—Rare - Used - Damaged - Inventory Reduction - dinged books

I am posting this to see if anyone is interested.  Most people today seem to be too lazy and only interested in convenience and ordering off Amazon with a single click, instead of the laborious task of writing a check and putting a stamp on an envelope.  I hope those who read my website do not fall into this category, and hope people stop supporting antichrist antiamerican subversive megacorporations for convenience and begin supporting true ministries, authors, publishers, who do all the work.

It willt take me hundreds of hours to list the thousands of titles I could place on this page... and would be glad to start doing this if ENOUGH people are interested... which means if you are interested you need to email me and let me know that you are interested.

see contact page for email adress.

title email "STM rare books offer" in case it goes to spam.

thanks, Robert