times (though I didn’t know what it was at the time) as early as 16 (the men in our family seem to all have had it), when I was in prime physical, athletic shape and youth.]


I also suffer with sinus problems and have to use nose spray every 10-60 minutes and thus, over the past 20 years, on average, I only get about 2-3 hours of sleep a night (when I eventually do get to sleep, due to the insomnia), in 20 minute increments (and thus, never get to deep levels of sleep), because I either wake up not breathing (from apnea) or I wake up because I can’t breathe through my nose (sinus problem).  I have only slept through the night once or twice in 20 years and have not woken up feeling refreshed in 20 years.  I feel like I have a hangover most of the time, and as the day goes it wears on me more and all my senses are heightened (possibly aggravating or mimicking fibromialgia): every noise hurts my head and ears and even vibrations or something pressing or hanging on me slightly (even a sheet or a t-shirt) can be painful.  I also for the past several years have been plagued with tinnitis that sounds like a violin/flute quartet tuning up.  So loud it is, I originally thought it was some noise in the house and I went room to room looking for the source. So loud, it keeps me from falling asleep sometimes (and can be maddening).


Some people suffer terribly with hives. This has been the source of my greatest physical suffering. Most people don’t have a clue concerning what the suffering entails... most people think, "Oh, it is just a little bit of itchiness... no big deal" —however, that is not the case.  Few health problems are as tortuous.  When it is bad and covers a large percentage of the body it is no less painful than an impacted tooth.


Hives can be mild, like a minor rash or mosquito bites, but they can also feel like a very bad case of poison ivy* (without the oozing blisters) and a very severe sunburn—or all 3 combined—with very little, if any relief.  In my case, it was nearly 24/7, 12 months a year, over 16 years...!  

[* If the reader has never had a severe case of poison ivy, then he cannot comprehend the depths of this suffering either.]


I have had numerous more severe episodes that last for about for 3 weeks straight, without any relief (antihistamines brought zero relief and I could take a pack of 24 a day).  One time, during my worst episode (3 years ago) for the first week it felt like bad poison ivy and sunburn over 85% of my body (with many hives swelling out greatly, as I will explain below).  During the second week, the hives felt like yellow jackets* stinging me all over.  During the third week, the worst case I ever experienced, it felt like I was literally being chewed alive by rats... with no relief... no sleep...  On top of that, the antihistamines I took in such quantity (which dehydrate and constipate), in order to try to get some relief, gave my joints acute, unbearable arthritic pain: Sitting in a chair I had to change position every 2 seconds.

I probably looked like a drug addict going "cold turkey" through severe withdraw.  The antihistamines also made me jumpy and jittery: if someone walked into the room quickly and said something, I would literally jump (something I never do); every sound and every vibration was intensified 10x; it also felt like the world’s worst hangover (since in this 3 weeks of suffering I was not able to sleep even an hour a night), drained/fatigued (mentally and physically), headache, nausea, aches, fuzzy feeling—on top of the torment... it is an awful picture to paint; an even more horrific thing to live with.  Death would have brought relief (and was becoming a greater thought in my mind).

[* Why do you think they are called "hives"...? —because when the hives break out they can look and feel like you were stung by a whole colony or hive of bees.  The Latin name (for hives) urticaria comes from the Latin name of the herb/plant commonly called "stinging nettles," urtica—which, if you have never experienced (coming into contact with the plant), is impossible to imagine.  The plant’s leaves and stems are covered with a downy hair that are actually tiny hypodermic needles with which they inject their plant enzymes into your skin and the stinging is very intense (though of short duration).  However, the plant is a healthful herb, making a tonifying tea or pot herb, the needles being rendered innocuous by boiling.]


The "mere itching" even under the mild cases can be so bad that you scratch yourself until you are raw.  However, in most cases, it is not a topical, dermatological problem... "short term" hives can temporarily result from eating or coming into contact with something toxic or to which your body is allergic (shell fish, pork, chitlins, a plant, or chemical/drug or even a "sun rash"); but that is not the kind to which I am referring.  I am referring to the "long term" type of hives that result from something systemic; something internal (not in terms of injestion).  It may start only for a few hours a day, during certain seasons... during certain hours of the day (often late at night)... then increase longer and longer until you are consumed by them 24/7 - 12 months of the year, regardless of climate or location.  While stress, pollens, molds, certain foods, or medicines, etc. do not "cause" chronic hives; they do often aggravate them.


When the hives are severe and when they cover a significant percentage of your body, the pain is so consuming it can cause you to feel manic.


Individual welts (or welt "colonies" resulting from welts that continue to swell and eventually expand and incorporate those around them) can be larger than your hand and swell out over 1/2 an inch and more... not only is there incredible—unbearable—painful, stinging and itching, but there also is swelling pain and incredible heat... Eyes can swell closed for days at a time... Lips can swell up (and feel like you were punched in the mouth or as if someone has your lip pinched between a pair of pliers) for several days and when the swelling subsides, the outer layer of skin on the lips may split and the neurological trauma can even make the roots of your teeth hurt...


Hives can form in any joint, such as in the fingers, to the point they feel very tight with great pressure—like wearing leather gloves 2 sizes too small—you cannot bend your fingers more than 25-50%, and you have to remove any ring while there is time.  The hives in the joints can feel like a sprain and inhibit movement not only by tightness and pressure, but by also sharp pain...  The center of the soles of the feet can swell up so that it hurts to walk.


Hives can also develop inside the ears, sinuses and bronchials, chest and lungs (and suffocation is possible)... (and if the throat closes up—and you also have sinus problems that can clog your nasal passages sometimes 100% for many hours, the prognosis is not good at all).


Imagine this incredible suffering without relief, 24/7 for weeks at a time, or with only temporary relief—albeit, all-too-short—for years...! (and the antihistamines that bring temporary relief make you so exhausted, often without your realizing why—that is the nature of being drugged).


There is also the emotional trauma of not being able to be in public when the severest of outbreaks occur (which, as I have said, can last for weeks)... in mild cases, it is embarrassing... in bad cases, those who see you may need therapy to get over the horror they witnessed.  When it gets bad, it is not a rational thought, but it makes me feel like wanting to get a knife and cut all my skin off.

[Forgive the following lengthy digression, but I publish it in case there may be some who may benefit from it.]


I suffered indescribably for 16 years (nearly 24/7)... most people never learn the cause of their hives, let alone how to control them. After suffering greatly for many years (trying every-known, natural remedy, after allergy clinics produced no results) a friend showed me an issue (Nutrition and Healing September 2007, "Clinical Tip 140: The suprising condition behind chronic hives") of Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D.’s newsletter (see also: http://wrightnewsletter.com/about/), which mentioned hives possibly being caused by Hypochlorhydria (deficiency of the body producing adequate stomach acid).  Further, as we age, the body produces less and less stomach acid. Wright also reported that childhood asthma was cured in 50% of patients with addition of the enzymes (which I will mention below) in conjunction with sublingual B12 or injections. 

The enzymes can also help clear up dermatitis and eczema, rheumatoid arthritis, and numerous other problems (see: http://nutrientsearch.com/Nutrients/Betaine_HCl.html).

See also Wright’s book, Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You.*  Wright also reports that tests can be done to determine if one has Hypochlorhydria.

[* Inquire concerning availability/price.]


Doctors such as Wright recommended taking large doses (up to 2,700-3,900 mg. per meal) of specific digestive enzymes. He recommended though starting with 1 capsule before a meal until you are eventually taking 5 or 6 with each meal daily (see the brand I recommend below).  This will be easier for your GI tract to grow accustomed to the enzymes.


Here is the kicker: It often takes 2 or 3 months before you may notice any relief—but once they kick in you should be hive free (after which I have found I only needed to take maintenance doses every now and then; with meals or alone).


This "remedy" is very hard to follow and believe in... it is like flying blindly across the south Pacific Ocean, just hoping you will find an island before you run out of fuel and crash with no land anywhere in sight.  Sometimes it is also hard to recognize that the enzymes eventually "kicked in"—if you did not know (or forgot) that it takes so long to show any benefit: For you may have stopped taking the supplement, thinking it was doing no good, then months later, when you get relief, you don’t have a clue why they subsided briefly.

[Classical conditioning teaches us that if the response is too far removed from the stimulus, no association may ever be drawn even in the most astute mind.]


I began taking these enzymes, with meals—and even in between meals, frequently, on an empty stomach,* out of desperation, when the suffering was so bad that I wanted life to end (during the last of those intense 3 weeks).  It takes time for them to kick in.  Don’t give up.  Have faith.

[* Your body will know how much you can take; if your stomach rumbles too much or if you have to run for the toilet, you need to take less—or less often—for a while, then increase the dose once your stomach can handle it.]


Once I got the hives under control, I continued to take the enzymes for many months. With zero hives, I stopped taking the enzymes.  I eventually stopped taking any regular "maintenance dose" for maybe a year before the hives began to return.  I waited too long before I realized that I needed to go back on the enzymes in large doses, so it took a few months or more to get the hives under control—which also happened around the time I was under my greatest stress (during a time when God was putting me through an incredible trial, nearly a year without any hope in sight)—but they were only mild outbreaks: Though they started during the day, they soon subsided to only very late at night (and mild compared to what I used to suffer through).  I did have to take again 1 (or sometimes 2) antihistamines/night (which was a hated chapter of my life that I thought had passed*) while waiting for the digestive enzymes to kick in (though sometimes I did doubt that the enzymes would resolve the problem, I just continued to take them with meals, in between, and then later also while fasting).

[* I used to (jokingly) declare to my friends that I was a "test pilot" for the antihistamine industry. I took so many over 16 years I eventually developed GERD or acid reflux which was unbearable in itself.  Antihistimines, like many drugs (usually made from petrolium or pine tar), are synthetic hydrochloride (hydrochloric acid) compounds.  My stomach burned incredibly all the time and if I burped it felt as if molten lava came up and I felt I might pass out.  I had to begin taking acid reducers.  However, once the digestive enzymes kicked in, I no longer needed either antihistamines or acid reducers.  I used to need antihistamines so desperately, it was as if they were my life-support...  I was more concerned if I had antihistamines in my wallet than money or my driver’s license...  I had them in every room, every vehicle, my tool box, work shop... etc. (unfortunately, I am still this way with nose spray).  The hives in the past were so bad that the antihistamines gave 0% relief during the several weeks/year that the hives would break out beyond the realm of control.  I took antihistamines in great frequency and high doses—I did not want to take them at all; but the suffering was so great it was all that sometimes brought relief... the torment was unbearable.  I print this here in case others are suffering and looking for relief so that they might know that there is hope and that they do not have to suffer and there is a cure or at least an inexpensive, natural control.  I don’t believe that it is a digestion problem alone (for fasting for 4-8 weeks did not clear up the hives; nor any cleanse, colonics, juicing, diet etc.]


I believe my case is an exception; I believe God wanted me to again suffer with the hives as I again suffered through a terrible ordeal (to teach me various things He wanted to teach me and to continue to teach me to trust in Him).


After 6 months of my ordeal, I found out my hives were not subsiding, but getting worse.  This had to be due to the great amount of stress and mental/emotional anguish I was under.  The hives began to become severe again and all I could do was cry out to God for deliverance, while I took antihistimines as needed (sometimes 6-8 a night) and I continued to take the enzymes.  I began to doubt if they would clear up.  It seems God was putting me through, not merely the desert, but the forge.


After about 7 months I stopped taking the enzymes, figuring, if they were going to help, all I had taken would eventually kick in and there was no need to keep taking 24 (6 tablets 4x a day). 


After 11 months the hives are 100% gone.


For a full year now (as of June 2013) I have not had a single hive, and while I may not take the enzymes with every single meal, I do at least 80% of the time.   Now, as of June 2021 I have not had a single hive.


I now take 5-6 enzymes once a day as maintenance.


Dr. Jonathan Wright also warned that if you experience a bad reaction, stop taking the enzymes and he stated that HCl (hydrochloride) products/supplements should never be used with anti-inflammatory medications (including aspirin, Butazolidin, Inodicin, Motrin, etc.) since it may increase the risk of internal bleeding.  He also says you should consult a doctor and be tested (which I did not do) for low stomach acid before taking large doses of the enzyme.

[I use Betaine Hydrochloride (HCL) with Pesin (plus other enzymes) (Gluten-Free) by Country Life: 2 tablets = 912 mg.* - 250 tablets - UPC Code: 015794051046 - retail $18.00-20.00 (which is highly inflated by the sellers as the MSR [manufactuerer’s suggested retail] price, to make it look like a great deal; currently (2022) $13.00 per bottle would be a good price).  Sometimes Amazon.com or Swanson vitamin has them on sale; even under $10.00 / bottle sometimes.  Source Naturals is also a good brand.  If you have never ordered from Swanson before, follow this link for $ or a % off your first order, and fill out the order form first, if possible, before adding items to your cart: https://www.talkable.com/x/aFDsPQ

* Thus, 1 tablet would be 456 mg.; 6 would be 2736 mg.; 8 tablets would be 3648 mg.

Corrupt gov’t/Big Business is trying to outlaw supplements (or control them with only "Drug Companies" then being allowed to manufacture them; so they are 10x more expensive, require a prescription—thus an additional $100-$150 doctor’s bill—and so they will be 10x less potent/effective—i.e. worthless; as they have done in Australia).  Thus, it would be wise to stock up on these and other supplements and store them in a cool, dry place.  An old broken refrigerator/upright deep freezer (seal must be good) in a basement is ideal—if you don’t have an old upright deep freezer/refrigerator check local thrift shop; or appliance store/Lowes (for old ones they hauled off); or use plastic 5-6 gallon buckets with lids and label them alphabetically.]






A few other tips for relief from hives:


I found that getting into a warm bath and gradually increasing the water hotter and hotter until I could not stand it any longer, then keeping it like that for an hour would bring some relief, though short in duration... (though also exhausting).


Also, herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze’s hot/cold water therapy can also help (but you really need a deep well rather than city water, except maybe during the winter, otherwise the cold will not be cold enough... however, if you have several tubs/showers you can fill one tub with cold water and ice and use the other tub (or shower) with hot water and do the hot/cold water therapy in the 2 tubs (or cold tub/hot shower).

[Only you can determine if you think you should do this.]


Whether the tub or the shower be careful not to slip when going from one to the other.  Dr. Schulze recommends getting the shower water as hot as you can stand it, count 30-60 seconds, then switch the water to full cold (or go to the ice tub)... again, 30-60 seconds. If showering turn around in the shower to get the water on your head, neck, back, chest, stomach.... (don’t start counting in the shower until the cold water is fully cold, as it will take 15-30 seconds or so for the pipes to cool down from the very hot water, especially if you have copper pipes)... when you switch to hot water in the shower, bring the temperature up gradually, don’t turn the faucet to full hot, so that you don’t burn yourself; once you have the shower as hot as you can stand it, then start counting.  You do this 7 sets of hot-cold, starting on hot and ending on cold.  This hot-cold water therapy is supposed to be great for many adverse health conditions.  If you think you might faint or lose your balance, put a folding metal or a plastic chair in the shower (put 2x4s under legs, and wash cloths under the 2x4s to protect the tub).  This sometimes gave me temporary relief from hives.

I also found that antihistamines (or too many) gave me acute arthritic symptoms in my joints... However, a palmful or 2 Tablespoons of celery seed taken in a glass of water would usually give me relief from those chemical-induced arthritic symptoms in about 20 minutes (and it also worked if I got joint pain from drinking a glass or two of red wine with sulfites).  You can get celery seed cheap, bulk (around $10 for three 1-lb. bags), Frontier brand, at Amazon.com.

Most people never learn the cause/pathology of their hives.  Sometimes the symptoms are mistaken as being the result of many different things; but often they are an end unto themselves.  If the body is severely taxed by whatever is causing the hives, the immune system is weakened and a person can develop allergies or sensitivities (including hives) which are secondary, not causal.  By mistaking a "symptom" as a disease itself, or as the cause, doctors may prescribe a treatment for the symptom, not the problem—like treating termites on a house with another coat of paint... it may look better temporarily, but the problem will continue to erupt.  A weakened immune system and even candida albicans* (systemic yeast overgrowth throughout the entire body, which both men and women can get from many things, such as antibiotics and yeast in the diet) can mimic scores of physical ailments, which doctors misdiagnose, and if the true cause is not realized, the treatment will be in the wrong direction and a waste of time and money, with un-needed frustration and aggravation on top of the suffering. Homemade kefir*2 (made with "milk kefir grains"*3 which never need to be replaced, but grow and divide and reproduce) can help with many health problems (including candida) and can be easily made with nothing else and no other cost than milk (no equipment/heating needed).

[*1 See also: Detecting Your Hidden Allergies, by Dr. William Crook, M.D. (contact me for info on this book); I was on Crook’s "Cave Man" diet for 11 months. It didn’t help the hives, but helps many problems (it helped my hay fever) and rests the immune system so it can be revitalized. Two reputable, successful doctors claim that cancer is caused by candida and both can be cured/prevented with either baking soda/maple syrup (Italian Dr. Tullio Simoncini at cancerisafungus.com) or cottage cheese/flax-seed oil (German biochemist Dr. Johanna Budwig at http://lightsv.org/bud1.htm).

*2 The best all-around kefir site is: http://users.chariot.net.au/~dna/Makekefir.html; known also as "Dom’s Kefir-making in-site".

*3 or more properly I believe they should be called "blooms"—they are a colony of friendly yeast and bacteria, not a grain.]


As the Russian commander in the movie Red Dawn announced to his soldiers, "If a fox is stealing the eggs from the hen house, you do not punish the chickens" (paraphrase).  The fox is the culprit and punishing the chickens will not only be useless, it will be counter-productive.  So it is with treating the symptom instead of the root cause.  Yet the gods of medicine think they know all*—until they injure someone, then they claim they are "not responsible," that they are "only human," and that is why they carry "qwack" insurance and merely "practice" medicine (for they never truly master it; yet they claim to be experts who alone know what is best for your body).  Now, they are even having traitors in the legislature pass laws completely indemnifying them from any deleterious outcomes as a result of their "practicing" medicine (first primarily in the use of harmful and deadly vaccines, but later to be applied to any harm they cause)

[* —and they think that they have the right to tell us what treatment we can and cannot have, what supplements can and cannot be on the market, who can produce them and what stringent guidelines they have to meet and all the hoops manufacturers have to jump through; making the vitamins less potent, synthetic** instead of natural, and more and more costly, also cutting out competition (competition keeps prices down).

** —which are toxic. See: Supplements Exposed....***

*** See book list at the bottom of "Important Health Information":

http://stm.christogenea.org/index.php?option=com_content&;view=article&id=40:important-health-information-and-books&catid=7:bulletin-board&Itemid=4 ]




NOTE: No medical advise is given herein.


I am only sharing my personal experience and sharing what I did and what brought me relief, regardless of whether I write in the first or second person.  You should only do what you believe is right for you... if you are ignorant and incompetent and believe your AMA doctor has all the answers, then by all means, forget you have ever read this and go back to being his volunteer guinea pig at your own expense...

My doctor is the Great Physician and He guides me in His Own Time and His Own Way to heal and give relief once I have leaned on and trusted Him and learned of His Grace in times of need (and once I have learned the lessons for which the suffering was ordained).  If God is in control then He is in control of our problems, health or otherwise.  Seeking other gods will not fix the problem, but increase His displeasure.  Medicine and doctors have their role; but have exeeded their bounds.


Though I give no medical advice, until any doctor himself has suffered from this condition 24/7 for 16+ years, I believe I have more experience and knowledge in this area than any overblown ego he may have causes him to think that he has in this matter...  It is irrelevant what is "approved."  What is relevant is what works.  The world existed quite well for 6,950 years on herbs* before the advent of pharmecueticals made from petroleum (lining the pockets of the oil and drug companies).  More people die from aspirin each year, than in all of recorded history from herbs.  NO ONE has the right to tell another suffering person the treatments he may or may not pursue.  That is unconstitutional and immoral; it is communist totalitarianism, it is barbaric, it is a sadistic hate crime, and it is a crime against humanity!  It is the height of ignorance for those who do not have the answers, to demand that everyone follow solely their ignorant, sterile (expensive, harmful) advice (which enriches themselves).

[* Since herbs are natural they cannot be patented to make billions of dollars; which is one of the reasons for the hybridization and genetic modification of plants. Inquire for a list of available books on the dangers of GMOs.]




If you have suffered with hives and find relief after reading what I have published here, concerning Dr. Wright’s suggestion for hives, and my personal experience implementing it, please email me to let me know, as I sincerely hope that some people may find incredible, much-needed relief as a result of my having taken the time to write out and publish this personal information and share my personal experience: Since I do not believe that the majority of medical doctors or even alternative doctors are aware of this simple remedy . I know: For I contacted many and tried their suggestions without result, and others said they would have recommended trying any of the many things I told them I had tried—fasting, colonics, juicing, supplements, herbal cleanses, anti-yeast medications and supplements, "cave man diet," HBO (hypobaric-oxygen), ozone, even acupuncture once, etc., etc.—and they confessed they did not have a clue as to what might help.  These digestive enzymes in large quantities are the only thing I found to help and help completely—it just takes about 2-3 months (under normal circumstances) of vigilance and dedication in taking them with every meal (and even in between on an empty stomach) until they finally kick in for me (under normal circumstances). 



Last year I realized that the terrible body odor smell under my armpits was due to the Betaine HCL.  It was very acidy, and not even several soapings in the shower, H2O2, rubbing alcohol, etc., would help (stepping out of the shower, my underarms smelled no better).  I finally realized that it was the HCL... but what a dilemma... sort of like realizing that breathing air makes you fat... what do you do?  Well, I have been carefully, for many months now, been substituting the below supplements in place of the Betaine HCL with pepsin—but I still take the Betaine HCL every third or forth time.  It is like playing chicken with a train... to find the frequency and dose of the B-HCL that will prevent hives, but not make me smell so bad that I am offensive to myself (and who knows who else).  I don't know if these other combined supplements will without B-HCL completely prevent hives (and it is a scary thought if they do not).  Regardless, for several months now I have cut back 80 to 90% of the B-HCL and the toxic underarm acidy odor has gone away.

1. Choline & Inositol

2. Pancreatin (Swanson 4x)

3. Papain / Papaya enzyme (they smell so wonderful you want to open the capsules and eat them)

4. Bromelain

5. raw Apple cider vinegar (capsules or the vingegar itself, presumably, a tablespoon, drinking some fluid afterward so the acid does not eat the enamel off your teeth).

Anyway, anyone else who has been taking B-HCL to prevent hives... who now realizes you have developed body odor... no, you are not turning into an old fart (well, maybe not) and your body is not dissolving... it may be the HCL, so if you can get these other supplements and attempt to find the keen balance your body needs, you may be able to correct this new problem too.


UPDATE: Well, after not having hives for several years, they returned... I must not have been taking enough HCL and the other enzymes don’t do (at least, to prevent hives) what HCL does.  Once they clear up I will try every other time, alternating HCL and the other enzymes.  It has been about a month now with hives, and they are mostly just annoying, and I ignored them without any antihistamines for a few weeks, but now have to take some.  Hopefully they will clear up soon, and before they become torturous.

Also, other supplements which may help (since they help inflammation / inflammation conditions in general) are:

Vitamin D


High doses of C 




Magnesium chelate / Magtein / Magnesium L-threonate



stinging nettle leaf / herb and root


B-3 Niacin / Niacinamide, both flushing and non-flushing forms. 

(Note: The flushing can be unpleasant, but it is actually part of the benefit... so if you can tolerate it, it will help.  For more information on Niacin and its many wonders, and my explanation of its flushing side-effects, see: 

What Are the Most-Important Health Nutrients? Can You Really Prevent or Reverse Disease? AND THE CORONA HYSTERIA

which also contains links to youtubes on Niacin, C, and Iodine.)





Having been plagued with eye muscles that spasm continually for about 13 years, and the acidy underarm smell (which I never had in my life), I finally put 2 and 2 together — that both began to occur sometime after I began taking large doses of betain HCL with pepsin.


I tried going off the Betain HCL onto other good digestive enzymes (pancreatin, apple cider vinegar, okra pepsin, choline/inositol, papain, bromelaine, etc.), so I would not have offensive armpit odor that even a shower and soap does not remove..


However, to my horror, the enzymes did not work, and the hives came back with a vengeance; it took about 11 months to get under control, then instead of going away completely, went from about 5% back to 50% intensity, so I must have slacked off a little; or getting older requires more of the enzymes?  I was around 58 years old at that time; I will soon turn 62.


I first thought the eye spasms were due to the amount of tea I drink, the caffeine possibly depleting iron.


Supplementation did not really help; though Magtein seemed to for awhile (which works symbiotically with calcium).


Then I thought maybe TOO MUCH calcium (which can be as toxic as too much iron; according to Dr. Mercola and others) from the calcium in the Betaine HCL with pepsin.


I believe it may be both depletion of iron and too much calcium?


I have begun decaffeinating my tea (soaking the 1 T. tea ball first in a cup of heated water for 45 sec., then discarding, once it cools, onto my plants, as well as the tea leaves/coffee grounds, then making the tea with another cup of hot water.


Also, every single time I take Betaine HCL, I also take magtein and vitamin K; K helps remove free calcium from blood stream and inject into the bones (and I use nonchina, noncorn Xylitol, which strengthens/remineralizes bones and teeth, so I imagine it does the same thing); and vit. K works best in conjunction with D, Zinc, and Lecithin (sunflower).


Anyway, I take the time to type out and share this anecdotal info in case any of your patients begin to notice similar problems.


after several months, for the first time in 13 years, eye spasms (which were continual, night and day, nonstop) are down to about 5% of what they were.

May 2024 update

After having had my hives under control for 5 years, I went off the Betaine HCL because I finally realized after a decade that was what was giving me acidy armpit odor; I went on numerous other digestive enzymes, papain, bromelain, apple cider vinegar, pancreatin, okra pepsin, etc.)... but clearly that was not anything to control the hives, and they returned with a vengeance... and I suffered incredibly for 4 years, though taking the Betaine HCL religiously; but been hive free about 2 months now (May 2024) after having been taking grassfed ox bile (Eleva brand) along with the Betaine HCL, and I also take Choline & Inositol and sunflower Lecithin, in addition to K2 (MK7), D3 and A, zinc, E, and C along with the Betaine HCL.  the K2 is to remove excess free calcium from bloodstream, the D3 helps K2 to work; but D3 depletes body of A; and zinc is called messenger A since it helps move A around the body from where it is stored in certain organs, to where it is needed.

I share this in case it may help some whom the Betaine HCL alone is not helping... when suffering, anything (within limits) is worth trying.


My father was an M.D. who was also a (Christian / nonhumanist) psychiatrist and also alternative medicine practitioner; and I myself have studied natural health for 45 years.


Anyway, I hope maybe this data helps.


Anyone who has found help from the information that I have shared, please consider a donation.  No one pays me to do all that I do.




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