Uncle Scam-Simon Sez — It’s a FUN GAME—EVERYONE PLAY...! (for keeps) the Corona Skidaddle...!

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Now that the majority of the MINDLESS masses have been classically conditioned into ignorential fear-mongering flight—the corrupt politicians know that they can spook the herd of cattle to stampede any time that they want.

Now that the majority "complied" and "got into line" without hardly any resistence—WHAT will keep the corrupt politicians of demanding the same again and again, under any pretext they may invent?

It is all about control and money and power.

They wanted to give themselves billions of dollars (and soon they will need to have a currency recall to hide their crime of destroying the U.S. currency, by the issuing of a new devalued currency)... and so they created a pretext — a myth, by which they could then bail out the airlines, drug companies, hospitals, etc., and pocket billions themselves—while, like Santa on the Santa trail, throwing candycanes to the children to appease those too stupid to realize what is going on.

Forced vaccinations are what they are driving toward—with 100% PROTECTION / INDEMNIFICATION of politicians, doctors, hospitals, and drug companies for any death and permanent injury and suffering caused by the vaccinations—and the vaccination cost (don't worry, you don't need to know how much this is going to cost you) will simply be added to the giant indiscernible blob called "taxes".

More and more aliens will be bussed in and bred to cause chaos and terrorism (and the need to take away your rights—even though no such thing ever occured in Christendom before the invasion of the Third World, and now, every nation in Christendom suffers it as a result of the invasion of the Third World—in addition to new diseases and old ones (leprosy, TB, Hepatitis, etc.).

Mentally Deranged Perverts are put on a pedestal, and then become militant (even as the third worlders did—integration / amalgamation and homoperversion are two GMO toxic peas in a pod; gender perversion is following the very same path blazed for it by multi-culturalism / Babylon / confusion by mixing)... to further PERSECUTE moral Christians, in their own nations, and cause chaos and gender terrorism.

STOP PLAYING THE GAME.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO.  2,000 people (whom the voters KNOW are CORRUPT TRAITORS) telling 310 MILLION people what to do.  That's how 66 to 180 MILLION Christians were exterminated in Eastern Europe by the Zionist Bolsheviks.  JUST SAY NO!  STOP PLAYIN THE GAME.  STOP GIVING THEM THE POWER.  THEIR POWER IS AN ILLUSION AND THEY ONLY HAVE IT IF YOU STEP INTO THEIR DELUSION WITH THEM AND BELIEVE IT.



STOP DOING IT!  Stop surrendering.  Stop giving them power.  Stop believing them.  Stop "obeying" them— "they" are NOT your master.  THEY are OUR SERVANTS.  Since when does the servant give orders to the MASTER?

The Constitution is the supreme law of the Land; the Constitution is not to be interpreted modernly, but as it was meant at the time it was ratified; the Constitution is to be interpreted according to the Common Law, and CHRISTIANITY IS PART OF THE COMMON LAW and CONGRESS HAS NO AUTHORITY TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION... it is not a living breathing document—like the LAW OF GOD is it chiseled in stone!  [See the book, The Liberty Document, toward the end]

THEY HAVE NO AUTHORITY, and step out of it and commit INDIVIDUAL (not official) acts for which they alone are responsible... whenever they violate the Constitution.


EVERY NEW "NEWS" EVENT TURNS INTO "JFK" or "911"...!  They purposely pay people to spread disinformation so that no one will know what to believe, and the mindless masses will turn to the "gov't" and believe their lies. 

ALL WE CAN KNOW is that the "official version" is NEVER the truth.












[Between 30,000 and 80,000 people die in the U.S. from the regular flu EACH YEAR.  12 deaths is earth shattering... have the earth stop rotating on its axis and come to a grinding halt...!  AND THERE IS NO PROOF they died from COVID 19.  About 7.5 MILLION people die in China every year from all causes.  43,000 (IF that many actually died from COVID 19—of which there is no proof) is not even worth noting out of a BILLION people.

Uncle Scam-Simon sez,

EVERYONE line up for your “CORONA” and all other MANDITORY vaccinations and flu shots... (Disease Incubation Encapsulation or "DIE procedure").  

Anonymous Ostrich: By the way, how much is this flu shot going to cost me?

Uncle-Scam: Oh, don’t you worry, we’ll just add it on to your taxes (see below for new 1040 form guaranteed to prevent all future audits) - it will be just like the hospitals now (you’ll never know what hit you—thanks to insurance and corrupt hospitals and doctors) who present you with a 100x inflated bill for $26,000 for any simple procedure (like an x-ray and cast for a broken hand) and then when you can’t pay, they give you a 4x inflated bill and then “write off” the rest on their taxes (it is called FRAUD and GRAND LARCENY and RACKETEERING).  Insurance CAUSES prices to go UP because it is a PONZI SCHEME... and the kicker is, YOUR TAXES PAY FOR the hidden bail out of the hospitals (the CEOs of “charitable” hospitals made up to $21.6 million in one year, a few years ago)! in addition to your INSURANCE OUTLAY.

Anonymous Ostrich: What is my guarantee that this vaccination won’t kill me, maim me for life, or give me the alleged “Corona” virus, some other illness, or cause degenerative disease (like cancer, athritis, heart disease) either immediately or decades later in life?

Uncle-Scam: What are you UNAMERICAN?  UNPATRIOTIC?  A TROUBLE MAKER? no, there are no guarantees... trust us, we’re the experts... have we ever failed... uh, er... never mind that, uh... trust us... we’re the experts...!





Uncle Scam-Simon sez: uncle Scam-Simon sez: uncle Scam-Simon sez: uncle Scam-Simon sez: uncle Scam-Simon sez:

Pay your taxes (so the corrupt politicians can live in luxury and give your money to your enemies around the globe and even import them and put them on a tax-payer funded breeding program!).... do everything any politician, judge, cop, meter reader, dog-catcher, etc. says... without question... remember the Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules... the hell with God, the Bible, the Common Law, the Constitution, DO WHAT WE SAY OR ELSE...!

Love everyone (or we will HATE you)... believe that everyone is equal (or we will treat you as INFERIOR)... believe there is no morality... be tolerant of everyone (or we will be INTOLERANT)... be accepting of everyone (or we will REJECT you), be inclusive of everyone (or we will EXCLUDE you)... be INdiscriminate of everyone (or we will DISCRIMINATE against you)... embrace evil... dont think of it as “evil”: think of it as “the new good”.

Trust the government (we’re the experts: we gave ourselves “degrees” that say so [which, in reality are merely “certificates of approved indoctrination”])...

Weapons (in YOUR hands) are bad (but in OUR hands they are GOOD GOOD GOOD)... surrender your rights... surrender your guns...

Lower YOUR carbon footprint and tighten your belt (while WE fly around the world in jets on vacations and “important business to keep the world safe, safe, safe”, to our 3 or 4 homes, and while we let our belts out and drill some new notches)...

Stockpiling anything is a crime (though we have AN ENTIRE CITY stockpiled somewhere safe for US the chosen politicians; just like the airline pilot who came over the intercom and informed the passengers, “Hi, this is your captain speaking... we have a slight problem... We have 2 minutes of fuel left; but don't worry, the crew and I are going to parachute for help... have a nice day...!”)...

Government spying on you keeps you “safe” — “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe” “safe”

Third-world vandalizing, stealing, rioting, raping, murdering, tax-money depleting “refugees” and “immigrants” and “dreamers”—SAVAGES—are GOOD GOOD GOOD...

Drink the fluoride... get vaxxed... $22 TRILLION in debt is a good thing...! it’s as good as money in the bank! 

We simply create money out of nothing so that everyone can be prosperous! 

But too much prosperity isn’t good for THE COMMON PEOPLE... we’re the experts... let US use all the money wisely for you (like Cuomo mis-invested BILLION$ of $$$ for New York and lost it all—but don’t worry, his personal billions are SAFE!)... 

[According to one email: Remember Cuomo failed to replenish medical supplies when it was recommended that he do so. Instead he invested state funds in a number of business venture failures as follows:

 - $750 million solar panel factory since taken over by Tesla. Tesla pulling back on the solar panel industry. 600 employees in plant. Investment of $1.25 million per employee in a failing plant.


 - in 2014, state 'partnered" with Solera to build a $90 million light bulb factory that Solera pulled out of as the plant was finished. Plant is now empty.


 - in 2016, NY made a $600 million investment in a computer chip factory in Utica to be run by an Austrian company. Six months after groundbreaking, the Austrian company pulled out


These three failed investments by the state total $1.44 billion.
WHY are politicians allowed to GAMBLE with the people's money?  WHY are billionaires allowed to file for bankruptcy or take out loans and risk other people's money?  Cuomo Bono?  Cuomo should be forced to reimburse the people, since he is supposedly the "expert"—then he should pay when he fails...!]

Communism is our friend...

Perversion is progressive...

Amalgamate... integrate... dechristianize... demoralize...

Enjoy your “STAY-cation” instead of vacation...

and since the economy is so uncertain... just keep all your money in the bank... don’t worry, before this is over we will initiate a “bank holiday” (such a nice word for mass grand larceny and treason) and we will have a currency recall and issue a new currency, and the $100,000 that you had in the “old” money will now be worth $20,000 in the nice, new, sleek, fit & trim “new” money, which will be much easier for you to manage.  And this will buy us some more time, so that we corrupt, treasonous, renegade politicians can continue counterfeiting a few trillion more each year... and raising taxes... and hide our crimes in robbing the entire nation of all its wealth... for you will, just like rats in a maze... simply get used to the new money and the next generation won’t even learn of our crimes—then we will do it all again...

The only reason we freed the black african slaves was so that we could then ENSLAVE EVERYONE on the FEDERAL PLANTATION...!  Isnt “equality” wonderful...?


See: The Liberty Document: The National Debt: Does It Exist & If So Who Owes It? & Some Thoughts On The Hidden Agenda Behind Immigration, Gun Control & The Health sCARE Monopoly (2020); Balaicius, Full of statistics, common law citations, court rulings, clear thought, powerful info.; 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.


Its better than the Macarena... —do the Corona skidaddle...!


just a few of MANY exposes that uncover the fraud / scam / treason...


This one is short and a must watch

how did Dr. Fauci, 2 years ago, predict that a devastating new virus epidemic would occur during Trump's Presidency?



WHAT IS ANY VIRUS? Corona or otherwise...

Coronavirus Caused By 5G? - YouTube

www.youtube.com › watch
Mar 12, 2020 - Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. hypothesizes that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and ... Camera, sound and editing by Joshua Coleman.


52 min.  I've only been able to watch 13 min. after 3 hours! but of what I have seen it is WELL WORTH the watch (at least the first 13 minutes)

"Sanity Amid The Madness, Acquiescence And Sheer Stupidity - David Icke"


Scroll through the rest and familiarize yourself with the general gist.

New England Journal Of Medicine Report: Coronavirus Shaping Up To Be No More Of A Threat Than Case Of “Bad Flu.”
Coronavirus Is Not Even Close to America's Biggest Problem - by Bryce Buchanan

“We’re Going To Be Fine” – Nobel-Winning Biophysicist Predicts Quicker COVID-19 Recovery


Man searches Presbyterian Hospital NY for infected..can't find any..


A very interesting chart: Visualizing the History of Pandemics...




Allegedly from a nurse in NY:

I WORK in a NY state ER and ICU. There is NOBODY getting sick.  Being "infected" with a virus does NOT mean ANYTHING--i.e. "getting intubated".
Anybody that walks upright and is over the age of 20---has had a cold sore--commonly referred to as a "fever blister". That is caused by HSV. HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS.  You are INFECTED. Period. For the remainder of your living days. You will have outbreaks every so often---under times of stress or illness--and you may go many many years without an outbreak. BUT YOU ARE INFECTED. FOREVER.
Just because I or anyone else "tests positive" for a virus---does NOT mean they are ill or are becoming ill or will become ill. PERIOD.
I asked some regurgitator staffer yesterday---because he's spewing all the Cuomo bullshite about "30K vents needed"....."So. We have 6 positive C-19 patients here right now. How many are intubated and need a vent?"  He said---"I dunno."  I said...."ZERO. None. They are not even symptomatic. They are here for other reasons and just happened to test positive. THEY DID NOT COME HERE BECAUSE THEY WERE SICK AND C-19 WAS THE CAUSE.  In fact---these patients are going to be DISCHARGED to 'home quarantine' because THEY ARE NOT SICK."
He stared at me. Slack jawed and unbelieving. I said---"So tell me how many of the 'positive' people on THE EARTH are on vents right now?"  He said...."duhhhhhh.. I dunno."  I asked..."how many 'infected' have become sick AT ALL?"  he responded with the usual..."I dunno."
He then followed it up with....BUT WE NEED 30,000 ventilators!!!! RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!
I predicted that this bullshite would start "fading" in about 2 weeks.... right after TARP 2.0 on steroids and nitro got passed. Right after creative destruction could occur--- the CEOs cashed out, people get laid off only to be brought back with far less wage capacity/negotiating power (because being employed at half your previous wage is better than trying to get unemployment in NY), and people are now afraid OF EACH OTHER because the old tried and true "being afraid of those little brown people who are terrorists living in mud huts in the desert" isn't working so well this time around.
Cuomo is positioning himself as the "Rudy" of the 20's. Don't see the comparison?  Nobody remembers that trusted General holding the tiny vial of white powder and convincing the world that the US had to invade Iraq or there would be mushroom clouds all over the globe?  How about Bushie passing the PATRIOT ACT in record time after the bullshite that WAS 9/11?
Cuomo needs to shut his pie hole---because people ON THE GROUND are getting really effing tired of his spewing garbage about things that ARE NOT HAPPENING.
Morgues are NOT "overflowing". Period. I laughed my a** off at that dipsh*t Snyder's recent "article" about "recovery from this virus" is some stupidly low number.  The number of infections is 250K---the number of DEAD is 200 (and I still have not seen any type of autopsy reports that PROVE to me that it was this virus that killed ANYBODY. AT ALL.)---but he touted some stupid number of "recovered" as something like 500.
Um.....so......what about those other 249,500 people who tested positive. They aren't sick--yet they aren't "recovered"?
What a bunch of bullsh*t  for retards. Get out of the house, morons---and go look for yourselves......oh yeah. Cheetoh has the hospitals locked from ANY visitors so nobody can actually SEE what's going on.
Yet----me and my coworkers are NOT GETTING TESTED. In fact---we ran out of N95s a few days ago, along with iso gowns. Anybody give a sh*t?
No.  Because they know. There IS NO DANGER. I don't wear a mask at work. I don't wear iso gear. Neither do any of my ER colleagues. All of the pics you see---are for publicity only. Nobody is wearing it---because nobody is in any danger---and the hospitals aren't providing anything extra anyway.
The money in TARP 2.0 on steroids and nitro is for paying the stockholders for their losses. That is what this whole bogus "virus" thing was about.
Cheetoh says---economy is to be reopened by Easter. He should know. He and his buddies manufactured this whole thing.

Checkout all Jon Rappoport's latest articles debunking the coronavirus hoax as he writes a new one almost every day.     Note especially how the Medical Industrial Complex has been granted total immunity from prosecution for any and all treatments that they may harm or kill you with when they are treating you for the harmless coronavirus.     Their anti-viral drugs don't work of course, and they are extremely toxic!!!

No More Fake News Jon Rappoport Investigative Reporter

This is the real reason... GREATEST THEFT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD (that is, second to the Bolshevik theft of the Empire of Russia and other nations that fell to communism, and the extermination of between 66 to 180 million Europeans by Bolshevism)... just counterfeit another $2 TRILLION and add it to the national debt.  THERE IS NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to have the government give money to you.  The government has no money.  It is not the government's job to give people money.  THE TRUTH IS... the corrupt politicians PLAN ON giving MASSIVE MONEY to themselves and their own agencies and foundations and cohorts in BIG BUSINESS and INDUSTRY and FINANCE... and so they throw a few bones to the American people... this entire scenario was CONSPIRACY to commit TREASON and it is NOT OVER YET... read through these news items.

Everyone involved in this political circus needs to be arrested and tried for high treason and executed... they have cost needless suffering and loss to protect against something they cannot protect against, that is not their job to protect against, and that does not even need protecting against.  Those who were entrusted with a high office with the power to do a lot of damage MUST PAY THE MAXIMUM PRICE when they abuse that power or so screw up that too many are damaged that THEY PERSONALLY cannot repay.  It is not the taxpayer's job to pay off lawsuits when homos or aliens or muslims sue because of some perceived violation of their rights (which rights they don't have in Christendom).  Their lawsuit (if they have any valid case) is against the corrupt politician PERSONALLY.  These million and billion dollar lawsuits charged to the taxpayers are treason.

regardless, if someone in the alps breaks the law and sets off firecrackers for a prank and causes an avalanche that kills everyone in a village, that prankster, regardless of age, is to be put to death.  Such crimes require such so no one ever attempts it again.  Those that were involved in Enron and other scams in which many people lost BILLIONS of dollars, those criminals should have had all their wealth confiscated and then been executed.  So it is with politicians who violate the constitution, unlawfully tax, unlawfully enrich themselves, commit treason, strengthen our enemies, and cause irreparable damage (like trillions of dollars of debt, death in war, death in vaccines and "approved drugs".  Politicians need to know that they can finish their term with honor (and not have a pension or secret service protection or insurance or any other perk) or they can finish their term at the end of a rope.

and the masses like cattle in a chute will line up for their peanuts... as if $500 to $1200 will do anything for anyone ... and it is not the government's job to take money from group A and give to group B or print fake money for group A and put on the national debt.  The government cannot create money out of thin air... they are all guilty of treason... selling our nation out while enriching themselves...


Tips to prevent / combat ANY infection