“Equality Matters” and other Derangements of the Irrational, Liberal Mind. The Saga Continues... (UPDATED)

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Modern “Government” “Logic”... or... THEY ALL Flew Over the Coo-Coo’s Nest... or... Modern Politically Insane Confusion and Dementia ]

Are all tools equal? While a chopstick can be used to dig a hole, most rational people will find that a shovel, more specifically a spade, will assure greater success and ease (and elicit fewer snickers from spectators). While a chopstick may be better than nothing (and that would be a judgment call), most people would choose a spade if given the option (unless the person is a contestant in a new reality competition t.v. series titled, “Naked into the Wilderness with Nothing but a Chopstick”). Conversely, most people with normal mouths and awareness of dining etiquette would also prefer to eat with a chopstick, rather than a shovel, if given the opportunity. But, if you think all tools are equal, by all means, use a shovel (and a tarp for a bib) and bon appetite.

Are all tools equal? Are they all equal in value? I have not priced shovels or chopsticks in awhile, but I would still venture to say that in general, normal shovels are more expensive than normal chopsticks. However, not even all chopsticks are equal! I am sure if you have enough money you can purchase a pair that are made of ivory or solid gold studded with diamonds. But not to make shovels feel inferior, I am sure that if you have enough money you can also purchase a shovel that is made of ivory or solid gold studded with diamonds.

[China single-handedly is deforesting the world, producing 45 billion pair of disposable chopsticks each year—and the Japanese are partners in this crime: Reportedly, Japan uses more disposable chopsticks annually than any other nation: 24 billion pair (either they are very fastidious or after a meal they practice a martial art, such as Aikido, and chopsticks are their weapon of choice). Other sources claim China uses 45 billion pair themselves and produce 80 billion pair a year. Either way, that is certainly, very, very, “non-green” and very, very “anti-tree”. Where are the “tree huggers” when you REALLY need them? Thus, it is the “responsibility” of us in the civilized world to “tighten our green belt” so the all the savages on the planet who outnumber us (probably about 15:1) can live in wanton irresponsibility.]

What about a jackhammer and a vibrating massage therapy device...? Would you care which was used on your back? Would you pay someone $75 / hour to tear up and then remove the deteriorating old sidewalk to your front door, if they were going to use a back massager to vibrate the old sidewalk into manageable pieces...? Are these tools equal? Are they equal in value? I believe chiropractors and jackhammer operators would say “no”. But maybe I am the one out of touch with reality... I really have not surveyed 100 chiropractors and 100 jackhammer operators nationwide to amass enough data to make a definitive universal statement.

What about animals? Are all animals equal? Are all animals of equal value? Most liberals are atheists and antichrists and believe in the unscientific nonsense of evolution, and as “evolutionaries” they reject what the Bible says and they claim that man is an “animal” (and they think that all races of what is considered humankind, came from one source). Well, man is animated,* in the sense that he has life and in the sense that he is not vegetable or mineral. Man is sometimes classified in that specific manner as being “animal”—if the only other 2 choices are vegetable or mineral (but a human is not AN animal in the same way that animals are animals). While some analogy tests may ask, “pick the answer CLOSEST to the truth” it needs to be remembered the answers are not true. For example: What is a horse most like?— a dragonfly, a cement block, a tractor, or the sun? Indeed, a horse and only one of these other items can be ridden, used to pull a wagon, to plow, etc. But they are not the same; and certainly not equal.

[* The Latin word anima means, “breath, soul”; hence by extension, “life, living”. The Latin word animalis, is the adjectival form and means “having breath, soul, life.” Other words derived from the same root also reflect this: animated, animation.]

However, this classification is not without its drawbacks and thus muddies the waters and blurs the boundaries between those who are savages and humans, and between humans and animals.

In the Way of The World video (link below), pay close attention to the facial expressions (which are windows to the soul / mind) and behaviour of the mass of jumping, dancing, singing natives in their joy of the return of white farmers to Zimbabawe (former prosperous white colony of Rhodesia), without whom the nation is starving to death and unable to even run the farms (all of which now are run-down with most everything of value having been stolen).

WOTW - Way of The World

Why Africa’s Future Is Colonial


The white farmers are FOOLS to have returned (while knowing that white farmers in South Africa are tortured and murdered daily). Of course, many of the same natives were jumping, dancing, singing in their joy at killing and driving the white farmers out of Zimbabwe a few decades ago (in 2000, when Mugabe instigated the driving out of 4,000 white commercial farmers, many violently killed, slating their land to be given for “resettlement” of “black farmers”).

However, the same inexplicable phenomena can be seen, practiced by the same invaders here in the U.S. When they are allegedly angry about something (which itself is inexplicable*) they turn buses over, set them on fire, jump on and smash cars and turn them over, loot stores, smash windows of businesses, burn buildings down, etc. Then, when they “celebrate” (such as when the Philadelphia ‘76ers won the basketball championship in 1983, I believe), they turned buses over, set them on fire, jumped on and smashed cars and turned them over, looted stores, smashed windows of businesses, burned buildings down, etc. You can’t tell the difference between when they are happy or mad!

[* For example, in the cases of St. George the Floyd, Arthur McDuffy, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Rodney King, etc., the blacks pretended to be upset; but it was not upset: They have to pretend to be upset to be able to justify their “protesting” (stealing, destroying, and otherwise having a grand ole night on the town at everyone elses expense). First of all most commentators engage in ignorance and deceit when they refer to the “killing” of St. George. He was not killed. You cannot strangle someone by restraining him with your knee on the back of his neck. The trachea (windpipe) is in the front of the neck, in the throat. Only if the officer had placed Floyd’s throat over the top rail of a chainlink fence, a hand rail, the back of a park bench, or over something like the concrete parking blocks in front of some parking spaces, and the officer was on top of him somehow with his knee on the back of the neck, could that knee have pressed the throat into another object to cut off the air—which could not have been done with Floyd laying flat on the ground where he was subdued for resisting arrest. This subduing technique is a routine one that police officers all over the use are trained in and ordered to use (in subduing anyone in this situation, regardless of his race). It was not something that some white racist cop invented to torture Negroes. None of the other 3 officers, all nonwhite, said to the officer who must have “drawn the short straw”: “Yo, homey, get off da brudder; dat ain’t no way to be dissin’ him. What be dat yu be dooin’? I nebber seen datz be-fo’...”

Floyd killed himself (and it wasn’t even “suicide by cop”). It had nothing to do with the officer’s restraint. St. George died from multiple drugs being in his system and an overdose of at least one (three times what a person can handle), in addition to long term abuse of his bodily organs from drugs (and maybe from McDonald’s McRib sandwiches, tobacco, alcohol, and flu shots). “Black Floyd” was “trippin’ out”, having been huffing and pill popping (and he can’t blame Pink Floyd—he wasn’t even there). He was acting agitated and delerious, foaming at the mouth, talking crazy and admitting to doing drugs: Thus, “business as usual”; “all in a day’s work” for the average cop day in such neighborhoods; how could the cops have known that he took “too much” of whatever he was on? What else could they have done other than what they did...?—restrain him while waiting on paramedics. St. George began resisting after refusing to be put into the back of a police car, because being a career criminal, he knew he would be going back to prison. He was a large, agitated man with a criminal record, clearly on drugs. He was a threat.* restrained on the ground for his own good. Had they put him in the back of the police car, he might have died sooner, thrashing around alone without anyone to restrain him.

* See the end of this Rumination for another similar story / links, which MUST be taken into consideration in the trial’s of the officers falsely accused of St. George’s death.

The other inexplicable thing about Black Floyd and all the others is that the vast majority of blacks “protesting” his death didn’t know Floyd or the other “black martyrs”. If the majority of blacks “protesting” had known any of these “black martyrs” they probably would not have liked them. Most of them were career criminals, punks, juvenile offenders, trouble makers, bullies, etc. Had any of them had a really nice pair of sneakers, another black may have killed any one of these “black martyrs” just for his sneakers (which senseless crimes happen on a daily basis throughout all nations of Christendom that they and other savages have been allowed to invade).

What a tragedy.  Boo hoo. Let’s protest. Nope. Wrong holiday. They did not know Floyd and could not have cared less about him. His death, for whatever reason, is merely an “opportunity”—and 99% of the blacks “protesting” or “outraged” have ZERO interest in the truth of the episode. It is an “opportunity”. Chicago has around 700 murders a year, mostly blacks on blacks. Senseless murders (and rapes and other violent crime) is a daily “non-issue”. No story here. Who cares...? What we need is a real “event” that we can “exploit”.

It is the same across the rest of the nation. The reason that they “celebrate” (which is what it is—a chance to have fun and steal and break and burn things) when a black dies at the hands of a white (or semi-white, or one white cop in the company of 3 nonwhite cops), even if the black “victim” was committing a crime and the white (or semi-white, or laughingly / insultingly called “white”*) parties involved were justified in their actions, is because it gives them their excuse and the simple-minded, emotional masses believe “African-American Ghost stories” about their “oppression”.

* Such as “George Zimmerman” the neighborhood watch citizen in an area of Sanford, Florida, who was on patrol and was having his head bashed into the curb by the criminal punk black Trayvon Martin, simply because Zimmerman asked him who he was and why he was in the neighborhood. Zimmerman shot and killed the black criminal, to save his own life. But Zimmerman, called by the media “white”—is not white! He is a Latino! His mother (whose maiden name is Mesa) was born in Peru. Zimmerman identified as Hispanic on voter registration forms. In calling him “white” the media is guilty of a hate crime against whites; and THE MEDIA is guilty for all the violence and crime and destruction of property that ensued.

In most all cases, the mothers of these career criminals, juvenile offender youth, sing the same “black spiritual” song:

“My son wuz an aynjil. He wuz out on da street korner witnissin’ fo Jesus and sum white racis just kummed up an hunted him down like a wild pig, slaughtered him up and made bakun from hims fo his brefess ta nekst moanin’. We oppressed. Itz open seezun on innocent yung blak boyz.”

Sir Michael Davitt, M.P., in his The Boer Fight For Freedom* (1902), wrote that the black mine workers whom he interviewed in South Africa were so “oppressed”, they said to him that they did not understand what was going on and did not know what their “grievances were” until they read them in the newspapers each morning. Davies, an Irishman, and Member of Parliament, witnessed the Boer War first hand and resigned from Parliament in protest of it, and wrote his book. He said the whole affair was stirred up by agitators, primarily German and English Jews; and that the British conducted themselves barbarically, while the rough and unrefined backwoods Boers behaved as gentlemen (sort of like how the Northerns treated the Southerners in the Northern War of Agression).

* 630pp., plastic comb-bound, 20.00 + P&H. See also: Bulala: A True Story of South Africa, Elgin (Balaicius, Editor, Contributor), 392pp., pb., 18.38 + P&H, which is a historical novel based on fact and also details both Anglo-Boer Wars as well as the Battle of Blood River and much more. I describe it as “Little House on the Prairie” meets “Shaka Zulu”.

Blacks are lied to and whipped up into a frenzy, by the repeated telling of African-American Ghost stories, about their “oppression”; and they are taught these lies (by the Zionist agitators, and communists, and their own people who are paid well by the former to stir up strife) from childhood. Therefore, simple-minded, emotional, immoral blacks who don’t care about truth simply accept it as “truth” because they’ve heard it all their lives—so “it must be true”. This is the Modus operandi of communists. Telling the lowest class that they are “oppressed” and that they have “rights”; and that they would be wealthy if those bad other people had not “stolen” all the land and opportunity. They don’t realize,* that they are only “useful pawns”. They are a toxic, terminal counter-culture / race that is used by the communist liberals to destroy Christendom, by weakening the nations of Christendom racially, morally, intellectually, spiritually, jurisprudentially, and economically so that the nations can fall. Once the nations fall, the worthless trash will have the mother-of-all “wake-up” calls, when then realize nothing is for free anymore: they will be ordered to work or starve to death; and if they are caught committing crimes they will be executed after a speedy one-sided trial. “No honor among thieves” is the dictating philosophy.

[* —like the tens of millions of trash on welfare in the U.S. Millions of endless multi-generational nonproducing consumers and criminals are kept on a taxpayer-funded breeding program, and are given welfare checks, free food, housing, utilities, free school breakfast and lunches, education, health care, cell phones, etc. Their sole “contribution” to society is reproducing 6 to 12 (and even up to 28 children) each, all whose needs are paid for by the taxpayers, while their crimes are mostly ignored (though the crimes themselves cost about $450 billion dollars a year, in the need for additional police, security, loss of life and property, investigators, courts, prisons, parole officers, etc.). See my book, The Other Side (460pp., plastic comb-bound, 25.00 + P&H), for many such statistics.]

The average—the average—black in South Africa has an IQ of 70.

[This is mental retardation level, 5-year old thinking; though the “experts” are continually “playing with the numbers” to defraud people’s minds concerning reality. Currently, “79 to 70” is merely considered, “borderline”—and “69 and below” is merely considered, “extremely low”. Of course the “average” continues to come crashing down the more Third-world savages that we absorb. Shocking to modern snowflakes and liberals attempting to destroy Christendom, it used to be that an IQ of “70 to 51” was considered a “moron”; “50 to 26” was considered an “imbecile”; and “25 and below” was considered an “idiot”. Understand: the terminology was not changed to protect the “feelings” of all those in these categories—because the majority of those in these categories are not cognitively astute enough to realize what it means! Therefore, the terminology (and continual number changing) is to protect the “feelings” of the families and to continue to deceive the public and like a frog in a pot of slowly heated water, prevent the public from realizing the slow boil that is being perpetrated against them by the encouraging of intermarriage with savages.]

Zimbabwe is not far behind.

Charles Murray who wrote The Bell Curve (inquire), decades ago, in a new book explains that all the “experimentor bias” in the devising of the tests simply makes blacks score less; but they have in the past few centuries attempted to devise tests in which the blacks would score higher, but they cannot invent such a test. In his book, Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America, (inquire) he reports that no matter what test is used, the results are the same. In fact, there have been studies that show that as Black child gets older, his IQ decreases.

However, refusing to believe reality, even conservatives are knee-jerk reaction brainwashed into being liberally hopeful that the problem is “environment” (for which we are not responsible). However, 70 years and TRILLIONS of dollars in failed “social programs” shows it is not environment. It is not our problem. The politicians have made it into a problem by having them outbreed us. Their solution, of course, is to dumb us down to hide the disparity (and to brainwash our youth into breeding us out of existence, which is genocide).

Dr. James Dewey Watson, co-discoverer of DNA and co-Nobel Prize winner for Physiology / Medicine in 1962, (along with Dr. Francis H. C. Crick and Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins), was blackballed and discriminated against and econominically terrorized about a decade ago when he came out publicly and declared that it was an injustice to force civilization upon Blacks and expect them to live in our society according to honor and by the rules of civilization, since they are not capable of civilization or thought or behaviour unique to our people.  As as result he could not find work, had fellowships and consultation positions “not renewed” and had to sell his Nobel Prize on Ebay to raise money that he needed to pay the bills—such was the professional discrimination (economic and professional totalitarian terrorism) against him.  Our Founding Father and Third President, John Adams expressed, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious [Christian] people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.

The problem exists in every black nation and every nation that the blacks invade (traditionally, multi-generational inbred Middle Easterners simply add to the toxic cocktail). A friend of mine, a Dutch engineer from South Africa, said that decades ago when he worked in South Africa, the company that he worked for actually hired psychologists to try to brainstorm methods of making the blacks more-productive workers. They concluded, in essence, “We could not devise anything that worked; you are on your own; try anything”. Like welfarites in the U.S., and like many alien workers in the U.S., they spend their paycheck / welfare check in the first week and have to coast (or steal) for the rest of the month. Many who get their paycheck don’t return to work until they are out of money. My friend said he approached various black workers, and in essence, attempted to reason with them: Look, if you come to work each day and work hard, you can make more money. The answer given, “Why would I want that?” Well, the retort was, you could buy a nice car. “So what?” Well, you could buy your wife nice things, rent a nicer apartment for her. “Why would I want to do that?” He tried every thought of reasoning. Nothing worked. Even if he convinced some to work harder and they did have more money, even if they could buy a nice car (by their standards)... it was fated to failure... they could only remain constant for a short period, and at the first opportunity of being out of money and not having any drugs or booze or money for prostitutes, they hocked the new car for cash. Stealing is easier than working. The blacks in South Africa hire minors to actually do the stealing—because the liberal Talmudists who have perverted the South African government passed laws, similar to those in the U.S., that minors cannot be charged or even arrested. They are simply let go. Thus, the adult blacks hired the minor blacks and show them how to steal and then give them a share of the loot.

The tests have always been true. All of civilization shows them to be true; all of history shows them to be true. Statistics cannot lie. They cannot simply “FAIL MISERABLY” even when given every opportunity, new housing, jobs, welfare, entire neighborhoods, an entire country—and everything turn to ghetto and it be the white man’s fault.

That is why there is such a mass push to mongrelize the white race out of existence, intermarrying with the blacks or other nonwhites—for that will hide the disparity of the Intelligence and other innate differences. After a generation or two (especially with history being rewritten), the majority will ever even know the former greatness of Christendom, or who founded it. All of Christendom (without resistence, unless Christ returns) will look like the movies Planet of the Apes and Mad Max, or like those Hindu Temples to the monkey—with myths told as “truth” of how the monkeys built the temple.

However, there is another reasons: because we, the true peoples of Christendom are God’s true people. God promised to preserve a remnant of His true people. If Satan can destroy that remnant, God will have failed to keep His Promise; and if God can fail in any one area (and we are the weak link, Satan thinks) then God will be proved to be other than the Perfect, Omnipotent God that He says that He is, and Satan will renew hope that he can eventually overthrow God completely. This is what Scripture doctrine and prophecy teaches. For more details, see my booklets, Going Ape...? and Calling the Remnant...?, 88pp., 6.00 each + P&H.  Going Ape is also online for free [ —Going Ape Over Political, Academic, Journalistic, and Ecumenical “Monkeybusiness”: A Swiss Tale — My Tribute and Warning to and Prayer for Christendom (UPDATED) ], and though 6,000 people have accessed it, it would be nice if they actually ordered a copy—and a dozen other copies to share with others to help wake our people up...! Muzzle not the ox that treadeth out the corn... give honor to whom honor is due; faithful ministers who put in double time are worthy of double honor. This is why the enemy / the leftists / liberals are winning. They are not cheap. They support those doing the work. Sadly, most conservatives / “patriots” merely want to graze for free. You reap what you sow.

The savages cannot invent or build or improve. They can only tear down (by normal careless living or by outright assault) what someone else has built. That is one reason why they are jealous that others have nice things; and instead of working hard so that they can have nice things too, they want to kill the other and steal what he has, which will eventually will be destroyed (because he places such little value on it and is incapable of maintaining anything). This mental constipation is perpetuated by the continual chanting of the African-American ghost story / myth that it is all somehow the white man’s fault. Even in the face of the alleged rash of “Black on Asian violence” due to the phony pandemic of covid, the black violence was blamed on white racism! It seems ever since the one Congressman was shamed and threatened into silence for blurting out that Obama lied about health care, and after Pelosi, with a strait face, treasonously said, “We can’t find out what is in the bill until we pass it”—U.S. politics took an exponential leap into the absurd, the anti-intellectual, the insane; and now it is “business as usual” and all the corrupt politicians simply get in line and pretend nothing happened. Those who make any waves are immediately encircled by the others like so many sharks baring their teeth.

In the WOTW video, “Why Africa’s Future Is Colonial” a short video clip is shown of a very toothy, mush-mouthed Chinaman talking to a Black in China (in Chinese, with English subtitles). Several years ago I watched the full video of this Chinaman talking to the Black, in what was some casual meeting of numerous people. The Chinese mocked the black and his people, saying an entire developed nation was handed over to them, and they destroyed it. The Black simply looks behwildered, as if he is an oppressed victim, and cannot say a word to counter the accusations; so he quietly sulks.

Even black Pastor James Manning of ATLAH in NYC ever-so-non-eloquently, but truly said, “Black folk ain’t got no business runnin’ no nation”. He said that he visted South Africa before and after Apartheid and he said definitively and emphatically that the blacks ruined South Africa after Apartheid. Manning said blacks don’t know how to build or run a civilization. He said they need to shut up and just be happy to be in the back of the bus (sadly, a memory of a by-gone era) and be happy that they are not living anywhere in Africa (or Haiti) under black rule. Let the white man run his nation; he is the only one who knows how. That’s the gist of what black pastor James Manning expressed, other than his exact quotation.

It is true. Black neighborhoods were formerly clean, prosperous white neighborhoods. Project housing was once new and clean. It all becomes a ghetto. Every city in the U.S. that the Blacks rule as mayor, police chief, city board of commissioners, school board, etc.—has been destroyed, is bankrupt, is disfunctional. These are not all merely coincidences—and it is not solely in the U.S., but in every nation that they invade: Britain, Sweden, Germany, etc. They are incapable of being responsible, and that is why it is so easy for them to believe lies—and lying and being lied to, trickery, deceit, betrayal, stealing, rape, assault, murder, etc. is part of their “culture”. Do a google video search. The videos are all too common: brawls, fights in restaurants, wal-mart, gas station, the streets, county fairs, recreation venues, etc. over practically nothing—and there are no rules. A 220+-lb. black man punches a white woman and her 14 year old daughter (who wasn’t even looking) in the face with force that could have killed either of them. It is their nature to simply assault... and the thought of killing is no taboo. They don’t think about consequences; they don’t care about consequences. Why should they? —everything is the white man’s fault. That is their “One-size-fits-all” defense. And they think that they will get away with it because others do. Instead of going to jail or being executed, maybe they will be given $56 million dollars and have a college named after them. What reason is there for them not to play the “violence lottery”...?

A few years ago a young black boy rode his bike home and said the white man at the gas station called him a racist name. The mother and another woman returned to the gas station each armed with a hammer, and beat the guy senseless and he died. Video security footage showed the incident, and the boy was never even near that man and the man never said anything or even looked in his direction. The boy later confessed to making it all up once shown the video footage. See also my:


However, I take issue with what WOTW guys says. NO, they are not a separate civilization—they are not a civilization any more than a tribe of baboons is. Would you call a disease or parasite invading a host body as a “civilization”...?]

It is becoming all-too-common in Christendom, with the invasion of savages, things that no one (who has not travelled in nonwhite nations) would ever think possible. A black woman pooping on a seat in a public bus in Australia, or a Middle Eastern woman doing the same thing on the marble floor in an airport. Or Middle Easterner or African (reportedly working at a bakery) having a bowel movement, then washing his butt with his bare hand in the public fountain and then going back to work to make the bread.  Or see this long video [ The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Documentary) https://youtu.be/ZRuSS0iiFyo ] by an investigative reporter who risks his life in Liberia.  One short segment of the eye-opening video shows the entire population of one town on the Liberian coast—including the mayor, casually walk onto the beach, drop their drawers in public, squat, relieve their bowels, wipe, drop the paper on the ground, and walk away.  Even CATS bury it...!  They have to play hopscotch to even step on a relatively unsoiled part of sand; and the stench in the heat is gagging.  Imagine the disease!  This is no ones fault.  It is not the responsibility of humans to teach them what should come natural.  Yet our traitorous politicians invite them into Christendom, and put them on a taxpayer-funded breeding program and tell them that their culture is wonderful and important and will be a wonderful contribution to our nation and that they should be proud and stay like they are and celebrate their race and heritage, culture, and identity.  It is death to us either way; whether they “assimilate” (which is a slow death by mongrelization) or whether they form their own enclaves and use them as power blocs to spread out and destroy us.

[In the late 70s, during 3 summers, I was able to travel in Europe and South America. In Portugal or anywhere in South America, along busy streets of main cities, men routinely, even in a row, step 1 foot off the sidewalk, in clear view of hundreds of women and children, whip it out, piss on someone elses building, zip up, and walk on. Most every alley smelled like a gas station urinal. People’s apartments, businesses (even restaurants, bars, grills) thus could not have the alley window open unless they enjoyed such stench. In Buenos Aires, I saw routinely mothers drop the drawers of their young children, have them poop and pee on the the concrete or brick sidewalk where thousands of people were walking, wipe their butt with a napkin, drop it, pull their pants up, and walk away. Remember the recent Olympics in Brazil? Brazil spent MONTHS trying to clean up their sh*t-hole of a city / nation. In the water events there were human feces sunken on the beech. The Olympiads were handed a list of all the diseases they could contract merely by competing in the water events—some even only from the water vapours. This is what is being imported en masse, and put on a taxpayer-funded breeding program, in addition to teaching white children from earliest ages to mongrelize our race out of existence or turn queer. It is a hate crime. It is a crime against the only true humanity. It is genocide. It is the theft of entire continents.]

So... what about animals...? Are all animals “equal” or of “equal value”...? If animals had cognitive ability, and the ability of speech, and you told a male African lion, a male African elephant, a male African rhino or hippo that all animals are equal / have equal value, they would say, “HA! That’s funny!” If you asked them if their female counterparts were their equals, they would again say, “HA! Another good joke!” If you asked them what they thought of a male of their species having a sex change operation and being turned into the other sex (or inventing 24 different “genders”) because they “identified” with being something else—they would all turn into laughing hyenas and be rolling on the ground crying, thinking that notion was hysterical. Of course, again, I have not done a survey of each animal mentioned, and their lack of cognitive prowess and inability to speak precludes my asking them; so you will have to decide for yourself the validity of my little charade.

I would venture to say that they would not agree that all animals or genders were equal, or of equal value—and the Lion King and others might even break into a rendition of “Everything is beautiful, in its own way...”. But even the sentiment of that song is untrue and is subtle emotional hijacking of ration. No. Everything is not beautiful. Were everything beautiful (even in its own way), there would be no antonyms for beautiful, and beauty itself would not even exist if there was no way to measure it... it would not exist... no one could notice it.

[I deal with such philosophical opposites in one of my oldest poems (written in 1990) that I published in my, Bittersweet Impressions & Inspirations (2019), volume 1 of original poems and a few short stories, 310pp., pb., 6x9, 20.00 + P&H. Without sickness, pain, suffering we could not appreciate health, without darkness we could not appreciate light, etc.]

I venture to say that the lion might even declare that all animals are not even equally tasty! And that last sentence is evidence of the lion not considering all animals “equal” or of “equal value”. If carnivores believed all animals were equal they would not eat one another—but all would be vegetarian fruit cakes (but if they were truly “tree huggers” they would not murder plants and be vegetarians either—plants are human too!).

Black males in Africa, and males in the Middle East, and other savages, don’t think that all are equal or have equal value. If they did, they would not rape women as casually and frequently as they do, nor assault, steal from, or murder others. If you truly believe in equality you will practice the Royal Law / Golden Rule explained by Christ and James: Do unto others as you would have others do unto you; and as Paul expressed, “3Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. 4Look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others”. However, such thoughts never enter the mind of a psychopath or savage. All that exists is “kill or be killed; eat or be eaten; steal or have stolen from you”. Clearly they do not believe even a secular, humanistic version of the Golden Rule... not in their own nations; not in any nation that they invade.

What they believe about these notions of “equality” in any area, is that it is a grand joke and a perfect tool with which to promote themselves by hook or crook (no matter who is hurt or to what extent—with no remorse), get as much “free” as they can, and demonize your opponent and shame him into compliance. Furthermore, he only believes these things because someone else taught him (the socialist, Talmudic agitators).

Had they not been taught that “victimhood” is a wonderous cash cow, and had they not been taught the demented notions of “equality” and the black magic incantations of “racism”—those words (not even concepts in their mind, merely classically conditioned trained responses) would be no more meaningful to them than any other words. Those words (and concepts) only became meaningful because cowardly whites cravenly cringe and cower into submission and fearful obedience at the mere mention of the words. Thus, to them, the words are powerful juju... and nothing else. That is why they act out in further aggression if the magic words don’t happen to work in one situation. They have seen others say, “Racist Abracadabra!” and hit the jackpot. They are egocentric, self-aggrandizing psychopaths in which they are the center of their universe and the only response to lack of immediate gratification is immediate aggression (to again force the situation to use the magic word again). The notions of equality and inclusion (and all other liberal bullcrap) are not philosophical humanitarian notions that beat warmly in their hearts or upon which they meditate daily in their minds while strumming a harp and sniffing the delightful fragrance of a rose. Their shallow, tunnel-vision understanding of the concepts are simply that such words are subversive tools of propaganda and a form of terrorism to destroy white Christian society—the only successful civilization—while hoping to enrich themselves (to whatever degree, whether $56 million or a pair of sneakers).

Are all paychecks “equal”...? Should they be...? Well, the leftists think that they should be—because that is communism; and it is irrational and unjust (which is why communism always fails on its own merits*). I will be the first to admit that the modern medical establishment is corrupt in many ways—in how they overcharge / overbill (racketeering / extortion), false bill, double bill, scam the insurance companies and milk the taxpayers through government corruption (as well as poisoning, injuring, perpetuating false science, ruining lives, conflict of interests,** etc.).

[* Communism / Socialism is a lie, a “con”. It operates upon the fact that there are suckers whose wealth and resources, talents and labor can be stolen and used by the con-artist, so that he does not have to labor to earn a living. He deceives and fools people into surrendering their wealth and efforts, either in a one-time con, or in a lifetime of using those individuals with small minds, who can be fooled into the humanitarianism of the project and its leaders. Once current patsies are used up, they are discarded, and new hosts for these parasites must be found, to keep the machinery running. That is all that keeps communism / socialism spreading like a cancer: allowing it to cannibalize all surrounding tissue, draining life from it, and then spreading more.

** Reportedly the medical “experts” (drug company pimps) claim that children should receive over 100 vaccinations before a certain age; and reportedly some drug companies offer doctors “incentives” (many thousands of dollars, vacation packages, etc.) for each child that receives every single vaccination in that time period, and thus, the doctor has to “sell the importance” of the vaccinations on the unsuspecting and ignorant, fearful parents. This is fraud. This is a crime against humanity. This is a violation of the Hippocratic Oath. This is evil. This is a crime.]

I will also be the first to admit that it is also true that a doctor (if honest and competent) deserves a much-larger paycheck* than someone who flips burgers at McDonalds or than someone who bags purchased items at Wal-mart (or who is the store “Greeter”—who can be replaced by a friendly golden retriever).

[* However, I cannot say the same concerning politicians who produce nothing and only break that which did not need “fixing” (which they do on purpose to create job security and justify their existence while they commit treason, destroy the nation, and enrich themselves).]

It may only take 5 minutes to train a burger flipper at McDonalds (and that length of time is required only if he has never flipped a burger before—though it may take longer to train the flipper if his brain is not firing on all cylinders; if his brain model was even manufactured with more than one cylinder). It may only take 5 minutes to train a checkout bagger or a “Greeter” at Wal-mart (though some “experts” may make a career out of turning the simple task into a “science” that requires a week of orientation).

On the other hand, a doctor usually has gone to college for 8 to 10 years (at $50,000-$200,000 / year) and studied hard (thus, putting in 6 or 8 hours a day in classes and study, research, reports—and even working a side job). Once a doctor, if he has his own practice, he has to pay rent, utilities, the cost of all the furniture and doctor equipment, the salaries and benefits / insurance of employees, socialist business licenses, fees, malpractice insurance, etc.

The burger flipper or bagger has quite possibly spent his life watching cartoons, playing computer games, and laying around doing nothing, and has sacrificed nothing and has made no investment in his job. He simply shows up each day for “work”, goes through the motions, and hopefully does his job semi-adequately.

[However, communism teaches equality and claims that pay is not to be dependent upon skill, quality of work, dedication, hours worked, dependability, conscientiousness, etc. Whether a doctor went to the most-prestigious medical school in the world, or the worst medical school in the world that has had its accreditation threatened repeatedly; whether the doctor was the first in his class or the last in his class, according to communism they should receive equal pay. However, ironically, government “management” of industry and “politicians” get paid more than the factory worker or janitor. Go figure. The screw up, lazy, goof-off worker is supposed to be paid the same as the best worker. This communism has destroyed Christendom, where minorities in the U.S., Britain, Australia, etc. (including “natives”, aboriginals) get paid to do nothing other than reproduce. In fact, the corrupt politicians ILLEGALLY passed laws where federal workers cannot be fired even for incompetence or sloth! This explains the pathetic nature of our current Postal “Service”. It is all anti-intellectual, corrupt, and unconstitutional and illegal. Nowhere does the Constitution establish that servants are to be paid better than their masters, and have benefits that their masters don’t even have, and that servants cannot be fire (or if they are fired that they receive 6 months severance pay, etc.). This is a fraud and a scam. This is communism. Its purpose is to grind the host-nation into the ground so it falls, so then those at the top steal everything for their own and make everyone else their slave. See my book, A Bolshevik Primer (176 pages, pb., with 145 Illustrations, 14.50 + P&H) and my edition of The Communist Manifesto, with my Illustrated, Historical Introduction and added information (132pp. total, pb., 12.50 + P&H).]

However, the notion of race and gender equality (or gender dysphoria / derangement) is anti-intellectual. The issue is not “making” all “equal”—but declaring equal that which is not. That would be like the doctor’s $5,000 / week paycheck, and the burger flipper’s $250 / week paycheck—not making them both the same amount, but merely declaring them both to be already the same amount. Of course, that would lunacy—and that describes the race and gender issue. They CANNOT “make” both equal, as they could with an actual paycheck (and they hypocritically do not even make the “work” equal). They declare all equal and expect you to close your eyes to reality, and turn off your mind to logic and history, and put on the rose-colored (or rainbow-colored) glasses and smoke some strong weed and simply accept all as, and believe all to be equal.

It is also interesting that gender-perverse / deranged people have “invented” 2 dozen “new” genders; when only 2 exist. Where is their glorious god of the “Scientific Method”...? How has the Scientific Method been utilized to “prove” the existence of anything other than male or female? It could possibly be argued that maybe 4 other genders exist: a neutered male, a neutered female, an androgenous male, and an androgenous female—but those are not separate genders but rather a mutilated or physiologically damaged (due to birth anomoly, genetic error code printing) male or female.

However, is it not odd that mentally deranged and emotionally unstable people are granted authority and legitimacy (by corrupt politicians and health care professionals with no moral conscience and who have a god-complex) to invent dozens of new genders and everyone else is forced to “play along” and bow to unproven opinions that violate all known natural and moral law...?

What about race? Can I claim to be a Klingon...? Would that get me diplomatic immunity...? Would I then not have to pay taxes? Could I get my own U.S. Embassy, an office, title, and a paycheck with benefits to pacify my delusion and reward my immoral / dishonest delusion...? Could I claim to be a Blorgkelgritz or a Skraab#$&%stborg*...? My, my, my... all the “equality” that is going to waste because race-conscious people** don’t have a wild and lurid-enough imagination...! If demented persons can invent new genders simply because that is what bounces around in their empty heads, while carried on out of control by raging hormones, emotions, and past pschyic trauma / abuse—why can people not invent new “races”...?

[* Add a high-pitched screaching sound here “#$&%” like a parrot being strangled to death by a screaming pterodactyl, since it is not spellable in any human language or not pronounceable with normal human vocal cords.

** Why is it that only white race-conscious people are declared, “racists”. Is not African-American Heritage month RACIST?]

If everyone is “equal”, why are there not million dollar basketball players who don’t even know how to play basketball, running up and down the court in professional basketball games...? Why are there no mandatory quotas for short people on the basketball teams (at all levels) and wheelchaired blind people without arms? Why do they even keep score at sporting competitions? Why are only some athletes given multi-million dollar endorsement contracts? Why are there no 98-pound weaklings on football teams (at all levels)—and “special rules” about how they can be tackled or blocked (their “equality” notwithstanding)...? Why do they not hire mute persons, or persons with a lisp or stutter to be news anchors, singers, and movie stars? Why is the winner of the Miss America pageant shapely instead of “overly shapely”? While the forced introduction of Third-world aliens, and their being placed into sitcoms, movies, advertisements is a subtle form of brainwashing for the masses, that “ugly is the new beautiful”. No, everything is not beautiful, not in its own way or in any way. The issue is, different races / cultures have different notions of what “beauty” (or “morality”) is—but even that fraud is laid naked when 99.9% of the time black males rape white women; and rarely does a white man rape a black female (and if so, only the most-degenerate white man, or quite possibly one that is not actually white, but a mixed person who is called white). It is a status symbol, an extra “trophy” for a nonwhite celebrity to have a stupid pretty white blonde girl hanging on his arm, sleeping in his bed, being his wife. It is both his attempt to shed his own identity, and a hate crime of wanting to destroy the white race by defiling their women. Black athletes, movie stars, “singers” defile stupid white women coast to coast. Basketball negro Wilt Chamberlin bragged about racking up the points on his bedboard, bedding 25,000 women in his career—maybe more, he said, he lost count. While they will “do it” with any female, white women are high on their menu. They know beauty when they see it; and the ambivalence exists because they know they can never be it (or even sire it), they can only use it.

Why should Arnold Schwartzenegger win the body building contest instead of Peewee Herman? Where’s the “equality”...? Can you imagine...? if Peewee had said, “Well, on the planet from the galaxy that I come from, frail tiny men with imperceptible muscles are considered the strongest, most-manly and most-comely men; and overly muscular men are considered freaks that have a disease. Therefore your planet should adopt the rules of my planet and declare me the winner of the Mr. Universe contest instead of Arnold.” If this perverse anti-intellectual insanity were applied “equally” across the board in every single situation, civilization would collapse into some scenario out of Mel Gibson’s Mad Max movie series of post-civilization brutality where “might is right”.

WOTW guy, in another superb video...

How Tennis Exposes the Lie of Feminism - BitChute


...raises some superb points. Women tennis pros are demanding “equal pay” as the men—even though the men play more games and sets in a match (since the women don’t have the stamina), and even though far-fewer spectators watch the average women’s matches as compared to the men’s matches; and even though the women don’t play the men (they don’t have the strength, stamina, or skill—and it seems there may be at least one “women’s pro” who is a male masquerading as a female because he could not be a high-level winner if he played other males in professional competition). Yet the women are declared to be “equals” and demand “equal pay” for only half the work (and inequal matches, since the women don’t play against the men). Their solution: make the men work less, as the women; that is, make the men play fewer games / sets per match (so as to hide the blatant disparity; even as is done in race— “dumb” down the other race / gender to the point of “equality”).

The irrational and anti-intellectual notion and practice of “equality” is like a room filled with people, half of which are experiencing the uphoria of a psychedelic-drug trip (once the drug kicks in; and they are pretty bitchy until the drugs do kick in)—and the other half is required to pay for the perpetual drug trips for the other half—and clean up the consequences of reality.

Additional Story: Two Pennsylvania State troopers in over their head during a routine stop of a black motorist who turned out to have the strength of a zombie-terminator. The one cop (Kelly) is HUGE, must be 6 foot 7 inches. Two cops, repeated tazer, repeated blows could not subdue this beast. THIS HAS to be entered into evidence for Chauvin and the other cops. THIS is the other side of the coin that EVERYONE needs to see. I sent this information out several years ago. IT IS IMPORTANT!

Aug 10, 2018 — The video shows a routine traffic stop by Pennsylvania state police that turned ... The video was released after The Morning Call sued to get a copy of it ... “The Morning Call sought access to the dashcam video because the ... Before he ran to his cargrabbed a gun and opened fire, Clary and the troopers ...


Dramatic Dashcam Video Shows Near-Fatal Shooting of ...


Aug 9, 2018 - Dashcam Video Released From Roadside Shootout That Left Pa. ... 2017 incident, troopers tasered the man after they say he tried to grab their gun. ... When video from the dash camera of a state police vehicle was shown at ... Clary was found guilty of two counts of attempted murder for shooting Cpl. Seth ..



Also, the criminal is claimed to have been “of” Chestnut Hill, one of the wealthiest communities in Philadelphia. HOW he was “of” Chestnut Hill would be interesting to learn... but itself is proof that socio-economic status is not the problem and money is not the answer.

They were Penna. state troopers, both lived. In the video it looks like the smaller cop was blown away; but he must have tripped or fallen backward to safety; only the big cop was shot, and managed to crawl over the guard rail and slump down to safety of a slight incline.

It was Aug. 9, 2018; on Route 33 about 20 miles north of Bethlehem. Today, in post-Floydian America, he would probably have been elected governor of Pennsylvania or given $56 million for his crime.

The big white cop actually died; his heart stopped for 5-10 minutes when the chopper landed at the hospital, but they got his heart beating again again. He needed 60 units of blood! By comparison, someone undergoing a “massive” transfusion typically receives 6 to 10 units of blood. He undoubtedly saved his own life, preventing completely bleeding out by applying a tourniquet of his belt by himself immediately after the shootout.

He was put into an induced coma for 12 days and has no memory of the shootout.

The black criminal was 22 years old, was shot several times and drove himself to a hospital... How rude that he didn’t ask the other officers if they needed a lift....! Upon arriving at the hospital, the black saint lied “saint” and blamed the cops for opening fire on him for no reason. Without that dash cam... it would have been just one more magical claim of “white racist cops” trying to kill an innocent black missionary. The black was convicted after the tape was shown. They want to defund the police, so that there are not dash and body cams to prove what actually happened. This video is SURREAL as it plays out before your eyes.



Someone forwarded one of my rumination links to others on his list, and one person complained, accusing me of saying all blacks are bad.  My reply:


Typical... most people respond emotionally and don’t know how to think logically; they think that their “experience” (or perception) changes morality and reality.


When a person claims that he knows a “good one” first of all, “good” must be DEFINED.


If that person’s definition is a subjective notion or the corrupt world’s concept of good, the conversation is already invalid.  Morality (the difference between good and evil) is established solely by the Word of God (the Bible); and that morality never changes.  Those who think it does, in any way, have warped minds and do not understand the Word of God or the nature of good and evil.  Without the proper recognition of the authority of the Word of God and the nature of morality, any civilization or conversation is doomed to fail.


And all the “good ones” he thinks he knows... will not defend him from all the bad ones when they go on the warpath (or from their daily random acts of violence); and any “good” that the “good ones” do, does not UNDO all the bad that the bad ones do... which is destroying our nation and all of Christendom.  In this irresponsible, disposable age, does he really think that civilization and freedom come so cheap and are so easy to obtain, that once Christendom and our nation are ruined, that another nation and Christendom can simply be ordered and put on the charge account / credit card?


He, like most, allows something that upsets the rotten apple cart of his opinion and subjective limited experience, to blind him to the seeing of TRUTH.


People like this are a major part of the problem...


Even if there are a few “good ones” in Sweden, they do not belong.  Any “good ones” ANYWHERE are aberrations.  And any “good ones” in Christendom represent a slow death by mongrelization, rather than a fast death by terrorism.  It achieves the same result.


The corrupt super billionaire elite of the world, and the traitorous politicians that they own have purposely said that there will be no white neighborhoods and no white nations left as they are purposely integrating.  That is genocide.  That is theft.  We see that it is not merely the social “experiment” that they have claimed (which they had NO AUTHORITY to undertake), but it is a conspiracy and a crime against humanity.  They have not declared, “there will be no all Asian nations / neighborhoods” or “there will be no all African nations / neighborhoods” or “there will be no all Arab nations / neighborhoods”.  How can anyone not see it for what it is? —the highest form of hate crime and genocide against white people and white nations and Christianity.


Furthermore, I don’t believe that I said “all backs are bad”.  That is a universal statement; and I rarely make universal statements; and had I said something so ineloquent and imprecise, I would have also defined “bad”.


That “all blacks are bad” is an inference that he read into my words (but I am open to being corrected if he can tell me in which Rumination and in which paragraph I so said).


I shared Black pastor James Manning’s assessment that blacks should not be in charge of any nation.  Does he disagree with black pastor James Manning?  Does he think that the “nice one” in his circle magically causes all the ghettos to cease to exist?  Ghettos are not a natural phenomenon.  They were all once clean, happy, thriving, prosperous white communities.  We did not merely hand them over once they were run down and of no further use to us.


I expressed that blacks who do not denounce the corrupt criminals of their own race, all the illegitimate children the taxpayers pay for, which children are raised on the street because the mothers are no better than the black men who “shoot” (reproduce) and run, and crime and godlessness then becomes a way of life for those children, being raised without morality (and all the social programs and trillions of dollars does not change it; and if they are equals, they do not need social programs and trillions of dollars and us trying to “better” them)... all the “good ones” who do not denounce all the rest living on welfare as a way of life, perpetually, generation after generation(tens of millions each and every year—do the math if you don’t think it is a problem*)--all blacks who do not denounce these, and the drug dealers, thugs, shop lifters, looters, brawlers, murderers, etc., are no better.  The exceptions to the rule does not change the rule.  Those at the top of the bell curve are not a separate race, they are aberrations that do not change reality.  In any nation, aliens must be kept not only at a limited smaller percentage (though zero percent would be best) and they must be properly managed.  That is why a zoo only has a certain amount of animals; that is why a circus act only has a certain amount of lions and tigers in one act.  Mayhem is the result in any of those examples (nation, zoo, circus), when numbers rise above what can be properly managed (and the solution is not to put “more lion tamers” in the cage, but fewer big cats).


[* Even at a conservative 20 million x a mere $50,000 / each every year, which includes their welfare check, health care,** food stamps, free housing, utilities, Obamaphones, day care, primary education, free breakfast and lunch at school, college, and a plethora of other “social programs”, loans, grants, etc. is an extremely low (highly unrealistic) estimate (and does not even account for extra police, security guards, security devices, new technology to prevent shoplifting, prison costs, court costs, funeral costs, rebuilding cities that they burn down (cost of human life and property against the host nation committed on a mass scale nationwide every single day), etc.  20 million x merely $50,000 is a trillion dollars.  Maybe the guy you know who complained, and the few “good ones” that he knows, can “cover” that $1 trillion annually (which is probably actually DOUBLE that amount)...?  Ask him if he and the “good ones” that he knows will cover that each year.

** —and don’t forget the corrupt medical establishment that inflates every visit by 1000% or so, because the taxpayers pay for it, whether they realize it or not, and what should be a $200 visit may be billed $26,000.  Yes, that is the actual price, even in my small town of 3,000 people, that the hospital charged for simply putting a cast on a broken hand of someone.  I know someone else whose said that his wife had a very minor dog bite and only took her out of precaution, and the bill was $8,000.  A guy I know had head pain and went for “tests” in the next town and the tests and brief day or so hospital stay was $25,000; the medical “experts”, “specialists” did not have any definitive answer, but offered a bottle of pills that cost $61 / pill; and said there was no guarantee the pills would help.  Thus, every single hospital or doctor’s visit of all those on welfare, and $5,000 to $11,000 for the average delivery of a newborn... each time they run to a doctor or clinic or hospital due to a knife wound or the flu or allergies... all adds up astronomically on its own, and it is exponential at the corrupt rates that the hospitals charge since the taxpayers pay for it.  It is racketeering at its finest.]


That goes for white people too, who are not sinless, but who commit a far-smaller percentage of such crimes, and commit far fewer senseless, brutal, and random crimes... (the vast majority of all crimes are committed by nonwhites: black, hispanic, middle-eastern; and the majority of all those that are blamed on whites are committed by mixed blooded criminals who “identify” as white and / or which the media or the government falsely call white)... all whites who do not denounce their own people who are guilty of perversion, corruption (especially in “government”), and run-of-the-mill crimes, are no better than those who commit the crimes, or who live immorally if they do not denounce them and shun them and expose them.  However, my Ruminations do not generally give detailed accounts of all the evils of whites, because that is not the current, top-priority issue.  If your house is riddled with termites, that indeed is a problem—but if you are in the house and the house catches on fire, THAT IS THE ONE REAL problem AT THE MOMENT that needs to be dealt with (and all other problems fade into meaninglessness at that moment).  And I do deal with the fact that ultimately, all of the blame and responsibility for ALL the evil that is going on, is that of white people, Christians, who have allowed evil to flourish, allow their taxes to be used to BREED the evil, and who see evil and say and do nothing; and in doing so they actually deny Christ.  See my brief booklet, Who is Responsible for the Death of Christendom?


Our nation’s major cities (and now minor cities and even rural communities and countryside) have not been ruined by the few “good ones”.  Our sports teams and colleges have not been ruined by the few “good ones”.  All of the mongrels sired by defiled white girls in high school and college, and all the rapes, assaults, thefts, vandalism, mixed marriages, etc. presumably are not committed by the “good ones”.


Such persons as the one who complained to you have perception problems, and problems with reality.  They are the biggest part of the problem.  It would be like if the house you are in is on fire and I kick in the door and wake you up and say, “GET OUT! This house is on fire!  You all will die!”, and then one of your children or your wife or a guest takes issue with me and says, “Well how rude of you... fire has some very important uses... it is really needed in a fireplace or wood burning stove during the winter, and glass could not be made without it, and singing around a campfire roasting weenies is really fun, and without the sun, where would we be...?”


How do you respond to such a person?   As I close the door behind me, I would say, “My apologies for the interruption.  Enjoy the fire.”


And to all the tree huggers upset about China’s deforestation of the planet... “Chopsticks matter...!”




By the way, here are 2 more good Way of the World / WOTW videos, touching similar topics.


(This first one google actually blocks from the results.  I had to use dogpile to find the link.)


Are WHITE PEOPLE the Problem


The Privilege of Trevor Noah - BitChute


White Panther – AltRight.com


See also my brief: 

Hedonistic Freedom?