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Exposing the Fraud of Evolution


- Stephen Hawking: Cosmic Tragedy — Hawking Fake Science... & A New Evolutionary Theory of The Universe, Robert Alan Balaicius, 78pp., 7.00 + P&H (refutes atheistic anti-God evolution and utterly shreds Hawking’s illogic).


- Evolution or Creation? (c.1930) Sir Ambrose Fleming (English physicist) 114pp., paperback, 14.00 + P&H.

- The Origin of Mankind Viewed from the Standpoint of Revelation and Research (1935) Sir Ambrose Fleming,* 160pp., paperback, 16.00 donation + P&H.

* English physicist who participated in the early beginnings in Britain of the telephone, electric lighting, and electric telagraphy; he invented the first thermionic valve or vacuum tube, the diode (then called the kenotron), 1904; and he invented the right hand rule, used in mathematics and electronics. Amazingly, Fleming states, (p.118,119 Origin of Mankind),

“Hence, the conclusion that the fundamental species of Man—Caucasian, Mongolian, and Negroid, must be regarded as originally separate Divine Creations, not simultaneous.  In an excellent book by Mr. Dominick M’Causland, now out of print,* called Adam and the Adamite,* the above view is strongly held, namely, that of the three apparently distinct fundamental races of mankind inhabiting different parts of the earth’s surface now and in long time past, the Caucasian was the last to make its appearance and the other two were previous to it, whilst the Caucasian cam not by evolution from the others, but by separate creation and endowed with higher faculties than the other two.”

[* See Adam and Adamite and Builders of Babel in this section, under the category of “Bible History.” now in paperback.]


- The Evolution Hoax Exposed / Why Colleges Breed Communists (1941) A(rthur). N(elson). Field: (New Zealand), 104pp., pb., 10.00 + P&H.

- Darwinism Under the Microscope: How Recent Scientific Evidence Points to Divine Design, Gills, 236pp., pb., 15.00 + P&H.

- Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, Behe, environmental biologist proves even lowest forms life designed Hb. 22.00 + P&H; (reg 25.00); pb., 14.00 + P&H.

- Darwin’s Mistake: Antediluvian Discoveries Prove Dinosaurs and Humans Co-Existed, Hans-Joachim Zillmer, 292pp., pb., 18.00 + P&H (reg. 20.00).

- Did Charles Darwin Become A Christian?, Rusch/Klotz, 38pp., 4.00 + P&H

- Evolution: Science Falsely So-Called (1970) Inter’l Christian Crusade, 112pp., comb-bound, 12.00 + P&H.

- Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, dead-pan voiced Jewish actor/lawyer/analyst/commentator Ben Stein, 90 min. DVD out of print, good used copies 10.00 + P&H; Stein travels world & learns awe-inspiring truth that bewilders him, then angers him, then spurs him to action... educators and scientists are being ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired for the crime of merely believing that there might be evidence of design in nature, and that perhaps life is not just the result of accidental, random chance. To which Ben Says: “Enough!” And then gets busy. NOBODY messes with Ben.

- Gists From Agassiz: Passages on Intelligence Working in Nature - Together with Agassiz’s Essay on Evolution and Permanence of Type (1874) Louis Agassiz, Swiss-American scientist, professor, 115pp., pb., 11.50 + P&H.

- How Life Began, Heinze, 158pp., pb., 10.00 + P&H. easy to understand, easily refutes evolution.

- Vanishing Proofs of Evolution, Heinze, 94pp., pb., 8.50 + P&H. easy to understand, easily refutes

- What Darwin Didn’t Know: A Doctor Dissects the Theory of Evolution, Simmons, MD, 320pp., 18.00 + P&H.

- Witness Against Evolution (1968) editor: Meldau; articles by Kesyer, Dewar, Dawson, Brown, Meldau, 76pp., 5.50 + P&H.

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