Z - RARE Titles BEING CONSIDERED for printing NEXT

IF YOU ARE INTERSTED IN ANY, INQUIRE.  Those titles that people inquire about expressing interest, will be the first that are reprinted.


To be printed next:

 Heroes of the Nations: The Cid Campeador and the Waning of the Crescent in the West (1897) H. Butler Clarke, 382pp.,

The Story of the Nations: Norway (1895), Hjalmar H. Boyeson, xxvpp.,/556pp.,/ivpp., pb., illustrated; with added photos and genealogical chart by RAB

- The Story of the Nations: Austria (1911) Whitman / McIlraith, 407pp.;

- The Story of the Nations: Hungary (1887) Vambéry, 453pp., pb., with added coats of arms


I am considering any of these for the next batch of titles, if anyone is interested, please contact me, since it will help with any decision to print a given title.


- John Wycliffe: Patriot and Reformer: "The Morning Star of the Reformation" (1884) John Laird Wilson, 247pp. & Ulrich Zwingli: The Patriotic Reformer: A History (1868) Rev. William M. Blackburn, 324pp.,

- Martyrs’ Mirror: Story of Seventeen Centuries of Christian Martyrdom from Time of Christ to persecutions of Anabaptists in a.d. 1660 (1660), van Braght, 8x11, Quality Family Keepsake Hardback, 1156pp., 45.00 + P&H; major book of Christian faith (second to Bible) among German Christian groups (Mennonites, Amish, Hutterites, etc.); it is to Dutch & German peoples what Foxe’s Book of Martyers is to English speaking peoples. [my 9x-great grandfather Dielman Kolb, Jr. was responsible for it being translated from Dutch into German in 1749 in Pennsylvania); as was my 10th great-grandfather Jacob Hendricks Gottshalk, the second Mennonite Bishop in America (and several other ancestors); my edition will contain an illustrated historical introduction.

These will both be printed in a complementary set:

Thinking Black; 22 Years Without a Break in the Long Grass of Central Africa (1913) [reprinted by Negro Universities Press, NY, in 1969] Daniel Crawford [Daniel "Dan" Crawford (1870 – 1926), also known as 'Konga Vantu', was a Scottish missionary of the Plymouth Brethren in
central-southern Africa], 578pp., pb., 28.00 + P&H. I began reading this to see if it was worthwhile, as someone had told me about it. I find it very interesting, intriguing, enlightening, thought-provoking, entertaining, humorous, profound... to me, the book has a very odd tone of thought; if I can put my finger on it, I believe it seems as if he merely describes things and does not explain them; there is no explaining random chaos, there is only describing it... and that is all he can do with the topic at hand... he was a missionary, but one with honest insight into the blank mind of those primitives he was around... the book seems to begin with no purpose, no explanation, you just awake and find yourself in his safari trekking through the hot and humid bush... with his unique manners of description and humor and blunt insight. In the beginning he mentions the Portuguese he encountered in Mozambique at the first area from which he embarqued and noted how indolent the Portuguese were, and expressed that it was believed that they would not drink coffee for breakfast under the assumption it might keep them up the rest of the day.

Its sequel:
Back to the Long Grass; My Link with Livingstone (1923) Daniel Crawford 460pp., pb., 26.00 + P&H.

Others of similar interest:

- On the Edge of the Primeval Forest (1922) & More From the Primeval Forest (1931) & From My African Notebook (1938) Albert Schweitzer, 426pp., 3 books in 1 pb., with Biographical introduction and photos added, 26.00 + P&H. [“More from the Primeval Forest” was also once printed as “The Forest Hospital at Lambarene”.] Very fascinating books, give glimpses into the courage and patience of this great man (his poor theology and misguided altruism notwithstanding), as well as glimpses into the minds and natures of those he tried to help. Including extra photos and biographical introduction added.

(I do not print the below, but I stock it, excellent book) The Last Expedition: Stanley’s Mad Journey Through the Congo, Liebowitz; harrowing true story of Henry Morton Stanley’s final trek across Africa to rescue Emin Pasha, lieutenant of martyred General Gordon, governor of southern Sudan. The expedition lasted nearly three years and cost hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lives. Hb. 320pp., 26.00 + P&H; pb. 355pp., 16.00 + P&H incredible story

Some Astute Observations Concerning the Peoples Encountered on an African Expedition while in Search of the Source of the Nile River (Excerpted from The Albert N’Yanza: The Great Basin of the Nile and Exploration of the Nile Sources) (c.1866) by Sir Samuel White Baker, edited by Robert Alan Balaicius, superbly shows the nature and character of the peoples he encountered, 88pp. 6.00 + P&H. excellent! very eyeopening, highly recommended; fascinating info.



Others in the Story of the Nations series already in printed in paperback:

The Story of the Nations: The Balkans: Roumania, Bulgaria, Servia, and Montenegro (1896), Miller, 506pp., pb., 26.00 + P&H

Story of the Nations: Early Britain (1889) Alfred J. Church, 382pp. + many dozen pages of genealogical charts and illustrations added by the modern publisher, 478pp. total, 24.00 + P&H. (about 80 hours on detailed genealogical charts which I have added throughout this edition, the kings of East Anglia, Wessex, Sussex, Northumberland, Mercia, etc., and other historical information and added illustrations).

The Story of the Nations: The Franks: From their Origin as a Confederacy to the Establishment of the Kingdom of France and their German Empire  (1898) Lewis Sergeant, 343pp., pb., 22.00 + P&H.

The Story of the Nations: Germany (1887) Sabine Baring-Gould, 437pp., pb., 24.00 + P&H.

The Story of the Nations: The Goths (1891) Bradley, 376pp., pb., 24.00 + P&H.

The Story of the Nations: Ireland (1891) Hon. Emily Lawless, 434pp., with many added illustrations book total around 500pp. pb., 24.00 + P&H.

The Story of the Nations: The Normans (1886), Jewett, xvpp./373pp., Norse origins to settlement in Normandie, conquest of England, Italy, Sicily; pb., 24.00 + P&H.

The Story of the Nations: Poland (1893) Morfill, 389pp., pb., + 34 pages added by R.A.B., about the author; about the illustrator of the cover; and detailed genealogies of the rulers of Poland from A.D. 550-1815, with 76 illustrations, 450pp. total; 24.00 + P&H.

The Story of the Nations: Scotland (1893), Mackintosh, 336pp., pb., with many added illustrations; 22.00 + P&H.

Story of the Nations: Wales (1902) Owen M. Edwards, 421pp., + dozens of pages of illustrations and genealogical charts added by modern publisher, 478pp., total,  24.00 + P&H.


I am also considering printing these in paperback; inquire if interested.

I am also thinking of printing these if there is interest:

Story of the Nations: The Crusades: The Story of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (1894) Archer / Kingsford, 522pp., (by Latin Kingdom, the Roman kingdom is what is meant).

The Story of the Nations: Australian Commonwealth and New Zealand (1893) Tregarthen, 444pp.;

The Story of the Nations: Bohemia (1896) Maurice, 565pp.;

The Story of the Nations: Canada (1896) Bourinot, 463pp.;

The Story of the Nations: The Crusades: The Story of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (1894) Archer / Kingsford, 522pp., (by “Latin Kingdom”, the Roman Kingdom is what is meant). 

The Story of the Nations: Russia (1893) Morfill, 394pp.;

The Story of the Nations: South Africa (1894) George M’Call Theal, D.Litt., LL.D., 452pp;

The Story of the Nations: The Thirteen Colonies (1901) Helen Ainslie Smith (originally in 2 volumes, 980pp total);

The Story of the Nations: The Tuscan Republics (Florence, Sienna, Pisa, Lucca) with Genoa,

Heroes of the Nations: Alfred the Great

Heroes of the Nations: Robert the Bruce

Heroes of the Nations: Robert E Lee

Heroes of the Nations: Canute the Great

Heroes of the Nations: William the Conqueror


St. Paul in Britain: Founding of the British Israelitish Church as Opposed to the Gentile Papal Church at Rome (1938 / 1860) D. Paul Ziegler and Robert William Morgan 199pp., (Torch Publishing Society, Washington D.C.); others who reprinted this modernly reprinted an abbreviated edition.  This edition is actually an expanded edition, with material added by Ziegler

Israel: Past, Present, Future (1929) D. Paul Ziegler, 484pp., (Torch Publishing Society, Lawrenceburg, Indiana)

Lifting of the Veil, Blindness Removed from the Eyes of Israel (1939) D. Paul Ziegler, 106pp., (Torch Publishing Society, Washington D.C.)

Why Not Successful Workers Together (1929) D. Paul Ziegler, 170pp., (Torch Publishing Society, Lawrenceburg, Indiana)


- Greeks and Goths: A Study of the Runes (1879) Isaac Taylor, 139pp., it will be 13.50; discusses ancient Greeks, Goths, Phoenicians, Celts, Runes, Ogham script and more. 

- Charles W. Quantrell: A History of His Guerrilla Warfare on the Missouri and Kansas Border During the Civil War (1923) John P. Burch as told by Captain Harrison Trow, 268pp. pb., 16.50 + P&H.

- Hermes Scythicus: Or, the Radical Affinities of the Greek and Latin Languages to the Gothic: Illustrated from the Moeso-Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, Francic, Alemannic, Suio Gothic, Islandic &c. A Dissertation On the Historical Proofs of the Scythian Origin of the Greeks (1814) John Jamieson, D.D., 394pp.,

- Our Nationalities: Who Are the Irish?; Who Are the Scotch?; Who Are the Welsh?; Who Are the English? (c.1880), James Bonwick, 532pp., (Stonebuilders; Crannog Race; Iberian Irish; Nemedian Irish; Fomorian Irish; Firbolg Irish; Tuath-De-Danaan Irish; Milesian Irish; Fenian Irish; Phoenician Irish; Celtic Irish; Picts and Scots; Ancient Names of Ireland; Tara and Dublin Past; Stone of Destiny; Irish Round Towers; Romans, Britons, Danish, Saxons; Irish Women; Irish Literature; Ancient Irish Religion; Old Irish Laws; English; Norman; Ulster).

IF YOU ARE INTERSTED IN ANY, INQUIRE.  Those titles that people inquire about expressing interest, will be the first that are reprinted.