— How Big is the So-Called U.S. "National" Debt...?

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[If somehow I am mathematically cross-eyed and my calculations below are not accurate, please disregard and someone let me know if my math is seriously off.]
It is 239,000 miles from earth to the moon (x 5,280 feet/mile x 12 inches/foot) = 15,143,000,000 (rounded off) inches from earth to the moon.
12 (non-silver) Eisenhower $1 dollar coins have an artificially assigned value of $12 and a stack of 12 of these coins = 1 inch in height.


[I specify non-silver dollars, because any truly silver dollar coins are no longer in circulation, the large type that were used in the 70s, the Eisenhower dollars were not silver (no formerly silver, nickle, or copper coins unless before 1964 have the appropriate, legally established value of those metals).  Our corrupt politicians have stolen the silver, copper, nickle, and zinc out of billions of tons of U.S. coins and given us painted lead in its place.  Where has all that wealth gone...?  If you notice, the edges on what were once more valuable coins, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollar coins, were reeded, or had grooves or ridges on the edges.  That was because they were once silver and those reeds or flutes were designed to prevent dishonest people from shaving down the edges of the coins to steal the silver dust,* devaluing the coin; though such coins are still reeded, it is merely for show and the average young person does not have a clue why those ridges are there, and the average person who knows why they are there are deceived into thinking those ridges still have purpose; which they do not; the only purpose is to deceive people into thinking that the coins still have value, which they do not.  They have taken all of the precious metals out to the point that it actually costs them more to produce the coin than the face value of the coin itself.
* It is truly amazing the amount of work dishonest people will engage in, for such little real profit; if they only applied themselves to honest industry, they would be far wealthier.  But as Scripture says, the wicked are like the troubled sea that cannot rest, but have to stir up filth.
Regardless, I specify non-silver, because it is not the silver value I am using, but merely that thickness of coin, about the thickness of a nickle; it takes about 13 nickles to comprise an inch of space in height; or about 12 Eisenhower dollar coins.]
Thus it takes $181.176 billion or 181.176 billion Eisenhower dollar coins to reach the moon.
15,143,000,000 inches x 12 coins/inch = 181,716,000,000 coins or dollars (per 15,143,000,000 inches)
the current (so-called) national debt (at the time this was written, of course like the Energizer Bunny from Hell, “it keeps growing and growing and growing...”
= $18.125 trillion
[Now in May 2022, with the so-called "National" debt near $30.5 trillion, it would require 168.34 stacks of Eisenhower dollar coins to the moon.]
[If the debt was truly that of the people, that would be $57,000 for every single person in the U.S., regardless of age, health, or financial status, based upon 318 million in the U.S.; but of course, that would be a false statistic, because the debt does not belong to the nation or the people as a whole, but only politicians, those on welfare, businesses that have been bailed out or received government contracts or tax breaks, individuals who have filed for bankruptcy, state, county, or city officials who have “spent” all the money in their annual budget rather than underspending and having a surplus (so that the federal money they receive the next year will not be decreased), those who have received subsidies, and any charity, business, special interest group, or foreign nation who has received any money from the government (except a loan, if it was paid back with interest to account for the devaluation of the dollar via inflation over time).]
If stacked in nonsilver $1 coins like Eisenhower dollars, the number of coins equal to the so-called U.S. National debt would reach to the moon 99.75 times!  Thus, 99.75 separate stacks would reach to the moon... or it would reach a distance 99.75 times farther than the distance to the moon (actually, by the time it took me to calculate this, due to the corrupt government’s rate of spending and the corrupt interest on the so-called* national debt, it probably now reaches to the moon 100 times now).
[* I call it the “so-called” national debt, because the corrupt politicians were never authorized to mis-spend even 1 penny of taxpayer money, the only legitimate use of taxpayer money is for services to those very same taxpayers themselves, for services that they want and need but are unable to provide for themselves individually (such as the nation’s highways, public transportation, etc.).  Any other use of taxpayer money is a criminal act and those government servants who dole it out and those who receive it are the only ones who own any percentage of the debt (welfare, special interest groups, giving the money to foreign nations, bloated salaries and benefits to government employees / politicians / public servants, unconstitutional wars, importation of foreigners and putting them on a breeding program, humanitarian aid to other nations, mis-spending for building projects, planting flowers along highways, etc.—many of these things may be worthwhile, but they are the venue of private charity and private industry or private individuals and they are not lawful expenditures of taxpayer money).  Thus, it is not a “National” debt, but it is the politicians’ debt and the debt of the wards of the state or others who have received this money.  All that needs be done is check the voting record to see which politician voted to illegally spend what amount of taxpayer money on unconstitutional usages, and that % of the so-called national debt is the debt of those politicians and their families (and descendents) and anyone who ever received those government funds (“consulting fees”, grants, subsidies, welfare, special interest groups, etc.).  However, in reality, nothing was loaned so nothing needs to be repaid.  If all you loan me are digits on a computer screen, an ink notation on a ledger sheet, or a piece of paper with an artificially printed value on it, that is all I owe.  If you loaned me an ounce of gold, well then, I owe you an ounce of gold in return.  The debt can easily be paid off.  Give the international bankers $100 trillion worth of computer digits, give them $1 quadrillion.  Let them spend them to their heart’s content.  Give them a $1 quintillion bill backed by nothing.  Fair play is fair play.  One good deed deserves another.  You reap what you sow.]
Anyone who has ever stacked coins to count them knows that like dominoes, stacking coins can be precarious.  Does anyone care to be nearby a 100 stacks of dollar coins that reach to the moon...?  What goes up must come down.  What does that say for the hopes of our economy...?  Any president who says that he can improve the situation is a liar—especially when he doubled the imaginary debt.  The U.S. “National” debt is a myth; an illusion... a lie; it is their debt, not ours; their solutions (spending more money and continuing to claim it is our debt) are tantamount to a fireman saying, “the fire is not out yet—quick, throw some more gasoline on it! maybe that will put it out...”  In any area of the private sector, what politicians do would be considered High Crimes—Felonies, and Treason.  They are.  They are criminals.  As long as people continue to enter their myth and illusion with them, they will be prisoners in that delusion, but they are prisoners by their own choice, their own chosen ignorance and immorality in consenting that the illusion is reality.
Compounding fraud and deception is the very notion of “dollar” itself.  Dollar is a measurement.  You cannot have a measurement of itself, a measurement is that of something else.  I cannot ask you to give me an ounce or a gallon, but only an ounce or a gallon of something real (like flour, sugar, or gasoline).  The dollar used to be, and is Constitutionally mandated to be an ounce of gold or silver.  However, the corrupt politicians took us off the gold standard (Fort Knox is full of painted lead) and our money is an ounce of nothing: it is backed by nothing.  Further they have stolen all of the silver, copper, nickle, zinc, and other precious metals that used to be in our coins in circulation, and they all thunk like lead fishing sinkers when you plunk them down on the counter, whereas, they used to ringle and jingle with life and musical sound.  So as the dead coinage, so as the dead economy.  Hundreds of millions of tons of all that precious metal has been outright stolen from our coinage.  Where did it all go?  Who authorithized it?  It is Grand Larceny and Treason.  What then is the “dollar” a dollar of...? since it is backed by nothing? since it is merely paper that the “government” counterfeits whenever it wants more...?  Well, clearly, it is not a dollar of silver or gold; clearly it is a dollar of debt!  The debt of the politicians and all their accomplices, before and after the fact.