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General Christian Anglo-Israel Works

[For those unfamiliar with Christian Anglo-Israel doctrine, see my book Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance (my foundational work).  The Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Baltic, Scandinavian, Slavic, and relationed peoples are the literal and only legitimate descendents of the Biblical Israelites.  This is proved by history, philology, anthropology, and Bible History and Prophecy.]


Ancient Pillar Stones of Scotland Their Significance and Bearing on Ethnology (1856) Dr. George Moore, 179pp., pb., 18.00 + P&H.

- Anglo-Saxon Israel or Israel Britain: An Explanation of the Origin, Function and Destiny of the Norse-Anglo-Celto- Saxon Race in the British Empire, U.S.A., Holland, Scandinavia and Iceland (1934), Adam Rutherford, 825 pages (including 200pp. of chronological tables) + 5 maps, plastic comb-bound and bound in 2 volumes, 65.00 donation + P&H.  very rare book 

Culture and Kulture Race-Origins: The Past Unveiled (1919), Herbert Bruce Hannay, 160pp., plastic comb-bound, 20.00 donation + P&H. very rare book

- Dominion (c.1960), George F. Jowett (author of Drama of the Lost Disciples), 72pp., staple-back booklet, 5.00 donation + P&H. (Israel identity of Canda)

Drama of the Lost Disciples, Jowett, 253pp., pb., 20 00 + P&H; excellent by incredible man—historians from 1st century on: Christ visited England & founded Church there, many of disciples & Mary, etc. went to Britain after Resurrection. Well documented, scholarly. A MUST! (Ignore his Anglican anti-puritan bias and early B-I confusion thinking Jews are Judah).

- The Early Britons and The Early British Church Being the Substance of Two lectures given at Glastonbury, 14th July, 1925, Capt./Rev. G. H. Lancaster, 64pp., 6 00 + P&H.

An Emerging Civilization (1952), C.R. Dickey (author of One Man’s Destiny; 214pp., paperback, 18.00 donation + P&H. excellent 

European and Other Race Origins (1914), Prof. H.B. Hannay, 492pp., plastic comb-bound, 42.00 donation + P&H. very rare book.

- Father Abraham’s Children (1949) Perry Edwards Powell, Ph.D., 157pp., pb., 14.50 + P&H.

- Glastonbury: Mother of Saints: Saints A.D. 37 to 1539 (1927) Rev. L.S. Lewis, Angican Vicar Glastonbury, 108pp., pb., 14 00 + P&H.

- The Heir of the World or the Nations of Europe as Descended from Abraham: The Cymry and Gael (1876), by “A.S.” [possibly Col. John Cox Gawler, Keeper of the Crown Jewels] 164pp., paperback, 17.50 donation + P&H. rare book 

- The Shemetic Origin of the Nations of Western Europe (1879) John Pym Yeatman, 292pp., 6x9, 22.00 + P&H ; Early racial history of the British Isles & Northern Europe, Phoenician origins, Cymry, Anglo-Saxons, Scythians, Tuatha de Dananns, Genesis X, (anti-German error).

The History of Ancient Caledonia (c.1870) John MacLaren, 128pp., paperback, 15.00 donation + P&H. very rare book

Israel Discovered in Anglo-Saxon, Protestant Kindred Nations (1874), H. Newton, 50pp., stapleback booklet, computer enhanced, 4.50 donation + P&H.  

Israel in Britain (1940), by John Leech, M.A., LL.B., K.C. [Point by Point Refutation of W.F.P. Burton’s "Why I Do Not Believe the British Israel Theory"], respected King’s Counsellor and Barrister at Law listed in the "Who’s Who" of his day who quit his job in 1926 to preach the British Israel message. 48pp., stapleback booklet, computer enhanced, 5.00 donation + P&H. very rare

- Links In Chain of Evidence Connecting Israel With England (1876), J. L. Feilden, 130pp., computer-enhanced reprint, plastic comb-bound, 14.00 donation + P&H.  

- Lost Israel Found in the Anglo-Saxon Race (1886), E.P. Ingersoll, 84pp., stapleback booklet, computer enhanced, 10.00 donation + P&H.

- The Lost Tribes of Israel (1907; 1908 ed.), Reader Harris, 85pp., stapleback booklet, computer enhanced, 8.00 donation + P&H. (very rare book)  

- Lost Ten Tribes: Anglo-Israel by a Jew (1884), Elieser Bassin, 32pp., stapleback booklet, computer enhanced, 3.00 donation + P&H.  

- Lost Tribes & the Saxons of the East & the Saxons of the West: With New Views of Buddhism and Translations of the Rock-Records in India (1861) Dr. George Moore, M.D., 440pp., pb., 26.00 + P&H.

- Monumental Facts versus Historical Fictions (1909), Henry Marchant, 82pp., computer-enhanced reprint, stapleback booklet, very rare book with detailed information: Classics Unreliable; Monumental Evidence; Who Were The Ghomri?; Did Gomer Come Down?: Where and Why Ghomri Went Up; Shomeron, Samaria, Kimmeria; From Gozan to Cappadocia; Yasubi-Galleans; The Median Kings; Kastarita of Kar-Kassi, the Original Kyaxares; Esarhaddon and Te-uspa; Occupation of the Crimea by the Kimmeri; The Twelve Patriarchs of the Kimmerians; The Scythian Invasion of Asia; The Umman-Manda; Destruction of Assyria; Huvackshatara and "the Good Kingdom"; Cyrus the Hebrew; Teispes; The Hakhamani; Sennacherib’s 200,150 Captives; Zoroaster; The Lion and Unicorn; From Medo-Persia to the British Isles; Kimmeria of Homer; Kemarim; What Startled Sayce?; Cyrus and Darius, 7.50 donation + P&H.

- St. Joseph of Arimathea of Glastonbury / Apostolic Church of Britain (1927) Rev. L. S. Lewis, 54pp., 8.00 + P&H.

Some Collected Shorter Works of "Lumen"* with Photos of Major Samuels, and the following writings: The Date of Malachi, Assyriology and Its Bearing on the Biblical Narrative, Scholars At Variance, and Chro- nological Coincidences, published between the dates 1911-1916 in numerous publications; 64pp., stapleback booklet, computer enhanced, 5.50 donation + P&H. very rare

The True Story of the Babylonian Captivity: A Challenge to Commentators (1904), Lumen* 171pp., paperback, 18.00 donation + P&H. very rare

[* Lumen (Major Jonathan Samuels, V.D., R.G.A.): Samuels was an incredible scholar and Israel believer. He used a pen name and people did not know who he was but praised his works. Bullinger used Lumen’s works for the dates Bullinger gives in the notes and appendices in the Companion Bible for Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.]

Life From the Dead: Being a National Journal Associated with Identity of the British Being Lost Isael, Edward Hine, (previously available volumes) - annual volumes of Hine’s monthly magazine (Many articles frequently written by Col. Gawler, Piazzi Smyth, Philo-Israel, Major Nickle, Bishop Titcomb, Rev. Glover, etc.) (2x2 xerox), 8.5x11, plastic comb bound.  These are extremely rare . (if ordering more than 1 volume, take an extra $2 off per volume. If ordering the complete set, take $25 off.

- Vol. I. (c.1873-4), 444pp., 25.00 + P&H];

- Vol. II. (1874-5), 380pp., 22.00 + P&H;

- Vol. III. (c.1876), 380pp., 22.00 + P&H

- Vol. IV. (1877), 380pp., 22.00 + P&H

- Vol. V. (1878), 380pp., 22.00 + P&H

- Vol. VI. (1879), 380pp., 22.00 + P&H

- Vol. VII. (1880), 380pp., 22.00 + P&H

- The Missing Links: or The Anglo-Saxons, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel: One Thousand Historical and Prophetical Proofs of Our Hebrew-Saxon Ancestry, fromt he “Call” of Abraham, Until the Kingdom is “Delivered Up”, Showing the One Plan of Redemption, It Declares Why America is a Republic, and not a Monarchy; Our National Triumph, in Government, Commerce, Wealth, Civilization, and Religion: The Key to Our Success: England and America, The Foci of This Dispensation: Christ, the Center of All the Ages (1901) Rev. Morton W. Spencer, M.A., 2 vol. 6x9 pb., 332pp.+ 142pp. / 546pp., (c.1,030pp. total) rare, well-
researched, scholarly work; 68.50 + P&H for the set.

The Modern Hebrew and Hebrew Christianity (1882), Rev. Elieser Bassin, C.M., Ph.B., 275 pages, computer-enhanced reprint, plastic comb-bound, 22.00 donation + P&H.  very rare book. Author, a "jew" and former rabbi, who wrote "Ten Lost Tribes..." and believed Anglo-Saxons/Britain were Israel, gives his life story and how the "jews" tried to kill him when he converted to Christianity after having studied the New Testament --having eschewed the Talmud. May contain some enlightening info, though of course some degree of error.

National Rebirth of Judah (1920), J.H. Allen (Author of Judah’s Scepter and Joseph’s Birthright), 125 pages, computer-enhanced reprint, plastic comb-bound, rare book.  12.00 donation + P&H.  (Allen terribly confuses the "jews" with Judah and this book is replete with err--but may contain some worthwhile material.)

The Nation’s Glory Leader, Vol. 6 (1878-79) collection of magazine issues by Ed. Hine, 630 pages, 8.5x11 (2x2 xerox format) 35.00 donation + P&H.

Notes & Queries on the Origin of British Israel (1920), Helen, Countess of Radnor, 48pp., stapleback, computer enhanced reprint, with brief biography and photo; rare book, 4.50 donation + P&H.  She wrote this to answer questions by her son and grandsons about their heritage.

Predestination: As Taught in the Bible and Verified in History, A Compilation Shewing the Fulfillment of God’s Promises to Israel in the British Race (1895) A.K. Robinson, 151 pages + 16 pages, computer-enhanced reprint, plastic comb-bound,  15.00 donation + P&H.

The Renewal of History: How Empire Was Rebuilt and Replanted: Eochaidh the Hermonn or Knight of the Scarlet Thread (1892) Totten, 334 pages, computer-enhanced reprint, plastic comb-bound, 24.00 donation + P&H.

- Revelation Fulfilled in History (1934), B. Stewart, 174  pages, computer-enhanced reprint, plastic comb-bound, good presentation from Historicist View that majority of Revelation was fullfilled in European history (not to be confused with the Praeterist View that ALL was fulfilled in 70 A.D.), not from Anglo-Israel perspective, but very good detailed historical analysis. 20.00 donation + P&H.

- Sixteen Shorter Works of the eminent Rev. A.B. Grimaldi, M.A., F.S.A.: "An Ancient Stone;" "Anglo-Israelitish Roll;" "Are We Israelites?;" "British and Eastern Connections;" "The Castle of Dunstaffnage;" "Cenotaphs of the Hebrew Patriarchs: The Cave of Machpelah;" "The Coronation Chair;" "The Harp of Ireland;" "Hebraic Connections in Ossian’s Poems;" "Israel and the Solar System;" "Jacob’s Stone;" "The Mithraic Tablets;" "The Stone of Scone;" "Succession of Witnessing Israelites" (1 excerpt); "The Twelve Zodiacal Signs of the Twelve Hebrew Tribes;" "Typical and Prophetical Israelitish Dates;" (with a short biography and picture of Rev. Grimaldi). Initially, I had planned on a larger biography of the Grimaldi Family, genealogical chart back to the Kings of Judah, and a comprehensive history of Monaco, Genoa, and all other surrounding powers from ancient times; however, the work will be so large that it will have to be a book of its own; and will still not be available for a year or so. So I have split these two books apart. 136 pages, plus 2-page genealogy, computer-enhanced reprint, plastic comb-bound, 11.00 donation + P&H.

- Tracing Your Ancestors (1934) Frederick Haberman, 6x9 pb., 184pp., + Intro. /author bio by RAB 16.00 + P&H. 

[Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance, and God’s Chosen People by Balaicius would be a better choice), good info. mixed w/ error; see also Who Was the Serpent for an exceptional treatment of Noah’s Flood.]

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