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The below Rumination is my commentary on:

Way of the World (10 min., 58 sec.) video

Ocasio-Cortez and The New Breakfast Club - BitChute


This above video is interesting, however, it shows “Way of the World” guy’s mindset, his lack of perception in this area of race (when it is more subtle), and the general godlessness of atheists / agnostics and those who think that man is the center and sum of all things, that is, those who are completely secular humanists (though they may claim to believe in or practice some form of “spirituality”, it is a secular “spirituality” [or more properly, emotionalism that may or may not incorporate some form or degree of metaphysical superstition], a mere feel-good centering and belief in generalized inspirational philosophy and self-aura-fluffing). This completely missing element of true spirituality and identity and submission to God, obedience to His Commands and true doctrine in a person’s psyche, in a way, is sort of like a person who has been lobotomized or suffered organic or blunt-force head trauma (or someone born profoundly mentally retarded). There is something very “real” that is missing; but the damaged person does not realize it, because he is lobotomized or has a damaged area of the brain that prevents the awareness or ability to understand there is something missing. In a different area, this similarly also explains sociopaths, more properly called psychopaths, the name being changed to falsely infer that it is “all of society’s fault”, not the fault of the damaged individual; and thus, it then is falsely considered to be all of society’s responsibility, which includes paying for the alleged “rehabilitation”, housing, re-education, and care. But the truth is that psychopaths cannot be “rehabilitated”. Hoping that they can (and spending huge sums of money at society’s expense, and forcing society to suffer each and every time that the “experts” fail in their attempt to “rehabilitate” such conscience-devoid savages) is like hoping that a fetus being born without a brain will eventually “grow” a brain. Whether a conscience or a brain, if born without one, the individual will never have one.

The movie to which this video refers The Breakfast Club, the Way-of-the-World whisperer* hails as a great movie, and also says that all the people that were in it are “white”.

[* and I mean this as a complement; I like his very low-key, non-emotional, reserved, self-controlled, elegant method of presentation (and he has superb diction and an excellent British accent). It truly is superb—brilliant; because the enemy is wanting a foe not unlike themselves: drooling, foaming at the mouth, ranting, raving, screaming, unscholarly, hateful, violent, etc.; but WOTW Whisperer is the very opposite. That makes the opposition even more hateful: for they cannot denounce him as an unstable, unscholarly, raving lunatic. The enemy’s denouncing such people as “far-right” or “extreme-right” itself is a matter of false perception: It is the leftist, communists, anarchists who, by their continuing not to merely drift, but to laboriously sprint farther and farther left, it makes those who merely stand in the same conservative spot to seem “extreme” (a false perspective)—especially when those haters who are racing top-speed into leftist oblivion hurl false accusations at the persons standing still and maintaining the traditional conservative position, and claim that the conservatives are the ones who are moving to the extreme right, which is a lie.]


- Judd Nelson is Jewish.

- Emilio Diogenes Estévez (who was married for 2 years to Jewish singer Paula Abdul) is Martin Sheen’s oldest son... “Martin Sheen” is his invented screen name, his legal birth name is still Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez. Martin Sheen’s father was a Spaniard. Charlie Sheen (Carlos Irwin Estévez; actor, brother to Emilio, and second son of Martin) says that his mother’s mother was Jewish and that he is proud to be Jewish... some claim that Charlie Sheen “made up” this Jewish ancestry because of the troubled Talmudic waters that he stirred up when he made some comments that “seemed” to be “antisemitic”.* Martin’s third son, Ramon, looks most like a Spaniard; Martin’s daughter Renée Pilar Estévez, least so.

[This was the fall out (after the ADL did more than raise its eyebrow) from problems arising out of his former tv series, from which he was ousted and suddenly written out of the script... Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen claimed that the producers were evil and the working environment toxic and he even had to move to an entirely different tv network. Charlie Sheen made these comments in 2011 while on the Alex Jones’ Show, at Infowars.com.

Charlie Sheen was making millions off the show. I believe, at its peak, he was the highest-paid tv actor due to the show. Also, interestingly, the person who played the young chubby boy in the t.v. show eventually grew up and lost all his chub, and became a Christian and got in trouble, while he was still filming the show, asking people not to watch the show (because of its immorality) in which he starred.

Charlie Sheen made some comment about the co-creator and writer of the show, “Chuck Lorre”, inferring that he is Jewish (calling him “Chaim Levine”; in reality, his birth name is Charles Levine). Of course, pointing out that a writer is Irish or Swedish is not considered being “Anti-Irish” or “Anti-Swedish”. In reality, it is not Antisemitism (more properly, anti-jewism) simply to point out or allude to FACTS... like pointing out that Harvey Weinstein who was guilty of rape and sexual assault is Jewish, or that Jeffrey Eppstein (crapstain) was Jewish, etc. It is not the fault of the people who point out the crime, it is the fault of the criminal; it is not the fault of the one who points out the race of the criminal, it is the fault of the criminal whose crimes stereotype his own race. Thus, the real crime (in the minds of the leftists) is noticing and verbalizing that you notice... you are not supposed to notice and if you do notice, you are supposed to pretend that you do not notice (see my booklet, Confessions of an Anesthetized Person Known as Jewish).]

- Molly Ringwald is part Swedish but the rest of her ancestry is not publicized that I could find.

- Anthony Michael Hall is half italian half Irish.

- Ally Sheedy is Jewish.

Furthermore, what nonChristians (presumably, soft-spoken Way-of-the-World guy is nonchristian) do not realize...

[and without being a true Christian—and most “Christians” are not Christians, but are humanists—one does not actually realize that true morality is established by the Commands of the Word of God, and that true morality never changes]

...is that what “The Breakfast Club” movie (philosophy) actually epitomizes and teaches is responsible for the breakdown of our society.

[Actually, W-O-T-W guy in a previous video...

Way of the World: Way Out of Multicultural Hell


Sadly, without knowing the only true God and living as He commanded, secularists are deluded with the notion that anything that they do, even restoring our community, will magically have all sorts of problems diminish or disappear. No. Sin is the main problem; rejecting what God established as morality. Without that, even a community of our people could not get along... could not prosper. Our nations became great because we were one people of one faith; that faith, the Word of God, dictates the only morality. Christendom became the greatest nations on earth because we were founded upon Christianity, and once actually Christian (before we allowed our corrupt, treasonous politicians begin their Third-World immigration policy, with the expressed purpose of destroying and replacing us). Anything less than accepting the morality established in the Word of God is humanism: which brings the death that we are now experiencing, because humanists, even if the world could magically be changed back to how it was 100 years ago, would only continue to compromise morality back again to the point that we are in now. I stock the book mentioned in this WOTW video, Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community (2000 first edition) Robert D. Putnam, 541pp., pb., 20.00 + 4.50 P&H (within the U.S.).]

...referred to individualism as being detrimental to our society—but it is not individualism that is detrimental, but those twisted persons who want to “express individualism” by crossing the moral boundaries that God established and by demanding that mental disorders and moral deviants be declared to be “normal” and “healthy” people (although they are not*) who are simply “celebrating” their unique individualism.

* Before 1973 the DMS-III listed all such perversions as being mental disorders; but then, the enemies of Christendom, once they had gained power, either bribed, blackmailed, or threatened the psychiatric ruling board to “vote” and declare “normal and healthy” that which had for nearly 6,000 years been considered an abomination and mental disorder, and moral deviancy.]

Under the cloak of individualism,* the blatant, underlying message of The Breakfast Club movie is rebellion against all authority and morality (right and wrong are fluid, indefinable, and don’t matter).

[* Oddly, all these “individualists” in the movie (hypocritically**) confederate together around the shallow-egoed, inwardly fragile psychopath that Judd Nelson plays.***

** True individualists cannot confederate or they lose their individualism, autonomy, independence, etc.

*** W-O-T-W guy refers to Judd Nelson’s character as the “antihero” of the movie, which I believe is a false perception. He is only the antihero if you consider the teacher as the “bad guy”, who is in charge of supervising this small handful of miscreants having to come to school on Saturday to sit in a room and study on their own as way of detention for their various misbehaviours or failings for which they were so sentenced by their teachers or the principal. A person can only be considered the “antihero” if there is a need for a hero, if there true is “oppression” or “injustice” (which, in this movie, there is not: perceived “unfairness” by 5-year olds or teenagers does not determine reality). So, W-O-T-W guy buys into the toxic philosophy of these misfits being “oppressed”; and does not realize (or refuses to acknowledge) that they were there because they had done something that warranted their punishment. “Oh the injustice of it all...!” having to give up a few hours one Saturday that they would normally spend in sloth, leisure, and meaninglessness...! I think Antagonist would be the better term for Judd Nelson’s character, “John Bender”.]

Ironically, this nihilistic / anarchist (psychopathic) message / philosophy has been taught in the U.S. from the 50s, 60s, and 70s to the present date, which seems to have grown exponentially each decade, but has hypocritically been aimed at rebellion (of white people) against their parents, God, Christianity, established morals, their ancestors / heritage / race, etc. (and the then-smaller communities of aliens against the white “system”)—but at the same time, more every year, each individual has been ordered to fall lock-step into line to all (mythical) “GOVERNMENT” “authority” (that is, illegitimate, socialistic, white-hating, antichrist renegade politicians and their plethora of agencies and czars and stormtroopers) and sacrifice all their individualism to the gods of “Government”. Government (regardless of legitimacy) is considered the only and ultimate authority (that is, except any “old order” hold-overs who still champion and guard true Constitutional Republicanism, Christianity, and Biblical morality—those “don’t count” and any crime can be committed against them in order to bring about their annihilition; though to commit those very same acts against the new order government would be considered the unpardonable sin and a capital offense).

Thus, in a sort of Marxist Hegelian dialectical materialism, and hypocrisy, our society was destroyed by the utter undermining of true authority so that society would collapse and then a totalitarian state arise in the ashes which demands all obey its absolute and unchallengable illegitimate authority.

The old order that preserved the rights of the peoples of Christendom must be abolished to usher in the new order that enslaves all.

THAT, I believe is the true message of the movie The Breakfast Club, which is LOST on people who don’t understand true morality (recognizing its only SOURCE), andthey then falsely interpret the movie as being a champion of individualism. Again, the actors were mostly Jewish, hispanic, etc., not white, but they were “white looking” (to those without discernment; which is alarming about W-O-T-W guy holding himself forth to be a champion of that which he cannot even recognize). The leader of this “rat pack”, whom Judd Nelson plays, the scary bully, who seems older than the rest (he was probably held back a few years in school) is a psychopath who attempts to get all the rest of the misfits (who are either straddling the fence of morality, or who had thought they were content to be firmly on the moral side, or who were mavericks enjoying their own individualistic immorality) to all confederate together under the psychopath as their leader; and despite their love-hate relationship they sublimate and memorialize their rising above their detention punishment by vowing to meet together each Saturday—despite the class distinctions that they cross (bad guy, jock, book-worm nerd, society girl, and introvert freak).

The movie is actually boring, if you are not in the mood for, or if you do not realize what it is—a “head case” mental puzzle (and those who do not realize what it is, and yet sit passively through it, absorbing it, are MOST affected by it, subconsciously). Unfortunately, the undiscerning viewer does not properly interpret the movie’s philosophy (propaganda) and the true meaning will fester latently within the mind (to eventually break out, after cumulatively joining with enough other confederating nihilist, anarchist, immoral propaganda that will trigger their collective release like a carefully planned prison break).


However, on a lighter note, a much-nicer mental head-game movie, which may be harder to find, is called Uncorked.* It really is a puzzle, and you will need to pay close attention and try to figure it out... at the end it all comes together, despite the false philosophy, it is wonderfully done if you like a challenge.

[* Though the actors in Uncorked also are almost all Jewish, hideous ones at that (though passed off as “beautiful”)—such gargoyles are continually being paraded before the viewers of Christendom (including bad singers like Bob Dillon), to brainwash people into thinking that ugly is beautiful, simply by repeated exposure, innoculation, propaganda, “familiarity breeds contempt” (and even admiration) if all of the “shapers of society” ooo and aaah about “how beautiful” or “how talented” such performers are, to elicit a social dynamics as that displayed classically in the fable of The Emperor’s Magnificent Suit of Invisible Clothes... to the point that the majority who cannot think for themselves simply adopt the thoughts and feelings that are force-fed to them (even as parents will keep wiping with a spoon the rejected babyfood off the baby’s face and continually feeding to the baby the same spit-out food, again and again, until the baby finally swallows it).

Similary, growing up, maybe you (like most people) ate some really crappy food (most all junk food, snacks, treats fed to children that you would not even feed to your dog, so qualifies: highly processed, laden with chemicals). Since you did not know any better, you thought that it was great, because you were raised on it and you were raised thinking that it tasted wonderful (which is the result of the cumulative effect of the chemicals doing in your brain part of what they were intended to do—make you think crap and poison taste great).

However, looking back (decades later, once the chemico-fog lifts) you remember some certain food as “great” because that food memory (a titillated gustatory hallucination) is paired with all the happy memories of your nostalgic childhood (hopefully, you had one, a “happy” one, that is), and thus it is a psychological memory / emotional cluster, and it is not merely about “taste”. However, once your system has been cleansed of such poison by not eating it for decades, and after hopefully having grown up, if you taste it again on a whim you will hopefully find that you are repulsed and wonder how you could have ever eaten it all those years, let alone thought that it tasted so great. However, some people never grow out of it, their taste buds having never matured, their brains having never been freed and cleansed from the chemical / drug induced delusion, either because they never stopped eating the poison, or they never grew up; or because some, for whatever reason, still cling to those memories as crutches (or pleasant memories of a by-gone era, their tastebuds having been damaged for life, having developed a fondness for the toxic taste by memory association), and thus, they continue to embrace the poisonous element because they refuse to let go of those associated memories (the cheese on the mousetrap).]