EAT THE CHEESE - Communist Government Incentives (humorous cartoon PDF)

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See PDF displayed at this page.

This brainwashing / incentive / guilt tripping / trickery / marketing / forceful compliance to outright lies can be compared to most any “official version” false narrative of the de facto “government” (whether Faux-vid, WWII, U.S. slavery, the “Chosenites”, the “Universal Brotherhood of Man” heresy, homo-acceptance, or submission to and compliance with any other fiction that they repeat in an endless mantra as if it were true, and teach it as truth from the earliest ages in the public schools; and the majority of “Christian” churches, schools, and colleges, already zombies, repeat the mantras as if they were recorded in Holy Writ). 


See also the very brief humorous illustration: 

Faux-vid, Act 5, Scene 6 - “Covidzilla”


One person sent an email saying the manufacturer has known for 40 years that Zantac causes cancer.

Another person said Zantac was taken off the market because before covid  because if taken for months, it prevents so-called covid and then added the amount fed to mice in studies far exceeds that given to humans...

My comment:

but you forget, humans are not mice; and then there is the cumulative effect and buildup of the toxins in the organs... no, one cannonball will not bring down the hoover dam--but after enough direct hits, one single more will be the straw that breaks the camel's back.  Sunshine is free, does not require a prescription, and has no side effects (in the proper dosage).

they feed tumors from cattle to chickens, and tumors from chickens to cattle, then wonder why Mad Cow and Bird Flu "magically appear".  One Bird Flu over the cookoo's nest.... and hey, what a great idea, take green monkey pus and inject it into humans... let's start with children... HEY MIKEY...! He likes it...!  oh... he is only crying 'cause he's so happy...!

Caveat (or is that Cavey-eat...?) Emptor.