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Note: please forgive duplications (as these are drawn from many monthly updates sheets and I don't have time to alphabetize the entire list to be able to weed out duplications; there are also some paperback titles listed herein).

Note: Most titles will contain truth and error; some more error than others; we don't necessarily endorse each title we reprint, each reader must determine for himself the value assigned to any book.  If a reader is not as discerning or is new to some areas of truth, inquire and we can suggest the better titles to read, if you are unsure.  Inquire.

we will print in paperback any title comb-bound (or stapleback if the page count is large enough to be paperback bound) with order of 25 copies, or in Hardback with order of 50 copies.  Inquire.



Our Race: Its Origin and Its Destiny: The Deluge: The Fact of History: A Chronological Vindication, and a Guarantee of the Second Advent ["Our Race", Series II., Number 6] (1892), Lieut., Prof. Charles A. L. Totten, 315pp., standard book size, plastic comb-bound; 28.00 + P&H.  Very rare title


In Defense of Christian Anglo-Israel:

- A Brief Reply to David Barons' Book, "The History of the Ten 'Lost' Tribes" (1916) Daniel Whitelaw, 17pp.,
"British Israelite Questions Christian" (a response to "Christian Questions British Israelite) Rev. Rupert C. Thomas, 40 pages
- Objections to British Israel Teaching Examined (1951) J. Llewellyn Thomas, 64pp.;
- Oxford wrong in objecting to the English being identical with Israel : Edward Hine's reply to Canon Rawlinson, showing that the English entirely agree with the Bible accounts of Lost Israel in language, physical type, religious opinions, manners and customs, &c. (1872) Edward Hine, 61pp.;
- "Truth Vindicated" A Racy Rejoinder to Erith's So-called "British-Israel Fallacy" (1922) Arthur Pritchard's, 63pp.,
plastic comb-bound, 265pp., 17.50 + P&H.

Other New rare reprints:

Absolution Formula of the Templars (1893) Henry Charles  Lea, LL.D., 23pp., 2.50 + P&H.

Britain—The Racial Aspect (1941), Brig.-General W. H. Fasken, C.B., 30pp., 3.50 + P&H

The Coming Corporate State (c.1950) A Raven Thomson (Greater Britain Publication), 45pp., 5.00 + P&H.

Gog — and After (c.1940) C.C. Ogilvy Van Lennep, 16pp., Association of the Covenant People, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1.75 + P&H.

Israel and the World Crisis (1952; 1961 ed. "Kingdom Publishing Co., Manchester, New Hampshire) J.B. Harriman, 58pp., 5.50 + p&h.

The Lewis Awakening 1949-1953 (1954) Rev. Duncan Campbell, 44pp., 5.00 + P&H. (the moving of God's Holy Spirit on the Isle of Lewis off the coast of Scotland).

The Reign of the Elders  - Gold - Gold - Gold (1938) 112pp., plastic comb-bound, rare, 10.00 + P&H.

Sermon by Rev. Chas. E. Coughlin: Render Unto Caesar (1931) 16pp., 2.00 + P&H.

The Middle East Riddle Unwrapped (1984), Ivor Benson, Introduction by Ron Gostick, 17pp., 2.00 + P&H.

The Morning Cometh (1941) British-Israel World Federation (Toronto, Canada), 48pp., 4.50 + P&H.

National Moral Restoration (c.1938) Rev. Rupert C. Thomas, 16pp., 2.00 + P&H.

The New Mythology of Racial Equality (1963) Byram Campbell, 71pp., 6.00 + P&H.

    [By the same author as American Race Theorists: A Critique of Their Thoughts and Methods (1952), Byram Campbell, 159pp., plastic comb-bound, 16.00 + P&H.]

Petain (1945) Charles Sweeny, 36pp., & Crucifying the Savior of France: France's New Dreyfus Case in Reverse, Harry Elmer Barnes, 11pp., 5.00 + P&H.

There is No Halfway Neutrality (1938) Ralph Townsend (former U.S. Consular Service in China) 32pp., 3.50 + P&H.

What of the Night? (c.1940), Victoria British-Israel Association (British Columbia, Canada), 31pp., 3.50 + P&H.



The Administration of Abraham Lincoln, extracted from The Political History of the United States of America During the Great Rebellion (1865) Edward McPherson, 38pp 8.5x11, 7.00 + P&H.  clearly records Lincoln's criminal behaviour and violation of the rights of the citizens of both the North and the South

The Pillar of Witness: A Scriptural View of the Great Pyramid (1876) Commander B. W. Tracey, R.N., 84pp., stapleback, 8.00 + P&H. rare

Democracy or Shylocracy? Shall the Jew Rule the World? (1919), Harold Sherwood Spencer, 126pp., comb-bound, 12.50 + P&H. rare

The Affinity Between the Hebrew Language and the Celtic: Being a Comparison Between Hebrew and the Gaelic Language or the Celtic of Scotland (1872), Thomas Stratton, M.D., R.N., 75pp., stapleback, 8.00 + P&H.

An Essay on the Antiquity of the Irish Language; Being a Collation of the Irish with the Punic Language.  With a Preface Proving Ireland to be the Thule of the Ancients (1772), Liet.-Col. Charles Vallencey, LL.D., 123pp., comb-bound, 12.50 + P&H. rare.


The Law of Liberty (1963) by L. Fry, 154pp., plastic comb-bound, 14.00 + P&H.

[Leslie Fry—whose maiden name was Louise A. Chandor (1882-1970) was the pen name of Paquita “Mady” Louise de Shishmareff, who was an American married to Russian nobility, witnessed the horror of the Bolshevik Revolution first-hand, before she escaped with her children; her husband was assassinated.  She wrote Waters Flowing Eastward to expose the Bolsheviks (1931) edited by Rev. Fahey, 283pp., pb., 17.50 + P&H.]  This Law of Liberty appears to be a light-hearted family novel to introduce to readers of all ages to Bolshevism and those behind it.  Published by California League of Christian Patriots; mot probably one of her organizations; she supported endless amounts of Christians fleeing Bolshevism and supported many anti-communist, Christian organizations in the U.S., spending what little of her fortune she was able to flee Russia with.

Lithuania: European Adam (translated from the German into English in 1979), by the Swiss scholar Dr. Joseph Ehret, 51pp., stapleback, 5.00 + P&H.

Native Races of of North America (1895) Withrow, 200pp., illustrated, comb-bound 14.00 + P&H (clearly shows Indians are not white, for those who are confused in this matter).

Rabab & Ruth: Who Were They? (1983), R. K. Phillips, BIWF-Australia, 27pp., 3.00 + P&H.

God's Economic Plan for the British Empire (1935) "the Roadbuilder" (Lietenant-Colonel William Gordon MacKendrick, D.S.O. (Canada), 64pp., 5.50 + P&H.

The Patmos Story: A Study of the Book of Revelation (undated, 1970?) Rev. W.G. Finlay (Australia), 240pp., plastic comb-bound, 16.00 + P&H.  Finlay had substantial error, and in his later years became anti-Pauline.  For the discerning reader.

1,000 Quotes (by or about the Jews), 448pp., plastic comb-bound, 22.00 + P&H. (this is taken off a website, someone else collected and arranged them all, but said anyone was free to do anything he wanted with the info, and someone asked me if I could put it into a book and comb-bind it, which I have).

Story and Message of Our Bible (1930), M. Cook, Intro by Commander, Rev. L.G.A. Roberts R.N., Foreword by John Leech, K.C., LL.B., M.A., 118pp., comb-bound (enlarged by 23% as it was an odd shaped small sized book). 11.50 + P&H.

The Teutonic Order in Prussia (1938) Christian Krollman, with Sir Raymond Beazley, translated by Ernst Horstmann (“Prussian Guides” series), Editors Erich Weise and Hermann Kownatzki, 74pp., stapleback, beautiful color cover; very rare, 7.00 + P&H.

The Truth About Bolshevik and Nazi Atrocities in Latvia (1943), Ludwigs Ekis (former Latvian Finance Minister and Envoy in Kaunas (Lithuania), Warsaw (Poland), Bucharest (Roumania), Budapest (Hungary), and Ankara (Turkey), 27pp., 3.00 + P&H (compare the two lists; the list of Nazi atrocities is about a paragraph and the Bolshevik the remainder of the book)

The Way of the Aggressor (1941) John Michael, 80pp., 8.00 + P&H. (British history of aggression)

World's Greatest Racial Mystery, Cadwallader, 11p. 1.50 + P&H.


I will also reprint this if there is any interest.

Heresies Exposed: An Exposure of Some of the Prevailing Heresies of the Day, compiled by William C. Irvine, introduction by Louis T. Talbot, D.D. / First written in 1917; 24th edition 1950, 225pp. / Chapters (written by various different authors): Agnosticism, Annihilation, Atheism, Baptismal Regeneration, British Israelism (only about 15 pages, which I will refute in an appendix), Buchmanism, Christadelphianism, Christian Science, Cooneyites, Evolution, Freemasonry, Humanism, Kenosis Theory, Modernism, Mormonism, Pseudo-Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Russelism/Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh-Day Adventism, Soul-Sleep, Spiritism, Swedenborgianism, Theosophy, Tongues Movement, Unitarianism, Unity School of Christianity.


2015 and earlier

Advanced Teaching on Divine Healing (1945) William Lester Blessing, 62pp., 5.00 + P&H (Blessings works like Swift and Comparet and others have some good info, but also a lot of error; for the discerning Anglo-Israel reader.


American Mercury Magazine, parts I & II, "Termites of the Cross," (1959), 20pp., 2.50 + P&H.


The Ancient Prussians (1932) Erich Weise, translated by Elise Deckner, 40pp., very rare title on the ancient Prussi / Lithuanian tribes; the Old or Ancient Prussians were a Lithuanian tribe exterminated by the Teutonic knights. 5.00 + P&H.]

British-Israel Identity: Are Anglo Saxons the "Lost Tribes" of Israel? (1934), Howard W. Kellogg, American Prophetic League, Los Angeles, very rare booklet, 3.00 + P&H. (this author actually rejects the Christian Anglo-Israel message, but his argument is so flimsy it is worth reprinting).

The Canopied Earth: A Study of the World That Then Was The Heavens That Now Are The New Heavens and The New Earth: A Study of The Waters That Were Above The Firmament (c.1940) 27pp., & The Coming Kingdom and The Re-Canopied Earth (1936) 84pp., & The Reign of the King Immortal: Paradise to be Regained —A Heavenly Earth Under a Heavenly King (1935) 32pp., all in one plastic comb-bound volume; 14.00 + P&H.

Curiosities in American History: The Green Mountain Boys: Or Vermont and the New York Land-Jobbers (1885) Philip H. Smith, 85pp., retypeset, with added illustrations, plastic comb-bound, 8.50 + P&H.

The Federal Reserve Monster (1922) Sam H. Clark, Editor, 98pp., comb-bound, 8.50 + P&H.


The Five Races of Europe (1949) George Pile, 62pp., 7.50 + P&H.


Fraudulent Conversion: The Myth of Moscow's Change of Heart (1955) Colin Jordan, 143pp., plastic comb-bound, 13.00 + P&H.


God: Deity of the Nations (1960), A. B. Traina / Scripture Research Association, 89pp., to which has been added Corrective Notes in the Hope of Making Sense of the Sacred Name Squabble by Robert Alan Balaicius (118pp., and brief 2pp. background on the author).  It really is a terrible book; but so many people are so easily confused by false doctrine and some people are still interested in the topic of the Sacred Name that I decided to undertake the laborious and tedious task of correcting this false doctrine.  While it is true and correct that the Sacred Name is Yahweh (and whenever "the LORD" is substituted for Yahweh, it is wrong) and Christ Jesus Name is more properly Yehoshua, that is close to the only truthful things that Traina makes in this work which is mostly dogmatic assertion and illogic and embarrassing error; 216pp., total.

The Greatest War in History Now On! : International Jewish System Against National Patriotism (1937) by H H Beamish; Adrien Arcand; Robert Edward Edmondson, 24pp., pamphlet, 3.50 + P&H.

The Great Pyramid: In Light of Latest Archaeological Research (c.1943), J. O. Kinnaman, 50pp., published by Winrod/Defender Magazine; 5.00 + P&H; very rare. [author of Diggers For Facts (1940), 239pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H. also available.]


Lithuania: European Adam (translated from the German into English in 1979), by the Swiss scholar Dr. Joseph Ehret, 51pp., stapleback, 5.00 + P&H.


Martin Dies’s Polical Posse: Information on What to Expect when the Great Congressional Probing Racket Reaches Into Your Home City and You are Subpoenaed like Suspected Criminal for Daring to Love and Defend Your Country against Millions of Politically Protected and Depression-Working Jews (c.1938), Pelley Publications (Ashville, NC), 42pp., 4.00 + P&H.

Our Celtic Heritage, Brig.-Gen. Sir Standish Crauford, 16pp., 1.75 + P&H.

Pietro Valdo e il Poveri di Leone (1880) Bartolomeo Tron and (translated by) Bartolomeo Pons, 112pp. plastic comb-bound 14.00 + P&H. [in Italian]; fascsimile reprint with photo and brief biography of Tron added by the modern publisher. Very rare book.

 Pierre Valdo et les Pauvres des Lyon (1879) Barthélemy Tron, 175pp., plastic comb-bound, 16.50 + P&H. [in French]; fascsimile reprint with photo and brief biography of Tron added by the modern publisher.  Very rare book.



Proofs of Negro Inferiority, excerpted from Pre-Adamites (1880) Dr. Alexander Winchell (and photo and brief biog. of Winchell), 28pp., 3.00 + P&H.


Remarks of the Hon. J. Thorkelson of Montana concerning the U.S. being subverted by the Jews and returned to subservience to the British Crown, also controlled by the Jews, by The Congressional Record of the Proceedings and Debates of the 76th Congress, Third Session, 1940, 28pp., 8.5x11, 5.00 + P&H.  Corner stapled or plastic comb-bound for an extra .25.

The Sign in the Name, C.E. Altree Coley & The Significance in the Name, publishers of The Covenant Message, Honeydew South Africa, 40pp., 4.00 + P&H.


The Story of the Apocrypha (1939) Edgar J. Goodspeed (who translated the Apocrypha and the New Testament in the Smith-Goodspeed Bible), 150pp., plastic comb-bound, 12.50 + P&H.


Terrible 1313 (1958), Don Bell Report, 29pp. 8.5x11, comb-bound or stapled, 8.00 + P&H.

The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel: Four Sermons delivered at the First Presbyterian Church, Lakeland, Florida, by the Pastor Rev. C.I. Stacy, D.D. in January 1921, 11" x 4" stapled 30 p. pamphlet, 3.00 + P&H.  Very Rare.

The Teutonic Order in Prussia (1938) Christian Krollman, with assistance by Sir Raymond Beazley, translated by Ernst Horstmann, in the “Prussian Guides” series, Editors Erich Weise and Hermann Kownatzki, 74pp., stapleback, beautiful color cover; very rare, 7.00 + P&H.


The Trial of William Penn (1852) [excerpted from Samuel M. Janey's, "The Life of William Penn,"] 31pp., plus 30 pages of "A Tribute to William Penn" (with 21 illustrations added) by Robert Alan Balaicius; 5.00 + P&H.


 [I found out last year while researching my genealogy online that William Penn was my cousin 10 generations back (his great grandfather was my 10th-great grandfather and I am descended from or related to almost all of the 13 founding families of Germantown section of Philly, as well as other prominent early members.]

The Truth About Bolshevik and Nazi Atrocities in Latvia (1943), Ludwigs Ekis (former Latvian Finance Minister and Envoy in Kaunas (Lithuania), Warsaw (Poland), Bucharest (Roumania), Budapest (Hungary), and Ankara (Turkey), 27pp., 3.00 + P&H (compare the two lists; the list of Nazi atrocities is about a paragraph and the Bolshevik the remainder of the book)


"The Truth about the Reign of the Emperor Nicholas II (c.1952) by George Knuppfer of the Russian Supreme Monarchist Council; 14pp., 1.50 + P&H.  [author of The Struggle For World Power: Revolution and Counter-Revolution, Knupffer, 240pp., how taxes are levied to support money lenders & communism (inquire).]

The Way of the Aggressor (1941) John Michael, 80pp., 8.00 + P&H. (British history of aggression)

World's Greatest Racial Mystery, Cadwallader, 11p. 1.50 + P&H.


Fitch's books have some value, but they also have some error/invalid ideas.

Who Are You? From Where did your granfathers come?  Will red "Esau" (communists) rule world? or will "Jacob" (white race) rule world? (1974), Theodore Fitch, 32pp., 3.75 + P&H.  Rare.

Are All White Men Israelites? (c.1960?), Theodore Fitch, 72pp., computer-enhanced edition; early American book on Christian Anglo-Israel and origin of the races, though it contains error it is rare and has some good material;6.00 + P&H.

Our Lord's Plan For the White Race: Who we are... Where we came from... Why He chose us... What our work is... Why our descendants must remain white (c.1974), Theodore Fitch, 55pp., 6.00 + P&H.  Rare.

Titles by Dr. Clem Davies:
-Divine Diet, 49pp., 5.00 + P&H.
- If a Man Die Shall He Live Again? (published 1977), 102pp., comb-bound, 12.00 + P&H.
- Lost Ten Tribes: Anglo-Israel by a Jew (1884) Elieser Bassin, 32p. stapleback., facsimile reprint from a rare copy produced by Clem Davies Ministries c.1940. 3.00 + P&H.
- Pre-Adamic Races: Questions and Answers, Clem Davies, 27pp., 3.00 + P&H. Also includes a photo of Davies and a brief biography of him and his family compiled by Robert Alan Balaicius.
- Racial Streams of Mankind (1946), Dr. Clem Davies, 192pp., plastic comb-bound, 18.00 + P&H.
- The Regeneration (1975) R. Collier (Clem Davies Ministries) 76pp., 6.00 + P&H.
- What Is Anglo-Israel? (c.1950?) Clem Davies, 32pp., 4.00 + P&H.


Titles by: Major Robert Henry Williams Jr. (1897-1993), U.S. Army Air Corps, Military Intelligence

The Anti-Defamation League and Its Use in World Communist Offensive (1947), 44pp., 4.00 + P&H.

Can the Police Protect Us? (1952) Maj. Robert. H. Williams, 24pp., 3.00 + P&H.

FEPC and the Minority Machine - The Conquest of American Cities (c.1950), 44pp., 4"x10" pamphlet, 4.50 + P&H. [Note: The Fair Employment Practice Committee (FEPC) was unconstitutionally implemented by U.S. Executive Order #8802 in 1941, requiring that companies with government contracts not discriminate on the basis of race or religion; it was geared toward favoring Africans, Jews, and other alien minorities.] very rare

Know Your Enemy: Counter-Intelligence Information for governors, mayors, and police personnel (1950), 56pp., 5.00 + P&H.

The Ultimate World Order (1957), 74pp., 6.00 + P&H.

The Untold Story Of State Medicine (1948), 42pp., 4.25 + P&H. (re-typeset)  [A subversive tool of Zionist Bolshevism to Socialize Christendom, in conjunction with alien immigration and minority rights]
Jay C. Kellogg (America’s “Cowboy Evangelist”):
- The Brand of Hell - 666 - What Is It? - The Mark of the Beast - The Great Sign of the End of the Age (1932), 54pp., 5.50 + P&H.
- Is Capitalism Doomed? Will the Rapid Spread of Communism Soon Overthrow the Present Capitalistic System of Government? A Keen Prophetic Analysis of this Important Question (1932), Jay C. Kellogg, 59pp., 5.50 + P&H.
- The Midnight Cry: Do We Face the Golden Age, or the World’s Darkest Midnight? (1932) 54pp., 5.50 + P&H.
- The United States in Prophecy and Other Messages (c.1936) 54pp., (he, like many other scholars, believed the Anglo-Saxon peoples were Israel)
- The United States of Europe in Prophecy - Will The Antichrist be the President? - A Startling Question With a Still More Startling Answer (1932) 54pp., 5.50 + P&H.