Of “Racists” and “Race-Baiters”... or Of Mice and Non-men (including my proposed “2021 Irrevocable White Minority Integrity Bill”)

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Concerning an article I forwarded yesterday...

I had intended (but forgot) to point out that while the article had some good points, there were some logical errors... most blatantly a false inference around which the major theme centered, concerning the communist, Antichristian, anti-intellectual, mental terrorism called “Critical Race Theory”, with which American school children are currently being abused, brainwashed, mind-defiled, and lobotomized (irreversibly damaged for life, into self-hatred and self-destructive behaviour akin to throwing themselves from a bridge into a mud slide destroying all in its path).

In writing about the unpardonable bugaboo of so-called “racism” (into which myth the authoress has seemingly hopelessly fallen—as have 99% of those who do not understand reality), she* referred to the current African dictator placed in charge of a U.S. “government” agency, who now claims that a person cannot be “neutral” on the topic of “racism”: if one is not rabidly ANTI-RACIST, therefore, he* is a bonafide, card-carrying, knuckle-dragging, Neanderthalic, unreformable, dyed-in-the-wool, unpardonable, demonic, criminal “racist”.**  Of course, that is one of the signs of a delusional, immoral dictator—he thinks that he can “decree reality by unauthorized, anti-intellectual fiat”, utterly devoid of truth, and demand all bow to it as unimpeachable truth.

[* —and, see how brave I am?  I am not afraid to use gender-specific pronouns! and I know not to mix a singular subject with a plural predicate.  How many authors, “journalists”, commentators, Ph.D.s, and “educators” know this...?  Most cannot even write a simple paragraph or convey a simple thought without destroying the English language, so cowed are they by fear it has become first instinct to use BAD English—or, despite their “education” they never learned proper English.  Language is thought.  Illogical, irrational, incorrect language is BAD thought and the destruction not only of our language (and our accents, which are part of our culture), but it is the destruction of the ability of our people to think validly and truly.  The fear of the vast majority of all so-called journalists, educators, etc., of committing “gender blasphemy” has cowed them into frightful, lame compliance in this very simple matter, and therefore, they will hop right into line obediently in ANY matter (even as those who complied with toeing the line, masking up, standing 6 feet apart, etc., will turn in their guns or do anything else they are told, such as taking a vaccine... repeatedly, or like Socrates, drinking a cup of lethal poison hemlock).  Cowardice is a bad habit... standing up for what is right is like an unknown mysterious science that few have ever studied, and since the majority of people have made a lifelong habit of not doing what is right, attempting to do what is right at the last moment (just before civilization ends) is like trying to open a gate in which the hinge has rusted solid, from lack of use over the decades, or like a frog trying to leap out of the pot of water that is 1 degree from the boiling point (and it is like putting a band-aid on the wound of someone who has just been decapitated; which is the epitome of the expression, “too little too late”).

** And for tiny-minded, fearful authors, “journalists”, commentators, Ph.D.s, and “educators”, etc., the PROPER way to change the phrase, “he is a ‘racist’,” into gender oblivion, if he is so whipped that he feels the neurotic-need and obsessive-compulsion to strip completely of gender any thought that he may attempt to express*), it would be to change ALL to the plural (not only one part); thus: “THEY are ‘RACISTS’” —see how INCREDIBLY easy that is...?  But... oh dear... woe is me... what if it is a singular person so decreed to be guilty...?  What does one do then?  How does one refer to a singular person without betraying some notion of God-given gender...? 

Even more importantly, does the accused still have “rights”...?  Should you even bother to ask someone condemned of the unforgiveable crime of being “racist” by which pronoun he feels “most safe and happy” being referred to...?  Do you continue to engage in deception and false reporting by referring to a singular individual as “they” and “them”...? or commit a felony and use a gender-specific pronoun without permission...?  Oh dear... the geniuses who invented the “flow charts” for “politically acceptable responses” did not have the foresight to envision a proper response in this matter.  Whatever shall I do...?  And, really, that pronoun “I” has to go... is it not an “anti-visually challanged” (handicapped) insult... is it not unkind to BLIND PEOPLE...?  —how insensitive...!  How rude to be in speaking distance of some blind person and be saying, “I”, “I”, “I” all the time.  The blind person can’t see or read, so he hears, “eye”, which he has, but which don’t work; and people continually rub it in.  How heartless...!

Even if you have no moral conscience, love of truth, respect for your ancestors, true faith in God, or a backbone, you can still communicate without destroying the English language and participating in the dumbing down of the populace to the level of the invading savages—which is the very point of dumbing down, neurotic speech, neurotically not noticing things that are there, mongrelizing with the savages... to hide the blatant disparity—if you will simply use a few brain cells (rub them together as if they are sticks and you need to build a fire) and actually develop a sentence using proper English.

* It should be noted that each person who has a neurotic fear to render all words into the neuter form—is himself NEUTERED...!]

In expressing the invalidity of such “binary thinking” she used the comparison (of the ridiculous claim that if a person is not Anti-racist, then therefore, he is a racist) of claiming that a person who is not a male must therefore be ANTI-male; and that a person who is not a female must be ANTI-female.* 

[* Notice also my clever method of writing to avoid the naughty pronouns “he” or “she”.  Had I structured the sentence as an “if / then” clause, I would have had to have used one of these horrid singular, gender-specific pronouns, which causes snowflakes and liberals to lose bowel and bladder control, in addition to causing their profound mental disorder (maniacal psychosis compounded by psychopathology and Hitler-complex) to become unwrapped.  Furthermore, if they have problem with controlling their own evacuating / voiding of their lower viscera it behooves them to wear an adult (and that itself is a grand assumption) DIAPER—not for them to demand that the rest of earth’s population be required to dance around their mental disorder (and abrupt bowel deposits) by only using words of which they approve.  Anti-Gender-Nazis and Anti-Race-Nazis have NO authority to dictate reality for anyone, and certainly not for the nations of Christendom of which they are invaders.]

However, this comparison is actually invalid, any way that you look at it.

First of all, she is blinded by the myth of “racism”, as if it is a bad thing... because that is how she has been brainwashed, and she is unable to overcome that programming and think rationally.  Therefore, the comparison is invalid, because in her mind, “racism” is an utterly unacceptable evil at all times in all ways in all places by anyone ever in any degree in any fashion, etc.  Well, male-ism and female-ism are NOT evil in their very nature (and there’s the rub: though in truth, neither is “racism”).  The TRUTH is, there are INDIVIDUAL men (confused, demented, perverted, or otherwise) who are evil; and there are INDIVIDUAL women (confused, demented, perverted, or otherwise) who are evil—and likewise, there are INDIVIDUAL “racists” (confused, demented, perverted, or otherwise) who are evil.  The only people who is not racists are those who have been brainwashed into thinking race itself is a “social construct” (which it is NOT) and who have been brainwashed into thinking that it is important (but God, the Creator does not think it is “unimportant”—He forbade crossing of anything; and those who think that God “changed” or that Jesus abolished the Law of God don't know God or Jesus (so says the Word of God).  There is one other large group (growing larger every day) of persons who think race is important—those who unfortunately are mongrels.  However, in their immoral hatred of their own ancestors for siring them, they demand that everyone else destroy themselves, so that the mongrels can feel better about themselves.  That is merely an extension of the blasphemy called “Liberation Theology” (which was the initiator of the myth of “white guilt”).  U.S. Colonial Congregational minister Joel Hawes timelessly expressed, “Few people disparage a distinguished ancestry except those who have none of their own”.  GOD determines all.  All are not equal, not in any way.  Those who believe otherwise are trapped within profound delusion and demand that all enter their destructive delusion with them (so it is with race, gender-fluidity-myth, perversion, covid, vaccinations, or any dozen other Antichrist, socialist lies that are bulldozing us toward the cliff to oblivion).  Thus, those who are mixed-blooded are the real “haters” and “racists” who are mad and bitter about what they are and about what they and their children can never be; and thus, they think all races must be destroyed.  This is a tenet of communism and evolution, not a Biblical principle.  Communism’s motto is: “One race, one religion, one creed”.  God commands: “Come out from among them and be ye separate and touch [more properly, join] not the unclean thing [more properly, people—and only in so doing] so shall ye be My sons and daughters”.  God never changes.  Morality never changes.  Those who hate the morality that God established hate God.

HOWEVER, the existence of those INDIVIDUALS who are in fact evil (not so declared by any subjective criteria, but by the unchanging morality established in the Bible—which is the only true Standard) does NOT “invalidate” the natural gender of male or the natural gender of female, or the perfectly healthy, sane, moral, and proper and Christian position called “racism”; which is no less valid than male-ism or female-ism.  God forbade crossing a horse with an ass.  Those horses who refuse to breed with asses are not “anti-ass” but PRO-GOD...!  Again, as I have long said, “You don’t need to ask the Devil permission to obey God!”

Racism is being “pro” ones own race and preserving it.  It does NOT necessitate “hating” other races (or hybrids).  HOWEVER, when those other races (or hybrids) cross moral and legal boundaries and FORCE themselves on another race in that other race’s country, hatred is not only not wrong, it is proper, moral, and commanded by God.  The same can be applied to a family (and true race itself is actually merely the larger, extended family).  No outside has a right to force himself into anothers family; like holding a gun to the father’s head and “asking for permission” to marry his daughter; or like any outsiders kicking the doors in like home invaders to help themselves to all that belongs to that family and declare that house as their own.  This, indeed, is also what is happening to the “extended family” called a nation

Numerous stories abound, such as a NYU librarian who whined: “I just spent the last 5 days at the American Library Association annual conference in Chicago, and I am suffering serious race fatigue,” “Hathcock wrote in her personal blog post titled “ALA Race Fatigue,” that she published last month after attending the event. “Race fatigue is a real physical, mental and emotional condition that people of color experience after spending a considerable amount of time dealing with the micro- and macro-aggressions that inevitably occur when in the presence of white people. The more white people, the longer the time period, the more intense the race fatigue.”

[Here’s the solution: MOVE BACK TO AFRICA...!  YOU are the hater / invader / “racist”.  Statistics indicate that most probably you moved here of your own will and do not descend from slaves*; and even if you do descend from slaves (which is actually rare)—move back among your own people.  But you won't do that because they will rape and beat you if you whine; and they will probably rape and beat you if you don't whine.

* Slaves which YOUR OWN people SOLD to the Jewish, Muslim, and Turkish slave traders who dominated the slave trade for MILLENNIA; slaves that were made when your own chieftains predated upon smaller, weaker tribes of your own people, and tortured, killed, and ate; and which would have been still enslaved in Africa, or eaten, had they not been sold to the Jewish, Muslim, and Turkish slave traders to then sell throughout the world less than 1% of which were sent to the United States, the rest were sold throughout mostly the nonwhite world.  Even the black “victim-hero” of Amistad, Spielberg’s propaganda pot-boiler, heart-tugging movie does not tell you, after he “won his freedom”—went back to Africa and became a slave trader himself selling his own people into slavery.  My, my... I am surprised they did not make a Hallmark miniseries movie out of that untold warm-and fuzzy inspirational story...! and yet you mindlessly blame the less than 3% of people in the U.S. who owned slaves in the overall brief period of U.S. slavery—who treated their slaves so well many wanted to stay on as hired hands and even took their master’s family name!  No white slaver owner in the U.S. ever tortured, killed and ate his black slaves...!  Your own black people sold the blacks as slaves, which they captured, even as your dictators and drug lords still treat your people.  It was only during white Colonialism that a stop was put to their predating atrocities and it was only then that you lived in peace, safety, and prosperity. 

If you are descended from black slaves in the U.S., you need to thank God... otherwise, your ancestors may not have lived long enough to sire you. Why don’t you move back to Africa and see what it is like to live in an all-black nation...! As I show in my annotated reprinting of some shorter works of Ernest Sevier Cox, slaves were not cheap! It was not “free labor”. Only those irresponsible persons who live off welfare and have no clue concerning reality think that slaves were “free labor”. Slaves were MORE costly than hired paid workers.

See: Some Collected Works of Earnest Sevier Cox [Let My People Go (1925) Virginia Racial Integrity Legislation (c.1925) The South’s Part in Mongrelizing the Nation (1926) The Virginia Memorial to Congress (c.1934) The Price of Failure, Three Million Negroes Thank The State of Virginia (1940) Monument to Herman (1959); with extensive notes by RAB, illustrations added, and photos and brief biography of Cox, 232pp., pb., 18.50 + P&H.]

The majority of nonwhites in the U.S. were NOT here during the brief period of U.S. slavery.  They moved to a white, Christian nation to get away from their own people; because their own people are the problem and they are incapable of creating a civilization worth living in; but the catch-22 is that the more of them who move to a nation that is not their own, they become mindlessly drunk on “power” and attempt to turn the wonderful host nation into the type of nation from which they fled.  This is parasitic self-masochism.  However, being immoral, irrational, emotional, and dishonest (and like a trained rat who presses a lever after being classically conditioned to associate pressing that level with receiving food at will) they are incapable of self-responsibility (which is why all their nations are failed states) and, therefore, their only recourse is to blame others.

The notion that “racism” is evil—even a “crime” in the nations of Christendom that are no longer under the rule of law, but carried along in the irresistable flow of politically correct hysteria that is a one-way street (or should I say, one-way 500-foot tall waterfall)—is a myth of PROPAGANDA.  The word “racism” didn’t even exist until the 1972 (first appearance in Oxford English Dictionary) and even in 1989 the definition was not negative in connotation, but merely factual (as was the reference in the Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary) and even then the definition of racism was the belief that characteristics and abilities are dermined by race.  Earthshattering revelation there!  Another earthshattering revelation: Zebras have stripes because they are Zebras...!  Only around 1991 was the notion of “hatred” conjured up as an additional definition of “racism”—utterly devoid of facts (and only because other races ad infinitum had been being shoved in our faces while we are supposed to ignore their crimes, including living off welfare, and allow the dumbing down of our children so as not to show the disparity—and now we are expected to tolerate the brainwashing of our children telling them that they are guilty simply because they are white and that they ought to throw themselves sexually on every nonwhite in pennance for their ancestors' alleged crimes; and breed their own race out of existence).  It is a confounded “experiment” (or rather, observation) that when house invaders attempt to force their way into a man’s house, steal what he owns, assault him, torture, murder, and rape his wife and daughters, that his resistence is contrued as “hate”.  Whether it is hate or not—it is 100% justified and proper.  God commands us to hate evil.  If the VERY SAME race of people continually attempt to force their way into his home, vandalize, steal, rape, assault, murder, it is not the fault of the homeowner... the black magic incantion chanted of “racism” is a smokescreen—and the REAL problem is the DEFECTIVE race, degeneracy, immorality, and worthlessness of the people committing the crimes.  Other nonwhite people who may not actually commit such crimes themselves who blame “racist” whites, instead of their own people who are CRIMINALS are accomplices and just as guilty.  Those who live off the backs of white people believing the irrational notion that anyone owes them anything, and who breed without thought of consequences, and expect the white people to pay for their 12 or 26 children—are not only delusional but just as vile as criminals as those who do the stealing, burning, raping, and murdering.   EMRACE the drug dealers and gangs in your communities... YOU DESERVE THEM! even as you deserved the warlords and drug lords and lords of oppression in your own nations from which you FLED!  Civilization comes at a price, and that price was irrationally termed “exploitation”.  Here in the nations of Christendom, now that we have traitorous rulers, that same exploitation is called “taxes”.  You were MORE free under Colonialism...! and you were FAR, FAR safer...!  When you take an anti-biotic to kill the invaders of your body, do you view it as “hatred” or “racism”...?  WHY NOT...?  Over 100 ALL BLACK colleges exist in the U.S. (mostly paid with taxpayer money! founded by whites).  There are ZERO all white colleges (though they all used to be all white before so-called “Civil Rights”).  Had the blacks been raised in Africa, without white missionaries or schools or colleges, or white people developing their written language for them, they would not be able to read and only know about 5% of what they currently know.  Without white people they would have no cars, air conditioners, real clothes or shoes, no fried chicken, no grocery stores, malls, houses other than huts, no electricity, clean running water, or medicine (other than voodoo).  Blacks did not found or fund these 100+ all black colleges in the U.S., they took them over by theft in outbreeding the whites in those neighborhoods, then demanding free education for blacks so that most of them can give out fake diplomas for fake degrees and then be able to get a job for which they are utterly unqualified, often being unable to read and write, but having a “college degree” (just as good as their “high school diploma” which they can’t even read).  This, of course, does not describe them all, but it does describe the majority.  They resist education.  College to them is merely a social experience to climb the social and economic ladder to then fit into places they are out of place in; but know that they will be passed and receive a degree simply because they are black and they attended class (sometimes).  Standards have been lowered and lowered so that they can “pass”; but a passing grade means little more than they have a pulse.  U.S. public schools teach on a sub-5th grade level.  30 years ago Ivy League schools (Harvard, Yale, etc.) had to implement remedial courses for incoming (nonwhite) freshmen, because they could not do simple math, construct a simple sentence, or even fill out the application on their own—because “government” quotas said that they had to admit a certain percentage of nonwhites.  Everyone else is rendered a handicapped person, so the handicapped won’t feel “inferior”.   However, the corrupt politicians (with money they extort from the taxpayers in a myriad of ways) send their own children to top-notch ivy league schools (and pre-schools) and universities so that they can get real degrees and have the best paying jobs; while the politicians have dumbed down the general populace to create a drone slave-labor class to perpetually serve them (once all freedoms are stripped, including the freedom of speech and to own and bear arms).

Overall, in 2018 293 counties in the U.S. (out of 3,006) were majority nonwhite; but that number is unrealistic, because the majority of those who are mixed and only part white “identify” themselves as white (is that not nonwhites being “racist”...?); and because the number 293 majority nonwhite counties does not reflect what percentage of all other counties are in any significant number of nonwhite (such as 49%, which is not a majority); and most all those Americans who are part Indian or part Hispanic or part Black, who are “mostly” white consider themselves white; even many Hispanics, Iranians, Iraqis, Armenians, Georgians, Syrians, Afghanis, Chechnians, Turks, etc. who have no white blood at all, consider themselves “white”.  I believe it was around 1987 that the “government” began their campaign of disinformation, referring to hispanic whites and nonhispanic whites; and referring to Iranians, etc., as white.  That, I believe, was done not only to fool many ignorant whites into thinking that they were marrying within their race, but it was also done to hide the true percentage of whites in the nation, so that the “white majority” would continue to foot the bill for all the nonwhites who were actually the majority.

I want some politician to introduce the following Bill.

The 2021 Irrevocable White Minority Integrity Bill.
I want ALL politicians / statesmen / jurors / government employees to PASS THIS BILL and have it signed INTO LAW THAT CANNOT BE REPEALED and SWEAR that once white Christians are actually the minority in the U.S. THAT ALL MINORITY RIGHTS LAWS will pass FULLY and SOLELY to white Christians (whose nation this unquestionably used to be—which OUR ancestors founded and built and invested in with their wealth and their sweat and their lives, to carve civilization out of the wilderness and make the desert bloom like the rose)—and that they will not pull the “bait and switch” and once nonwhites are the majority, they will CHANGE the legislation so that only laws that favor the majority are passed and recognized.  If they refuse to pass this bill and have it signed into LAW, that shows their BAD FAITH and CONSPIRACY and CRIMINALITY and FRAUD because the ONLY reason that whites stupidly allowed such minority rights laws was because they imagined that the minorities would always remain the minorities; and even though they never in their wildest imagination ever thought that the whites would become a minority, discriminated against and persecuted at will in their own nation, somewhere in the back of their mind, even if they had such a wild thought, they assumed that if whites became the minority, WE would get all the benefits.  THUS, when white Christians become the minority, we will get welfare checks without having to work, full benefits, full free health care, more money for each baby we have, and the immigration practices will change to stop 99% of nonwhite immigration into the US and allow only white Christian immigration; oh yeah, and the majority of crimes that whites commit against nonwhites should be ignored (or even rewarded, like the floyd groid).  If ALL politicians will not vote for that bill and have it signed into law, it shows that they plan to kill and eat us once we can no longer do anything about it.
Heck... let’s make it retroactive...!  Let us have an open forum and determine exactly in which year that REAL (non-mixed) whites ceased to be the majority, and then PAY US each, individually REPARATIONS for all of those years in back pay in one lump sum each.
Consider these other open headlines / statistics.

109 US counties have become majority nonwhite since 2000



The Growing Diversity of Black America | Pew Research Center


The nation is diversifying even faster than predicted ...


• Population by race in the U.S. 2019 | Statista



The US will become 'minority white' in 2045, Census projects


—however, the truth is, whites ceased to be the majority in the US DECADES ago, the pretense has been kept up for many reasons... to prevent resistence of whites who 30 years ago may have become concerned and resisted the racial undermining and overthrow of our nation... and to keep the whites paying for everything while the nonwhites continue to reproduce and invade while new laws are passed in their favor.   

Again, the majority of those who are mixed blooded and part white delusionally fancy themselves as being white—THEY are the TRUE racists, pretending to be a race they are not...! and resultantly, the majority of crime statistics are skewed, because very very few whites commit violent crime; the majority of such “white criminals”, in reality, are mixed-race persons who claim to be white.  Why do they want to “identify” as white when they are not...? —for the same reason that so many mixed-race women bleach their hair: Blondes have more fun! that is, because they want to appear more white (even straightening their hair) and want to be considered white because they are ashamed of their nonwhite blood—and somehow, that is considered white people’s fault, rather than the nonwhites’ fault for being so vile that no one wants to identify with them.  The white people’s primary fault is sinning against God and allowing any of this to happen.  As I have written for a decade, homoperversion is following the very same trail blazed for it by multi-culturalism / race mixing; and BOTH are in their terminals stages of MILITANCY... in gratitude for the “tolerance” and (delusion of) “equality” GRANTED to them.

Whites are less than 10% of the world population (probably less than 1% if you don’t count all the “wanna bees” that give us a bad name).  Blacks and Latrinos routinely commit rape and murder, and get off scot free.  Germany allowed THOUSANDS of German (and presumably Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, etc.) women to be RAPED, and refuses to prosecute the Third World refugees claiming that “rape is part of their culture”.  WHY THE HELL THEN have you allowed savages to invade Christendom?  Was not going a-viking and with swords chopping up into little pieces their enemies...?  Then should that not be an appropriate and acceptable response of Goths and Vikings and Teutons to those who commit crimes against them, especially against their women and children?  Why is everything a one-way street that destroys us? —because EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN who is not screaming for our people to arise and act is GUILTY OF HIGH TREASON AS A FULL ACCOMPLICE IN THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF CHRISTENDOM.  See my book, A Bolshevik Primer — and the Planned Extermination of Christendom; exposes those behind Bolshevism and Communism and details the long-planned mongrelization of Christendom; 176 pages, pb., with 145 Illustrations, 14.50 + P&H.  Here today is a report of an ape killing 3 German citizens... https://www.rt.com/news/527625-germany-wuerzburg-stabbing-attack/ ... they claim he was under psychiatric care (which is a “code phrase” for, “he was just doing what comes natural to him and his kind”)... yet oddly, he had the mental awareness to be wearing a covid mask while attacking and killing German citizens.  EVERY SINGLE German policeman and politician all the way up to Merkel is GUILTY OF EACH and EVERY rape and murder committed against Germans.  The BILL MUST BE PAID BY THEIR TRIAL AND EXECUTION.  

AND YET, a British soccer fan, who (presumably) make monkey gestures and noises at aliens on his nation's soccer team, was arrested and barred for life from the soccer stadium...!  In Europe and the U.K. any who even call to question the crimes committed by immigrunts are indicted for hate crimes.  Rapes and murders, arson, tearing down statues, stealing of entire neighborhoods, raping of children... all perfectly acceptable... but make a monkey noise and hurt a savage’s feelings, that is the unpardonable sin.

Way of the World

Sport and the Anti-White Agenda - BitChute

This is very good, except shockingly he neither understands race or history if he thinks Bulgarians are white.  They were not from their beginning; they are not now. The Bulgars are a TURKIC people (Hittite-Canaanite; as are most people in that area and further east, or, like the Hungarians, HUNS, Mongols, and Khazars, with some Turkish blood—all kinsmen to the Edomite-Canaanites, that is, the Israelis/Jews who have stolen Biblical Israel's identity). Also, in his the clip of the “English father and son”, shocked by AND INTOLERANT OF the Bulgarians’ “racism”... again, he misses the point that they are not even white... the father is mostly white, but he clearly married an arab or turk or such, for the son could never pass for white, and it is also shocking that the Way of The World guy did not mention this.  Also notice the HATRED of this alleged “white, British” father and son, and their INTOLERANCE.  Again, it is a one-way street—and they are upset about a 3 inch by 3 inch or so sticker / decal... that some Bulgarians chose to display...!  They did not rape any women or children or behead anyone, as Third worlders do in Christendom now on a daily basis... they displayed a decal!  Talk about the pharisaical straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel!  As the WOTW video shows, France’s soccer team does not even have a Frenchman on it, and when France won the last world cup, the African star on the team said, “Africa won the world cup”.  How is that not “racist” and “hateful”...?
Here also is a story that I sent out 2 years ago; I could not find any site where this was posted, so I list it here below.  If anyone knows the link, I will delete the info and just post the link:  The photo below links to here ( https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-k4oYK0FjZEA/XfAPkVJIpuI/AAAAAAAAHIg/-t-CBdo03... ); but I can’t find the text anywhere.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

"Lack of police resources"


Yesterday the people of Britain breathed a collective sigh of relief as police announced the apprehension of a master criminal who had been terrorising the country.  Following a protracted  operation a crack team of detectives was able to identify the criminal despite his lurking in a crowd of 75,000 at football match. His crime? Well take a look at the pic. He made a 'monkey gesture' at a black player. Aaaaand...that's it. He made a racist face. For which he was arrested and jailed before being released on bail. He'll face charges in due course, has been banned for life by Manchester City and will undoubtedly lose his job. All for making a racist gesture.

Whatever you think of his punishment you must admire the alacrity and skill with which the police apprehended and charged him. Which is in stark contrast to their complete lack of action over many years as Muslim grooming gangs raped and battered thousands of young White girls in the towns of Rotherham and Telford. That's right, thousands of White girls in just two towns. The criminal activity was common knowledge but the police cited lack of resources as one of the reasons for their inaction.

Same with the knife crime epidemic that soars almost out of control in Londonistan. "A MAN has been stabbed to death in a North London street as Britain's knife crime epidemic rages on. An Omani student was last week knifed to death for his designer watch outside famous department store Harrods. Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Araimi, 26, was walking home when he was jumped by a gang of masked muggers demanding his luxury watch.  The 26-year-old victim was one of three men who were fatally stabbed in a little over 12 hours of bloodshed in the capital." (My emphasis).

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised when these people run the country's "justice" system. The Brits might have created that system and spread it throughout the world but apparently they're no longer capable of operating it even on their own country.

Here in Ireland things are pretty much the same. The difference here is that judges are reluctant to jail offenders. Suspended sentences are routinely handed down to habitual criminals and serious offences are often settled by way of 'a donation to the poor box' or community service. An exception is made with 'racist' offences. Just last week a man in Co. Clare was sentenced to three months imprisonment for shouting 'ya black bastard' at a Brazilian. Mind you the man denies it and the only evidence is the testimony of the 'victim'. In other words uncorroborated evidence. But it was enough to send a guy with no previous convictions to the Big House. 

Again you must be impressed with the work of the police who reportedly were on the scene within minutes. No lack of resources there! Unlike in Balbriggan in Co. Dublin where gangs of "youths" run riot to their hearts' content. Terrified citizens ringing the emergency lines are routinely informed that 'no police resources' are available to save them. They're on their own. And things are set to get worse as we set about embedding in law the McPherson recommendations whereby a crime is deemed to be hate motivated if the victim classes it as such. So if  a member of a protected minority deems your cheery 'good morning' to a hate crime then it is. And you'll get your collar felt by the same police who stand by as minority criminals run riot.

We are ruled by traitors. That's not hyperbole, it's the plain truth.

And hot off the press we learn that a man and woman who, according to their State-appointed interpreter, 'came to' Ireland in 2012 beat their 9 year-old daughter so badly that she now requires 24x7x365 full time care. Courtesy of the Irish taxpayer. Don't bet on a custodial sentence. Legal precedent has already been set whereby offenders' 'cultural practices' can be grounds for voiding a conviction. Again, by the way, in complete contradiction to traditional legal norms.

There are 195 nations (or what pass for nations) in the world; only about 32 of those (and many are very small) are white. These nations all used to be white and are still considered white, but the nonwhites are reproducing and invading at such a rate that prediction models are failing.  It is sort of like in movies when some bomb is on a timer, and once it gets to a certain point in the count-down, near the end, the minutes are no longer registered as minutes but count down as seconds (presumably as some wires or other elements in the bomb begin to degrade?).  NONE of these historically white nations are exclusively white any more, and many are threatened to become a nonwhite majority in a decade (or half decade a based upon the half-life model of time ticking away much faster than planned).  These formerly and historically white nations are being forced to become nonwhite.  That is Genocide / Hate Crime of the highest order.  Under Colonialism, the whites IMPROVED the life of the nonwhites; and they did not try to exterminate them and replace them.  I guess the Mongols and Huns swath of terror across Europe was merely the act of “refugees” and “dreamers”.  History will probably be “whitewashed” and rewritten to reflect that... only one little problem: the Great Wall of China was built to keep the invading Mongols out!  HOW “RACIST”...! XENOPHOBIC and INTOLERANT...!

At warp speed the NONWHITE nations are FLOODING into the white nations, living off taxpayer money, stealing, committing crimes, being paid to breed.  A lifeboat can only hold so many people.  What happens when too many people force their way into an overcrowded lifeboat at sea?  What happens when the majority of those who clawed their way in begin fighting inside the boat?  That is where we are nationally.  That is the predicament of civilization in all of Christendom.  This will be the first time that Christendom has fallen since it became Christendom—and if that does not upset you, you are spiritually DEAD; and if that does not SCARE you, you are mentally lobotomized.  If that does not move you, then you shall hear Christ declare, “I never knew you, depart from Me ye that work iniquity [lawlessness]”.  Jesus said that you are either with Me or against Me; and if you gather not with Him, you scatter abroad.  Christ is gathering His sheep.  If you gather dogs, wolves, and swine or do nothing when you see their invasion—you participate in the scattering of Christ’s flock; the rape of His bride; the murder of God’s true children.  If you think that God will turn a blind eye to those crimes and welcome you in... you have mental problems.   Now, white Christians are being fired or removed from offices / posts because their simply being white Christians supposedly disqualifies them from holding offices or posts in what was founded as a white Christian nation. 

[See my books:

- The Liberty Document: The National Debt: Does It Exist & If So Who Owes It? & Some Thoughts On The Hidden Agenda Behind Immigration, Gun Control & The Health sCARE Monopoly (2020); Balaicius, Full of statistics, common law citations, court rulings, clear thought, powerful info.; 150+pp, added / completely re-written, 350pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H.

- America, Christianity, Liberty & Truth: What Famous Men Had To Say, proof America founded as Christian nation; powerful quotes on Bible, Freedom, Race, Heritage, Self-Defense, Property, Constitution, debunking Evolution, Discrimination, etc.  World’s greatest minds believed Liberty & Truth inseperable from Jesus Christ & Bible. Contain Supreme Court and Common Law citations. Vol. 1, 54pp., 5.00 + P&H; Vol. 2, 80pp., 6.00 + P&H; Vol. 3, 92pp., 6.00 + P&H; Vol. 4 (the final vol.) 405pp., pb., 20.00 + P&H; Incredible information! Indexed.  All 4 Vols. 35.00 + P&H.]

Yet the white nations are supposedly the ones who are “hateful” and “racist”.  Tens of Millions of white Christians are not flooding into nonwhite nations, raping, murdering, stealing, burning, trashing monuments on their way in and demanding everything for free—and even destroying and throwing away anything given to them if they think that it is “beneath them”.  This has been going on in full force for nearly a decade in Europe and much longer in the U.S. and the U.K. and it is tantamount to opening all of the cages at the zoo and letting the animals out; and then fining the people for being attacked and eaten, and arresting them if they complain about it.  London is now about 95% nonwhite.  Most major nations in Christendom are experiecing the invasion and the results; but forbidden to notice or speak about it.

The nonwhite nations are committing actual genocide, and yet the politically correct treasonous elected officials in our nations are more concerned about white people using a word! (the very same word blacks use 100 times a day); and the act of genocide is not what is considered the crime—the criminals who are prosecuted are those who point out that genocide is happening...!

THIS IS A HATE CRIME OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.  THIS IS GENOCIDE.  Someone raping or beheading your fellow-citizens—your family, is not a crime.  YOU NOTICING IT and VOICING YOUR DISAPPROVAL is the UNPARDONABLE crime.  Questioning the details of WWII is a CRIME, with possible jail time in some nations of Europe for up to 25 years, in addition to stiff fines.  However, aliens accusing your ancestors of mass murder and extorting BILLIONS from your nation is not a crime.  Order and read: A Greater Miracle Than The Lost Ten Tribes Discovered—The Dead Six Million Uncovered...!, Clèraubat, 544pp., pb.; Illustrated; 30.00 + P&H.  Learn the facts before arrogantly pretending you know the truth.  All books mentioned herein available; inquire.

All of Asia, the Middle East, Indonesia, Africa, and South American are nonwhite nations.  White nations are not invading them.  African nations are not invading them.  Middle Eastern nations are not invading them.  Hispanic nations are not invading them.  The Israelis / Jews are not invading them.  Africa had 2 white nations (and several colonies) and the blacks took over once the Jews and traitorous whites turned the nations the white people had founded over to the savages (which nations now are insolvent with rampant crime, and cannot even feed themselves).  Again, white, Middle Eastern, Hispanic, Asian, Oriental nations are not invading Africa.  Why is it that all nonwhite, nonchristian nations are only invading white Christian nations...?—and why are they coming to nations they know to be white Christian and “racist”...? —for the same reason a flock of vultures follow a herd of dying caribou (and they are dying because their trusted politicians, educators, journalists, and ministers ARE POISONING THEM!).

Racism is not “evil” but an intellectually, morally, and Biblical TRUE position; even as if you plant pea seeds pea plants will emerge (and you don’t have to be Gregor Mendel to realize that truth).  Pea plants generate / reproduce peas and to be propagated / raised successfully, they must be raised in an area in which only peas are raised—and weeds are invaders and eradicated.  If that is “racist”—well then thank God peas are racist!  I much prefer eating pea soup than WEED soup...!  What about YOU...?  Those who are against racism have a problem with truth.  If racism is not true, why have all nonwhite nations failed—to the point that their people are fleeing their own nations and flooding into white nations?  Why does Christendom become more of a failed state / Third-world banana dictatorship the more that nonwhites flood into Christendom?  Why is that it nonwhite nations demanded “independence”, but since being GRANTED independence, the nations of Christendom have had to continually underwrite the nations that wanted nothing to do with us, and we  (unconstitutionally, due to treasonous politicians) must continually send them annual aid, emergency relief, loans, loan forgiveness, invest in their nations, and even fight their wars for them and deliver them from the oppression of internal factions of their own people killing and brutalizing each other?  Why is it that Third-world peoples never developed a civilization worth living in?  They only move to the established white nations of Christendom, and then reduce us to their level.  Third-world nations had their Golden Age when ruled as Colonies of white nations.  They modernly entertain the delusion that they threw off our yoke and kicked us out... but the truth is, we surrendered, we acquiesced, our nations having been subverted from within by Talmudists bent on destroying Christendom.  It is only then that we GRANTED “independence” to those incapable of maintaining it.  Even Obama’s Kenyan biological brother blatantly assented to this, unwittingly, when he declared that Colonialism was good and the only problem was that the black nations kicked the white people out before they had DONE MORE to improve the infrastructure.  That is an admission of their own incompetence as well as immorality. 

If the US was FOUNDED on RACISM why did the word not exist until about 50 years ago (and not 245 years ago?), and why was the word only considered a negative word about 30 years ago?  How could a “crime” exist with no word for it for 215 years...?  That's right, because nonwhites did not know how to read or write until the white man invented their own alphabets, developed and systematized their own languages for them, and taught them how to read and write (how “racist”...!).

If a word never existed until 50 years ago (and it wasn’t even considered a negative word for 20 of those years, let alone considered a “crime”... how can “racism” be considered a evil or crime?  Our nations were founded by our people.  How can wanting to preserve that be considered a crime?  OUR problem is attempting to hold a rational, moral conversation with immoral irrational savages.  Nonchristian third-world peoples are not wired as we are and there is no common ground on which any meaningful conversation can exist.  It is all a one-sided conversation: white people are evil and owe everything to nonwhite people; end of discussion.  There are some birds who are parasitic, who lay their eggs in the nests of other, smaller bird species, and the host parents must work to feed the alien “anchor” babies (or are they considered “temporary foreign exchange students”...?) that will eventually push their own babies out of the nest.  See my book, The Post-Christian Era and the New Dark Ages, 112pp., pb., 10.50 + P&H.  How can any sane, honest person accuse the host parents of being the ones guilty of crimes? the parasitic bird is guilty of genocide—as well as forcing the host parents to work toward their own demise, foolishly raising a bird that is not theirs and which will result in the extinction of their own species.  Sometimes the parasite bird DESTROYS all the natural eggs in the nest before laying its own.  How would YOU like it if some aliens came into your house, murdered all your children, deposited their children there, and ordered you to raise them and pay for all expenses...?  THAT is essentially what is being done.

Black History Month, The Thurgood Marshall Foundation, The United NEGRO [supposedly a bad, bad word] College Fund; Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey I believe, even decades ago, donated many millions of dollars to U.S. colleges ONLY for nonwhite scholarships.  There is MLK day—who was such a reprobate communist criminal whoremongering violent drug addict that his official records have been sealed so the general population will not know what a genuine floyd of a fellow he was...!  Now, worthless criminals overdose on drugs while committing a crime and die while police are gently restraining him, and his family gets $57 million dollars and monuments and scholarships are raised in his honor.  WHO SAYS crime doesn’t pay...?  There is a news source called https://baltimorejewishlife.co; there are dozens of such Jewish news sources.  How many Christian white boys and girls are admitted to Yeshivas (Jewish schools)...?  The pedophile rabbis probably wish they had some fresh meat...!  How many synagogues employ white Christians as secretaries?  How many German men and women work in Chinese restaurants?  How many Muslim mosques employ white Christians (even those who may want to sin against God and have a ham sandwich for lunch)...?  Why are there not QUOTAS for hiring in all these areas within white nations...?

What if there was a White history month, United Pure Caucasian College Fund, an all white college, scholarships exclusively for white people...?  Well, there used to be... it was called early American history!

There was one all-white school in the U.S., that lasted for quite some time, called Girard College, in Philadelphia; established by philanthropist and richest man in the U.S., self-made millionaire Stephen Girdard (who instead of paying to create vaccines that kill people, actually exposed himself to possibly fatal infection and he personally helped minister to those dying of the Yellow Fever!), who bought the entire U.S. debt of the War of 1812 and never asked for it to be repaid... he founded Girard College which was a primary school, exclusively for white orphan boys of Philadelphia, providing them free education, room, board, and medical care.  in the 1950s or 60s some negroes took them to court and the corrupt unconstitutional court overturned his will that had existed for over 100 years, and now all of Girard’s wealth has been given to blacks, as the school is now almost entirely nonwhite.  All of our major cities for nearly a century have been mostly nonwhite—TRILLIONS of dollars of the wealth of our ancestors in real estate and infrastructure stolen—our nation, our heritage defiled and stolen—on top of the trillions in welfare programs and costs due to crime, loss of life and property, the need for security devices, guards, insurance, more police, courts, prisons, etc.  And the savages and liberals complain if we use a word...!

Texas former judge, oil millionaire (whose books I reprint; inquire) George Washington Armstrong offered $50 million in 1950 or so, for anyone who would establish an exclusively white college—there were NO TAKERS...!



It is the ultimate demonstration of BAD FAITH and SUBVERSION and TREASON and DISHONESTY and CRIMINALITY to knowingly, purposely, willfully, eagerly, and conspiratorially enter a KNOWN WHITE, CHRISTIAN NATION—if you hate white people and Christians; and if your actual plans are to live for free (steal by living off unconstitutional, communist-state welfare programs, and commit other crimes) and conspire together with other invading Third-World peoples in the attempts to STEAL THE ENTIRE NATION from those white Christian nationals, which nation was founded and developed by their ancestors.

The lack of good faith, and evident bad faith, INVALIDATES any lawfulness.  It constitutes FRAUD.  It constitutes CONSPIRACY... and, if having allegedly taken an oath to be loyal to the U.S., it constitutes TREASON.  These are not crimes that can be lightly ignored.  All politicians who ignore them are accomplices.  All politicians who do not denounce the African dictators and other freaks installed in our nation's highest offices—are accomplices in this treason.  All politicians who did not denounce Obama as a foreign-born alien who never attended Harvard; and all politicians who do not denounce Biden as our second Anti-president, unlawfully elected, are accomplices in High Treason.

Questions to all white people:

1. How many black slaves have you ever owned?

2. How many do you currently own?

3. What about your parents or grandparents?

4. How many nations have you invaded?

5. How many years have you lived in nonwhite nations off welfare? how many children did you sire that were raised on welfare paid for by the nonwhites of those nations?

6. How many nonwhites in those nations did you rob, assault, rape, or murder?

7. How many monuments did you topple? how many stores did you smash through the windows and steal everything inside? how many foreign cities did you burn down?

8. How many times did you vote in the elections in those nonwhite nations? How many times were you elected to office in those nonwhite nations?

The lies, theft, hate crimes, and genocide against us MUST END...!

However, as I have written for a decade—WHY should God deliver us from what we are willing to tolerate?

God commanded, “Ye that love the Lord HATE EVIL”.  God commanded separation.  God commanded you to do what is right and obey Him in all things.

God will get serious about delivering His people once they get serious of actually repenting of their sin and obeying Him.

Until then, God will as He did in Ezekiel’s day, He will send the VERY WORST of the heathen to displace His people, and bring them to their knees in repentance and He will KILL OFF by those savages all those except those who are repenting and obeying—and once that happens, and the chastening tool is no longer needed, God will dispense of the chastening tool.

What are you waiting for?

“ 12 ‘Therefore also now’, saith the LORD, ‘turn ye even to Me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:  13 And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for He is Gracious and Merciful, slow to anger, and of Great Kindness, and repenteth Him of the evil [the Judgment that you deserve]. 14 Who knoweth if He will return and repent [of administering the Judgment that you deserve], and [instead of that Judgment] leave [for you] a blessing behind Him; [therefore, why should you not repent of your sins and give] even a meat offering and a drink offering unto the LORD your God?’” (Joel 2)

“...‘Turn ye unto Me’, saith the LORD of hosts, ‘and I will turn unto you’, saith the LORD of hosts.” (Zechariah 1:3)

“18 I have surely heard Ephraim bemoaning himself thus; Thou hast chastised me, and I was chastised, as a bullock unaccustomed to the yoke: turn thou me, and I shall be turned; for thou art the LORD my God.  19 Surely after that I was turned, I repented; and after that I was instructed, I smote upon my thigh: I was ashamed, yea, even confounded, because I did bear the reproach of my youth.” (Jeremiah 31)

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