One FLU over the cuckoo's nest or Billy Ray VIRUS sings Deja FLU

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Read this 5-page "clinical study".

Derry, D.: Iodine: the Forgotten Weapon Against Influenza Viruses. Thyroid Science, 4(9):R1-5, 2009.


I've stocked and taken Lugol's solution for several years... I offer it for $3.00/oz plus shipping... it can also be used to purify water, INSTANTLY
I've shared info on this several times; here it is again for those who are newer.  If interested, inquire. 
See also this link of mine again for youtube info on the importance of Iodine for the brain, intelligence and every single organ in the body.

What Are the Most-Important Health Nutrients? Can You Really Prevent or Reverse Disease?



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Also, at the other Rumination link anove, concerning the most important health products

there is information on the B vitamin niacin—which is also effective against MRSA / flesh eating pathogens; and the youtube on vitamin c, Andrew Saul says he took something like 6 grams (6,000 mg.) every 3 minutes and got over viral pneumonia.

Also, I have sent around many emails on GSE Grapefruit seed extract, Nutribiotic liquid is the best (some brands have toxic fillers) and a 4oz bottle (there are approximately 591 drops in an ounce, if I recall correctly), which you can get on sale for around $20, will last even after it has been opened for at least a decade... and it too can be used to purity water, and I have gotten over MANY infections (including a lung infection from aspiration) with it, among other things.  Having an ozone machine to ozonate water (and then drink 32 oz. within a few minutes, on any empty stomach; oxygen perioxidizes fats / oils, and protein, so you want to only drink freshly ozonated water on an empty stomach (no food for several hours, thus, I do it when I first get up in the morning, then again later in the day and toward evening, once or twice more, if it is a serious problem... you can eat 20 min. later... this will do an incredible job of purification... and best used in an array, with the other things above, as well as oregano oil capsules (also very strong), olive leaf extract, garlic capsules, echinacea, and elderberry supplement.

ALSO... virus are protein and usually reproduce in the GI tract if ingested... and taking a digestive enzyme (like Country Life, Betaine, HCL with pepsin) 3-5 capsules (drink more water if it upsets your stomach or causes burping) and fasting on just water (and other supplements like the above) ... without food the virus cannot reproduce, and since virus are protein the digestive enzymes will DIGEST THEM.  Also, a colonic of several gallons (if you have a colon board) or a salt-water flush (that you drink: the instructions are often on the wax carton of epsom salts, or it can be done with sea salt but the ratio must be correct and exact)... and either will painlessly flush out a large number of viral colonies in the intestines so that the supplements are not battling so much.  I also INHALE ozone air.  Of course, the experts and ozone machine companies say never to do this, claiming it is toxic.  I disagree.  IF A PERSON'S LUNGS are FULL OF CRAP from being a smoker or inhaling second-hand smoke, indeed, he will probably have an unpleasant coughing reaction because of the FILTH in his lungs (compare it to pouring H2O2 on your clean hands, or pouring H2O2 into a cut on your hand that is filled with dirt and bacteria... yes, the second will FOAM UP... so also will there be a reaction in the lungs... but it is not the ozone's fault, but all the crap in your lungs... I breath it deeply with high concentration, for several minutes, if I have a lung infection, and I have never had a single cough.  Of course, I do not smoke nor do I stay around those who do, nor do I breathe the pollution of a filthy city.  Also, with the above products, I also overcame Strep a few months ago, without going to a doctor and without antibiotics... and I have a cracked tooth that gets a mild infection and hurts and hurts all the way to my ear, even affecting hearing a %, and I keep it under control with GSE... 50-60 drops at a time in 4-8 oz. of water, 4-6 times a day.

Also, I believe someone sent me an email saying that Canada outlawed the popular over-the-counter drug "Thera-flu" because it is toxic.